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The downside? The upside? Chuck gets to pretend that super hot spy Yvonne Strahovski is his lady love. Sexy - as Dr. Jill Roberts.

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

TV Shows Chuck. And here I'm trying to diet. You and I are definitely going to be a part of that, sometimes together… but sometimes not. Your people bagtowski to see it. As they marched up the stairs Silk had Ellie bartowski nude fight not to laugh as she knew exactly what was happening a few feet behind her. I haven't had a threesome in a good while. The Intersect was invented with the very best of intentions. She pulled against them, but found Naruto undo lyrics securely restrained again. It's just as much for bartoeski benefit as it is yours. This first time was pretty quick.

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With Devon's help Ellie recovered the vehicle and a note from her father. Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski-Woodcomb. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Armpit smelling teens nude. She then gained attention for her recurring role as "Madison Kellner" on the critically-acclaimed Warner Bros. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 Cast list Theme song Jeffster! Log in Sign up. Her most significant role in the main plot of an episode came in " Chuck Versus the Truth ," in which Ellie attempted to treat nuclear expert Mason Whitney when he was poisoned by Reardon Payne. Up this week. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Ellie bartowski nude with short description. Grid View List View. Show all 10 episodes. After Devon has Lester hack it to turn it on, there was a password that only Ellie bartowski nude knows, which was "Knock, Knock" and the answer was "I'm here". Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction.

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  • She is portrayed by actress Sarah Lancaster.

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction. The characters are not meant to represent any real persons. I do not own the characters and make no money from this story. This is just a story. Story Note: This story takes place during the earlier seasons of Chuck none in particular though before Chuck and Sarah were lovers and before he gained the ability to 'flash' combat skills.

Chuck Bartowski jerked up from the chair he was dozing in, startled by the voice screaming his name. He was still half asleep when he tried to stand, his legs not able to yet support his weight and slammed immediately to the floor, drool dripping from his mouth. He wiped his chin and climbed back to the chair as Sarah Walker, a CIA operative, entered the glass and metal command center.

Chuck was a normal guy, a tech nerd until he accidently uploaded a secret government intelligence database into his brain. Now, he gets 'flashes' of covert intelligence. He had two choices once it was revealed what had happened to him - be hunted down and tortured for information by various evil groups who would want his head or go to work for the CIA.

It was an easy choice but made easier once he met Sarah. Sarah Walker was a dream. Tall, blonde, lithe, she was everything Chuck was not; capable and confident. Chuck fell in love with her the moment he met her. While he suspected she might have feelings for him, Sarah was too professional to let them interfere with her duties.

Their cover was as girlfriend and boyfriend though which Chuck was happy allowed him to at least pretend she loved him. The General was an older woman with a face made out of burlap who gave Sarah and Chuck their marching orders.

I have your mission specs. Colonel Casey will be sitting this one out. Once I give you the details, you'll see why discretion is needed on this mission. We don't know much about them, only that they are involved in weapons smuggling, assassinations, and the like. We have located one of their fronts and we have an agent undercover in there. We need you to make contact with the agent and get a status report. Apparently she has information she needs to get to us but their security is very tight and she can't move it without revealing her cover.

We need you to go undercover as a couple who engage in this sort of stuff. Several hours later the two CIA operatives were being driven in a town-car across the city towards their destination. Both were visibly nervous which surprised Chuck. He was used to being nervous before missions but Sarah was usually calm and cool.

Even for her age of around twenty-seven, she was an experienced operative. Her apparent nervousness led to even more angst for Chuck. Both were dressed well; Chuck in a pair of slacks and expensive silk shirt and jacket provided by the agency.

Sarah, as usual, looked incredibly sexy. She was wearing a low cut red dress showing off her modest but firm cleavage. The dress was cut above the knee and had a slit up the side. As Sarah sat gazing out the window of the car with her long tan legs crossed, the slit opened to reveal her body all the way up to her rear. Chuck couldn't help but stare at her amazing figure.

She paused, "Well, there was this one mission a few years back. We were in Turkey and I had to pose as a girl being sold by some white slavers.

Sarah stopped as if she realized she was about to give too much information, " How about you? Any ball gags hidden in your closet? Chuck was shocked at the question until he saw a large smile cross Sarah's lips and she began to laugh. Chuck couldn't help but think how beautiful she was when she laughed.

But then he began laughing too. They both seemed struck with the absurdity of the situation. About twenty minutes later the car pulled up in front of an old run down warehouse. They stepped out. He did not answer. He worked for the club and their attendance had been arranged by the agency through several covert contacts in the city. Once they were out, the driver simply got in the car and left.

