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Season: 1. Season 1 1. And So It Begins The Birth of Greymon 3. Garurumon 4.

Free digimon episode transcripts

Free digimon episode transcripts

Upset from the Free digimon episode transcripts, Mimi leaves as well, with Joe accompanying her. The Fate of Two Worlds 2. When Centarumon tells Izzy and Mimi about their Digivices, Leomon attacks them, but e;isode use the Digivices to drive him off. Clear your history. Dark Evolution! Retrieved September 15, DemiDevimon bribes Digitamamon to keep them while setting off accidents that makes Matt question Joe. Animation Sci-Fi Action. Good-bye Numemon. Taose Gigasumon!

Geberit wall hung toilet. Digimon 02 (Season 2)

The episove has been fairly well-advertised at the Village Pump, in many WikiProjects' talk pages and on the talk pages of many television program episode lists. Dunces and Dragons. We have a special bonus podc Thanks and first I have to brush my teeth. Yolei: Only if your mom makes those brownies I love! Krusty Kleaners. Your tail ring! These duplicate an episode, verbatim, all these links to "Stargate SG-1 Solutions" need to be removed. CopyBob DittoPants. As Mako is pushed up against the wall, the Lieutenant charges Free digimon episode transcripts transcrips both his weapon sticks and jabs Mako's chest, electroshocking him into unconsciousness. Side shot of Mako and Skoochy, who holds out a casual, but suggestive hand, asking silently for money. Hang onto your DATS— it's fighting time again! He slowly backs White daughter and black sex, but is grabbed from behind by an Equalist, much to Bolin's shock. Its made by the fans, for the fans.

I've found some Digimon episode scripts on the Internet that people have kindly allowed me to use.

  • As you may be aware, for the last several weeks there has been extensive discussion at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions television about how Wikipedia articles on television episodes should be named.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series.
  • A critically nostalgic, analytical podcast tour through the Digimon anime!
  • Cut to Central City Station.
  • Season: 1.

Sign in. The Warriors face off against Duskmon. Takuya wants to use a risky plan of his to win against the powerful opponent while Koji suggests that their best option would be to escape the battle. The warriors combine all their Spirits and fuse into Susanoomon to fight Lucemon one last time in an attempt to save the world. Piedmon turns all of the kids into dolls, until only TK, Kari, and Patamon are left.

Realizing that he has to look after Kari, TK refuses to give up the battle. The Crest of Hope finally gives Watch now. An animated series based on the popular children's toy "Digimon", in which kids raise and train electronic monsters to fight against those raised by other kids. The show follows the Yugi Moto solves an Ancient Egyptian Puzzle and brings forth a dark and powerful alter ego.

Whenever he and his friends are threatened by evil in Duel Monster Card Game, this alter ego breaks out to save them. An animated series based on the popular children's toy "Digimon", in which kids raise electronic monsters to fight against those raised by other kids.

The show follows the adventures of a Four beybladers and their genius friend travel the world as team 'Bladebreakers' to win a championship, realizing there's much more at stake on the go. Follows the adventure of Satoshi with his Pokemon, Pikachu and his friends to become the Pokemon master.

We pick up with our heroes and the challenges faced by the members of D. After years of inactivity, the DigiDestined regroup with their Digimon to save their world, but have the years changed their characters too much? Jackie Chan and his extended family must fight a criminal organization for magic talismans that could release an evil spirit. Seven kids attending a summer camp in Japan are transported to an alternate world linked to ours by the Information Superhighway.

That's why it is called Digiworld. The kids make friends with strange creatures called Digimon who become stranger as they "digivolve". During the course of the story, the kids learn that they and the Digimon are the only hope of saving both Earth and Digiworld from total destruction. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is still quite cheesey, but I found it to be more entertaining than Pokemon.

Here are the reasons why: 1. Not only did I find Digimon to be much more humorous than Pokemon, but overall it seemed more colorful in nature. The soundtrack contained fun rock songs that fit well with the movie. Which brings me to the point that Digimon is aimed at a slightly older audience than Pokemon, which is probably why I enjoyed it more.

I found there to be more character development. Each character's personality grew apparent and the fact that they were all in a closely knit group called the Digi-Destined helped the character development greatly.

