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I meant to say that I'll stand any pain for my friends!! I'm not gonna give up on them!! It might just be me being selfish, but… not having my friends here… is the most painful thing for me!! Many of these relationships started off antagonistic, but through his tenacity and empathy, they developed into deep and lasting friendships. A relationship that shaped Naruto's character, albeit unintentionally, was with the tailed beast that was sealed within him since the day he was born, Kurama — the Nine-Tails.

Naruto characters relationship

Naruto characters relationship

Naruto characters relationship

Naruto characters relationship

Kiba is shown with Tamaki, but we don't even know if there's anything going on between them. Unbeknownst to Naruto, this caused Itachi to acknowledge Naruto and trust him to redeem Sasuke. You said before that you 'couldn't have made it this far without them'. Amazed Naruto characters relationship Naruto's resolve to the point of being spared, Nagato decided charactsrs put his faith in the youth as he sacrifices himself to revive everyone Naruto characters relationship killed during his invasion while wishing for Naruto's dream of peace to become a reality. The two fall in love at a young age, struggle together through their demanding positions in society, and eventually parish while protecting their son and the Hidden Leaf Relztionship from a devastating attack.

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Kamina was a huge symbol in the war because his stupid actions gave humans courage to fight back. Kiba happily goes along with the promise, and after they leave, Lee tells Sakura that Naruto would definitely keep his promise, having done it with the "nice guy" pose. Though Jiraiya drives them off during this first meeting, learning its member Itachi is Lopunny nude Sasuke's brother, and the man who killed their family, the Akatsuki still Crazy luis latin kings to kidnap Naruto. Contents [ show ]. November 12, Even after Naruto broke his thrall over the tailed beasts he captured, Tobi reiterated his contempt for Naruto and reassured himself that the boy was no match for him. I would have had the Naruto characters relationship Ninja actually copy jutsu during battle like his first fight against Zabuza and his first fight against Kisame. Both youths got into a discussion over protecting those who were precious to them, with Naruto gaining his unselfish desire to protect his friends and to never give up. Shortly afterward, Naruto discovers the Akatsukia criminal organization that seeks to extract the Nine-Tails from his body. But only after the permission is given by the user. When seeing the staff's work to focus a film on Naruto characters relationship relationship with Hinata, The Last: Naruto the MovieKishimoto decided to oversee Naruto characters relationship project. Asker's rating. Naruto who is still walking through the village has a flashback about the encounter he had with Sasuke and just as he snaps out of his trance, Sakura and Sai arrive to see him sitting on a bench.

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  • When Sakura first makes an appearance, Naruto is shown blushing, stating she was a very cute girl who he liked.
  • This specific scene comes from Episode 17 of Boruto, which was an original story in the anime version of the series.
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See More by safrika. Featured in collections. Naruto by CloakedBraixen. Thanksgiven by CaptainFahim. Naruto Complete Character Tree. I was watching the other episode with the Naruto student-teacher tree explained and thought I should do something much more broad. Sometimes bit complicated and I always run into people asking for relation-tree, who is whose who?? So here s something for you guys. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment.

Already a deviant? Sign In. This is useful to recap character names so I don't forget! Tobi is not Uchiha Madara, tobi is Obito. Remake it now. N1tero Hobbyist General Artist. Hi, I will said a very good job in drawing up this family tree. I just realize one very important part of the whole Naruto anime. Danzo find akatsuki too strong, he try to kill it off.

All of which making the organization he try to destroy become stronger. Now instead of akatsuki to keep the world peace, it turn in a way to find all the ten tails. I havent had time excuse to update the tree since if you see the submitted date!

Its a very old one! It was during the time when I did crack comics of the latest manga releases which was like Naruto vol s Long last the will of Fire! There should be a blue line between obito, sasuke and itachi because they are all uchihas, so they are related. Other then that, this is awsome.

I can tell you worked hard on this! I think you missed a yellow arrow from Jiraiya to Konan she and Nagato were teammates since before, right? Also, since Orochimaru was once an Akatsuki member, shouldn't his pic be included in that space Like the way Madara's pic makes the Founders of Konoha and Akatsuki overlap? Maybe it would be even better if you put a red line between him and Itachi and a black one between Orochimaru and Sasori.

Oh yeah. Where's Zetsu? If you think about it, nearly every one of the characters is related to each other through violence! Sorry about all that! Good work, though! Thanx for picking them out. Appreciate it. I knew there'd be a lot of missing stuff.

