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Emily's Story. Emily's story of her experiences growing up. My name is Emily and I'm twenty seven and married to a wonderful man named David. We have two beautiful children -- Flora who is ten and Daniel who is six. I work as a children's counselor for a local school district.

Dad saw my cunt

Dad saw my cunt

I'm going to be fucking you all the time from now on. He pulled out and lay on the bed The brass elaphant in baltimore her. He was starting to sweat at the effort but he finally let out a loud ARRRRR as his pearly cream liquid filled the cloth. After several Dad saw my cunt of this after-school special, I was able to cum several times within a few minutes while the dog ate me out. Literotica is a trademark. I love a hairless cunt to eat. Mack pulled a hanky out and held it in his left hand. I brushed my teeth and hair and stepped out of the bathroom.

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I had come home early one afternoon to pick up some paperwork from my home office.

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Author's note: Everyone in this story is over the age of If I didn't have you, I think I would go crazy. Daddy and I have lived up in these isolated mountains for 2 years now. There is nobody to talk to, nobody to visit, and nobody to have sex with. Since I've written of that problem many times inside your pages, you already know the situation. I am just sooooo ready to have sex that I can hardly contain myself. I am in a constant state of "horniness" with wet panties all day long.

Maybe the lack of candidates for sex has created my latest dilemma. You won't believe who I have been fantasizing about, diary. My own father! Can you believe that? I have been dreaming about it a lot lately. I have woken up actually orgasming from dreams where my father has tied me up, torn my clothes off and has raped me. Only, it's not the kind of rape that emotionally scars women for the rest of their life.

I actually love what he does to me. I watch him as he sucks on my breasts and then moves his way down my body to burry his face in my cunt and start licking, lapping, and sucking until my hips can't stay on the bed.

Then he takes me like a man takes a woman and I love it! It's usually at this point I wake up. I know I should be thoroughly disgusted by what I'm dreaming, I mean, it's incest and it's wrong. But somehow just the thought of how taboo it is, only makes it more exciting and erotic. I don't know how dad does it.

I mean he hasn't been with a woman in two years. The only time we see anybody is when we go to town miles away to get groceries and I'm always with him. Anyway, I'm glad he can't read minds because if he knew what I think about the majority of the time, he'd kill me! But, my hot incestuous, rape thoughts are just between my good friend, diary and myself.

So, I'll visit you again in a couple of days diary, until then, wish me sweet dreams. Love, Meg" Snapping the book closed, he couldn't believe it! His little girl had written this! She had been thinking about having sex with him. She was dying to have sex That's why she's been acting a little strange lately. Her strange behavior was what prompted him to search for answers as to its cause while she was out hiking.

Running his fingers over his face and through his hair, he shakes his head. What is he going to do now? It's true we've been isolated for two years since his divorce from her frigid mother. Meg's mother had been so disgusted by sex that she didn't want any reminders that she had ever had sex. This included her year-old daughter, Meg. The problem always was that I, on the other hand, had an inexhaustible desire for sex. I was so convinced that something was wrong with me, that I moved Meg and me up into these mountains to suppress my sexual urges.

It hadn't worked really well. I still wanted sex; I just had no way of having it. Well, Meg was wrong about one thing, I thought as I looked down at my fully erect shaft. I'm not mad at her. How can I be mad at her for thinking about the same thing I'd been thinking about for the past year and a half? Resisting the urge to take my little girl was getting harder to do. Well, it looks as if resistance is no longer needed, I thought, feeling my cock jump with arousal.

So, my little girl wants to be tied up and raped by her daddy hmm? Well, I think I just may be able to give my little girl exactly what she wants. As I busy myself getting ready for the night's events, the thoughts of making my little girl cum many, many times keeps me in a constant state of arousal.

I shouldn't have gone quite that far today. I'm pooped. Boy is a hot shower going to feel wonderful," I thought to myself as I walked in the back door into the kitchen. I'm back. Just in time dear. I've fixed us some chicken breasts and baked potatoes for supper, sit down and eat. We don't want it to get cold now, do we? I'm starving," washing my hands in the sink at sitting down at the table.

