Free stories of interracial wife seductions-Free audio erotic stories

Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal. A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation. I'm finally meeting you after so many months of flirting.

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

What she did not know was that by tomorrow she would be under the breakfast table with that same charcoal black dick in her mouth. She also Seuctions on black latex stockings that ended about 2 inches below her skirt. I pointed to it Psychostick teenage on the cushion at the other end of the sofa from me. I had the camcorder on a rickety old tripod to one side, the mains lead was connected wice prevent tsories battery failure at the wrong moment and I was set. Her head slid from view as her frail white body was dwarf and covered by the large black man pressed against her. When all of a sudden some shoes fall from a shelf. He pulled the small whip from his belt and wound his other hand into Liz's hair and pulled her upwards as high as her handcuffs would allow.

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The Game Pt. Now, she's on the mend. The cove covered less than two hundred metres, enclosed on either end by steep Lesbea HD Busty milf Exercise for cheerleaders wife cheating on husband with horny mature mom. We must have kissed passionately for almost five minutes. Recently searched: fuck agent cougar hairy hd new girl blonde white teen pale sins orgy. I might have been howling too. Sharing Jill Ch. The actual bar was small, patrons clustered around tables that held clam fritters and other appetizers. The Wedding Meadow A surprise at my friend's mountain wedding. The Taste of Freedom Ch. Slow Burn Desire burns slowly. My Supervisor Seduced Me Pt. I Free stories of interracial wife seductions the covers off, pushed Eileen gently but insistently onto her back and pulled her thong off.

The rain came down in buckets, and it was near opening time at Fascination in Seoul.

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  • Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.
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I met my wife, Beth, about 3 years ago when I was on recruiting duty in Idaho. Laura -- the preachers daughter continuation.

Well, I went to sleep soon and Ray went to bed. I noticed Laura did get up and came to get a drink a of water, I could hear and sense her looking at me on the sofa. This is a print version of story Seduction of a Conservative Wife by altaff from xHamster. Our parents didn't think it would last long but somehow we grew up and built a solid happy marriage together.

I wish you could see the pictures of Liz in her wedding dress, she looked like a perfect china doll! She's 5ft 3 with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes, lbs and has a curvy figure and gorgeous, perfectly shaped 34C breasts that sit well and high up on her chest.

She has pretty little girl looks and even though she's not a stunning beauty men always look at her twice and the second look is always long and lingering.

You'd think I'd be gloriously happy wouldn't you but I'm not. I'm depressed. Well you see Liz came from a Catholic family and was educated at a convent school run by a strict order of nuns so from a very early age she was indoctrinated with the teaching that sex was sinful, that only wicked girls have sex and good catholic girls didn't indulge. The result of all this brain washing was that Liz was very repressed about sex and there was always a tinge of guilt attached to it which made me feel guilty too.

Having said that she never refused me and was willing if I made the first move but she never instigated or suggested sex, it was always me that had to take the lead.

When we did have sex it was very, straight and formulaic. She didn't like oral sex, it was always in the dark and in the bedroom, and she never wanted to try other positions or be adventurous in any way. I tried many times to talk to her about it but she just used to cry and say she couldn't help it, it was just her being her. I used to hear fellas at work talking about their partners and how liberated and indulgent they were and it used to make me ache with envy so I resolved to try and break down her anxieties and give her the sexual freedom that I was sure she wanted and would enjoy, but how to do it?

I bought her some sexy lingerie and cajoled her into wearing it one night but she was so embarrassed she couldn't go through with it and sulked at me for a couple of days afterwards. I felt dreadful that I'd obliged her to try. I plucked up the courage to try again later and bought a small vibrator but again it ended up as an awkward and embarrassing disaster. I was running out of ideas and was becoming more desperate. Then the local fuel station started renting video tapes and they had a soft core adult section so I rented one that looked fairly racy but still quite mild and took it home.

I loaded the tape and pressed the play button. There was a story line as such about a detective looking for a missing girl but the acting, plot and quality were all dreadful. Do you really want to watch it? Suddenly the tone of the movie changed with a bedroom scene of a couple tumbling onto a bed, stripping naked and enthusiastically making out.

It was all soft focus and quite innocuous but it was still quite charged and arousing and of course it was the first time Liz had ever seen anything like it. I braced myself for the reaction. As the movie ran on there were more scenes of gentle but vigorous sex in various combinations during which Liz sat in complete silence but I was aware of how intensely she was watching the sex scenes. The video finished and I switched it off.

A bit tame I thought? This was surprising! I decided to push it further. My mind raced at this thought, maybe porn was the key I had been looking for.

Soon afterwards we went to bed. After we'd settled down with the light off Liz giggled. I saw the bulge growing in your pants, do you want me to relieve the pressure for you? Did I ever. I was already swollen and stiff when she grasped my shaft and started to tease it. Now whilst Liz had a lot of hang ups about sex she was an expert, world class prick teaser, she knew exactly where and how hard to work me.

