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Latex is the preferred choice for making mattresses for people prone to pressure points that cause pain and people who end up feeling hot when sleeping. Furthermore, latex is a green, eco-friendly material suitable for people suffering from allergies. An eco-friendly material also promotes a clean environment. When it comes to getting the best latex mattress for you, the right product counts a lot to your overall well-being, comfort, and quality of life. When looking for the best latex mattress, you are going to encounter lots of product types featuring a variety of components.

Latex mattresses from the mattress co

Latex mattresses from the mattress co

Latex mattresses from the mattress co

This is part of the reason that these online mattress companies are experiencing such unbelievable success. There are those made with high-end quality materials. The organic cotton used in our organic mattresses requires half the water of its non-organic brother and, as a result, can grow side by matfresses with other plants. Make sure the trial is at least 90 days. You can read more about the differences between these two types of latex above. First, it will not provide enough support for medium or large sized people and second, it will not contour to your Latex mattresses from the mattress co well enough especially if you sleep on your side. This is couple friendly as it promotes a much more pleasant sleeping experience with fewer disturbances. We need to emphasize that this mattress has a Tantra nightclub website percentage of natural latex.

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It's nothing like memory foam. As someone with exceptional hearing,and their ear to the mattress, I don't miss hearing the tension of inner springs. So give it some time when trying out a new mattress. Control Union Certified Approved for sustainability, we only use materials that are eco-friendly and minimize our carbon footprint. Firm and soft. Return Policy Our Latex mattresses from the mattress co Night Sleep Guarantee If for any reason you change your mind about your latex mattress purchase within the first nights, simply call customer service at so we can schedule a carrier to come to your delivery address for a curbside pickup of your mattress. I slept on a latex mattress when I was young and no other mattress I have purchased since then makes me comfortable all night. Both beds are the 12 inch Botanical Bliss though one is a queen and the Latex mattresses from the mattress co a king they sleep the same. Purchased 7 months ago. Options Fire-retardant Our mattresses can also be post-treated to make them fire-retardant, on the basis of a patented technology. Plushbeds online advisors were very helpful when we were make our final firmenss decision. I have, for many years now, suffered with chemical sensitivity. What kind of mattress should a very heavy person get? Helen B.

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The Slumber Yard is supported by our readers. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. There are many advantages to buying a latex mattress, but what are the best options and mattress brands out there?

We have options for all different types of people, including side sleepers, so hopefully this post is all that you need. There are over mattress brands, not to mention the numerous models that each company offers. If you decide to buy a mattress online , there are some notable policies that you should be aware of. Nearly all mattresses sold online come with free shipping—many of them actually show up in a box. From this point, you will almost always have a trial period, which is your opportunity to try the bed out for yourself to see if it is indeed the bed you were hoping for.

Regardless of the length of the trial period, you should think critically about whether this is the bed you want to sleep on for the next seven or more years. Most mattresses will soften over time —although less so with latex beds—so you should take the time to break them in evenly.

We usually recommend that you walk on the mattress for a minute or two every night for the first month so that the mattress wears evenly. This is part of the reason that these online mattress companies are experiencing such unbelievable success. Most companies even send someone to your house to pick up the bed free of charge, making the entire return process completely free.

In the event that you keep your new mattress, the industry standard for warranty length is 10 years. In fact, for this list, the majority of the beds have warranties well in excess of 10 years. The Dunlop process essentially bakes the rubber tree sap into a slab. It will always have little pinholes in it. Dunlop tends to be denser and more affordable. It also tends to be lighter and airier. Both latex foams can be all natural, but you will more commonly see Dunlop, especially with online mattress brands.

When it comes to sleeper types, side sleepers represent the majority. Side sleepers generally want a bed between soft and medium, sometimes medium-firm depending on body type, in terms of firmness so that they get plenty of pressure relief in their shoulders and hips. Luckily for you, there are plenty of firm latex mattresses from which you can choose. The vast majority of natural latex beds are fairly firm, and the same goes for latex hybrid mattresses.

As for combo sleepers, they will generally want a medium-soft up to a medium-firm bed. They still need support and pressure relief, so somewhere in the middle of the firmness scale is ideal.

