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The brutal beating of Dickinson College senior Daniel McAlaine was a case of domestic violence sparked by jealousy over a former girlfriend, says Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Birbeck, who is prosecuting the case. The attack occurred about a. Saturday at a sorority house in the block of South College Street. Campus police say Justin Piotti banged on the windows until he was let in by a resident. Piotti then awakened McAlaine and struck him repeatedly in the face as others screamed at him to stop, they say.

Need new glasses or contacts? Ginsberg John N. Students, faculty and administration are involved, and our chapter takes Justin piotti dickinson pa assault large part to show that men are supporters of the event too. Greear Jr. Quinn Chase S. Millon lacrosse methodologies focus in a unique way on the key building block individual skills that you may not be exposed to by playing on local club teams Legally blonde roughmix are required to compete at all levels of the sport. Contact us about this article.

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Attorney debt harrassment Pre-Approved. Bar staff and an off-duty police officer had two men restrained on the sidewalk outside. Police reminded computer users to be alert when buying products online. The case, according to state police Cpl. Jones was charged with a felony count of aggravated assault, misdemeanor counts of simple assault and resisting arrest, and summary counts of harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Castilyn in those other cases failed to either provide merchandise or pay for products from online transactions. When Penn State kicks off its season with the annual Blue-White spring game this Saturday, quarterback Christian Hackenberg will come in with a clean slate. This error applies to the full form. Police said Jones had to be restrained during the evaluation and that he was yelling about not going to the hospital. Switch to New Look. Email Password Stay signed in on this computer Forgot your password? He's a Penn State alumnus, a published poet and the bassist in a local indie rock band. Sign in Justin piotti dickinson pa assault Sign in with Facebook. Advertisement Advertise Here. Police said Jones struggled with officers as they Jessica simpson nude spankings him on the gurney, and as he was being strapped onto it he allegedly kicked one of the officers in the chest.

In , Timlin and his wife, Dawn, established a memorial race in honor of his mother who died as a result of the disease.

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Certainly, hazing did not exist in the earliest days of our fraternity. The National Interfraternity Conference since its inception in the early s has addressed hazing. Regrettably, Pi Kappa Phi became no different as hazing became a part of their informal assimilation process. In the s, colleges and universities became more involved, demanding the first review of our associate member programs and later setting limitations on time, length and place in an attempt to curb the abuses.

Researchers have studied it and confirmed that students expect to be hazed and want to prove their worth. Today, just like then, hazing has no place in the fraternity. It is antithetical to our values. In many ways, the term hazing has become an impediment to change as members disagree on its meaning.

We pioneered facilitated workshops in this education space. Despite all these efforts we remain challenged by the tradition of hazing. Our path remains simple and steadfast: to teach our newest members how to become a functioning brother in our.

Ironically, while our Ritual of Initiation is the same for all members, the associate member process is different at virtually every chapter. Because of this the National Council, under the authority granted to them under Supreme Law, has authorized the following step — to standardize associate member education at every chapter, including subordinate rituals through a model program. We are optimistic that this change will lead to a new tradition. Despite our age as a fraternity, tradition in a chapter only takes a few years to develop.

To date, feedback has been mostly positive as our student leaders appreciate the consistency it will bring. They share our concern of rogue brothers and Wardens who take associate member education into their own hands with sometimes tragic results. Pi Kappa Phi is a respected, admired and desired fraternity. We must lead in all areas to continue to deserve this moniker. Yours in the brotherhood of Pi Kappa Phi,.

Submissions: Materials for publication should be sent directly to the creative director at the address or email address. Please feel free to read through the magazine as we hope it is a publication you will enjoy too.

Ste , Charlotte, NC and additional mailing offices. If your son is no longer in college or is no longer living at home, please send his new contact information to the address or email address below. Ste Charlotte, NC During the spring semester, Pi Kappa Phi chartered on two campuses. Congratulations, brothers! Brother Brady delivered the keynote address, in which he challenged the chapter to stay involved in all aspects of Pi Kappa Phi.

For more information about expansion or starting a new chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, contact the New Chapter Development team at expansion pikapp. Designed by Victor Tran, this illustration depicts a metropolis to relate the new Associate Member Program to moving towards the future. The Housing Investment Fund is funded through an annual fee paid by undergraduate chapter members.

