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Visit the hottest places where the locals like to mingle as well as some secret, well-hidden spots. Connect with the locals, find yourself in this welcoming community and see the real picture of the LGBTQ scene of Athens. On this private tour, you will have a peek into the Athenian gay lifestyle by visiting local places and meeting spots of the local LGBTQ community. This is also your opportunity to learn historical facts about the upbringing of the community with amazing stories. Start at Zappeio park, the most popular gay cruising park in the city.

Athens gay

Athens gay

Athens gay

Athens gay

Parallaxi Magazine. Furthermore, public prosecutors gaay given the freedom to move against the offenders even without a lawsuit from the victims, and if the victims file a lawsuit, they are allowed to do it free of charge, in contrast to the common practice. Main Athens gay Homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece. The club also organises live Athens gay shows with local singers, but the experience might not be for everyone. Be sure to visit Matt Barrett's Guide to Santorini. Despite this, Greek public opinion on homosexuality is generally regarded as increasingly culturally liberalwith same-sex unions being legally recognised since

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Located in Athens gay Omonoia area. Gay Holidays in vibrant Athens, Greece. Gay Athens Once upon a time, Greece was the center of all things homosexual. Get the Latest Updates! Bequeer — Athens gay on weekends and offering up an awesome drag scene of Athens. BizzarShowCLub in Victoria. Incorrect username or password. Towels and slippers are provided. Prosopa Gay-friendly Greek excellence. Temple of Olympian Zeus. Travel Info Card.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT rights in Greece have evolved significantly over the last years, establishing it as one of the most liberal countries in Southeast Europe.

  • Once upon a time, Greece was the center of all things homosexual.
  • We owe a lot to Athens, the ancient birthplace not just of Western culture, but indeed of gay culture itself.
  • Athens has a well developed public transport system and you can get just about anywhere without a car.
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Greece has always featured high up on the list of gay destinations, this in part due to a history of homosexual liberties in ancient times. In modern times, the islands, such as Mykonos and Santorini, have often been strong magnets for gay tourists. Popular gay-themed cruise ship tours frequently include Greece in their itineraries.

It was with this in mind, that Athens and Greece evoked for me the ideals of the perfect expat location for a gay couple. In recent years, Greece has added to this image with the introduction of same sex partnership. Athens, along with other cities, stages an annual Pride Parade, which for the first time this year, will begin from Syntagma Square June 9, at 7pm.

Arriving in Athens, one is not immediately confronted with a sense of a gay community culture. From brunch to beers or even lunch in between, this inconspicuous yet friendly and vibrant gay meeting point offers friendly service, excellent food and drinks. A new expat observation is that Rooster functions as a meeting point of all communities. Another gay-branded venue I have visited and enjoyed is Sodade, which is a lively gay pub in Gazi Triptolemou Adding to the Gazi scene is the ever popular Big Falesias These are only two mentions of an array of bars to choose from in the Gazi area and beyond.

All of this presents a country that I have found welcoming to tourists, gay or straight. In reality though, often, when in discussion with neighbours and acquaintances, they do remain astonished when you as a man mention you are married … married to a man.

It remains something which although it is accepted, is often not talked about here openly. Greece is therefore, in terms of gay rights, a country in transition. No country goes from gay discrimination to total equality overnight, it is a process. Greece is no exception.

But it is slowly making that progress. While the islands are often drawcards for gay couples visiting as tourists, I was intrigued to know how the hinterland of mainland Greece would fare. Would it be more conservative? Would discrimination persist? As a couple, I always book a double room. Travelling in Greece has resulted in mixed yet always polite and sometimes comical reactions. As a same-sex couple, we have never been met with a rejection of our booking or any outright negative comments here in Greece.

Rather, it has been either the naivety of wanting to make an extra bed as they thought it was a couple arriving a straight couple to a genuine curiosity about our relationship. Additionally one sees the service of new start-ups such as the Beloved Republic thebelovedrepublic. Although same-sex marriage is not yet allowed, the focus on celebrations has begun to gain momentum and Greece is scene by the gay community as a destination to celebrate their relationships in. Gay expat life in Greece has been one of a welcoming country.

One that is curious, although not yet totally comfortable with the idea of gay liberation. The more Greek same-sex couples continue to lead their lives openly and publicly, the more this will become a society of acceptance and integration. During his overseas postings, he has occupied himself as a hobbiest photographer, volunteer and keen traveller. Leave your comments Instagram Feed. Current Issue Summer in the City. Latest articles Do you see your child as a future adult?

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Alexander Apartments — located in Gazi, the popular Alexander sauna actually has 3 apartments for rent upstairs. Just to name off a few more: The Parthenon, Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, The roman stadium, and the theater of Dionysus and etc are all located in Athens. Towels and slippers are provided. From Our Twitter Feed. The Gay Scene in Athens While the history of homosexuality is an essential part of Greek culture, Greeks are very covert about their sexuality, possibly due to modern Orthodoxy. Kanella — An interesting mix of clientele shows up here.

Athens gay

Athens gay

Athens gay

Athens gay

Athens gay. The Gay Scene in Athens

So for all she's given us through the millennia, do you owe it to Athens to discover her now, and support her when she could use it the most? But regardless, you certainly owe it to yourself. Gay Athens: The birthplace of gay culture comes into its modern own We owe a lot to Athens, the ancient birthplace not just of Western culture, but indeed of gay culture itself.

