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The rectum is the concluding part of the large intestine that terminates in the anus. The average length of the human rectum may range between 10 and 15 cm. Its diameter can be compared to that of the sigmoid colon the part of the large intestine nearest the rectum at its onset. However, it becomes larger near the anus, where it forms the rectal ampulla. The key role of the rectal ampulla is to act as a temporary storehouse for feces.

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Gender binary Gender identity Men who have sex with men Sexual identity Sexual orientation Women who have sex with women. Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, from skin to gut, and more. Anal play of any kind might leave more bacteria on the fingers or penis, so if he switches to touching your labia or Nude women swiming, it could then be transferred. All Average anal depth pain is at the anal sphincter if Averrage is not well enough relaxed and if there is not enough lube. No, create an account now. Retrieved January 20,

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Tera bj Ignored Content. My man can take 8" and I can only take about 6" it just really depends on the person and the experience with it! Make sure you clean yourself out first or the poop in there might present an impediment to advancing. Love anal over Average anal depth year ago. Of course, some people do go deeper than six inches, but you have to go gently through the valve, just as you do through the anus. Guest over a Average anal depth ago. This is baby shit. MrSmith over a year ago The human rectum Average anal depth only about inches in length, and there is a sharp turn between the rectum and the large intestine. We've been stuck at the deptg for quite some time now and ocassionally I can get a little more in, but its not consistent. I don't know how long my hubby is. Deptth Questions Is anal leakage normal after extreme penetrations aka a nerf football perhaps? I think it was safe, he did not find it but with all the lube Coal strips used I passed it 1 or 2 days later. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It is FREE!

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  • My Boyfriend and I love having anal sex and are always trying to get wider and deeper.
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Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Quick thing: I've just registered here after reading a few good topics and realising there are some good advice going out so I feel I might aswell have a few things to say. The Question: I enjoy anal sex myself but I find that depth is an issue. I have seen and heard many things about how far toys can go inside to get that real 'fulfilment feeling' and im just wondering I know its a good idea to go to the toilet before doing anything as it cleans you out and means you dont bump into anything but even then i find theres not much depth going on.

One video in particular got my attention which was a women who had a 19" jelly dildo which was VERY flexible and belive it or not she had managed to get the whole thing inside although might be fake. If you can please explain this in as much detail as possible as websites all over the place never explain this situation.

Althaluss , Oct 21, I'm about 7'' and when doing anal with my GF it always go all the way in. It hurts her like hell tho. Use alot of lube. If you have a good high fiber diet and don't leave any residue on the TP then you're good to go.

Master Ass Eater , Oct 21, Althaluss , Oct 22, My wife can take a 6 inch dildo all the way with no problem. She can also stick the same dildo up my ass with no problem. I can easily take 7 inches. I've never tried anything longer. If you go to a decent sex shop, you can get a little mini enema, only holds about ml.

Make sure you are clear, and then take a shower and use the little enema. If you have to go, go. Then get back in the shower and repeat. My wife can handle the whole shaft. It's the begging and whining for anal sex she can't handle. It depends on what toy you are using and on the width of the toy. The smaller the width then the further you can probably insert the toy. Use and enema or a douche which can be bought on the net. You can get one's that you can attach to the end of a shower which are good for cleaning but can be a bit of a messy process but worth it!

Yes it is. My advice would be to start off small and work your way up and use lots and lots of lube! I suppose, in theory, there's no real limit as to how far anything can go up the anus. We are, after all, no more than worms when it comes to the digestive structure - one long tube.

While all sorts of nutrients are filtered through the intestinal walls, any solids that cannot be digested are eventually passed through intact. Without any exaggeration, the pipe was easily inserted over a metre before reaching the area that was to be examined - and even then there wouldn't heve been any difficulty in going any further.

However, this examination did involve plenty of lubricant with local anaesthetic mixed in with it. PineMan , Nov 26, My wife can take about 5" and she finds it really frustrating that I can take " with no problems but i have to be well worked on before.

I'm new to the forum and was just checking some posts and came upon this one. I'm a relative newcomer to anal play, and 2 girlfriends from aother forum recommended a cucumber. I actually took almost 12 inches of an english cuke! Since it was a little thinner than a regular one, it wasn't painful. I did take about 7 " of a fatter one too. I don't have any photos on this forum but you can look at newbienudes if you want to see. If you do let me know your thoughts.

You should know by feel. If you are hitting the back of your teeth you have gone to far. The rectum and colon are very distensable. All the pain is at the anal sphincter if it is not well enough relaxed and if there is not enough lube.

Relaxation is enhanced by pushing, like when having a BM. So a very long cock should have no trouble once through the sphincter. Enemas can be much larger than ml. I am an doctor--we give ml to full size adults.

It should be hung no higher than 2 feet above the anus, otherwise the pressure can be too great. This will really clean out much of the left side of the colon and rectum. Steve MD. Rigamarole , Jan 25, Dragonfly , Jan 25, My ex put his 10" in my ass.

Although, he did get me a little tipsy first. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

I can;t seem to get past the resistance any way that I Lubrication is key. If you're dead set on seeing if you can get the whole thing in though, here are some helpful tips for you: 1. Or is it just a matter of time till she kills me this way? Paste as plain text instead.

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Average anal depth

Average anal depth. Report Abuse

I hear of people getting 10 inches in them, and some even more than that. I was just wondering if anyone had ideas as to why this was happening, or what it could be. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. I never knew the technical term for it but I know a long toy, or guy, will at first "bottom out" around ".