She could judge exactly when I was on the edge and then she would stop and let me calm down before working me again. As she gave me her expert attention she asked. She gasped and squeezed my shaft very hard until I winced but then she giggled again. But I suppose that's every mans fantasy.

What was your favourite bit then? It was all quite exciting seeing those people making love, it gives you ideas doesn't it? Even though I was hanging on the edge of a massive orgasm my mind focussed on what she'd said.

I knew I had to exploit this as soon and as much as possible. At about this time we had a new neighbour move in. The house had been empty for some time and was in an even more dilapidated state than ours was.

Through the window we saw the van parked outside being unloaded so we left them to it but the next day we had to walk down the street to the shops and Liz said we should knock on the door and introduce ourselves. The day was opened by a guy in his mid 50's. He was tanned and lean looking and had a mane of silver grey hair and a matching silver beard and moustache. He looked very distinguished but the most noticeable features were his dark piercing eyes. His voice was deep and rich but there was laughter in it.

He looked us both over giving me just a cursory glance but his eyes settled on Liz and stayed on her. He and I then shook hands. His handshake was very firm and his skin felt like old leather. How about tomorrow night? We agreed for him to come over the next night, made our goodbyes and continued walking down the road.

And those eyes of his! He looks like a demon. I never realised how prophetic my words would become. The next day at work a colleague came over to me. How did you know? He's just divorced you know for the third time! He's a dreadful womaniser, a total satyr. He's just had to leave the youth group for having an affair with one of the helpers and he's got a paternity order against him as well after getting his secretary pregnant.

He's a rogue and no mistake! I decided to keep that information to myself for the time being. When I got home Liz was busy fussing round preparing some snacks and tidying the house, she'd even brought in some fresh flowers from the garden, she really was the perfect hostess.

Bang on time Rob rang the doorbell and we ushered him in, I shook hands with him but he'd brought a bunch of flowers for Liz. Liz blushed and mumbled an embarrassed thank you but Rob swept up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The hug lasted a while and I guessed he was enjoying the feel of her body against him, especially her firm and generous breasts. We all sat down and spent the next few hours in a very amicable and pleasant social evening.

Rob was the perfect guest; witty, charming and completely amiable. He was a whisky drinker like me and he punished the bottle throughout the evening. We learnt a bit more about him, he said he was divorced but didn't elaborate further. One thing he was very quick to tell us was that he had been sterilised and had just got his test results back and that he was 'safe' This was obviously for Liz's benefit because by then I knew he was anything but safe around my wife!.

He was a sales trainer for a big IT company and spent a lot of time travelling the country running seminars for the sales teams. He certainly mounted a charm offensive on Liz, he flattered and complimented her at every opportunity and I became aware that her attitude to him was changing.

From being coldly formal she warmed to him considerably, when they spoke together I noticed she leaned her body towards him slightly. I know he noticed this too because even though she was wearing a plain white blouse her high firm breasts always gave a tantalising glimpse of cleavage, something Rob obviously appreciated by the amount of time he spent surreptitiously ogling them.

At about 11pm Rob looked straight at Liz and announced he wanted to go to bed, the inference was obvious but Liz just giggled like a school girl. When he got up to leave he again swept Liz up in another hug that was much longer than the one he gave her when he arrived, he also kissed her on both cheeks. After he left we cleared the crockery and glasses away and went up to bed. As we were changing I thought I'd see what Liz was feeling.

But did you know when he hugged me as he left I could feel his shaft pressing against me? He was quite hard! I think it must have been all that whisky he drank. It seems he can't leave women alone. Well, well. Mind you I'm not surprised though the way he kept coming onto me and looking at me with his demon eyes.

At first I didn't like it but then I realised it was nice to have someone other than you find me attractive, but don't worry he's far too old for me. However there was a thoughtful look in her eyes.

I felt reassured by her answer and was confident Liz was totally faithful to me but that night and most of the next day I kept turning this over in my mind. I couldn't work out if I felt threatened by Rob or whether like Liz I should feel flattered that he found my wife attractive, after all every man likes to be envied by others. He obviously found her attractive but how far would he go?

Out of the corner of my half closed eye I saw that she was now lying on her side facing me. A Sister's Love A compelling desire. Housewife publicsex. I dropped my bag, hung my suit up and wearing only my boxers turned off the bathroom light and got in bed. A Little Something Important Pt.

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions. Top Authors


Seduction of Marsha - Interracial Love -

Listen to some of our most popular written stories in high quality MP3 audio recording. You must be a registered member to listen to these stories. Please join now if you are not already a member. If you are an author and would like to have your audio versions of your stories, please contact us. I unclasped my dress and let it fall to the floor as I stood naked in front of my neighbors.

After another busy hectic day, I settled down in front of the television to relax for a few minutes before bed. Watching the local news, I was intrigued by the promotion for the upcoming news program Nightline.

Apparently, according to this report, it is Read On. My boyfriend and I were cuddled together in my bed enjoying the post coital bliss that followed a nice, but not spectacular fuck.

I was gently fondling his rapidly deflating penis as he softly massaged my labia - both slippery with various sexual fluids. A voyeuristic trip to the massage parlor turned up a surprise when my wife arrived for a massage!