S-Cape in Gazi. Koukles in Makrigianni. Big in Gazi. BizzarShowCLub in Victoria. Noiz in Gazi. Moe in Gazi. Almaz in Gazi. Restaurants to check out. Rooster Cool gay cafe serving up good food and eye candy.

Prosopa Gay-friendly Greek excellence. Schweinchen Dick German street food for Gazi booze-soaking. Myrovolos Lesbian-popular cafe with great food. See all Athens Restaurants. Upcoming Events in Athens. Syntagma Square. Once upon a time, Greece was the center of all things homosexual. In in the ancient tails of Zeus it was said that he had taken a boy, Ganymede, as a lover. In ancient Grecian times it was not uncommon for wealthy and affluent unmarried men to take male lovers.

Unfortunately, the past is different from the present. The mindset has shifted and Greece has become far more conservative in regards to the LGBT population mostly due to the influence of the Greek Orthodox Church.

However, within the last decade the mentalities within Greece have slowly but surely been changing in a more progressive direction.

Athens has become the ultimate haven for gays; residents from all over the country are migrate to Athens to be in the comfort of other open-minded people in the big city. Athens is deeply rooted in its history and is home to a tremendous amount of historical icons and artifacts. The National Archeological museum is located in Athens, which holds the single largest collection of Greek artifacts in the world. Just to name off a few more: The Parthenon, Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, The roman stadium, and the theater of Dionysus and etc are all located in Athens.

If you plan on traveling here, keep in mind that the months of July and August seem to be the peak months for travelers to this city. However, the weather during this time is almost unbearable. A humid heat resides in Athens for most of the summer, and when you combine that with the fumes of city smog you end up with a nasty concoction that is not quite so pleasant.


When you think of gay-friendly travel destinations in Greece, the list usually begins and ends with Lesvos for the ladies and Mykonos for the gents. The queer side of Athens is energetic, creative, and welcoming. Make sure to also check out the gay saunas in Athens, which cater to a range of ages. Here you'll find somewhere for every taste and inclination, from underground trance clubs to bear bars, cruisy saunas or cheeky drag extravaganzas.

Not far from Gazi is the neighbourhood of Metaxourgio, which also has some gay-friendly places to eat and drink but less of a clubbing vibe. The hip area of Ano Petralona compensates for its lack of dance clubs with tasteful restaurants and bars, and is also a popular option for drinks before heading into Gazi to party.

The charming Platia Agias Irinis, a square near Monastiraki, is a great spot for a relaxed coffee break or lunch, but is also a favourite haunt for local gay men and women. Hanging out along Archelaou Street in Pangrati can lead to some interesting acquaintances with locals.

It's not an organised beach, so bring water and snacks with you. Greeks like to go out late, so all the serious drinking and dancing in Athens begins after midnight. While you're waiting for the clubs to open and the crowds to gather, there are many places to warm up for the night ahead. In the summer, tables are brought out onto the square, a lovely urban setting for an evening out. If you're dining with friends, the mixed grill is a favourite.

The space has a very casual, DIY feel with an alternative crowd and can get loud after hours. The absolute staple of Athenian gay clubbing is Sodade2 , but you might have to be patient on busy nights because the space is rather small and there are often queues outside. There's one stage at the front with mainstream pop music and a second stage at the back with trance music.

A relatively new arrival to the Gazi scene is BEqueer , which offers a more inclusive and alternative clubbing experience and also presents some of the most radical drag shows in town. In a nod to Berlin's notorious nightclubs, The Apartment has more of an underground vibe and plays electro-trance music. Shamone is another popular club that presents drag shows and comedy.

The crowd is sophisticated and over 30, and there's a lounge area outside in the summer. A more mainstream clubbing experience awaits at S-Cape where the faces are much younger and the music sways from pop to Greek hits, whereas Noiz attracts mostly women and a diverse roster of DJs.

Enodia Bar plays mostly Greek music and also has a small garden for the summer. Bears and chasers have their own dedicated haunt in Gazi at Big Bar. Bizzar Club , not far from Victoria Square, is a relative newcomer on the Athens gay scene. The playlist is all about Greek pop with an oriental twist. The club also organises live music shows with local singers, but the experience might not be for everyone.

The gay-friendly Cantina Social in Psirri is a hidden gem that should be part of your night walk whether there's a party there that evening or not. There are two gay saunas in Athens, and a more traditional hammam. Alexander Sauna is in the heart of the gay club area, Gazi.

It's a four-storey cruising playground with many public areas, private cabins and a large darkroom. Conveniently located in Monastiraki, Flex Sauna has more of a gym-jock vibe and spans four storeys of playrooms plus a rooftop lounge. Ira Baths is a more discreet cruising spot that was first established as a typical Turkish hammam. It's open only during the daytime and the crowd is mostly men over People socializing in Platia Agias Irinis.

Photo: Thalia Galanopoulou. Friends share a drink to start off a night out in Athens. A moment in a Gazi club. Gay Saunas in Athens There are two gay saunas in Athens, and a more traditional hammam.

Athens gay

Athens gay

Athens gay