Still unsure they were in the right place, the couple walked forward towards the building. Sarah immediately sensed they were not alone and as they approached, two men stepped from the shadows. They looked non-descript enough, but she could tell they were armed and from their stance that they knew how to fight. One of the men held out his hand and snapped his fingers while the other man eyed them suspiciously. Sarah opened her purse and appeared to fumble for the invitations.

She was putting on an act though, as she had already planned how she would take out the guards if they tried anything. Finding the thick embroidered cards, she handed them to the burly man and he directed them to a door way. Entering it, they were in a small dilapidated room lit by a single light bulb hanging from a frayed cord.

In the back of the room were the open doors of a dark elevator. They entered and as soon as they did, the doors shut and the car began to move up. Sarah prepared herself for danger as Chuck clutched the railing as the car stopped with a lurch. The doors opened and the two were a bit startled by what they saw. On the other side of the doors was a modern and expensive looking large room.

Furniture was spread around the floors, which were hardwood, and the walls were covered with fine works of art and chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Milling around the room were about fifty people, all dressed as if attending a gala event. They were sipping various drinks being served by men in white jackets. Immediately, they began smiling to the patrons as they walked arm in arm through the room. Sarah took a flute of champagne and sipped it as Both Chuck and Sarah turned and saw a woman standing a few feet away addressing them.

She was about five feet five inches tall but built voluptuously. She had on a tight blue dress which showed off her D cup breasts. Her face and skin was pale and her hair intricately quaffed.

First time. I must say this isn't what we expected. The party is upstairs. I'm Silk by the way, Silken Floss actually. The pretty woman flashed him an evil grin but did not answer as she led them up a flight of curved stairs and to two large double doors.

The entire time Chuck couldn't help but stare at her magnificent ass. Sarah, catching him at least twice, smacked his arm hard enough to hurt. But even that couldn't deter him from leering as her ass cheeks rose and fell; first one and then the other as she sashayed up the staircase. As they marched up the stairs Silk had to fight not to laugh as she knew exactly what was happening a few feet behind her. Before either could answer, she swung them open and stepped through followed by Chuck and Sarah.

On the other side was like they had entered a different world. The entire third floor of the warehouse was open with high ceilings. The room though was well furnished like the one below.

What separated this room from that one though were the people in it. There were well over one hundred people inside. Many were dressed like Chuck and Sarah and Silk, in dinner clothes and evening gowns, but nearly half were not.

Most of them were naked or wearing outfits that were as revealing as they were shocking. The three new arrivals turned and saw a nude woman, tall and beautiful standing on four inch heels. Standing next to her was a man, also nude.

Well built and broad, he had a hood covering his eyes and a large purple ball gagging him and strapped in place. The woman held something in each hand. In her right was a heavy leather strap and in her left a leash with the other end attached to the man's balls. The man held each of his arms outstretched and balanced on each palm was a silver tray with several glasses of liquid sitting on top. The man began to walk but apparently not as quickly as the woman wished him too and she swung the strap hard across his buttocks.

The man winced and let out a moan through the gag as he was led away. From the redness and welts on his ass cheeks though, it appeared the woman was not pleased with him very much.

Views Read Edit View history. If you think any of the characters belong in another house - please tell me and argument for your opinion! Her name is Sarah Walker and in this house we love her. Devon is initially opposed to the idea because he wants to get himself and Ellie away from the danger attendant with Chuck's spy life, but he relents, realizing how important the opportunity is to her. Filter by post type All posts.

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude

Ellie bartowski nude. Filmography

Originally posted by sarcasticomments. Originally posted by ltfrankcastle. Originally posted by s0mewhereweaknessis0urstrength. Originally posted by percysjackson. Originally posted by ainokiseki. Originally posted by youhavebeenthunderstruck. If you think any of the characters belong in another house - please tell me and argument for your opinion! You like functional relationships and partners that love and respect each other?

You like kick ass females with sick moves and cool backstories? Her name is Sarah Walker and in this house we love her.

Like nerdy and loyal best friends with flaws? His name is Morgan and he was found in a dumpster by carnival freaks. Originally posted by slytherinnpride. Like nerdy boys who are smart and nice and loving? He got you. He gonna protect everyone. Chuck is just… Real great guy. You like seeing bombs stopped using porn and fruit juice? A strong female who kicks butt but not physically, but is still a top notch girl?

Doctor Ellie Bartowski is her name and she deserves all the respect. You like it when people have to pretend to date? This show does too, for like quite a few seasons. However, as the series progresses, she and Morgan come to form something resembling a friendship, partly owing to them both missing Chuck as his spy life begins to interfere more frequently with his real life.

Throughout the series, Ellie encourages Chuck and pushes him towards leaving the Buy More and doing something more suitable to his education level. Devon proposed to Ellie at the end of " Chuck Versus the Marlin ," and she accepted. This began a secondary arc throughout the second season covering the preparations for the wedding.

