Bulma chichi dbz-Pin on Goku & Vegeta

Most people have had a lucky childhood where they've been able to witness greatness in the making across a number of fronts. There are many things that might come to mind when this statement is uttered, but the focus of this article is on the various brilliant animated shows that have graced our screens since time immemorial. In particular, the show we're going to talk about is the legendary Dragon Ball series. While most people generally remember this series because of the brilliant Dragon Ball Z , the fact of the matter is that the other shows in this series are also definitely worth a watch. Dragon Ball is a great introduction to the series, Dragon Ball GT might have a few missteps but has its moments, and Dragon Ball Super is quite simply a power trip that will satiate the needs of any fan who is in serious need of some fresh Dragon Ball material.

Bulma chichi dbz

Bulma chichi dbz

Bulma manages to stay around him as he looks for Freeza and the two encounter Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo while they're watching Goku and Freeza Bulma chichi dbz, Gohan realizing the change just as Ginyu attempts to switch bodies with Piccolo and Bulma receives her body back when Gohan throws her in the way of the technique. Looking at the gap between the Freiza and Android sagas where Bulma dropped Yamcha in favor of her now-husband, we know Bulma values a strong man. Though it may seem like a case of opposites attracting, Goku and Bulma chichi dbz actually did end up with spouses who were eerily similar to them. Agency for Cultural Affairs. When asked about the first time Bulma's hair style changed, Toriyama said it was to show that three years had passed and because he personally liked girls with short hair. The case can be made for whether Vegeta should be considered stronger than Huge ladyboys at certain points in the Bulma chichi dbz, but for the most part, Goku's power has regularly been higher than that of him or Yamcha. She was introduced in a story mainly reserved for another forgettable character. Dragon Ball has more than a dozen fusions between all its titles, but there is one fans have yet to see. In the final chapter of Toriyama's manga series Jaco the Galactic Patrolmanit is revealed that the series is set before Dragon Balland Bulma makes an appearance as a child, as do her father and mother.

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Bulma is the daughter of Dr.

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From the first episode of the original Dragon Ball , Goku and Bulma have been true partners-in-crime. Though the introduction of several new characters has caused their relationship to fall to the background in favor of plot, there have still been moments in the later series that remind us of their connection. Still, we've seen how Goku and Chi-Chi given the circumstances of their life have managed to raise a mostly well-adjusted family though some do like to question how much of that was Goku's doing.

Below is a list of 5 reasons why Bulma might have made a better partner for Goku, as well as 5 reasons why things are fine just the way they are. With all that Goku was doing to risk his life and the lives of those around him, God knows he could have used a little of that stability, even if Bulma was pretty adventurous herself.

Even if somebody might have experienced a lot in a short amount of time, there's certain change and growth that only comes with time, and that's something that Goku and Chi-Chi have more or less experienced together in their time as a couple. Even as kids leading up to the tournament where Chi-Chi famously popped the question, the two had a connection even if they didn't run into each other all that often.

From simple Dragon Radar technology to more advanced alien tech, it seems like it doesn't take Bulma long to learn and adapt when the name of the game is wires and gears. Having never had any formal schooling, this is an area Goku is completely lacking in, and one that he hasn't learned about in the way he would have if his wife was a super genius.

And can you imagine what Goku could have done with all that Capsule Corp. Though she was a princess, Chi-Chi's home of Fire Mountain wasn't the illustrious palace some other princesses get to enjoy. She was more a princess of the working class, which is why she had to train to fight herself instead of just having a bodyguard.

Titles aside, both she and Goku know that life-or-death struggle that Bulma took 16 years to first face head-on, and that no doubt is what makes them such a strong couple. Or at least she puts out that energy. From the moment she was introduced, Bulma showed her tendency to be a know-it-all and try to keep it together in extreme situations.

The only problem with that was she didn't realize how extreme those situations could get until she met Goku. Goku isn't angry or anxious by any means, but he is erratic and spontaneous to an extreme degree.

While Bulma isn't leading the charge in a hidden dungeon or on an alien planet any time soon, she's often proven to be a trump card giving the Z Fighters exactly what they need in a pinch , and that's due to both her ego and ability to work well under pressure.

Though it may seem like a case of opposites attracting, Goku and Bulma actually did end up with spouses who were eerily similar to them. Both Bulma and Vegeta play it cool most of the time but will snap at the smallest disturbance to their peace. As the two grew together as husband and wife, it seems like they began to see each others' point-of-view when it came to what was really important, with Goku leaving Gohan to train with Piccolo as a baby, to taking Goten out to teach him the value of hard work in Super.