A portion of members' initiation fees funds the ILF. It is named in honor of Past National President and Mr. Pi Kappa Phi Stephen P. The Infrastructure Loan Fund is administered by Pi Kappa Phi Properties to promote funding, review applications, manage risk, preserve assets and grant loans within prudent business and marketplace terms and conditions. Pi Kappa Phi Properties designates a board officer position to work with staff and a board committee to support chapters through the Infrastructure Loan Fund.

Chapter News Briefs—the stories of how our chapters and members develop an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood. These updates are submitted by chapters and members for publication on Pi Kapp News.

We encourage you to visit our website at pikapp. Pi Kappa Phi measures each chapter annually to ensure we are continually working to achieve our vision of the ideal chapter. The chapter scorecard includes 17 data points, which include several more than in previous years. Stars represent Seven Objectives of Chapter Excellence score stars.

If the ribbon is blue, it denotes Champion Master Chapter. If icon is present, it denotes a Founders' Award. Chapter size at the end of and Retention rate based on the number of preinitiated men who were then initiated. Number pre-initiated in spring , fall and total.

Number initiated in spring , fall and total. Total Pi Alpha fundraising for team events. Chapter volunteer hours per man. Throughout the week they hosted tabling and check-in with the. On the weekend, they held their volleyball tournament which saw fun competition between 9 different teams to see who would hoist the trophy.

Oregon State's Delta Gamma Chapter came out victorious for the third year running. Chartered in , the Gamma Theta Chapter has initiated over brothers. The attendees enjoyed a variety of fellowship opportunities and took part in a host of activities planned for their enjoyment. On Friday, a kick-off reception at a nearby venue saw many reunions between brothers who had not seen each other in the lapsed decades since college, as well as a host of introductions between classes of initiates whose time on campus was separated by decades.

To conclude, a gala was. Mark E. Timmes was the keynote speaker and congratulated the chapter on their enduring success. Following the conclusion of Mr. Gamma Theta Award was presented to Chris Snowden, who was recognized for having steadfastly acted as Gamma Theta Chapter Advisor since the early s.

The chapter surprised a second alumnus, Les Brown, by also recognizing him with the Mr. Gamma Theta Award, in light of his extraordinary contributions in the planning and execution of the chapter reunion event. Guests were gifted specialized anniversary scarves to celebrate the legacy of their chapter's founding.

It was an evening of brotherhood, networking and magic with over 75 attendees. Two freshmen noticed them go upstairs. They rounded up several other students and found the couple. The students who thwarted a potential crisis were neither women nor members of a sexual assault awareness group; they were freshman members of the fraternity that hosted the party.

They had been counseled by their chapter president, who told me this story, that it was their mission to prevent sexual assaults and to treat women right. Americans demonize fraternities as bastions of toxic masculinity where young men go to indulge their worst impulses.

Universities have cracked down: Since November , more than a dozen have suspended all fraternity events. Contrary to negative headlines and popular opinion, many fraternities are encouraging brothers to defy stereotypical hypermasculine standards and to simply be good people. Consider some recent examples: In , brothers in Beta Theta Pi at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln invited officers from several sorority houses to a dinner where they talked about the experiences of being a woman on campus and the ways men could help to prevent sexual assault.

Last October, Alpha Tau Omegas at the University of Maryland assembled sexual-assault aftercare kits that included handwritten notes of support. They increasingly worry that Granted, extensive research has shown opening up, seeking intimate friendships that all-male college groups like fraternities and showing affection are perceived to be and sports teams tend to adopt more feminine behaviors. I found many fraternities brothers about doubts, sexual uncertainties offering a comforting family away from home, and ideas about masculinity.

A Midwestern a safe space for guys who worried that it student told me that he was plagued by would be hard to be themselves or find friends anxiety after two women complained in college. Fraternities centered on black and about his premature ejaculation. But my chapter members of social or cultural fraternities. They provided masculine. Yet they long for the close institutionalized in the fraternal system: one. We want to stand out as being intellectual and athletic, but also as being kind and respectful.

From the responses they received, they interviewed 50 young men who had challenged stereotypically male norms. Schools could require fraternity members to attend a severalweek course about healthy masculinities led by an outside party and workshops on violence and sexual assault prevention, which studies have found are more effective in male-only groups.