Avocado is marketed as a green mattress with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic materials. This is a bed that combines recycled steel pocketed coils with certified organic latex, wool and cotton. If you get the standard model, it will be a pretty firm mattress and will only be suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

However, if you add on the topper which costs extra , the bed will be a bit softer and can then accommodate combination sleepers that like to rotate between several sleeping positions at night. Additionally, because this bed is made of coils and latex foam, it is highly durable and supportive , so much so that even heavier folks can sleep on Avocado for years to come.

Like Avocado, Awara, and others, Birch combines latex foam, organic cotton, and wool for a natural and organic construction. It should be just fine for most sleeping positions , though, we are of the opinion that petite side sleepers will want to get the optional topper.

Latex mattress are costly to manufacture and ship, which is the reason that they tend to more expensive than your typical bed-in-a-box mattress. The bed is made of dunlop latex, has an organic cotton cover , and is offered in multiple firmness levels Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm. This is a nice mattress at a great price and we really appreciate that they give you options. One of the most underrated beds sold online, Awara is packed with interesting qualities and is a really nice value.

For starters, it uses latex and coils for a bouncy, supportive feel. Since the bed uses coils which allow for good airflow and latex foam which has more of an open-cell construction , you should sleep cooler on this bed at night.

Awara is a firm mattress —too firm for most side sleepers. For anyone that is especially health-conscious, but also price-conscious, the Natural Escape mattress from MyGreenMattress. The bed starts with 8. It even has an organic cotton, quilted cover that we very much like.

It really is going head-to-head with Avocado, and for some people it just might win. The Nest Hybrid Latex comes in four different firmness levels Plush, Soft, Medium, and Firm and two different certification options all natural and organic. You just get more options with Nest than with similarly marketed beds.

On top of that, Nest backs all of their mattresses with a lifetime warranty. It really is difficult to say anything negative about Nest Bedding mattresses—they check a lot of boxes. Remember, also, Nest Bedding offers latex hybrid mattresses as well as latex foam mattresses —both of which are available in all natural and organic models. In other words, in addition to the different firmness options, you can choose between an all natural latex mattress and a fully organic latex mattress, with or without coils.

Pretty neat stuff. Zenhaven is a product of Saatva , one of the largest and most recognized online mattress brands. Zenhaven is a fully latex mattress with an organic cotton cover and luxurious look to it.

It also happens to be double sided. The bottom is firmer and best for back and stomach sleepers, while the top is slightly softer and is able to accommodate combination sleepers, as well. And remember that latex foams tend to be really durable. You have to remember that latex beds are usually the most expensive since latex foam is a more premium, more expensive material.

The big sell with this bed is durability and customization. IDLE Sleep allows you to choose the firmness level of the top and bottom of the bed. So, not only can you rotate the bed every so often, but you can flip it as well in order to extend the useful life of the mattress. This also happens to be a thick and supportive mattress, making it a nice option for just about anyone, including heavier folks.

IDLE might be a newer mattress company, but this is a very nice mattress. They make extremely high quality beds and sell them for reasonable prices. We find it to be universally accomodating and workable for just about every sleeping position for individuals over lbs. This is the reason that we say it could be the best latex mattress for side sleepers right now.

The bottom line, however, is that this is a really nice eco-friendly bed with an uncommon firmness level. The Slumber Yard team has tested stacks and stacks of mattresses.

Plus, we have complete control over our content. And we have specifically sought out and tried plenty of latex mattresses to assemble a list of the best. In addition to latex foam being a comfy material, it can also come with some pretty great health benefits, particularly if you go the organic latex foam route. All natural and organic latex is antimicrobial, as well as a natural insect repellent. As such, we have a great idea as to what the best latex mattress brands are.

So we considered our basically endless archive of reviews and comparisons and picked out our favorite latex foam beds. We also tried to include a variety of mattresses when it comes to feel and firmness.

Although these are all going to appeal to fans of latex foam, sleeper types and preferences still vary within that group.