Terribly sorry on Zetsu! Dont know how I missed. And you're right about violence with everyone. That's why I used the red line only for not-so-obvious ones. We all know Hidan v Asuma, Hidan v Shik Anyway I think it'll take me long time before I start working on it again to expand it.

Thnx for the comment. Any time. I don't think that's a lot. With all those connections between the characters, anyone trying to map everything out correctly while keeping it organized would probably miss a thing or two in the beginning.

We're human after all! What's with that Hidan vs. Asuma thing I mentioned earlier? That's too bad it'll be much later.

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After Nagato was sealed away, he decided to depart to stop Kabuto and release all the reincarnated shinobi to give their side a fighting chance, leaving Naruto and Killer B to deal with Sasuke and Madara. According to Kishimoto, he decided to give the character a large hood because Sasuke concealed his identity during the events of the film. The two also team up to give Chiyo their chakra. Retrieved May 16, Hoping that Naruto would come to agree with his solution for peace, Nagato told him his past and how he came to the conclusion to believe that only pain and suffering would save the world. Finding Sasuke and intending to bare his friend's hatred, Naruto concluded that reasoning him out of destroying Konoha was no longer a viability and believed that they would most likely die during their fated conflict. When Naruto reprimanded Zabuza for not appreciating Haku's actions after hearing the older shinobi talking ill of Haku's sacrifice, Zabuza, who was hiding his actual feelings of sadness for someone he grew to care about, finally opened his heart and killed his former employer , before he died from his wounds.

Naruto characters relationship

Naruto characters relationship

Naruto characters relationship

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The two then walk around town together. Sakura then giggles when Naruto outbursts over how he is the only remaining genin among the group that competed in the Chunin Exams. After the news of Gaara's capture, Naruto starts continually going further ahead of the group in haste despite Sakura and Kakashi's protests.

Eventually, Naruto reveals that he is the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails to Sakura and Temari for the first time. Sakura then has a flashback of Naruto standing and crying in a circle of people. After taking the news in, Sakura tells Naruto that she sympathizes with him being targeted by Itachi, but that is also bringing them closer to Sasuke, cheering Naruto up.

Sakura then vows to save Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura later questions him on how long he has been targeted by Akatsuki in fear, and continually looks at him while he is holding his stomach where the Nine-Tails is located in sadness. Eventually, this causes Sakura to ponder upon what would happen to the Jinchuriki if the beast was extracted from them.

When Chiyo explains that they would most likely die, Sakura looks on at Naruto then bursts into tears. After saying Sakura cries a lot, Naruto tries to cheer her up by saying that he would rescue Gaara, which causes the frustrated Sakura to exclaim she is worried about him , but quickly, she is cut off by him walking away, leaving her further worried. While removing the poison from his body, Naruto comes into the scene and is shown to be impressed. While the medical nin is shown explaining to a group about the complicated medical procedures, Naruto is again shown impressed, commenting to himself how great she was.

The group later runs into Itachi Uchiha. Discovering who he was, Sakura quickly becomes angry at knowing that he [Itachi] was one the who was causing both Naruto and Sasuke so much suffering. During the fight with him, one of the genjutsu 's used against Naruto was his failed promised towards Sakura.

As Naruto struggles to break Itachi's genjutsu, Sakura and Chiyo transfer chakra to his body, causing him to break free. However, Naruto is shown to still remain dazed. Noticing this, Sakura slaps her hand on his face, causing Naruto to snap out of his trance but clearly confused by what she was doing. Later during Sakura's fight with Sasori , she is shown using Naruto's life time promise as one of her motivations. When Naruto chastises everyone for not understanding the jinchuriki, Sakura worriedly looks at him and says his name.

The two also team up to give Chiyo their chakra. After Gaara's retrieval and revival, Naruto and Sakura mourn over the death of Chiyo together. When Sai is introduced to the group, Naruto, who had met him earlier, greets him in disgust, whereas Sakura is shown surprised by his similar looks towards their former teammate.

When Sakura is later torn up by how Naruto was over Sasuke, she tells Sai that the two were like brothers. Sai then questions her actions to why she was being so sensitive, but is quickly interrupted by Naruto.

Watching Naruto, she has a flashback of various times Naruto has smiled for her and questions if the beast in front of her was really Naruto. As Naruto continues to express pain, Sakura becomes deeply concerned and starts clutching her chest. Kabuto then goes on and says that Naruto is a monster and is only doing this because of Sasuke, concluding with "What a sad child".

