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This week's most popular Latin songs, based on radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen Music, sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music and streaming activity data from online music sources tracked by Nielsen Music. Tainy E. Gazmey Santiago, J. Ozuna Rosado, V. Saavedra, Karol G, R.

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs

Semper Vargas, H. Producer s : Dimelo Flow, J. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Gurralo AfinArte. HP Maluma. Plata Madueno. Nicael J.

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Sounds and Colours. Producer s : I. Mojica Blanco, J. Producer s : Dimelo Flow, K. Leon, J. Assad Star Island. Mi Meta Contigo. View Charts Hkp. Torres Monge, O. Cazarez, L. Pina J. Producer s : D.

The most popular hit Latin songs downloaded on iTunes.

  • Cuban-American artist Mellow Man Ace was the first Latino artist to have a major bilingual single attached to his debut.
  • This week's most popular Latin songs, based on radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen Music, sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music and streaming activity data from online music sources tracked by Nielsen Music.
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Hip-hop is the new rock in Latin America; it is the counterculture where the youth convene for a safe place of enjoyment. As a result, a glutton of musica urbana talent has bubbled to the surface, featuring names like Paulo Londra, Lit Killah, and Ecko.

Post-competition, the impact was immediate, and after its boom, trap music quickly established itself as the new flag to carry. Urbano music is now intrinsic to Latin America. Below, we have listed 10 artists—we had to draw the line somewhere—currently responsible for some of the biggest revolutions in Latin hip-hop.

Their music is innovative, authentic, and fully representative of how Latin America is presently processing hip-hop. Modo Diablo are, on their own terms, the kings of Latin trap.

Boom bap is alive and well in Colombia. Neo Perreo is urbano's most recent creation. Sparked by Chilean tattoo artist and singer Tomasa Del Real who first coined the term in an interview with Red Bull Radio , the genre is similar to reggaeton but has a more colorful, booming, and even futuristic sound.

The production is also more harsh, which gives Del Real a louder, almost revolutionary identity. Del Real, who isn't shy about championing sexual liberation, is on a mission to unsettle urbano's sexist principles while keeping her music joyful and dance-floor-friendly. A familiar face in both the Ecuadorian and South American music scenes, Guanaco's music mixes hip-hop with local and Andinian sounds. Coinciding with the eruption of the feminist movement in recent years, women needed and deserved a figure in the trap movement to admire.

While not alone see Dakillah, La Joaqui, even Delfina Dib , Cazzu acts as that resisting face and light of hope in a mainly male-dominated scene. Drefquila has made a name for himself as one of Chile's most prominent freestylers and rap battle competitors. His last release, 's Best Seller , blends trap and reggaeton with his pop star appeal, which resulted in his best and widest-ranging work to date. The song re-imagines the DNA of the original, making urbano a past, present, and future phenomenon.

Cato and Paco arrived on the scene in with a carefree attitude, an energetic live show including a full band, and a series of songs that kept a distance from the typical Argentinian trap sound. In addition to possessing an enviable discography, and relevance most artists can only aspire to achieve, he founded the first freestyle league in Latin America, Spit Mix, and is responsible for the expansion of the practice. Argentina's most beloved rapper and freestyler, Wos is currently on a break from battling to work on releasing new music.

We bring you five more must-hear artists from Los Angeles for July Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Travis Scott and Post Malone. That's the list. Picking up at the halfway point of the year, we bring to you the best French hip-hop had to offer in July. Celebrate mom with our Mother's Day ranking of hip-hop's best "Mama Songs" of all time.

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Gazmey Santiago, S. Gift Ideas in Latin Hip-Hop. Diaz, A. Palencia Cisneros, B. Chicano Soul 'n' Power. Producer s : I. Ortiz Rivera, L.

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs

Latin hip hop songs. Navigation menu

These raps glamourize gang violence and make it seem like something kids should aspire to be a part of. Not only do these rappers seek respect from their audiences, they also want to intimidate other rappers that could potentially be associated with a different cartel.

Their raps are a form of expression and also a medium to make themselves sound superior to any competition. Most of the lyrics in these raps are very violent and crude, sometimes degrading women as well. Since machismo is a very predominant attitude in Mexico and other Latin American countries, it definitely comes through in some of these raps.

Latin American rappers take pride in being a 'macho' within society and being more powerful than the women surrounding them on a daily basis. It is an attitude that has been around Latin American societies for many centuries. Mexican narco-rap contains lyrics similar to those of a narcocorrido drug ballad.

However, unlike corridos, which relate to rural regions of Pacific Mexico and which are generally linked to the Sinaloa Cartel narco-rap emerged in the urban area of Tamaulipas, on the border with Texas , a turf currently under armed dispute between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. Derived from the constant presence of "halcones" "hawks", cartel spies and cartel-convoys circulating the streets of the region, young people have been involved in the local narcoculture , and narco-raps express the reality of life on the streets in cities ruled by drug cartels.