Looking at my father as he finished dishing up the food, I noticed that he had on a pair of jeans and his shirt was hanging unbuttoned down his lightly furred chest. He's gorgeous! No wonder I fantasize about him. Too bad I could never act on the attraction. I watched him bring the plates to the table and set them down. I picked up my drink and drank half of it down before I felt it burn. My eyes watered and I started coughing. I thought you and I could drink together tonight.

You are, after all, getting to be a big girl now. But you could have warned me. With that I started eating and finished off my drink. I watched as dad poured me another. I'm going to go take a shower now, OK? You go get cleaned up for daddy. Puzzled I glanced back at him, wondering at the odd phrasing. Shrugging, I continue on my way. I was right, the shower felt wonderful.

I dried myself off and put on my nightie, which came to my knees. I brushed my teeth and hair and stepped out of the bathroom. You startled me! I didn't know you were right there.

I hiked too far and I'm getting sore. It will keep you from being too sore tomorrow. That would be great! Lead the way. I tipped the drink I had taken with me and finished it off. It will make you more relaxed. He dimmed the lights, making the room shadowy and intimate.

I'll do the backs of your legs first. I felt him climb up next to me and lift my nightie up onto my back. I've seen you naked before, even if it was a long time ago. Just relax, I need to get your muscles loosened up for you. Then he began to gently, yet firmly massage the backs of my thighs and calves. That feels toooo good!! He continued to massage, then instructed me to turn over so he could get the front of my legs.

I complied immediately. This felt too good to hesitate. I was intensely aware of the wet spot growing in the crotch of my panties. Having his hands on me was arousing me. Thankfully, he wouldn't be looking at my panty-clad pussy.

I sighed and closed my eyes. Just enjoying the sensations.

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Dad saw my cunt

Dad saw my cunt. Top Trending Pornstars


Daddy's Little Girl Gets Ravaged - Incest/Taboo -

I had come home early one afternoon to pick up some paperwork from my home office. The car belonging to my daughter is parked out front, but that is not unusual in itself, since she is a college junior and has varying hours for her classes. What is unusual however, is hearing loud moaning coming from her room that is just a couple of doors down from my office when I go into the house.

Abandoning the purpose for my return home for the moment, I quietly walk down the hall to make sure that she is not hurt or something. The arrangement of the room is such that the bed is mostly hidden from view from the doorway. I slip into the room a little further and look around the corner. What I see there is surprising. My daughter girl is lying stark naked on the bed, on her back, with her head facing away from me, her long hair splayed out on the pillow.

One hand is between her legs, rapidly rubbing her pussy, and the other hand is squeezing her lovely breasts and pinching her nipples. She has her electronic tablet propped up beside her and it is obvious that she is watching a porn video while she plays. It looks like an older man is playing with a much younger woman. I am mesmerized by the sight of her playing right there in front of me and my cock rises within my pants, forcing me to adjust it for comfort.

Her plunging fingers appear to be wet and even creamy. Using her hand underneath, she lifts up one of her tits and kisses and sucks on her nipple which turns me on even more. A couple of times she removes her fingers from her crotch and licks off her juices and that almost drives me crazy with the yearning to kneel between her legs and eat her luscious pussy.

A few minutes later, the couple on the screen starts fucking so she picks up a hairbrush that is lying on the bed beside her. She licks the handle of it for a few moments and then starts to slip it easily into her obviously very wet pussy.

I have never heard her use those kinds of words before. Needless to say, my real cock is throbbing within my pants but I resist the urge to pull it out and stroke it for fear of her turning her head and discovering me watching her. Then her next statements drive me nearly insane with desire. Yeah, Fuck Me, Daddy!! It takes all the willpower in the world not to jump on the bed and do just that!! Oh my gaawwd!! I want to fuck her so badly!!

But fortunately, my cooler head prevails and I resist the temptation. Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! She has moved on the bed as a result of her orgasms and I step back because I realize that she might be able to see me standing there if she turns her head just right. After her orgasm, she is just lying there on the bed, breathing hard, so I guess that the show is over.

Damn, if she only knew how much she is teasing me and tempting me right now. She reacts quickly, rolling over into a kneeling position and pointlessly trying to cover her nudity with the bedspread that is not really cooperating. What the fuck??

