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Most visitors arrived from Germany, surpassing other countries of origin, which had earlier been leaders in Lithuania's tourism sector, such as Russia, Poland, Belarus or Latvia. The flow of tourists from these countries grew at the most rapid pace last year," Sinkevicius said. Compared to , tourist flow increased by A total of 1. More than , tourists arrived in Lithuania from Germany.

Black people draws a little bit more attention. Markus October 2nd, - In most facilities, you are expected to provide ALL supplies — toilet paper, paper Asian tourim in lithuania, bottled water, towels, soap, sometimes even medical supplies, etc. Bianca January 1st, - A huge difference from the hustle and bustle hot Dubai city life that we lithhuania. Related articles. Ethnicity in Lithuania is a relatively popular subject and an important part of personal identity. Summer Capital of Lithuania. I knew of one Bengali restaurant in Vilnius but it closed down. Free anal lick videos some acorn coffee, a caffeine-free drink that has been popular in Lithuania since the Middle Ages.

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Moreover, you have very interesting and delicious cuisine, both national and European," said Xue Bai , manager of the Chinese tour operator Beijing Global Tour International , who visited Lithuania for the first time ever.

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Lithuania is generally a safe country. The crime levels are on par with those in the USA. Districts with many bars e. Vilnius Old Town may be less safe at night due to drunk people, however, common sense helps. Lithuania is sheltered from natural disasters. There are no deadly earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, hurricanes or floods. Massive evacuation due to natural disasters is never required.

Winter cold and summer heat take some tall but mostly among the homeless. However, history has proven that aggressive neighbors can be deadlier than any natural disasters.

Lithuania stands between East and West and in suffered long occupations and genocides by the great powers, primarily Russia a third of Lithuanians lost under , Soviet occupations alone. While a foreign invasion may still be more likely in Lithuania than in the USA or Western Europe, the chances are slim the last act of aggression took place in June when Russian soldiers massacred six Lithuanian customs officers. On the positive side, no people have been killed or injured in terrorist bombings in the entire Lithuanian history.

Given all of the above, the most likely nuisances for a foreigner in Lithuania are not outright crime or disasters but falling into some sort of tourist traps. Don't worry: Lithuanians are quite introverted and won't come to solicit. A foreign tourist may be overpriced 10 times and more and some drivers are not even negotiating; out-of-town Lithuanians are also overpriced although less.

Therefore it is suggested not to use taxi services in Lithuania. Lithuanians tend to be libertarian-minded and stay out of other persons' business as long as nobody gets harmed. So, for example, a streetfight is relatively unlikely to be reported to the authorities as it would be assumed that both parties want to fight. Never give them anything: the ones approaching tourists are not poor but rather use this as a lucrative job.

They earn sums larger than an average salary as foreigners frequently hand out sums of money based on the prices in their own homelands while in Lithuania they are lower. These beggars have invented stories which they could tell in multiple languages. Take note that Lithuania is richer than most of the world ; there is an effective social security system and malnutrition is unheard of.

Should you encounter problems is the emergency phone number as in the rest of the European Union. Do You really do not recommend to use any taxi services?

Some taxi companies in the main cities are said to be more reputable than others. That said however, much eventually depends on a particular driver and they may believe that a foreigner is less likely to know or dispute prices. Therefore, if not absolutely unavoidable, taxis should not be used in Lithuania, especially by foreigners.

If you do use one however try to 1 Call for a taxi rather than flag one at the street or, God forbid, at the airport. Note that if the driver refuses to negotiate this does not mean that the price is not 4 times larger than normal; some just expect that after failing to negotiate you will accept the offer anyways.

Fuck them! Why as soon as i speak english the price would be double? Am i not considered a human then? We felt like Lithuania is killing us.

Never going again! For that reason, I almost never use taxi anywhere, and I suggest the same. Car rental is often much less hassle, if you want to avoid public transport. If you staying in Vilnius or other bigger towns — ask in hotel or people you renting acomodation from about transport. Never take taxi of the street. Call cab or use app. Always check price ahead there are some new apps you can check price before calling out cab If calling out cab in dodgy part you may even ask for safe word, so you would not jump in to wrong car as offten cabs are unmarked, especially if you are alone.

I would say same works not only for Lithuania but other countries too. This is a warning to any expats that may find themselves ill here in Lithuania: When I first became ill, I was passed from one doctor to the next — with none of them recommending anything except multiple exams and medications — and the doctors I saw all wrote different and conflicting diagnoses in my health booklet, but none considered it serious enough or cared to do anything more.

Finally I collapsed one day, bleeding internally, and was taken to the hospital, where they did a sloppy ileostomy surgery and left me to die in a re-animation room. After 1 month in a coma, I woke to find that my legs had been allowed to atrophy and I was covered in bedsores.

The absolute worst thing is that no one could speak English — as I am an American, and my Lithuanian and Russian are very poor — especially in trying to indicate what was wrong with me.