With this revelation, Sakura remembers Naruto's promises to bring Sasuke back for her, then starts crying heavily.

Unable to further contain herself, she quickly runs to his side in tears while pleading with him that she'd save Sasuke herself, despite Yamato's protests and Kabuto's nonchalance. However, she is knocked away by and receives a major gash on her arm from one of the tails, due to Naruto having lost control of his mind and body; Kabuto remarks that this is a shame.

After Kabuto mostly heals her and Naruto is calmed, Sakura runs back over to Naruto in tears, showing concern. When healing Naruto afterwards, Sakura expresses her desire to be more useful.

Despite her wound, she continues to heal the Uzumaki and soon asks Yamato to teach her the technique to stop Naruto's Kyubi form. She is quickly saddened when he tells her that he was the only who had this ability, saying that, as usual, the things she can do for Naruto are small and meaningless. Noticing this and her wound, Yamato claims that the important things are Sakura's feelings, causing her to look up in confusion.

Smiling, Yamato tries to say something, but is quickly cut off as Naruto begins to awaken. Upon waking up, Sakura is shown to shed tears of joy upon his revival. Seeing this, Naruto thinks Sai insulted her, and immediately tries to "aid" her, getting punched in the gut for his dense nature in the process. Later on, the trio is shown discussing about Sai's betrayal.

Sakura then quickly rushes to his aid, and holds him in her arms. Standing to his feet he claims that he would be following the group, but is shown struggling not to fall causing Sakura to be more concerned. The three then begin their pursuit on Orochimaru. While traveling through the forest to reach their destination, Naruto and Sakura are both shown struggling with their injuries. Naruto is quickly shown to lose consciousness from time to time to the point of almost being hit by a branch, which Sakura notices.

Sakura who is swinging behind the group slips from the pain in her arm and begins to fall. Naruto then desperately tries to grab her, but misses. Instead, Yamato managed to catch her instead.

Naruto soon expresses his concern over her condition, staring intently at her as she sits under a tree. Looking at the injury on her arm, he questions her where she got it. She lies that it was from Orochimaru to prevent Naruto from knowing. Yamato then says that Sakura must heal herself, since the mission depends on her healing. Although Sakura says she'll be fine, Naruto sides with Yamato and advises her to not to push herself too hard; he even compliments her every juncture which causes the medical nin to blush and look down until he mentions about her "brute strength", at which she flails her legs at him in frustration despite his apologies.

While Sakura is sitting alone healing herself, Yamato confirms to Naruto that it was him while in his beast form who wounded her which leaves the Uzumaki shocked and devastated. Yamato then advises that if he wants to save Sasuke and protect Sakura, he has to do it with his own strength; Naruto, having an illusion of Sakura and Sasuke walking, agrees.

Later, the group reunites with Sai and runs into Sasuke. Sasuke chides Naruto for chasing him around rather than training to be Hokage, but Naruto makes a reference to his promise by saying that he can't be considered a Hokage if he can't even save his friend. When Sasuke tries to cut down Naruto, Sakura gasps and tries to stop Sasuke. After Naruto gets knocked down by Sasuke's Chidori Current, Sakura remembers that she said she and Naruto would bring Sasuke back together, and finally sums up the will to attack Sasuke.

However, as Yamato jumped in front of her, they were stopped as Orochimaru intervened by telling Sasuke to leave them for the time-being. After the group fails to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura tells Naruto that even if they failed here, they'll continue to get stronger together. After the mission report, Naruto asks Sakura out, but is declined as she states that they were ordered to remain home; Naruto then tries to make excuses on how they could avoid getting noticed, while Sai watches the whole time.

Some time after returning to Konoha, Naruto is shown walking outside for some fresh air while Sai is seen studying books in the library. He is shown reading aloud about suffixes and the importance of each to himself.

Curious, Sakura approaches Sai and greets him to where he in embarrassment, tries to cover the books that he was reading. Naruto who is still walking through the village has a flashback about the encounter he had with Sasuke and just as he snaps out of his trance, Sakura and Sai arrive to see him sitting on a bench. Naruto then questions Sai's presence and complains that both Sakura and Sai interrupted him, lying that he was devising a plan to go with Sakura on a date.