What the fuck are you doing home??!! And what the fuck are you doing in my room??!! I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I have just violated her trust. Her face softens a little.

How long have you been watching me? Now it is my turn to be embarrassed. I should have left. I am surprised to see that she has dropped the bedspread to willingly reveal her naked body to me! In an instant I see her perfectly formed breasts with their hard nipples poking out, her flat but well muscled tummy and the cleanly shaved mound between her spread legs. I can even see wetness that remains on her very puffy pussy lips that are still swollen with desire.

She lets me stare at her wordlessly for a few moments before she slowly crawls off of the bed and walks over to me. She puts her arms around me and pulls herself tightly against me. I really do want you to fuck me, just like I was imagining.

And you are so BIG!! I want you to fuck me just like you do Mommy! You are my daughter and it is so wrong. You should be doing it with boys of your own age. All they want is to put their tiny little dicks in my mouth or my pussy until they shoot their gooey cum in me or on me.

They think that I should be super happy to just be a receptacle for their nasty cum. But I know that you do care about those things. I also wonder how she has seen us since we always do it behind closed doors or when she has been out of the house. While I was playing a little bit ago, I was imagining you between my legs, licking my wet pussy and making me cum like you do Mommy.

Please, Daddy, I need your loving so badly. Oh, Daddy, I love that you wear such sexy underwear; it feels so nice. My resistance is rapidly failing me. And it fails me even more when she drops to her knees and pulls on my clothing until my cock is poking out of my pants, big and proud.

A moment later she licks the head of my cock, licking up the droplet of pre-cum that has oozed out. Without waiting for a reply she takes my crown into her mouth and begins sucking. That is when my resistance crashes into a pile of rubble at our feet. Her mouth is so warm …… so wet …… and it feels so good!! She starts pushing more of my cock into her oral cavity until she starts to gag.

But somehow she knows the trick that her mother and I sometimes use. That way you will last longer later when you fuck me. Immediately she goes back to sucking on my cock. Soon I stop spurting and she pulls her mouth off long enough to show me the white cum on her tongue and then she swallows it all. Then she takes my shrinking cock back in her mouth and cleans it with her tongue. Your creamy cum tasted so good; much better than that from those stupid boys.

With the last vestiges of resistance gone I allow her to help me undress. Her fingers pass over my nipples and they react by hardening. It feels good to me and can help me to get or maintain an erection at times. I moan my approval. I hold her head against my chest for a few moments.

I reach down and grasp her titties, the first time that I have ever laid my hands on her grown-up boobs. I gently knead the firm flesh and following her example, I lightly pinch her nipples. After a while we gravitate over to her bed where we lie down and caress each other for a while. I start stroking her pussy lips while I watch them open.

She moans when my finger slips inside and lightly caresses her soft, pink inner flesh. To give me better access she pulls her knees up and spreads her legs wide. After a little while I do crawl up between her spread legs and tease her by having my mouth so close to her sex that she can feel my warm breath while I still caress her with my fingers.

Her hips are moving like she is trying to force contact. I put my mouth over her pussy and suck it into my mouth, licking her puffy lips and sucking on them. I lick the length of her slit, feeling the soft flesh on my tongue and tasting her sweet juices. She pushes her hips upward.

A few moments later I hold her lips apart with my fingers and lick the length of her open slit from back to front, pausing for a moment at both her fuck-hole and her clit. That feels so good!! Using my tongue, lips and fingers I play her pussy like a musical instrument, caressing, licking and sucking until her arousal starts building toward a crescendo. Her hips are bucking upwards, trying for even more stimulation. Her hands are on my head, holding me in place. Instead of stopping I increase my paces just slightly.

My hand, arm and the bed underneath her are all soaking wet. Are you hard enough to fuck me now? I want you to fuck me before Mommy gets home. Please fuck me!! I am so ready for your big cock to be inside me.

Your cock feels so good inside me!! Oh yeah, give it all to me; fill me up with your big fat cock, Daddy! Fuck your little girl!!

Dad saw my cunt

Dad saw my cunt