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Erotic stories passing

Erotic stories passing

She continues fucking me, grinding me. This is genuine. But he's ready to erupt. Legs splayed open, Erotic stories passing tits pointing proudly from her chest, and her slutty little heels still on. Her hair was about Erogic blade length, and she was as pretty as she always had been. After midnight we would drop Anna off, then come back to our place for a nightcap and make love.

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I have this thought as I watch my beautiful wife passionately kissing her equally beautiful girlfriend.

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My job had moved my wife and I halfway across the country about a year ago. The part that sucks is that we had a great group of friends at home. The lucky part is that, being in our thirties, most of our friends can afford to visit and have made the trip for long weekend visits. We both are very active, and she has a very fit physique. On my way home from work on Friday Ally texted me that we had a surprise visitor, her good friend Mandy. It sits high, full, and tight, and she always wears those super low cut jeans that accentuate it in the best way.

Ally texted me that her and Mandy were going out tonight with some of her girlfriends. We have a good sex life anyway, but when she, or we, are hooched up we set the boundaries quite a bit further. When I got home from work our bathroom door was shut and I could hear Ally and Mandy in there getting ready. I opened a beer and sat down at the kitchen table to check some emails.

After a bit Ally arose from our bathroom ready for the night. She looked fantastic. Ally was wearing a mid-thigh denim skirt, flip flops, and a black strapless halter top. She looked smoking hot, and the outfit showed off her fit little body perfectly. I could tell she was braless, and her natural perky tits looked awesome. She had to be rocking at least a D-cup on her little frame. She was wearing a short red summer dress that tied behind the neck. The neckline was very low cut and the cleavage she was showing took my breath away.

I immediately started to get hard. She looked like a completely different woman with those new huge cans. Her hair was about shoulder blade length, and she was as pretty as she always had been. That being said, no man can resist staring at some great cleave. Mandy came over and gave me a huge hug. While hugging her I could feel that she still had the same great body, but had just added to the upper level.

Not a lot had changed for her besides her cup size , she had been working a lot and had been dating off and on. I made sure to watch them walk in as they both looked utterly fuckable walking together.

Ally texted me back and forth for the next couple of hours and I could tell she was having a good time and getting pretty drunk. She said that her and Mandy had been talking a lot about sex, and it really had her hot. At midnight, Ally texted me to come pick her up. I could tell they were both very drunk as they had stumbled their way out of the bar.

They were giggling like little girls, and somehow Mandy had walked out with a full plastic cup of beer. When they got in the SUV they both smelled of smoke, sweat, and perfume.

We started the fifteen minute drive home with Ally and Mandy slurringly chatting about the events of the night. Mandy and Ally were passing the giant cup of beer back and forth from the front seat to the back. Ally was in the front seat, and I had my hand stroking her thigh. Mandy was sitting in the center of the back seat, and with the rear view mirror I could see her beautiful cleavage. At one point I watched Mandy take a pill bottle from her purse and swallow a pill. A few minutes later I could see through the rear view mirror that the extra pill was taking its effect.

Mandy had gotten much quieter and was splayed back on the seat. Her legs were slightly open and she had the half a beer in her right hand. A few minutes later we pulled into our garage at home.

When we pulled in to the garage Ally looked in the backseat and saw that Mandy was passed out and had spilled the half cup of beer all over her little red dress. She then asked me to carry Mandy inside the house. I thought maybe I could get some cheap feels of that sweet ass before I headed into our bedroom to fuck Ally.

I pulled Mandy out of the car and carried her in my arms. She was a little heavier than I expected because she was dead weight. I put my right arm under her hot tan legs, and my left arm under her back. Her head rested on my shoulder while I carried her in. During the trip I was able to feel her left tit and bare thigh, and it definitely had me hard as a rock. I started moving her into the guest bedroom, but Ally said to take her in to our room so that she could clean the beer off of her.

I put her on our tall king bed, and went to get Ally and I one more beer each. She was struggling to manage Mandy, and asked me to help. I pulled Mandy to a standing position and Ally pulled the red dress straight over her head and off. I was then standing there basically hugging Mandy in her black strapless bra, black T-bar thong, and high heels.

I felt like I had been caught doing something wrong, but Ally just laughed and said to lie her down. After I lied her down Ally started cleaning her tanned stomach and thighs with a wet washcloth. They were both round and standing up, as Mandy was lying on her back on our bed. The nipples were tiny little things and were slightly pointed up. It felt fantastic, different but fantastic.