The medical nin then advises him that he should better go study ninjutsu instead. While Naruto argues with Sakura, Sai notices the close relationship between the two from what he learned previously in his books about the importance of suffixes. Watching the two, he blushes and asks to join them to where the two stare at him in confusion.

Sai goes on by saying he had read a book on how name suffixes and nicknames work, and Sakura gives him poor advice by saying he should focus on one's qualities, giving Naruto the nickname "Stupid Naruto", causing him to gently try to appease her. When a misled Sai promptly calls Sakura "Ugly", she tries to attack him; Naruto holds her back, resulting in both Naruto and Sai getting slapped. Naruto is shown training with both Kakashi and Yamato as he tries to learn a new technique with Sakura and Sai watching in the background.

Sakura is shown to come visit casually and is quickly impressed by the Uzumaki's vast improvements. Naruto replies that it'd be alright as long as she heals it for him. She argues that medical ninjutsu doesn't heal every injury completely, so he won't be fine immediately. Naruto, however, states that her healing him makes him happy, leaving Sakura confused.

Naruto then explains that it's because they are getting closer to Sasuke together, causing the two of them to smile at each other.

Sakura, remembering their time in the hospital, moves her chair and leans in closer to him, offering to feed him, which leaves Naruto happily surprised and blushing.

The moment, however, is interrupted because of Sai, who tries to feed Naruto himself per one of his book instructions. Sakura and Naruto immediately get on his case. When Kakashi comes by, he tries to appease everyone by feeding Naruto himself, and eventually is the one to do so, much to Naruto's dismay.

At one point, Sakura comes to Naruto's apartment and finds him having just woken up and eating breakfast despite it being noon. After lamenting his laziness, Sakura tells him to get dressed. Surprised, Naruto teases her if it was a date. Angrily, Sakura yells at Naruto that Tsunade had summoned them. When they arrive, they discover that Sasuke had "killed" Orochimaru. After also learning he's going after Itachi, the two resolve to search for Itachi and use him as bait for Sasuke, becoming part of the Eight Man Squad.

When Naruto discovers that Jiraiya has been killed, Sakura tries to stop him from leaving the meeting in frustration, even trying to reason with Tsunade to let her go follow him. As Fukasaku prepares to depart, Sakura is shown looking down at her left where Naruto is sitting on a pole in sorrow.

While the rest of the Konoha 11 smiles happily at the scene, Sakura is later among those who hoisted him into the air multiple times. Sometime later, Naruto and Sakura are sitting alone together. Naruto says that he has so many things he needs to tell Tsunade, and Sakura tells him not to worry because she will definitely recover.

She then turns to the side, however, and internally asks for Naruto to comfort her, not vice versa. They then meet with Inari and Tazuna, who ask about Sasuke's whereabouts. Both of them come to a loss of words, but Naruto quickly intervenes by saying that Sasuke and him got into a mere fight, and that they can talk with him when he gets back.

Sakura silently thanks Naruto for this. After Inari and Tazuna leave, Naruto tells Sakura and Kakashi that, because he now understands loss, he knows how to redeem Sasuke and plans to do so, causing his friend and his sensei to smile. As Sakura and Naruto confront Sai about Danzo planning to have Sasuke killed, they are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two members of Team Samui who demand to be told all they know about Sasuke.

Not knowing who they were, they begin to fight with Sakura being hit and thrown on the ground by Omoi. Naruto then interrupts the battle by rushing immediately towards Sakura; catching her. When discovered that Sasuke was now in the Akatsuki, Sakura and Naruto are shown as shocked.

At the end, Naruto discovers that Killer B is a jinchuriki, and agrees to tell the Kumo shinobi of Sasuke. Sakura is shown to be worried about this, but Naruto says that he will be fine to her. After Naruto leaves with the group, he again is shown to refuse as he remembered both Sasuke as a comrade and his promise to Sakura.

Resulting into getting brutally and willingly beaten by Karui, Sai comes to his aid and later bandages to his wounds. Asking Naruto if he could notify Sakura, Naruto refuses and states that he would heal by himself just soon enough. Seeing this selfless act, Sai is later shown thinking about the bond between Sakura and Naruto in comparison to himself.

In a flashback, Sai bluntly asks Naruto if he likes Sakura after the two talked to her, to which Naruto quickly gets embarrassed. Sai continues to say he read about a book that says when you are with someone you like, you always smile and that Naruto had always done that around Sakura. He then adds on if Naruto has ever told Sakura how he felt to where Naruto replies by stating that since he wasn't able to keep his promise to her, he really can't.