After a moment of being easy and working it in, I can take over 10". Go slow and feel your way around. Source s :. Add a comment.

This Site Might Help You. RE: What is normal depth for anal penetration? I can;t seem to get past the resistance any way that I I asked my doctor this question some years ago when I found I experienced some pain when my boyfriend entered me full-length. His penis is longer than six inches, and my doctor said that there's a structure called the Valve of Houston more than six inches inside that can hurt if you bump against it.

Of course, some people do go deeper than six inches, but you have to go gently through the valve, just as you do through the anus. Once you get gently through and it may take some practice it should be smooth sailing.

Be careful and don't force anything. The rectal tissues are delicate and can tear if you're not careful. You don't want to tear your rectal membranes, there's an enormous potential for infection if you do peritonitis. The doc's info is the best guideline. The rectum turns after 6" or more, depending upon the person.

Some gentle pushing of a cock or very flexible dildo breaches this and on it's way! Get cleaned out first then use plenty of sterile water based lube. You are right, there are guys who can take ten inches or more. Look at the gay sites and you can see them taking another guy or a toy of varying lengths. When we buy dildos online and read the reviews, people say they can sink an 8inch dildo down to its base. I am wondering if that is true or are they exaggerating.

If it is true, does anyone know anything we can do to increase our depth? Does it have anything to do with our height and weight. I'm only 5'3" and my BF is not much taller than me and we're both of average weight. Also are there any dildos or toys you can suggest.

I have a couple dozen different toys, but I'm interested in see what everyone else uses for anal sex. I have had 9 inches up my butt real! What stops you for going further with an 8 incher? Maybe that's the limit - I don't know. My man can take 8" and I can only take about 6" it just really depends on the person and the experience with it!

Especially with the pain factor! Lisa, All i can say is your boyfriend is one lucky guy that you embrace anal play. The reason you may be stuck at 5" is that your anus has 2 sphincters. One at the opening and the other is a few inches in. It may be that your second sphincter is not relaxing enough to allow something to go in. I would say that you need to go back down to something long and thin but it should also be smooth and pliable like a firm dildo or a jelly anal toy.

There are a couple things you can try when you want to go past that 5" barrier. The other thing you can do is you want to sit on the toy but you have to be able to relax so in a position like you are sitting on your knees but your legs apart so your butt can hit the floor, then as you sit on the toy and feel you are reaching your limit you want to relax take a deep breath and then sit down as you blow the air out using your stomach to blow it out all the way.

Lisa: my wife and I enjoy deep anal sex. We also found that about " deep can be painful, but found out getting past that depth is worth the effort. Size has little to do with it.. It took us a long time to get there, though. We used a lot of smaller vibrators to get her comfortable in earlier times. A couple of things we've found really help:. Going in slowly helps, especially at the 5 to 6 inch point, where you say you have to stop. We'll usually pause at that depth for a few minutes.

Sometimes it helps if she lets herself come with the vibrator. We wait until she opens up, then slide all the way in. It's very slippery and lasts a long, long time. Nothing works better for anal intercourse. It will destroy latex toys, though, so be careful. She prefers either really shallow anal penetration, or really deep.. With deep penetration, her orgasms are explosive. So we both work really carefully and slowly to get past the painful 5" depth.

That is very good advice, Tai chi "or at least any one of the different variants" has practice rounds that are heavily concerned with being able to control breathing in order to relax, ex.

The length of the anal canal.

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Learn More. Thread Tools Thread Tools. I currently have a 10" long 1. I want to get the entire thing inside me. However, I have trouble with the "second hole". I have been able to get the head past it I have felt the telltale pop but I cannot get any further. I used to clean myself out with an enema until I learned that constant repetitive enemas aren't good for oneself. But when clean or not, I get stuck just past that pop point. Am I not using enough lube?

Is there a bend there? You need to find the best spot that you can relax. Relaxing is he biggest key to any anal play. Just take it slow! Figuring out your body takes some time.

Just keep at it and be gentle and eventually you should figure out the best way to relax the second sphincter so that you can get it in lol. Also enemas are only bad if you use them more then once a day, just be cautious with the enema! Good luck, and remember have fun! Well, a 10" dildo is way beyond what the average guy would be prepared to take. There's a thread in the reference section of the forum here that talks about the "second sphincter". The two sphincters are so close together anatomically that most guys really aren't aware of there's two sphincters.

It's really that internal sphincter that is the one that is more work to relax. Inexperienced guys will often complain that their boyfriend can get the head or the tip of the penis inside and then there's a point of resistance that takes a while to penetrate. In actuality, the issue is that the bottom hasn't relaxed the internal sphincter- the external sphincter is so easy to relax that most guys don't find it difficult to penetrate.

If you're getting most of the dildo into you i. KaraBalut, Ahh. I had my terms wrong. I can get the head of my ten inch to penetrate into my sigmoid. I am having the problem described that once thru that junction, I get resistance. I suppose that must be the sharp left turn. Since I do want to continue depth exploration, how might I get past this bend easier? I've done a lot of research on how to go deeper into my colon.

Currently I can get past the puborectal sling by 2 inches. After that I'm stuck. Its like I get to another bend but I can't seem to get the direction correct. I have a doc johnson 18"crystal jelly 1. I just got this 18" dildo two days ago. You can do it, just relax, when it stops,back off an inch or two,and try again. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Average anal depth