From the moment they met, Dr. Brief has been impressed with Goku's spirit. Though he isn't shown as often in the later series', his interactions with Goku show that the latter would have been a much lower maintenance son-in-law than the Prince of Saiyans.

He even mistook Goku for Bulma's boyfriend when they first met. Overall, Dr. Brief has made his life with a rough-in-tough, anger-prone super son-in-law work, but Lord knows that Capsule Corp. When he was first introduced, The Ox-King was an ominous force who lived on a burning mountain and terrorized the town below.

After helping retrieve a lost Chi-Chi, he earned The Ox King's respect, and his admiration only grew as his relationship with Chi-Chi did. In some cases, Ox-King has been the first person to defend Goku when he skips out on his duties as a husband to help defend the planet Even though Chi-Chi maybe rightfully observes that there are at least a couple of Z Fighters who could lead the charge in his place.

The case can be made for whether Vegeta should be considered stronger than Goku at certain points in the canon, but for the most part, Goku's power has regularly been higher than that of him or Yamcha. Looking at the gap between the Freiza and Android sagas where Bulma dropped Yamcha in favor of her now-husband, we know Bulma values a strong man.

Not only has Goku never lapsed in training like Yamcha, he's regularly surpassed everybody on his roster. That kind of dedication is definitely something that would have grown his and Bulma's bond had they ended up together.

And it's that change of pace from the rest of Goku's life may be why Chi-Chi was the right choice: that she gave up fighting after Gohan was born, while Bulma kept making inventions for the Z-Fighters throughout the years and might have never stopped. Chi-Chi and her dad were also never big threats even when their power was closer to matching Goku's. They liked to fight, but they never had that stuff in them that made them push their limits like Goku.

Anybody who is always craving more knows how important it is to have people in your life who are content with the simple things, and that's what Chi-Chi offers Goku. No more, no less. Tags: dragon ball , Goku. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Share Tweet Comment.

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Bulma chichi dbz

Bulma chichi dbz

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Goku and Chichi are childhood sweethearts, or at least Chichi thought they were. They met when they were years-old, after Goku saved her. At first, she thought of him as nothing more than an idiot because of his stupidity and her first impression of him worsened when he naively touched her genitalia to confirm she was a girl.

Despite feeling grateful of him saving her, she was not interested in him and she wanted to love a boy who is strong and can protect her. Goku was also not romantically interested in her due to his lack of knowledge of love and romance. Soon after, Goku meet Chichi again and saved her again, but showing her how much stronger he had become. After witnessing his strength, she becomes smitten with Goku and falls head over heals in love with him.

She tells that she wants to become his bride when they become adults and Goku agrees, however, he thought that a bride was a type of food. He left her right after and they didn't meet again until five years later. A year later, Chichi gives birth to their first son, whom Goku names Gohan after his adoptive grandfather. They prove to be doting parents but, although Goku is more carefree with Gohan whereas Chichi is overly protective and strict.

Chichi tries to act as the only parent responsible for Gohan's upbringing and forbidding Goku from training him, which she considers one of Goku's bad habits. However after several days go by with no word from them, Chichi angrily rushes over and finds about Goku's death and Gohan being taken by Piccolo after Raditz's arrival and battle with Goku. Chichi however is more horrified about Gohan being taken than Goku's death and faints. A year later, she watches Gohan partake in the battle against the Saiyans and finds out Goku has arrived in the battlefield after being revived by the Dragon Balls.

Once the battle ends, Chichi accompanies with several of Goku's friends to retrieve Goku, Gohan, Krillin and the bodies of the warriors who perished.

Chichi is more concerned for her son than her paralyzed husband and states she didn't care if Goku died as long as Gohan was safe, leading to everyone to say she is crazy. Gohan offered to go to Planet Namek as part of the journey to use the Namek Dragon Balls to resurrect everyone who died but Chichi refused and yelled at Gohan when he persisted. Ultimately Gohan shouted at her that he was going no matter what, leaving her speechless and Goku proud of Gohan's courage.

During Goku's time hospitalized, Chichi remained by his side but mostly brooded over Gohan. Goku eventually decides to head to Planet Namek to help his friends, despite Chichi's protests.

Goku ends up fighting against Frieza who, after Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, is unable to win and decides to blow the Planet up. Everyone else is transported to Earth and Chichi eagerly greets Gohan. When Planet Namek explodes, Goku is presumed dead and Chichi is heartbroken but is reminded Goku can be fought back with the Dragon Balls. Half a year later, it is revealed Goku had survived the explosion but isn't ready to return to Earth yet. Master Roshi suggests this is because the one thing Goku is more afraid of than a Super Saiyan is his wife, which makes Chichi threaten him with a sword.