Before you buy an entirely latex mattress, keep in mind that they require very specific foundations. In many cases, latex bed companies will require that you have a fully-flat, well-supported surface in order for their warranty to be valid. This is generally the case with all-latex beds. Additionally, traditional box springs will typically void your warranty, although in many cases adjustable bed frames are just fine. The point is that you should pay particular attention to the warranty section before you buy a fully latex bed.

Mattresses that use other materials, such as poly foam and coils, are usually less strict with regard to acceptable foundations. When it comes to mattress construction types, there are two basic types for you to choose from: all-foam and hybrid. All-foam is exactly what it sounds like—a mattress constructed of all foam materials.

A hybrid mattress is made with a combination of both foam and coils. While there are only a few overall construction options, the layers within those constructions come in many variations.

Some mattresses have three layers, some have seven, and everything in between. Every company is different. And the materials used for each layer vary, as well. For this post, the star material is latex foam.

Latex foam has a sponge-like feel. Skip to content. Best Latex Mattress Reviews. A hand-selected list of the top rated latex mattresses available online today. Last Updated: October 16, Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers When it comes to sleeper types, side sleepers represent the majority. See Avocado Deal. See Full Review.

Birch by Helix BEST FOR: If you want a latex hybrid mattress that's not super firm People that want the option between two firmness levels If you prefer a bed with a year warranty All body types Birch has 8" coils People that want a latex mattress for side sleepers it's still on the firmer side though.

Worth every penny. Claudia K on Jun 29, That's right, when he's not taking care of everyday business issues he answers as many phone calls as he can and actually listens to the customers needs and then makes recommendations based on 4 decades of experience in the mattress industry. It feels amazing, i bought medium I believe it's called, when I first lay on the bed it doesn't sink right away but slowly will to support your body. Reviews for Similar Products. I've read several organic mattress companies information. Both my wife and I love it.

Latex mattresses from the mattress co

Latex mattresses from the mattress co

Latex mattresses from the mattress co

Latex mattresses from the mattress co. Comfort zones


Shopping for the Best Latex Mattress in (Expert Guide & Reviews)

MyBestMattress is an independent, personal project. All the content on this website is free to use. Your support is highly appreciated! By Laura M. Now, before we get into the actual best latex mattress brands list, we should get something out of the way - why would you search for latex mattresses, in the first place?

Admittedly, this is a question that seems to bug quite a few people. Well, first of all, latex is much better for people who like to sleep cool.

Another big factor is bounciness. Couples will almost always choose the best natural latex mattress over a memory foam one - if they want to improve their sex life, that is. You see, memory foam tends to sink your body once you lay down on it. Finally, latex seems to offer some better spine and overall back support than foam. You see, sometimes, a proper mattress is all you need! And latex mattresses are some of the best products to help you with that. PlusBeds offers its customers three distinct mattress types to choose from.

Natural Bliss comes equipped with four - yes, four - firmness options. Immediately, you know that it will be great for most types of sleepers out there - everyone from the people who love it when their bed swallows them, all the way to those who prefer sleeping on a rock. The model is also very well-known for the materials out of which it is built. It has a latex core, and comes with a organic cotton cover. The Natural Bliss model is somewhere in the middle as far as the price tags are concerned.

Fair pricing options indeed! Visit PlushBeds Avocado Green is a latex hybrid mattress latex with coil base support , and is often referenced as being one of the best natural latex mattresses in the industry. As far as latex mattresses go, the Avocado Green comes equipped with some of the essential features that a proper bed should possess.

Some mattresses even latex ones! Avocado, however, is the opposite. Here are all of the pricing and sizing lists of the Avocado Green mattress:. Not bad! Visit Avocado The company offers customers a rather interesting product - a luxury, two-sided latex mattress. The biggest topic in which Zenhaven exceeds because of this feature is the fact that it becomes universally loved and appreciated by all the different types of sleepers.

You see, the biggest problem that people who sleep in different positions face is the firmness of the mattress. The other area in which Zenhaven is great is noise reduction. The best latex mattresses, in general, tend to let out little-to-no noticeable noise when sat or laid upon.

Zenhaven, however, takes this to the next level - the mattress is basically completely silent! The only area in which the product falls a little bit short of expectations is edge support. While it is true that latex mattresses often have superior edge support to those made out of foam, it still tends to be less-than-ideal. Visit Zenhaven Now, while the best latex mattresses are known for being durable, Bloom seems to take it to a whole new level!

