Changing mileage older motorcycle-Purchased Speedometer anyway to adjust odometer to actual miles?

I just bought a second hand speedo for my bike as the other one had cracked glass and kept jumping about. My bikes done 19, genuine miles but the new odometer has 93k on it! The law says that an odometer shouldn't be changed to fool people into thinking it's a low mileage bike, but I just don't want to have my bike saying 93k when it's done nowhere near that. I wouldn't worry about the legal side at all, all you are doing is putting the mileage to what it should be, if I was in your situation I would do it without hesitation. I'm sure it's possible, but I don't know how to do it so I will shut up now.

Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle

What would you look Chanhing Posts: 24, So, what do ya wanna talk about today? Search for:. Finally, I took a brass punch Changing mileage older motorcycle small hammer and slowly worked the ring back down tight to the gauge. You have to bend and pry on the chrome ring that crimps the two halves together and once you ruin it, I don't know what options you have to replace it or to even get it re-crimped properly if you get it off in one piece. Facebook Twitter. This alone Changing mileage older motorcycle keep your high—mileage motorcycle running like new! There's a time and a place for everything, and that includes buying Puppy fetish motorcycles.

Cum sweetner. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.

Safwan Mansoor November 15, at pm. You get more fine adjustments, and that's generally desired. Good tight ring seals mean that minimal by-products will make it into the oil, so there Blond angels less contaminants that the oil needs to deal with. Why Change the Drive Ratio? When changing your sprockets due to wear, you will also need to replace your chain. In this case, the Final Drive Ratio Changing mileage older motorcycle 3. I need help with a gearing issue, have a warriornot the fastest but want it faster. Tough question to answer, as there are far too many variables. Switch that stock 36T rear sprocket for a 37T or 38T. A Couple of Our Favorites JT Sprockets makes more sprockets Changing mileage older motorcycle about 18 million annually - than any other manufacturer in the world. Countershaft sprockets are often made of steel; they need to be durable and their small-size means weight is usually not an issue. No, of course not. I have a stock sym fiddle Asian blow job bars looking to up the top speed.

It is a good litmus test.

  • Taking the above into account, you would be forgiven for thinking that any oil would struggle to deal with the onslaught that it has to deal with, but lubrication has come a long way since our dads first started riding motorcycles.
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  • It all depends on what type of engine is in the motorcycle in question.
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Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. TonyT , Aug 16, Lets say ten years old and five thousand miles on the clock. What would you look for? I've always felt that a well used and well maintained bike is preferable to something that's just sat around, but occasionally a nice example comes up.

Tires would be my first thought. Then storage, when were the fluids changed last? What should I be concentrating on? TIA Tony. Brake fluid needs changing right away. Other than that, no problems from that age. ADV Sponsors. P B G , Aug 16, Well at 10 years old, the tires are old They're meant to be ridden off in 10 years or so and replaced. As far as storage, perhaps less so "last changed" and more so, how old were they when stored.

You can figure they were last changed before it was stored, but if there's 3K miles on the oil, and then stored then the oil is going to be acidic and bad to let sit in there. Out of the weather in a climate controlled area would be ideal, but then again, it won't be a cheap bike with that sort of pedigree.

On a 2 stroke there is a possibility of pitting of the engine bearings due to moisture. Most 2 stroke engines are not sealed and only have a thin film of oil on the bearings to provide protection.

Once running again it often takes 40 or more hours before the bearings start to come apart. Expatriated , Aug 17, Joined: Nov 24, Oddometer: I just purchased a 20 year old bike with 4, miles on it. It has been sitting for about years inside. Hoses aren't in the best shape Changed oil and fluids--why not? Oil didn't look too bad but I don't want to take a risk with something so simple Electrical all works fine once a new battery was put in I'm almost too scared to open the carbs up but I'm not expecting anything good.

I would take a good look at the tank--bring an extending mirror and flashlight. Mine had 7 years of gas sitting in it. Next time, I would try harder to determine how it was prepared prior to storage. BuddingGeezer , Aug 17, Personally, I had rather have a 10 year old bike with , miles that was serviced properly than a 10 year old bike with 4, miles. More than likely the oil wasn't changed and a possibility of acid etched engine internals.

If steel fuel tank probibly rusted, carbs probably need rebuilding because of varnished jets and dried o-rings. Rubber brake parts probably will need replacing. If it's watercooled, the sitting hasn't done it any favor either. My first motorcycle I got in or 92 It was a FT with only 1, miles on it.