In the mids, freestyle music was initially called Latin hip hop. This dance music genre, not to be confused with improvised freestyle rapping , was dominated, at the time, by electro funk beats and electronic Latin melodic and percussion elements, over which Latino vocalists sang melodramatic pop vocals, usually in English even though it was started by Nuyorican natives and African Americans primarily.

In , a new movement of trap music referred to as " Latin trap " began to emerge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recorded by Latin American artists. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Freestyle music. Main article: Latin trap.

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Songwriter s : E. Producer s : Tainy. Otro Trago. Song Lyrics. Songwriter s : C. Producer s : Dimelo Flow. Gains in performance. Songwriter s : B. Martinez Ocasio, F. Ortiz Torres. Producer s : Tainy, F. Saldana, Tunes. La Cancion. Songwriter s : J. Producer s : Nicael. Con Calma. Songwriter s : R. No Me Conoce. Producer s : Masis, M. Loco Contigo. Songwriter s : W. Producer s : DJ Snake. Songwriter s : M. Segarra, Dulce Como Candy. La Mejor Version de Mi.

Producer s : Romeo Santos, R. Producer s : Maluma, E. Que Pretendes. Producer s : Sky. Vila Tobella. Que Calor. Songwriter s : T. Producer s : Diplo, Tropkillaz, DeeMad.

Si Supieras. Producer s : F. Saldana, Tainy. Que Pena. Barrera, Sky, DeeMad. Echeverry, R. Lopez, J. Producer s : J. Leone, R. Me La Avente. Songwriter s : O. Diaz de Leon, J. Producer s : C. Leon, J. Te Sone de Nuevo. Baila Conmigo. Songwriter s : D. Sanchez, V. Producer s : D. No Lo Trates. Gomez Martinez. Si Te Vas. Producer s : Dimelo Flow, Simon. El Circo. Songwriter s : A. Garcia, E. Producer s : B. Amor A Primera Vista. Martinez Bueno, H. Palencia Cisneros, B. Producer s : S. Songwriter s : N.

Reyes-Rosado, M. Perez, F. Producer s : Sharo Towers. Santos, A. Producer s : Romeo Santos. Songwriter s : G. Lau, J. Guadalupe Esparza, E. Highest ranking debut.

Producer s : will. Mala Santa. Songwriter s : P. Producer s : Not Listed. Producer s : Mangoo, Nabalez.

The Top Latin Songs of Summer (So Far) | Billboard

This week's most popular Latin songs, based on radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen Music, sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music and streaming activity data from online music sources tracked by Nielsen Music.

Tainy E. Gazmey Santiago, J. Ozuna Rosado, V. Saavedra, Karol G, R. Osorio Balvin, M. Masis Fernandez. Dimelo Flow C. Morales Williams, O. Castro Hernandez, J. Vasquez Valdes, J. Mendez, N. Rivera Caminero, J. Ozuna Rosado, E. Gazmey Santiago, V. Saavedra, J. Medina Velez. Nicael J. Osorio Balvin, B. Martinez Ocasio, J. Nicael Arroyo, A.

Ramirez Suarez. Rivera Vazquez, D. Masis, M. Nieves Cortez, J. Martinez Ocasio, M. Masis Fernandez, M. DJ Snake W. Grigahcine, J. Osorio Balvin, J.

Quiles Rivera, M. Tainy M. Masis Fernandez, J. Nieves Cortez, E. Ozuna Rosado. Chris Jeday, Gaby Music, N. Segarra, Dulce Como Candy J. Osorio Moreno, R. Rivera Vazquez, C. Ortiz Rivera, L. Ortiz Rivera, N. Segarra, J. Echevarria, N. Romeo Santos, R. Pina J. Inzunza Fabela, A. Santos, R. Pina Nieves, N. Maluma, E. Barrera J. Londono Arias, E. Barrera, C. Morales Williams, V. Barco, J. Correa, J. Sky J. Martinez Ocasio, A.

Ramirez Suarez, D. Taborda Valencia. El Cuincho, Frank Dukes, R. Vila Tobella R. Vila Tobella, P. Diaz-Reixa, J. Diplo, Tropkillaz, DeeMad T. Pentz, T. Thompson, E. Herrera Batista, J. Castanho de Godoy Pinheiro, A. Murilo da Silva, S. Bazanta, A. Fernandez, W. Larfaoui, A. Saldana, Tainy R. Morera Luna, L. Veguilla Malave, E. Lobo, M. Masis Fernandez, R. Pina Nieves, F.

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Latin hip hop songs