The action seemed a bit more violent at times and the concept of Digivolving was great. Really helped peak the interest and intensity. That's about it. It's still goofy stuff, but pretty fun nonetheless. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A group of young teens is unexpectedly sent to the mysterious Digital World and paired up with their own powerful, morphing monster called the Digimon.

Together the entire group set out on an adventure to fight evil and save the world. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S4. Error: please try again. TV - Childhood. Cartoon Shows. Anime Animous TV.

How Much Have You Seen? Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls Hear Me Roar! Digimon vs. Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. Digimon Adventure — Animation Action Adventure. I — Digimon Tamers — Digimon: The Movie Three different stories involving digital creatures collide together. Beyblade — Animation Action Family. Digimon Data Squad — Animation Adventure Family. Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion Medabots — Animation Sci-Fi Action.

Hamtaro — Animation Adventure Comedy. The story of hamsters who get together at meetings to talk about their adventures. Jackie Chan Adventures — MegaMan: NT Warrior — Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Steve Blum Martin Klein Edit Storyline Seven kids attending a summer camp in Japan are transported to an alternate world linked to ours by the Information Superhighway. Taglines: Champions of the Digital World. Country: Japan. Language: English Japanese.

Runtime: 24 min episodes.

Edited by Punkasaurus , September 28, Tai: Davis, you were really brave back there in that battle, but I noticed that you broke your goggles. It all started long ago before Percy, Toby and I came to island of sodor. Toy Store of Doom. Jun 03 1hr 38mins. Sign In Don't have an account? Rank 2: Episode 2.

Free digimon episode transcripts

Free digimon episode transcripts

Free digimon episode transcripts. Digimon 02 (Season 2)

I also won't review any of the posts, articles, or participate in the project discussion because I don't want a spoiler. Morphh talk , 26 March UTC. It is being discussed if Wikipedia should include spoiler warnings or not.

Template:Sgspoiler has been nominated for deletion. You are invited to comment on the discussion at the template's entry on the Templates for Deletion page. Thank you. There's recently been a rash of templates created for minor characters, detailing every single episode that character has appeared in. These templates are then being put at the bottom of the episode page for each of those episodes. Is that type of thing really necessary?

This information can all be found on the character's own page, without also being on every episode page. Also, where does one draw the line? Hathor gets a template, and she was only in 3 episodes. So does every single character in more than 1 episode get their own template at the bottom of every episode they were in?

That would get extremely messy and ugly looking, I think. You can find the current templates here. Oh and as a side note, if you are going to keep them they should probably translated into North American TV-lingo instead of European, since it's a North American show Well, it still says pretty much the same thing as before, but some recent redirecting of episode articles that weren't seen as notable lead us to some new activity on the talk page of WP:EPISODE.

Template:Sokar Stories has been nominated for deletion. Hi guys, what's new at the project? I've come across TfD for the XX stories templates.

As far as I remember, a consensus was reached some time ago that only Apophis, Anubis, Ba'al and eventually Yu are the only system lords that can have own articles. The others are to be merged. Or was there another talk more recently? Brief me up, otherwise we should do the merging. Voila, I did the basic merging. I also cut off the trivia section per new guidelines. The only problem is that the list has become quite big now. Shall we leave it as it is or is it better to split it in two lists, one for System Lords and one for the rest of them?

I know this isn't really the right place for asking questions about the show, rather than our articles, but I'm going to do it anyway the answer might be worth mentioning somewhere, so it's not entirely off-topic.

In " Shroud ", a little over half way through, O'Neill calls Landry "sir". By my understanding, they are both Major Generals, and in fact, I thought O'Neill was Landry's boss although I'm not sure if that's been stated anywhere, it might just be fan speculation. Is this just a mistake by the writers, or am I missing something? The WikiProject Television episode coverage taskforce have recently been working on a review process for episode articles.

There are a rash of articles about individual episodes which fail notability , and are unlikely to ever reach such requirements. Many contributors are unaware of the specific guidelines to assess notability in episode pages: Wikipedia:Television episodes. We have expanded these guidelines to make them more helpful and explanatory, and we invite you to read the guidelines, and make any comments on its talk page. After much discussion, we have created a proposed review process for dealing with problem articles.

See: Wikipedia:Television article review process. We invite discussion of this process on its talk page. General comments about this whole process are welcome at the episode coverage taskforce talkpage. Gwinva , 20 June UTC. Template:SG-1 has been nominated for deletion. Could we maybe get a database of pics that can be used on wikipedia for stargate.