Feeling compelled as a friend, in the present, Sai confesses to Sakura about Naruto getting beat up and how he left to go convince the Raikage to spare Sasuke from being executed.

Going on to say that despite not knowing both of Naruto and Sakura well and not being able to understand feelings, Sai stated that he could tell that Naruto loved her, leaving Sakura shocked. With a flashback of thinking back to all the things that Naruto had done, Sakura began to wept. Sai continues to tell her that he thinks she's hurting Naruto by encouraging him to keep the promise to bring Sasuke back, which she takes as fact.

In an attempt to release Naruto of the promise, Sakura, accompanied by Kiba, Lee, and Sai, travels to the Land of Iron where she confesses her love towards Naruto. Stating that she no longer loved Sasuke and asks for him[Naruto] to come home and give up on the promise; much to Lee and Yamato's dismay, Sakura pulls Naruto into an embrace and cites that while Sasuke keeps breaking her heart, Naruto has always been by her side.

Stating that he was now a hero, Sakura confesses that she had now just realized that the prank-filled loser she once knew now was an amazing man that she can be eternally close to. Shocked and pushing Sakura away, Naruto shouts out to Sakura that he hated those who lied to themselves. Stating that no one would travel across a continent to just confess their feelings, Naruto states that he no longer cared for the promise and had always intended to go for Sasuke himself.

Sakura angrily defends her confession and states to Naruto that he has to think of himself for a change instead of getting himself hurt by the Akatsuki, eventually leaving in frustration. However, as Sakura turned away to leave, she is shown silently apologizing to Naruto to herself. Realizing that telling Sakura about Naruto's feelings for her and how keeping the promise is affecting him was a critical error, Sai tells Naruto what Sakura decided: to kill Sasuke on her own.

Naruto, shocked and horrified, refused to believe this because Sakura truly loves Sasuke. Naruto still can't believe Sakura would do it and, along with the fact all of his friends agree to kill Sasuke to prevent him from getting Konoha involved in a war, Naruto hyperventilates and passes out.

After Naruto regains consciousness and overhears from Yamato that Kakashi had gone after Sakura to save her; knowing that his teammates would die in the resulting conflict, Naruto tricks Yamato with a shadow clone and follows Kakashi. When Sakura makes a failed attempt to kill Sasuke, Naruto comes to her rescue before Sasuke could strike kill her with her own poisoned kunai , catching her just in time while getting scratched on the cheek from the kunai.

Setting Sakura down, Naruto then chastised Sasuke for trying to kill their own teammate. Sasuke countered by stating that he no longer saw any of them as his teammates and Naruto finds himself rebunked. Sakura however backs Naruto up by citing his resolve to help Sasuke even when all of their friends turned against him, but in response Sasuke continues to state his plan to destroy Konoha.

When Naruto and Sasuke charge at each other with the Chidori and Rasengan, Sakura pleads for the two to stop. Showing concern when Naruto says he will be satisfied if he and Sasuke die together the next time they fight, Kakashi offers to deal with Sasuke himself in order to keep Naruto safe and allow him to be Hokage Naruto says he is unworthy of being Hokage if he can't save one friend and repeats his decision to fight Sasuke, even to the death, as long as he is brought back to Konoha.

At this point, Sakura decides that she is a failure as she always found herself leaning onto Naruto for support and states that all she could do now was just "have faith in" both of her teammates.

After this encounter, Sakura silently thanks Naruto for helping her with their dream of seeing Team 7 smile again. Naruto then falls unconscious from Sakura's poisonous kunai and Sakura freaks out upon realizing the cause. She then assists him when he is one the verge of vomiting, while laughing nervously in the belief she is the cause of Naruto's poisoning which Kakashi agrees with.

When the group returns to Konoha, Sakura defends Naruto when the rookies question him on what happened and how he wants to handle Sasuke to the point where it works, although she also starts to wonder what Naruto is hiding. The two later walk together to help with the rebuilding, where Sakura states that she believes in Naruto and knows he is doing the right thing, resulting in Naruto getting a double shock both from the comment and from Kakashi and Guy's "last" competition.

Before the war, Sakura excitedly tells Naruto who was eating ramen at the time that Tsunade had finally awoken from her coma. As Naruto makes a 'hell yeah' pose, Sakura gives him a big grin. Upon learning Tobi has declared war on the five nations, Nakura is given the task to help keep an eye on Naruto because he is the Akatsuki's target.