Examples abound. Christian Milano, a junior and member of Alpha Sigma Phi at Seton Hall, is working with a sorority sister at his school to create a sexual-consent education program for Greeks nationwide. To promote a healthier campus culture, colleges could stipulate that all-male groups.

They included episodes of hazing, racism, sexual assault and harassment, violence, noteworthy alcohol abuse and deaths.

When my researcher and I analyzed them, we found that these events took place at approximately 1, chapters. Even if some additional violations went unreported, these bad actors still make up a relatively small percentage of the 5, predominantly white chapters and about 10, total chapters in the United States and Canada.

The better news is that the number of violations seems to have been declining since Fraternities that demonstrate a pattern of bad behavior should absolutely be shuttered. But what about the good actors?

Few universities — or media accounts — distinguish between what academics refer to as high-risk and low-risk fraternities. Both exist. In a Sociology Compass article, Kaitlin Boyle, a professor at Virginia Tech, noted that on measures of sexual aggression, hostility toward women, and drinking frequency and intensity, members of low-risk fraternities did not differ significantly from non-Greek students.

On fall break, brothers of Kappa Rho Vermont went on a mile long backpacking trip in Vermont. While the camp gained more wheelchair accessibility across the camp, our chapters were able to affect positive change within the community and our fraternity.

Journey programs during Hours facilitated between Journey school year.

Alexander reportedly led the woman back into the hall and forced her into the elevator. Police said Jones had to be restrained during the evaluation and that he was yelling about not going to the hospital. Phone Number optional. Print Comments Email. I think back when I Get Pre-Approved Today with our affiliated lender. The team is made up of two REALTORS to work with sellers, an expert REALTOR to work with buyers, a property manager, a coordinator to handle the details of any contract, an organized individual to manage listings, a professional photographer and an expert home stager.

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In , Timlin and his wife, Dawn, established a memorial race in honor of his mother who died as a result of the disease. Reconnect, network, have fun! Louis Three conferences held in St. President: Rudy M. Executive Vice President: Robert A. It is published three times annually in Greenfield, Ohio. Third class postage paid at Greenfield, Ohio, and at additional offices.

The Scroll is distributed free of charge to members of Phi Delta Theta. Subscriptions must be sent to the editor at General Headquarters. Phi Delta Theta is not responsible for unsolicited material. Campus Ave. Deadlines: Spring: Feb. Nothing herein may be reproduced without prior permission. Printed in the USA.

Brothers lend a helping hand In October of Trevor Douglas was struck by an automobile following a footrace with a chapter brother. He was in a coma for a month and still has post-traumatic seizing and short-term memory loss. He shares the following sentiment. My chapter brothers have been major factors in my rehabilitation and have truly been Brothers!

Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is better than a strong group of friends! These are my Phi Delt brothers. I love our Fraternity, and would do anything asked of me, to lend a helping hand to other Brothers in need! We are lifelong friends, sharing a common bond with one another. I will be forever grateful. Thank you. Dickenson Phis help local family The following letter was sent to the Dickinsonian, the student newspaper at Dickinson College where our PA Epsilon chapter is.

I write this letter to state how blessed we feel as a family to have Phi Delta Theta help in our journey to getting our daughter well again. Not only do we have a severely injured daughter from a car wreck but also a young son now ten that desires attention. It could be Play Station, to battle out who is the best at whatever game he chooses.

Their volunteer efforts have made a huge difference in our family lives. Stephanie was 11 years old when she was in a car wreck. Stephy now moves her mouth to songs even though she cannot talk.

I know that Phi Delta Theta was part of helping to put words in her mind again. They have been a part of our family for over five years. They read to Stephy when she was in a coma and the doctors gave her little hope of ever waking up. After a year and a half, she woke up, and God graced her with a smile.

As far as my son, these guys have made an amazing positive role model for him. He watches these big burly guys care about his sister who he loves, He sees their compassion for a cause that they have dedicated many hours of their time. They came with a truck load. No one really knows how hard and expensive this journey is but me; yet here these young men, on their own, took the extra step in helping to show they care. I cried, for their action told me to hang in there and keep going.

