Angeilna jolie is a cunt-Angelina Jolie - CC Archive - Cunts Corner - Name the Cunts of the world!!!

She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. It has nothing to do with Jennifer. How in the hell can drunk ass Chelsea see anything across the room when the room keeps spinning? What really impresses me about this is that Chelsea keeps coming for St. Angie time and time again and nothing happens to her.

Angeilna jolie is a cunt

Angeilna jolie is a cunt

Give it a try! Click Here for a sample. For once I agree with chelsea handler on something. Jonny is probably Angeilna jolie is a cunt wearing a wig. Jolie has a gob like Humped neck Tilsley from Coronation Street: when the old cow had those lips nAgeilna Granny Jagger, as she was known in Manchester…. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Her kids are gay. And so the silly aka cunts season is once again Anteilna upon us, and I now make what I believe to be a cast-iron prediction…. Posted August 16,

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Q: What do Angelina and a washing machine have in common?

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This cunt went on a day mission to Sierra Leone and Tanzania; she later expressed her shock at what she had witnessed there but never said what it was she saw ,some say she had a running with Bernard Matthews and his wife but this has never been proven. Jolie has stated that she is part Iroquois which as far as I know is a luxury hotel in midtown manhattan , so if your ever in that part of the world you could book in to the Jolie for the night.

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Just Jared Jr. I will fuck her til the day after tomorrow. Hot blonde takes off her clothes to show off her pussy and ass , Come and play with my big sexy booty! Angelina Jolie in By the Sea

Angeilna jolie is a cunt

Angeilna jolie is a cunt

Angeilna jolie is a cunt

Angeilna jolie is a cunt. Nude Leaked Photos!


Angelina Jolie | …. is a cunt

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Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. THAT'S what that gaggle of kids is about: appealing to different sectors of potential voters. And she uses her "charity" as a tax free way to pay the two bitches who are helping her do it.

She's the worst. Just look at her THR directors roundtable appearance. Everyone else is so natural and having fun and she's just there being a creep, calculating her every body movement and glance. Must be awful, living in a bubble like that, surrounded by yes people and losing all idea of what actual people behave like. There are too many stories out about her being a cunt, she comes across that way in interviews like R5 said - and in person, not from experience but I've read, she just isn't pleasant.

The pictures of her with children in poor countries are her worst acting performance promo stills ever. Why are some gay men so obsessed with hating powerful women? Are you jealous of her, OP? Wish you could have become her? No r13 I think it's obvious she groomed her own daughter to be trans And she is aiming for political office. Fuck off to celebitchy and join her fanclub, moron. Did you read a self help book and think that you have an insight into someone's psyche as a result?

I'd be amazed if your IQ reaches three figures. SHE'S calculating? Everything that bleached-blonde homewrecker does is towards her own self-aggrandizement, nothing else, and her fans project her selfishness onto Angie.

I agree it's terrible what she's doing to the little girl. What I can't understand is why Brad Pitt isn't stepping in and trying to protect all the kids, maybe insisting they have some structure and education. Is he just throwing his hands up and walking away from the whole thing? OP and R14 and your other comments here Your anger towards her seems personal. Do you two know each other? Or is this based on some obsession with the Friends lady?

She's dressing Viv in boy's clothes now too. Guess she's starting to get a little too pretty and AJ won't have it. Skankass bitch. R4's picture reminds me of that movie she made with Clint Eastwood, I think it was called the changeling. Her appearance on screen in that film was like a skeleton, and even though the camera adds a couple of pounds she still looked like she'd just been liberated by the allies from Belsen concentration camp.

Why not wait until the kids grow up and see what they have to say then? It's stupid to wring your hands over something you've got no idea about. Arranged Couplings: This actress is someone all of you know. I can't give her usual identifier here because all of you would guess her in a second.

I would venture to say almost everyone in the world knows who she is. Her position in life allows her a lot of freedom. She has many people working for her on a variety of different visas and passports. Many of those people have diplomatic passports even though they are not diplomats or really entitled to carry them.

Instead, those who are holding them in her house are young female teens. Not super young, but or so. There are about four of them and they come from a couple different countries. Those teens are there solely as sexual companions for a couple of her children. It is the strangest thing ever.

The actress rotates the teens every six months or so because she doesn't want the children to get too emotionally close to them - Angelina Jolie. She's going to have terrible problems with her joints and bones because of the way she's starved herself.

How do you "groom" someone to be trans? People are what they are. You sound like the deranged homophobes who think kids are "groomed" into homosexuality. You know you've lost it when you start claiming she's worse than a serial rapist like Weinstein. Something is really wrong with you.

R31, my bad if course it's ok to dress an infant in boys' clothes and teach her to identify as a male to the extent she feels she's in the wrong body and considering hormones and surgery. Coming out as gay requires no surgery or change of identity, only the courage to stop lying to yourself and to others.

She's veered-off so far from the person she was around the time of Gia. Those fans long ago dropped her in disgust, to be replaced by fraus who believe you can "have it all". Cameron Fox, who did adult films and was an all-American looking adult-film actor, was contacted by Brad on a website called RentBoy.

The two were supposed to meet at a hotel in Monterey, California. I guess Brad has picky taste. But when he did find one he liked, Brad seemed to have a routine down to the last detail. And how does Angelina feel about her dreamboat husband straying away for other men? She too is bisexual and openly admitted her romance with Oscar-winning onetime girlfriend Jenny Shimizu. She loves women, women with tattoos who look like bikers. Boys pants have more room in the crotch.

Even for 2 year olds, they are cut differently than girls trousers. Her photo op with Justin Theroux at a restaurant is the thirstiest thing I have ever seen. Hate them both. I might have to fuck him into submission. Then we wonder where hypercritical self-image issues come from? Lesbian Kidman bearded fro Tammy she got fame money awards status she worked w Wankenstein at least 9 films she faked a pregnancy she's now married to another gay man.

A new report claims Brad Pitt is "devastated" over Angelina Jolie having a boyfriend. Gossip Cop can prove the story is made-up and false. For starters, Jolie isn't actually dating anyone. Her interview in the Sept. Trying so hard to be Suzy Homemaker. Don't believe the hype. Apparently she kicked it for a week and went through withdrawal only to do some and almost overdose before repeating the process of withdrawal.

Does she have any internal organs left or have they all been removed? I heard she is has a carbon-fibre internal filtration system that is self-powered by doses of organic black tar opium. She really seems so ridiculous - to even believe she could move to the UK, hang out with William Hague well known to be gay and join the House of Lords!

Would she join Labour and revitalize it? Or perhaps become Corbyn's sidekick? She has an ego that has outgrown planet earth. Perhaps she should be the first passenger on Musk's space ship heading to Mars. No one will believe me, but I knew many years ago her personal assistant. This was like 15 years ago or so. She said Angie was lovely. But, yes, ambitious. They're not mutually exclusive. R74, Urban is a rather small man who overuses Hair mousse and wears makeup in real life.

Eyeliner, bronzer, and lipgloss. Totally serious. I like Jolie she's done some good work in a few films and her chemistry with Brad in Mr and Mrs Smith is off the charts.

Angeilna jolie is a cunt