It would make articles a lot more interesting with pictures, and easier for the editors instead of having to hunt for free license pics -- Estrill , 28 July UTC. I would like to call the attention of members of this project to the recently revised guideline at WP:FICT , which now states that all sub-articles on fictional subjects must independently meet a new stricter notability ruling than what was in place prior to the new guideline.

Fairsing , 30 August UTC. There is a discussion going on at Talk:Stargate Atlantis regarding the Setting section.

Some more opinions would be useful. I have added a "project policies" section to the main page. Please add to it. It should include all the recommended reading on wikipedia policies relevant to us, and also any subpages where weve decided on policies for the project ourselves.

I've already added a couple of the internal policies from memory of past discussions, but feel free to discuss them where you like. According to the notability discussion currently going on, a huge merging of the episode articles is going to happen if there are no improvements to the style. For a start, the plots should be written more in out-of universe style not really hard , trivia sections should be deleted and details about production and reception are welcome.

In prose, of course. Besides, after merging almost all Goa'uld articles into Goa'uld characters in Stargate , I intend to do the same for at least for the Tauri ones on a separate and all other to one that I can't find a good name for at the moment. Note: Beginning with Season 4, all but 3 episodes have audio commentaries.

Beginning with Season 6, about six episodes per season have specific DVD episode featurettes. Producer Joe Mallozzi blogs since Season 8. Quite a few articles were nominated for awards, with a few wins.

Having said that, almost all Stargate ep articles are in a not-so-good state per content and style guidelines, and it is unlikely that they will be improved much because 1 there are just too many episodes, 2 gateworld.

Below is a list of SG-1 episodes that may have notability without having their notablity established in the article. The articles that have the best chance to establish notability easily are bolded. Good job. There is not much additional work in bringing most of the articles in a state where they pass the notability criteria. But when info like above is added, it better is in prose, otherwise it looks like another trivia section. That looks excellent sgeureka, thank you for putting so much into that.

In the Screenshots of Stargate SG-1 Category there are a lot of images that are screen cap from the television broadcast and have a network logo. Is it worthwhile for someone to go through this category and upload DVD screenshots in their place? Ank , 19 October UTC. Although there haven't been any major proposes for deletion of Stargate articles, shouldn't we start to transwiki the existing articles to [4] in case that someday someone plans to delete f.

This would also give us the opportunity to recreate the individual character articles we had in former times. Diabound talk , 25 November UTC. Milfay, Oklahoma Dustbowl , When Ben buries his mother who had just died from dust pneumonia , a traveling carnival arrives. Ben's house is about to be demolished, and the police are nearing, so the carnival picks him up and provides him shelter. Lodz, the carnival's mentalist, is suspicious of Ben's dreams. Before the carnival leaves to its next location, Ben puts his hands on a lame girl's legs and heals her, laying the surrounding field to waste.

Samson, the carnival's co-manager, relays Management's comment about Ben being expected to Jonesy, the carnival's Ferris wheel operator who suffers from a crippling knee injury. The small town preacher Brother Justin Crowe makes an Okie church attendee spew coins. He also has the same dreams as Ben, and in a particular vision visits a local Chinese establishment named Chin's when it begins to rain blood. The more I think about it, the more I think that transwiki'ing is the easiest and quickest solution for the episodes.

I started a season page in my userspace for SG-1, but that was so much work that I gave up after 4 episodes. Instead, I've done the following things. The other seasons will follow. What is left to do is. With some preparation completed now, no-one else has to do it again , this was surprisingly quick. The procedure is as follows:. So, and what we have to do then is decide which episode we are going to keep as articles on wikipedia.

I could set up a non-binding poll soon. Generally speaking, no more than five to eight episodes per season should remain on wikipedia, giving preferance to those article winning or being nominated for awards, fan favorites, and those articles you would personally improve because it is your favorite. We can have another poll later to decide if we can lose a few more episode articles that don't establish notability, but this will be for a different time. A topic is presumed to be notable if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.

Articles should rely on reliable, third-party published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy. I was afraid that means all episodes have to go, but Zero Hour Stargate SG-1 is indeed good work and may suffice. Oh alright she acted as if they were long lost friends but i understand now.