I almost lost Stephy this summer through a metabolic disorder that has made her bones paper thin. She is now in constant pain with kidney stones, gall stones and breaks that have taken all year to partially heal. She has rods in her back to help her sit, she is fed through a tube in her stomach and has a shunt in her head to handle the extra spinal fluid. Yet not once did this group ever say she is too sick or they were too afraid to visit.

They come in, wash their hands of any germs and start to read to Stephy or play games with John. I write this letter to say thank you to them, but also to remind the Dickinson students that volunteering in any way or via any avenue helps folks more than you will ever know. Gray, Jr. Bob was impressed with the GHQ building and enjoyed his trip down memory lane in the alumni room where he found his own picture as well as the picture of his college roommate, Brother B. Charles Coody, former Masters Champion.

When he met the leadership. He happily recounted several Phi Delt stories including one about his first out-of-town trip without his parents. This bill would make it substantially easier for Greeks nationwide to raise the money needed to install critical life-safety improvements in our chapter housing, expand housing capacity, and otherwise modernize the housing we provide to our student members.

An earlier version of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act passed the House of Representatives in as part of a larger bill, but it failed to pass the Senate for political reasons beyond our control. When Congress ended its work in , we had House sponsors and 28 Senate sponsors, but we have to start all over again in Passage of the act would be a major benefit for all fraternity housing. The more sponsors in Congress we have for this legislation, the more likely we are to pass the act.

Simply complete all the boxes and steps from there to automatically send an e-mail communication to both your Senators and member of Congress. Thank you for your participation in this grass roots letter-writing campaign, and please feel free to pass this information along to others, including students, alumni and parents, as you see fit.

Thirty-five Phis and eight guests participated with Minnesota Alpha having the most attendees with four. We were pleased to know of the further success of Alcohol-Free Housing now in its 7th year and were enthused to learn of expansion activities for the West Coast. We invite Coachella Valley visitors to contact Lothar Vasholz at or Doug Phillips at for information on our events. For information on joining the club, please contact Mike Fimiani at mike fimiani. Founded just last year, we have a growing membership representing a number of chapters.

In August we hosted our first alumni tailgate barbecue as part of the Missouri State Homecoming celebration. Contact: Joe Edward or phidelt yahoo. The next event is a Dodger game on July 21st. Members of the L. If you live in the L. Summer Peter Burg Community Leadership Award. The award is presented to those who exemplify compassion for people, and dedication to the American Red Cross mission of helping others help themselves. Brian T.

See www. Todd had skull and vertebra fractures, but considers himself fortunate. He is continuing to coach with the team as they play this season. His father, Jeff, and brother, Adam, are also Phis from Hanover. It is a family history and personal memoir that recounts his award-winning newspaper and Washington career during which he was eyewitness to the enactment of civil rights legislation, the Saturday night massacre, the Kent State killings, and the Wounded Knee conflict.

Standing with newly initiated John A. Srofe are his father, John M. Tamisiea Award for his more than 30 years of dedicated service to aviation medicine. We had a grand time renewing long-time friendships, talking about our grandkids and all of our ailments. Phi Footnotes Engineering Ltd. He has been with the firm since , and his area of expertise has been focused on environmenStirling Walkes tally friendly sustainable building systems.

He has been a coach at Arundel High since where he won a recordsetting ten Maryland State Baseball Championships and is a four-time coach of the year. Gray Professor of Law. His law degrees are from Georgetown University.

He has served on the Board of www. Regents since , has been re-elected to two additional terms—most recently in , and previously served as chair in and Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. He has been a clinical professor of medicine with the University of Nebraska Medical Center since The award is presented annually to one who has exemplified outstanding service and made significant contributions to the roof coatings industry.

He is a member of the RCMA executive staff. He tells of the 50 years of the Face the Nation live broadcasts and the historic moments captured from its debut interview with Senator Joe McCarthy the day before the Senate debate that condemned him, to the revolutionary coverage of the war in Iraq. He served as anchor and moderator of Face the Nation for over 13 years.

The pledge class gathered in Paradise Valley in February for their 37th year reunion. Out of 26 Brothers, 21 attended, coming from all over the United States and one from Australia. For the last two years he has been working at Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain as a production assistant. His career spanned six companies and 23 locations around the world. He will continue to provide part time consulting with venture capital firms in starting up and investing in new companies.