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Top definition. A person that is so vile and idotic that they must have been born from their mother's asshole instead of the birth canal. That dude has no idea what he's talking about. What an asshole baby. When you become pregnant from having anal sex the baby is called an "asshole baby".

Baby asshole

Baby asshole

And my kids are happy- Baby asshole are positively Baby asshole. Your baby: A. Is it possible that your bouncing bundle of joy is actually an asshole? She started sleeping through the night at six weeks. Here's what you should know. I think as first-time parents you go into it thinking you'll be different because we don't know any better. The first of these is the protostomes group, which is made up of arthropodsmollusks and insects. This condition almost always requires surgery. Andrej

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What the world needs is a page, three-pound humor anthology. No doubt your baby can be churlish, irritable, inconsolable, whiny, and manically happy, sometimes even in the span of an hour. Is it possible that your bouncing bundle of joy is actually an asshole? Take this quiz to find out. Curse Harvey Karp and his five Ss. How the heck are you supposed to swaddle a squirming infant using a rectangular blanket? Writes a check from her trust fund with a fountain pen she inherited from her great-great-great grandfather.

Mostly As Your baby is kind of an asshole. The good news is that while most babies are assholes, most toddlers are not. Please god, right? At least not on Instagram. Mostly Cs Your baby is an asshole. Yet your baby is also meeting her milestones quickly and showing some terrific developmental accomplishments. Just ask Steve Jobs. Mostly Ds Your baby is definitely an asshole. So maybe you deserve each other? Your baby is: A. Pooping B. Projectile vomiting C. Cooing D. Playing with his blocks. At just four months old, he can already identify A, B, and C.

She started sleeping through the night at six weeks. Your baby has been crying nonstop for the past three hours, so you: A. Three hours? Wow, what a nightmare. Your nanny would never let your baby get away with that. You and your partner are getting ready for some adult amorousness.

Your baby: A. Sits up in her crib and stares B. Pulls his binky over his head C. Arranges her loveys into an isolation chamber D. Recognizes boundaries, just like you taught her, and politely crawls into another room 5. Once again, the rent is due. When you ask for her share, your baby: A. Hands you a toy C.

Points to the cat D. Writes a check from her trust fund with a fountain pen she inherited from her great-great-great grandfather 6. Bro B. Dada C. Mama D. Princeton 7. A lovey B. A dolly C. A stuffed animal D. Babies Parenting Quizzes. Become a patron. Suggested Reads June 1, Recently October 28,

A baby that was conceived in the ass hole. One hot fuck 1 0 Reply Submit Reply. Daily September 21, What is her name? You can thank me later!

Baby asshole

Baby asshole

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Luckily I say these things in my head or very, very quietly under my breath! Being a mom is no joke and being a full time mom to two little kids is trying. Should I not be allowed to have children around me? Should someone put a muzzle on this woman?! We know there is love behind every blow up and that even when we get mad, we always come back together.

Our love never stops no matter what we say. In fact, they grew up to counsel other people! We all make mistakes in motherhood- no one enters this role perfectly and I certainly have not entered it gracefully. We talk about ways to do it better and we move on. And then I go to my car, close the door and scream profanity where no one can hear me until my sick, black heart is content.

And hey, I might be an asshole parent, but my kids are assholes too sometimes! And my kids are happy- they are positively joyful. They know I love them beyond words and they love themselves. So fuck ya, we must be doing something right- a lot wrong for sure, but at least a little tiny bit right.

I am not a mom byti stumbled across your website you are an amazing woman you uplifted me with your honesty and warmth. Wow, thank you for your kind words! I sure hope you can forgive your mama and yourself and start to heal that inner pain.

Those childhood hurts can cut so, so deep. Many years of therapy have gone into healing some of mine. Much, much love for you my friend and thanks again for your support. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Rated 4. Rated 5. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Baby asshole

Baby asshole

Baby asshole