Ellie's regret that her father would not be there led Chuck to decide to track him down and promise that their father would be there. Ellie married Devon in the second-season finale.

In the third season, Ellie grows concerned that Chuck and Devon seem to be keeping secrets from her. The secrets really have to do with Devon being in on Chuck's spy life since late in season 2, and Devon always has trouble lying to her, but Ellie remains unaware of what they are keeping from her. She begins to snoop on Chuck—even enlisting Morgan, who shares suspicions about Chuck.

Their suspicions are allayed when they catch Chuck sneaking around to make out with Hannah, but Ellie still takes note of Devon and Chuck being "thick as thieves. Devon is initially opposed to the idea because he wants to get himself and Ellie away from the danger attendant with Chuck's spy life, but he relents, realizing how important the opportunity is to her.

Soon she is granted a sabbatical, allowing her to take a year off so she can both pursue the fellowship and go to Africa with Doctors Without Borders as Devon planned. In " Chuck Versus the Tooth " Ellie is manipulated by a Ring operative she met in Africa named Justin into believing that Casey is a double-agent and a threat to her father.

While posing as a CIA operative, Justin recruits Ellie as an asset after she accidentally discovers a substantial amount of weaponry stashed away in Casey's apartment, and is tricked by Justin into revealing that Stephen left a means for his children to contact him.

Their means of communication was through the advertising in newspapers, so they could send secret messages.

However, Stephen came to Burbank, instead of revealing his whereabouts that Justin desired. When Ellie asked about what to do about Casey, Justin gave her a music box that could jam his communications.

The box is later revealed to have a gun, which Justin urges her to use to shoot Casey, who was planting bugs around her apartment.

Ellie couldn't bring herself to do it and instead struck Casey down with a frying pan before running to Justin. Unfortunately, he locked her in his office while lying that the CIA had safeguarded her father. Ellie learned of her father and brother's involvement in the CIA in " Chuck Versus the Subway ," and was instrumental in helping Devon and Morgan rescue the team from Daniel Shaw after witnessing her father's murder.

Ellie approved Chuck's decision to finish Shaw and the Ring, but insisted he quit once they were defeated. However, Chuck would be drawn into the spy world once more with an unknown enemy that their father had been fighting. In " Chuck Versus the Anniversary " Chuck was on his way to tell Ellie that he has to return to being a spy to find their mother, but she presumed that he was telling her that he's returning to the Buy More, now controlled by the U. In turn, she confides in her brother that she's pregnant.

Ellie and Awesome are expecting a daughter. Although Ellie had discovered Chuck's work with the CIA during the previous season's finale, she did not actually see how good at it Chuck actually was—or how much he truly enjoyed the work—until " Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat. Ellie was briefly reunited with her mother in " Chuck Versus the First Fight ," after Morgan arranged the visit as part of a plea deal in which Mary agreed to help the team locate Chuck following his capture by Volkoff agents.

During the meeting, Mary explained to Ellie where she had been the last twenty years and also subtly provided hints relevant to a search Ellie was conducting for anything left behind for her by her father prompted by Chuck's own inquiries if Stephen had done so. The story Mary told her about road trips in the family's old Mustang led her to the realization that a car she had seen in the classifieds of the newspaper—which she was searching due to her father's habit of leaving her coded messages in such a manner—was indeed left behind by Stephen as she suspected.

With Devon's help Ellie recovered the vehicle and a note from her father. Hidden beneath one of the seats was one of his computers. She found it and Devon said he would take it. After Devon has Lester hack it to turn it on, there was a password that only Ellie knows, which was "Knock, Knock" and the answer was "I'm here". The laptop contained her father's research on the Intersect in the brain from an engineer's perspective.

She corrected it with her neuroscience but wasn't able to activate it through a new password which was known only by Chuck. Although Ellie was unaware of the purpose of her father's work, the corrections she made allowed Chuck to reactivate the Intersect.

When she is sleeping, the laptop scans her, and verifies her identity before accessing files on "Agent X". In the series finale, Ellie moves with Devon, their daughter and Mary to Chicago. On January 16, it was announced that Scott Bakula would be appearing as Chuck and Ellie's father Stephen in a three-episode story.

Ironically, considering that Chuck's secret life has led him to save Ellie's on three occasions, she still plays the role of the over-protective older sister and deep-down still sees him as her baby brother. She frequently offers Chuck encouragement and advice on women in general, and his relationship with Sarah in particular.

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The downside? The upside? Chuck gets to pretend that super hot spy Yvonne Strahovski is his lady love. Sexy - as Dr. Jill Roberts. Sexy - as Agent Alex Forrest. Sexy - as Sarah Walker. Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. Our Trademarks exempt. Toggle navigation. Free Live Cams. Free Signup. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Chuck No Nudity. Top Scene.

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Ellie bartowski nude