It had been sitting since around 87 or It was parked due to a faulty master cylinder for the rear brake. I had to clean the carbs, flush the fuel tank replace the fuel hoses. New brake hoses and a total fluid refresh it was good to go. It needed a new wiring harness, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt drive shaft.

So it really doesn't matter the time. It matters how it was used and how and where it was stored. Down in the sunbelt it's not uncommon to find high mileage bikes in good condition. Bike see a lot of use down here.

Up in the snow belt. I've seen bikes with really low miles, but get parked out in the weather and they look like hell. TonyT , Aug 20, All good points to bear in mind. Much appreciated, Cheers, Tony. LuciferMutt , Aug 20, That's less than miles a year over its lifetime. I still haven't gotten to the fork oil but I'm expecting it to be nasty as hell.

The hoses and seals are all still in excellent shape and I was surprised to find that. Just use common sense. If the engine is clean and leak free chances are good it will remain so. CaptTeach , Aug 20, Several years ago I bought an 89 XT with miles on it - its still a low mileage bike now with miles on the clock.

The previous owner had installed Kreem in the tank so it was just about checking things out and swapping out the fluids. Like all things that are pre owned - its more a matter of WHO owned it more than anything else. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Martin Kubove June 6, at am. So we'll explain gearing and sprocket sizes, as well as applications, and we'll show you some of our favorite sprocket products. What are you like on Monday? And where can i find a rear less than 40T? If you're a beginning rider, you might consider gearing down. Shake June 30, at am.

Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle. Odometer Fraud & the Law


How To: Buy a Used Motorcycle Like a Pro

It is a good litmus test. However, low-mileage does not necessarily mean the motorcycle is better, or fresher, or even newer. We recommend not just checking the total accrued mileage of the bike but also dive into the full service history of the bike to understand its background.

It really depends. But if this particular motorcycle has complete maintenance records, has no evidence of physical damage, and the engine has no oil leaks, then this is considered a good buy. The key to longevity is like any other machine — maintenance. Oil change every 3, miles and regular service will keep them going a long time. It is less about the bike and more about how the bike has been ridden.

Note that water cooled engines tend to last longer than air cooled ones as they run cooler which make a huge difference in longevity. A prime example of a good used bike is the presence of a complete service record. Check both the service history of a bike AND what was recommended by the manufacturer. You can always ask to have the bike checked by a licenced mechanic who will be able to look for obvious signs of abuse or care. If you just bought a bike and you want to keep it running like new, then you better know how to break-in the engine properly.

The break-in period of most motorcycles is the first to 1, miles. During this time, there is still a lot of internal friction inside the engine, so keep the following in mind:. You should strictly follow and observe the maintenance guidelines in the service manual. This will not only include regular oil changes and lubrication, but this will include checking the valve adjustment, servicing the brakes, and inspecting or replacing the primary chains in the transmission.

Checking the air filter is one of the most basic maintenance procedures that every motorcyclist should know. If your air filter is dirty, clogged, damaged, loose, or missing then you are essentially letting the engine suck in dirt and debris.

This is not good. You should regularly replace or wash the air filter if you ride your motorcycle in dusty and sandy areas. Remember that engine failure or breakdown will result if the engine sucks in even the smallest amount of dirt or grit.

If you have a liquid-cooled motorcycle, you should use the prescribed amount of coolant and water in the radiator. Coolant contains additives that will lubricate the internal components of your radiator. This helps to prevent rust and corrosion from building up inside the radiator tubes.

You should also drain, flush, and replace the coolant at least every two years to prevent overheating and water pump failure. Keep the chains well lubricated and properly adjusted. This alone will keep your high—mileage motorcycle running like new! What is considered high mileage on a motorcycle? It really depends on how well the bike was serviced. If you think that 25, miles is considered high-mileage, it is more important to check the service records to determine the actual condition of the bike.

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Quick Navigation What is considered high miles on a motorcycle? Service records are more important than the mileage! How to keep your high-mileage motorcycle running like new. Break-it-in like a pro! Follow the recommendations in the service manual. Always check the air filter. Use coolant instead of water. Inspect the final drive periodically. About the author. Learn to Ride a Motorcycle. Search for:.

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Changing mileage older motorcycle

Changing mileage older motorcycle