Chichi is angry at Goku for making her wait for him longer and decides to brush it off by making Gohan focus more in his studies. One year later, Goku returns and is eager to train Gohan for the inevitable arrival of the Androids.

Chichi is enraged and yells at Goku for his senselessness for Gohan's education. As she gets in his face, Goku accidentally knocks her through the wall and bandages her while profusely apologizing. Chichi decides to let Gohan train with Goku, who is surprised. After three years and the Androids appear, Goku is struck with a heart virus and is rushed home. Chichi is constantly worried for her husband's well-being and is by his side the whole time he is ill. She also spends most of the time searching for and giving him the antidote needed to cure his illness.

After a few days, Goku recovers and Chichi finds him testing his recovered strength by blasting Kamehameha in the ocean. She embraces him and he throws her into the air before catching her. Although she is worried about him going back into the battle, Goku assures her he is strong enough and kisses her which is off screen in the anime and manga.

After the arrival of Cell and his announcement of the Cell Games, Goku decides to spend the next ten days relaxing with his family and goes with Gohan to Master Roshi's to pick up Chichi. During the ten days, Goku and Chichi celebrate Gohan's eleventh birthday. As the Cell Games commence, Chichi watches it with concern for her husband and son.

However Goku sacrifices himself in vain to stop Cell self-destructing but Gohan emerges victorious when he is able to destroy Cell. Goku then announces his decision to remain dead to protect the Earth from other enemies and Chichi is devastated by Goku's "official" death. Four years later, Chichi forces Goku to get a job as a radish farmer after her father loses his fortune in a fire and can no longer financially support the family.

But when Mr. Satan gives them his prize money award as thanks for saving the world, Chichi allows Goku to train with King Kai. A month later, Goku returns to stop Beerus from destroying the planet and Chichi is worried whenever Goku is left defeated but is overjoyed when Gohan announced his wife, Videl, is pregnant. After Beerus leaves, Goku is determined to resume training but Chichi lies about using up all the money in order to force Goku to work hard and be a good grandfather.

Six months later, Goku finds Vegeta is already training in Beerus' Planet and has to try to sneak away from Chichi to go but she finds out and tries to stop him. He leaves anyway but Chichi blows it off by deciding to throw a celebration party for the birth of their granddaughter, Pan. Four months later, Frieza is resurrected and blows up the planet, killing Chichi, Goten, and Pan.

Goku takes advantage of Whis' Temporal Do-Over to stop Frieza and save the Earth because he feels responsible for the event. In a conversation with Vegeta, Goku admits he is with Chichi because he enjoys her feistiness, and Vegeta explains Saiyans like women who are strong-willed. She cheers for Goku when he wins the first round but when he is defeated by Frost, Chichi literally runs across the arena to check on her husband, who is embarrassed of her clinging to him in front of everyone.

When Goku is reinstated due to Frost cheating and he faces Hit, Chichi is worried but then surprised when he forfeits. At the Universe 7 wins and everyone attend a victory party. Days pass when Goku seems to be "sick" and Chichi suggests he seek out King Kai for advice.

Goku is forbidden from using his ki until it stabilizes but when he attempts to fly, he accidentally destroys their house, much to Chichi's wrath. Goku continues working as a farmer but is eager to train again, and Chichi comes up with a way for Goku to train while farming. This works until Goku accidentally destroys most of the farming site. When Goku convicted Zen-Oh to set up the Tournament of Power, Chichi tried to stop him from taking Goten to train but they sneak away from her.

Chichi agrees to let only Goku train though. They have somewhat of an unusual relationship; with Chichi dominating over her husband and sons, and Goku simply following her orders as Roshi commented that the thing Goku is afraid of other than a Super Saiayn is his wife.

She gets very angry over how Goku trains Gohan, afraid of him putting his life in danger and neglecting his studies. Despite how bad she treats him, she loves him very much and will defend Goku when someone bad-mouths him. Although Goku often thinks of family as companions, it is obvious that he loves her as well and he had grown to do so as he later says he likes her overbearing attitude, despite his fear of her temper. However, Goku remained naive of his duties as a husband, as he prefers training rather than spending time with Chichi and finding work to support their family.

He later admits he Doesn't understand the difference between a kiss and mouth-to-mouth, though he did kiss her off-screen during the Android Conflict. Chichi has learned to cope with Goku's many absences including the two times he was dead and she will allow him to train only if he fulfills her demands to support their family.

When Goku is turned into a child in DBGT, Chichi was horrified to be married to a "child" but quickly learned to accept it, as she says their life together has never been normal and Goku has acted like a child all his life. Despite all this, Chichi remained a devoted wife to Goku and truly loved him, and one of Goku's motivations to train is to get stronger so he can protect her and their family.

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Bulma chichi dbz