The highest level of English was very low, and this was from only a handful of doctors and nurses. The things that happened and the situations I experienced in the Hospitals are simply too ridiculous to believe. Some of the nurses and doctors should lose their jobs or be punished for what they have done. My experience has been unbelievable and horrible in many ways, and I am lucky to be alive! I could write several pages about the completely idiotic things that happened to me, but the most important thing to understand is that Lithuanian healthcare is not very good at all unless you can bribe your way through it.

Dude, you expect that miles away someone will speak YOUR language? You should have realized that all humans need food and money to survive, so you should be thankful for any care and give them money, gifts or at least smiles and ask them what am I doing wrong?

Retard American…. Typical Americans. I have some travel advise for you. Its quite simple. Simply not true. In the U. So, Paulie, come to the U. You, sir, are an internet hero…balless. Oh yeah, our healthcare is very corrupt. It is illegal to give any monetary gifts. People under 30 usually speaks english very well, while over 30 speaks russian. Hey, I need some guidance form you. I am from Pakistan and just got an opportunity in Vilnius.

Should i come? I find Lithuanians aggressive and scary in a way Chechens or some rough ruggid Russians or Mexicans are. And God forbid do not ever whistle at them or tell them you will F… their Mother or anything like that!!! My experience talking. You can call someone an idiot…if you get your facts straight.

Hello people, Lithuania is acctualy very corupt and they pray on the weak and good people. I acctlualy notice that most of the village people can be trusted but a little less of bigger town people can be trusted. Anyway just use your senses if you feel anyone is attacking you just back off or try not to provocate any of the local residents and you will be fine.

By the way I noticed some english speeking people being aggresive in the capital Vilnius club district. One word and a look and they started apologizing..

We acctualy love tourists and especialy Americans! Make america great again! PS: Hospilats are pretty dreadful. Wow I am Lithuanian I never knew I was from a corrupt people like the Lithuanians should I be afraid that I will go and do corrupt things because it is in my genes.

Hello, I am considering moving to Lithuana for a few months to pursue further training in my career, and although it pains me to ask this I feel that this issue is unfortunately still rampant no matter where you go. Even in my own country. Without further ado, are there many racists in Lithuana? I am of Chinese descent. Also, the place that I might move to is Vilnius. Are there many Chinese food shops there? Will I have difficulty communicating with the people there?

There were Chinese restaurants in mids already soon after Lithuania declared independence and there are multiple now in every main city. Ethnicity in Lithuania is a relatively popular subject and an important part of personal identity. Hello U am from Bangladesh. I am going to Lithuania for study. Is there any bangoli people and as well as restaurants? There are very few Bengalis here. I knew of one Bengali restaurant in Vilnius but it closed down. Many South Asian restaurants closed this way, however, there are a few available South Asian restaurants at any given time, e.

I am due to have an operation over there in Spetember,although private….. Will I be cared for???? Of course, this does not applies to every Lithuanian doctor, but, unfortunately, it happens as a legacy of the Soviet system , and from what I understand it happened to the American person who commented above in a Lithuanian public medicine system. However, Lithuanian private medicine is generally the same as anywhere in the Western world: you pay an official fee and in return you receive the best attention particular doctors could provide.

There are numbers of companies that are using brand new cars and even give you receipts.

Population Statistics. Trade Visitor Day: This is in addition to goods bought by tourists, including souvenirs. This section needs additional citations for verification. Springer Nature Limited. Use of the Services by you 5.

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Foreign tourists arrive to Lithuania from the beginning of the year. Most travelers are coming from neighboring Russia and Belarus. The data show that the inbound tourism of the country is substantially increasing. According to official statistics, the number of foreign tourists has increased even in the off-season.

In the first quarter of , most visitors arrived from Russia — 43 thousand, and Belarus — 36 thousand. From 20 to 30 thousand tourists arrived from Latvia, Poland, Germany and Ukraine. About 10 thousand Estonians and Brits arrived, while there were about six thousand visitors from both Sweden and Norway. According to the data, the inbound tourism of Russians in Lithuania is constantly growing.

This year there was a Lithuania is also increasingly visited by tourists from other foreign countries. According to the head of the Department of Tourism, the increase is a result of a good advertising campaign. The results of the campaign exceeded our expectations. We see that foreign tourists are increasingly choosing Lithuania for their trips during the off-season.

She also added that in the first quarter of this year it became apparent that the locals are showing great tourist activity and are travelling more around their country. According to her, this is also due to the foreign tourists, who have set an example for Lithuanians.

During the first three months of the year, the capital Vilnius was visited by 7. According to official statistics, Vilnius hotels received more than thousand guests. In comparison with last year, the number of tourists from Germany Despite the fact that Belarus remains the leader in terms of Vilnius visitors in the first quarter of the year, the flow fell by 8. The Lithuanian capital took eighth place in the ranking. According to the city mayor, this will create a good tourist advertisement for the capital and boost its inbound tourism.