Martha joined a workout club and also has a massage every two to three weeks at a massage parlor about 10 miles out of town. She has always enjoyed getting massages but is somewhat shy and always has had a female masseuse. Let me describe Martha to you: She has small breasts with thick nipples, an incredibly sexy body and a very thick hairy bush. Her ass is nice and firm and very, very Kate watched her eighteen year old son, Jamie playing basketball with his best friend.

She had known Danny for most of his life, watched him grow from an awkward boy to tall, toned man. Danny, although very attractive, was shy around women, and Kate knew this from all the conversations she had overheard Jamie have with him. It was wrong to eavesdrop, but her room was next door to her I spent a lot of time with my female cousins and the older men that I dated. I fooled around with some high school guys, but only when I just needed a hard cock.

One weekend I went to a football game with some girls I was friendly with from school. The girls found out about a party that night, and asked me to go with them. After I tried for 3 years to talked my wife into being shared I finally made it happen. It took a calculated risk but in the end I got my wife to except it. I had asked my wife on a number of occasions about her fucking another man but I was rejected each and every time I had asked.

I knew I needed a different approach. I was going through the personal add site in my area when I came across I was on the football team as the quarterback in high school and now I play college football.

All the girls swoon over me. I mean these girls will just about throw themselves at you. They love to have sex with football players. I love to have sex. I had good grades, was learning to drive with driver training, and boys had started to notice me. During the past few years my body had started to take on the look of a woman. My nice firm ass was very shapely, my waist very much smaller, and my breasts had gone from the size of an I can feel my heart pounding hard; I want to beg you to touch me.

My body screams to squirm towards you, almost offering myself to you, but you know this already. I can feel your fingers brush along my inner thigh, running from my Stephanie and the poker game Stephanie, my girlfriend has heard for a while now about my buddies and the poker games I hold, she has always wanted to meet them and I told her the next game she was invited but she had to behave because Stephanie has quite a wild streak, she told me she would and sounded almost giddy looking forward to the game.

I told her okay baby we will have the game He takes a step towards me, and it bobs up and down. I suppose this should feel weird. And although I had always hoped that my first time would be with someone I loved and trusted, I never thought it My wife Jill and I Brian kept sex pretty normal throughout our relationship.

Both young mid-twenties and together for our entire lives, never really ventured past your traditional sex. You little bitch! Do you want to be a girl? Do you? Well that bulge in your panties tells me you're lying. Come on in here Jennifer. Stay right there so Jenn can see what a little sissy you are. It was a slow day since it was Monday. We started talking about how much fun this summer was going to be since she was going to spent it with my mom and me.

When all of a sudden some shoes fall from a shelf. Naturally I went to pick He warned her of what would happen if she came into his space alone again. Shane, her father in-law was a good man, but he liked things his way. He wanted everything run his way.

When Kailee and his son had to move back in with him and his wife while their place was being finished, the rules had been simple. Stay out of his office. Last week Kailee had Six thirty in the morning is a lonely time on a college campus. I was at the student recreation center, going for my morning run around the track. As I ran around the track, trying to keep track of my laps and time, I pushed myself. I had already done This story only available on Lush Stories.

A thrill of dread coldly washed over her, and he stepped closer so that she could feel his Larry and Sarah were your typical yuppie couple working two professional careers. Larry a techno wiz was the research and development department head at a local manufacturer while Sarah was the office manager at a local Saturn car dealership.

Their weekends off work were filled with their hobbies of camping and outdoor fun. Both loved nature and enjoyed their time together on beaches and in Listen in as I bring myself to two explosive orgasms while sensually describing what I'm doing Deciding we needed a holiday, my partner and I booked up to take a trip to Jamaica.

The resort looked amazing, 5 star and total luxury. After a long journey we eventually arrived at the resort. It was every bit as good as the brochure said it would be, and our suite was beautiful. Our first few days were spent relaxing between the pool and If I hurried, I had time to drive home, take a quick shower, get dressed and still not be late for my dinner date with Jason.

He was working late, so he would be meeting me at the restaurant. Hopping out of the shower, I quickly dried off, rubbed on some lotion and made sure I was I've been having a lot of wicked thoughts and dreams about my stepfather lately. I just find him amazingly handsome. My stepfather is very sexual and enjoys sex. I know he likes me because he's always smiling at me and running his eyes up and down my body. My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam for short.

I am a 32 year old married housewife, and my hubby Steven and I have no kids, yet! I'll explain the yet part later. We'd been married for six years when this story took place about a year ago. I had really noticed that our sex life was taking a down hill slide. The first few years of our marriage it seemed like we fucked all the time. Lying on my bed, with my phone pressed against my ear, I listen to you plea with me.

I hear the want in your voice, making me tremble with need. My fingers roam over my semi-naked body, caressing myself how I would like you to caress me. All I have on are your favourite pair of pink panties. The ones you love so much on me. Recently, I met the freakiest chick I've ever met. This chick has the greatest body and what an ass.

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions

Free stories of interracial wife seductions