I looked up at Ally, and she definitely looked like she was getting hot. I started tonguing her nipple and really sucking away at it. She pulled it down both thighs and over her slutty high heels. I then spun Mandy cross ways on our bed and put her thin thighs over my shoulders. As far as I know Ally had never been with a woman, but she was obviously interested tonight. I ate her like a man possessed. I was licking her all over the outer lips, deep inside, and everywhere I could get my tongue.

Her pussy was convulsing, and she was rolling side to side a bit. I reached between her legs and found that her white lacy thong was soaking wet.

Ally was more than ready and I started dragging my thick cock all the way in to almost all the way out. I was fucking Ally slowly, because I was already on the verge of cumming.

I wanted to make this last just to see what Ally would do to Mandy. While I fucked Ally from behind, I pulled her halter top down around her waist and groped at her braless tits.

Ally was really touching every part of Mandy that she could. Mandy at this point was still rolling side to side and it looked to me like Ally was giving her an orgasm. Ally then told me that Mandy and her had talked about sex all night, and that Mandy had told her that she fantasized about fucking me all the time.

Ally then reached back and stopped me from fucking her. I was pretty sure we were raping Mandy, but who was I to argue with my wife. I then put both of her beautiful legs straight up in front of me and I started to rub my hard cock against her outer lips. Ally pushed her own halter top, skirt, and panties down off of her and stood touching her tits against my back. I then started to fuck Mandy with abandon. I was so worked up that all I wanted to do was cum.

I could see Ally rubbing her own pussy with her right hand and she started to brush her left hand from my balls to my asshole. Her face was contorted, she was moaning just a bit, and I was shaking the bed back and forth. I had had a vasectomy years ago, so I figured in her or on her would be the same to Ally. Ally and Mandy had really wound me up, and the amount of cum I deposited into Mandy would have been measured by the cupful.

As my knees buckled I pulled my semi-erect tool out of Mandy and stepped back. Ally was really rubbing her clit, and I could see that she was cumming too. Her eyes were closed, and she looked like she was going to fall over. I grabbed ahold of her and she leaned into my chest as she came down from a huge orgasm. She looked hotter than I had ever seen her. Legs splayed open, big tits pointing proudly from her chest, and her slutty little heels still on.

While in the bathroom I was hoping to get hard again so I could fuck my wife. When I returned to the bedroom I saw that Ally had moved Mandy fully onto the bed facedown. I stood right behind Ally and watched as my cock grew back to full strength. At this point I was definitely hard again.

Mandy was facedown but I could hear her moaning slightly. With the other hand she put two fingers deep into her snatch. I pushed forward until I could feel her ass grip the head of my cock. Her ass relented and I slowly slipped my cock deep into her ass.

My wife and I are enjoying a new and exciting It was our aniversary. My Anal Wife and Girlfriends. Chapter 1 by lordofallsouls Rated Wife and her parole officer. She gets drunk and pretends to pass out. Support Lush Stories.

Erotic stories passing

Erotic stories passing

Erotic stories passing

Erotic stories passing

Erotic stories passing

Erotic stories passing. Top Authors


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Last month I attended a conference which was boring but the upside was that partners and wives could stay too. I thought we loved each other.

But, she cheated on me. I found out about it through a friend who saw her at a hotel bar in our neighboring town. I started paying closer attention to her comings and goings and times she was out of the house. One of the first times my wife Kristi showed me how much of an insatiable sex machine she is was also the first time I realized how much she likes black guys.

I had gone with my sweet wife to a Christmas party at her office. A while later, I started flirting with one of her girlfriends and lost track of Anita. My Passed-Out Wife My 28 year old wife was drinking vodka from a flask at an out-of-town concert. She had already been drinking all day Saturday when we left for the concert.

She was beginning to stagger by the time the show began. About one hour into the show, during the intermission between bands, she started falling down and slurring badly.

I managed barely to get her back to the car. I struggled to get her into the passenger seat in the parking lot. When we arrived at the hotel, I struggled to get her out of the car. Despite the fact that she only weighs pounds, I could not lift her limp body. It was like lifting a rag doll. She ended up sprawled out on the asphalt parking lot, outside the car. I tried and tried to get her up with no success. A guy a little younger than us was walking toward the side entrance where I was parked and asked if I needed any help.