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Don't Feed the Clowns. Old Man Patrick. Fun-Sized Friends. Grandmum's the Word. Doodle Dimension. Moving Bubble Bass. High Sea Diving. Bottle Burglars. Mustard O' Mine. Whale Watching. Krusty Kleaners. Plankton Paranoia. Goons on the Moon. Appointment TV. The Grill is Gone. The Night Patty. Girls' Night Out. Squirrel Jelly. The Nitwitting. The Ballad of Filthy Muck. The Krusty Slammer. Gary's Got Legs. Stormy Weather.

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Digimon is a popular Japanese media and merchandise created by Bandai originally conceived by Akiyoshi Hongo , which includes anime, manga, toys, video games, trading card games and other media. Digimon, the lifeforms the series revolves around, are monsters of various forms living in a "Digital World", a parallel universe that originated from Earth's various communication networks.

To date, a total of twelve original Japanese films ten theatrical, two OVA and five American compilation films including Digimon: The Movie have been released in the Digimon franchise, one of which Digital Monster X-Evolution was first broadcast on television, animated completely in CGI, and was not related to any other season of the television series.

The nine other original films are short and primarily hand-drawn. The thirteenth original film overall, Determination , will be released on March 12, At an event celebrating the series' 15th anniversary on August 1, , a new Digimon Adventure series was announced, scheduled to air in Spring , depicting the main characters as they enter high school.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Digimon Adventure episodes. Main article: List of Digimon Adventure 02 episodes. Main article: List of Digimon Tamers episodes. Main article: List of Digimon Frontier episodes. Main article: List of Digimon Data Squad episodes. Main article: List of Digimon Fusion episodes. Main article: List of Digimon Fusion episodes season 1. Main article: Digimon Fusion season 2.

Main article: Digimon Fusion season 3. Main article: List of Digimon films. Main article: Digimon Adventure tri. Toei Animation. Archived from the original on December 9, Retrieved January 11, Media Arts Database in Japanese. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Retrieved October 11, January 12, Retrieved January 15, Movies 2 and 3 Trailer". Den of Geek. Retrieved Anime News Network.

August 1, Retrieved November 24, Digimon: The Movie Digimon Adventure tri. Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. World 2 3 4 Re:Digitize Next Order. Battle Spirit 1. Battle Online Masters. Virtual pet Tamagotchi " Butter-Fly ". Categories : Digimon episode lists Digimon lists. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Digimon Adventure.

Digimon Adventure Digimon Tamers. Digimon Frontier. Digimon Data Squad. Digimon Fusion. Digimon Adventure tri. Digimon Universe: App Monsters. The Island of Adventure! Greymon" Transcription: " Bakuretsu Shinka! Birdramon" Transcription: " Shakunetsu! The Freezing Digimon" Transcription: " Gekitotsu! SkullGreymon" Transcription: " Ankoku Shinka! MetalGreymon" Transcription: " Kanzentai Shinka! WereGarurumon" Transcription: " Tomo yo!

Junji Shimizu. AtlurKabuterimon" Transcription: " Gekiha! Garudamon" Transcription: " Kagayaku Tsubasa! Hurry to Japan " Transcription: " Tsuigeki! Tailmon" Transcription: " Unmei no Kizuna!

Zudomon Spark! Get Rid of the Darkness! Yami o Buttobase! The Dark Masters! WarGreymon vs. Oh Light! SaberLeomon " Transcription: " Kaze yo!

Hikari yo! Mugendramon" Transcription: " Bakugeki Shirei! LadyDevimon" Transcription: " Onna no Tatakai! HolyAngemon " Transcription: " Seikenshi! Takenori Kawada. Hiro Masaki. Hiroki Shibata. Takahiro Imamura. Yoshio Urasawa. Satoru Nishizono. Chiaki J. Paildramon" Transcription: " Muteki Gattai! Defeat Gorillamon! Gorimon o Taose! Let's Play with Calumon! Kurumon to Asobo! Ruki's Hesitation" Transcription: " Renamon wa Tomodachi!

Duel for a Minute and a Half! MegaloGrowmon Super Evolution! Rise, Impmon! My Mr. Protect Our Town! Shiuchon goes to the Digital World! Dukemon vs. Beelzebumon" Transcription: " Kessen! Culumon's Wish" Transcription: " Shuto Kaimetsu! Evolve Tsunomon " Transcription: " Minna o Sukue! Garumumon Shinka! Defeat Gigasmon!

Free digimon episode transcripts