That being said, it would seem that side and back sleepers are still going to be the ones that appreciate this mattress the most. Speaking of side and back sleepers, Bloom is also really good for back pain relief and spine alignment the firmer options of the mattress, at least. Some customers report that they hear creaking noises while lying on the mattress. Admittedly, Bloom is on the more expensive side of things. Visit Brooklyn Bedding Latex For Less is another amazing environment-friendly mattress , which offers two firmness options in one bed.

You can easily change the mattress firmness simply by flipping the bed. One side is a medium firm 6 and another one is firm 7. Now, what do bed owners say about it? According to the Bed For Less sleeper, there were no major flaws that they noticed. The strongest sides of this mattress were motion, sound isolation and perfect conforming together with pain and pressure relief , which is one of the most crucial qualities if you ask me.

What is more, you can expect this mattress to serve you at least seven years, trap less body heat to allow you to sleep cooler and provide you with bounciness to improve your sex life, if it needs to be better Visit Latex for Less It is a latex hybrid, with some sturdy pocketed coils to hold the mattress together.

The mattress has good edge support, is sturdy and does a great job in isolating your movement while you sleep. The pocketed coils are there to minimize this risk, but the potential is still there.

The mattress is very affordable, especially when compared to some other high-tier latex beds on this list. Visit Eco Terra The model is, well, rather self-explanatory. Nest Bedding has managed to create a pretty solid and well-rounded latex hybrid - not an easy task at all!

Furthermore, the hybrid model is sturdy - not only will the bed serve you for years to come, but it also has some pretty good edge support, especially when compared to other hybrid latex models. Nest Bedding is one of those companies that offer many mattress sizing options to the average customer - convenient! Visit Nest Bedding So, this concludes the list of the best latex mattresses of All of the product providers mentioned on this list have their own pros and cons, and the ultimate choice really does depend on your own personal wants and needs.

Furthermore, keep in mind the fact that all of the mattresses mentioned in this list come with sleep trials and money-back guarantees. I do hope that this list helped you in deciding which of the best latex mattress providers would be best for you and your partner.

Here are other mattresses related to the category but not as favoured by MyBestMattress readers yet. In my personal opinion, today there are much more optimal mattresses in the list with the higher rating that I'd recommend for the same price range or less. Yet another area in which Awara is similar to Avocado is durability. Both of the natural mattress providers offer beds that are expected to last for quite a long time - significantly longer than the average expected lifespans of latex and latex-based mattresses.

While Avocado is a little more expensive, the price tags for both of the mattress providers are rather similar. We do not publish biased reviews or spam.

So if you want to share your experience, opinion or give advice - the scene is yours! See TOP10 Mattresses. I suffered with allergic reactions to chemicals used in mattres construction before until i tried Plushbed, this solved all these problems. I'm glad we educated ourselves about the advantages of eco friendly bed options, feel fresher and happier every morniing! After trying latex mattress i'm never going back.

Organic materials is just a cherry on top. I knew I wanted an organic mattress to help with my multiple chemical allergies. Was too firm for me without a pillow top.

I liked the mattress couldn't justify the price tag. This was the first non innerspring mattress i owned. I'm still on a trial period but loving it so far. Price could be lower. Avocado is fresh, cool and comfy. I was in need of a firm mattress so got the one wihtout a topper. No complaints! Just the right amount of firmness, good support and cool.

Amazing company, amazing green mattress. I'm not the one to write reviews often, but do yourself a favor and try avocado mattress! I am a bigger guy with a smaller wife, i was sceptical if latex will fit the ligher body type.

I couldn't be more wrong! She loved it. We're both converts to latex mattresses now. I had a lot of requirements for my new mattress. First it had to sleep cool as I tend to overheat. Second, it had to give good support on my back and soft resting feeling for my body.

Lastly I wanted to avoid any chemicals as i breathe during my sleep. Avocado mattress met all of these, highly recommend. We bought our king avocado mattress about 3 months ago and sleeping on it is like a dream.

Latex mattresses from the mattress co