He wanted to know if she was alive. I told him yes, that she had just passed-out from too much Vodka. I asked him to help me carry her to our 3rd floor hotel room. He ended up taking her legs and I took her arms. We made it to the stairwell and the second floor before I realized that he was pretty wasted too.

He almost dropped her a couple times on the way to the third floor. I then noticed he was looking up her blue jean skirt as he carried her. As we walked toward room , I noticed he now had a bulging hard-on I must admit that my wife is very hot at 5' 6", lbs. She was braless that night and her titties were bouncing slightly as we had come up the steps. We set her down while I unlocked the hotel room door. Our new drunken friend commented that I was awfully lucky to have a woman as hot as her.

As we laid her on the bed, I decided to give him a treat. I pulled her top up over her tits and asked what he thought of those spectacular breasts? Not even sure what made me do that? I wasn't much surprised when he asked if he could feel them.

If she was the least bit awake she would have responded because she has very sensitive nipples. She didn't move a muscle. The dudes eyes were now as big as saucers. He leaned over and grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them very hard. I asked him if he wanted to see more. He asked "Please, please. She is so f'in hot". I bounced her up and down on the bed to pull her blue jean skirt up over her hips. She had on some red thong panties.

She was looking smoking hot laying there with the jean skirt pulled up and her top pulled up exposing her perfect double Ds. I was beginning to get hard myself. Probably because I had had a few drinks and had a mild buzz, I asked him if he wanted to feel her tits again. He didn't answer, he just went for them. As I watched, I too had a raging hard-on instantly. I still don't know why I did what I did next! I asked him if he could keep an eye on her while I went back and locked the car.

I had already locked the car before we came up. I am not sure to this day why I made that excuse to leave the room. I guess I needed some time to absorb what was happening and why I was allowing it and liking it too. I went back down to the first floor and lit a smoke. I wasn't really surprised when I opened the door of the room and saw my wife with this guy between her legs and her panties hanging from one ankle. He was fucking her and just squeezing the hell out of her breasts.

He had her knees bent up over her chest and had his arms on the outside of her knees as he was bent over her and grabbing her breasts while he pounded his meat into her. Pull him off her and punch him? Stick my hard-on in her mouth while he continued to fuck the hell out of her? I took a deep breath and felt a rush of adrenalin. I am not sure what all was going through my mind as I froze in my tracks.

The next words out of my mouth amaze me to this day. I said "Finish fucking her and then you have to leave". My wife was still passed-out cold. He took another minute or so worth of strokes and had his groaning climax. I will never forget the sight of my wife as he lifted away from her as she was laying on her back with her legs spread wide, bald pussy exposed, with her knees hanging over the end of the bed and her large tits just standing up.

His cum was just beginning to plop out of her. My only thought was to get him out of there. He pulled his pants back up and asked if I was mad.

I just said "No. Let's leave". I walked him down to the entrance downstairs and told him it was okay and that we would be leaving early in the morning. I think he muttered his name as he said "Thanks Sir" and walked away. I lit another smoke and replayed the whole scene in my mind.

The entire elapsed time from when I left him in the room with her and when I walked back in couldn't have been more than 5 minutes. I still wonder how long he waited before he pulled her panties down and spread her legs. I headed back up to the room not sure what to do next.

My first thought was to get her out of her clothes and make sure he had left no marks. I pulled off my jeans and stuck it right in her. She was tight, wet and warm. I wasn't sure what to feel about knowing her pussy was so slippery because of his cum.

I finished and completely undressed her and got her under the covers. I woke up again during the night and rolled her on her back and started to fuck her again..

She was no longer out cold but not really awake either. She made some sounds but really wasn't with it. I rolled her onto her stomach and begin to fuck her in her tight asshole. She refuses to do anal so this was a forbidden treat. The picture of the stranger fucking her as I walked in earlier flashed through my mind and I nutted instantly.

She woke up the next morning and didn't remember a thing. Last thing she remembered was the back-up band finishing and trying to walk to the concession stand.

That night occurred two years ago. I still replay it in my mind when I fuck her. I have never repeated that type of night.

I find that I want to but just haven't done it. Maybe some day. Subscribe Published by PureCoffee. Fetish Hardcore Taboo.

Erotic stories passing