When Sakura is approached by an injured ninja couple who later reveals themselves to be imposters, Sakura although is attacked, is quickly saved by one of Naruto's clones. Worried and surprised to why he was on the battlefield, Sakura is quickly cut off into wanting to question him when Naruto asks if she was alright. Later when Sakura rushes to Naruto's aid with the rest of Konoha 11, Sakura is shown thinking about Naruto and the tasks that he was always put upon, promising to him that he wouldn't be alone this time as he had her and the troops.

After somehow surviving the attack of the Ten-Tails, Sakura along with the rest of the Shinobi Alliance rallies around an exhausted Naruto. With the shinobis' quickly losing hope, Sakura reassures the entire army and rallies them with a speech on Naruto and how he considers them all comrades. Stating that they must all be willing to die for him and each other just like he is for them, Sakura makes a promise that she will fully heal Naruto back to health so they can begin the battle. Noticing Sakura's doubts, Minato quickly assures her and bluntly asks after observing her healing Naruto if she was his girlfriend.

Naruto gives an answer of a "more or less" which leads to Sakura ultimately headbutting and silencing Naruto to save his energy. When Sasuke arrives onto the scene and begins to leave with Naruto, Naruto tells Sakura to get some rest after thanking her for healing him. However, Sakura quickly follows the duo and states that she also wanted to fight alongside them.

After hearing this, Naruto smiles. With Sakura demonstrating her newly found power in the battle against the clones, Naruto is surprised and notes to himself that he wouldn't get on Sakura's bad side ever again in the fear that she might actually "kill" him next time. Later as the battlefield rages, Sakura turns to Hinata and asks the status of Naruto and her teammate.

She is then confirmed that the two are safe and are "smiling". After the attack of the God Tree is calmed, Naruto's feelings and memories are spread throughout the troops. During the transfer, Sakura is shown to be shocked and overwhelmed by the many hardships her teammate had endured, even saying that she can feel his heart. When Sakura notices Shikamaru's healing speed, she notices it being the cause of Naruto's chakra. Growing worried, she thinks to herself about Naruto and exclaims that he shouldn't do too much.

But this is reassured by Ino that he is doing all of this unconsciously. Watching the battlefield when Sakura spots the Rasengan that belongs to Naruto and the members of Konoha 11, Sakura is shown silently cheering them on, and even sheds a tear. When Naruto is brought to Sakura, Tsunade, and other medical ninja by Gaara, Sakura is shocked to see his state and quickly rushes to his aid, being the only one with enough chakra to do so.

Being taken by Gaara to heal Naruto by Tsunade's order, Sakura who notices Naruto's unconscious and dying state continuously begs him to stay alive as she works to heal him, telling him that he's strong. Soon, Sakura comes to the fear of thought that Naruto might die. As Naruto's heartbeat becomes weaker, Sakura finds her medical ninjutsu to have no effect. After being informed by Gaara that the only possible hope in keeping Naruto alive was to carry him to Minato, Sakura slices open Naruto's chest and grabs his heart.

Using the little chakra she still has, she manually begins pumping his heart and performs CPR on him. Remembering Naruto's proclaimed dream to become Hokage, a determined Sakura tells him that she would not allow him to die. When they arrive at Minato's area, she was shown still tirelessly pumping Naruto's heart. This, of course, includes Kawaki.

Naruto has gone out of his way to defend Kawaki in the past as he was seen protecting Kawaki and his own children from Delta's previous attack. This has resulted in Kawaki growing to respect Naruto even more for his talent and care, and had him trying to give up in the previous chapter of the series too.

Chapter 37 of the series elaborates on this further by having Kawaki confess that he's worried that Jigen would be too strong for Naruto to fight against. But Naruto turns this down immediately, and tells Kawaki that he's got a problem with Kawaki's willingness to become a prisoner.

Kawaki wanted to keep Naruto out of this fuss, but Naruto jumps into a new fight against Jigen in order to keep protecting him. Through this arc, Naruto has gone above and beyond for Kawaki with big examples being taking him into his home in the first place among many others. This all makes that future tease even more distressing. The series' initial hook saw an older Boruto fighting Kawaki in the ruins of the Hidden Leaf Village, and the more the manga fills in Kawaki's personality, the more this look into the future begins to hurt.

Because it seems that regardless of the outcome of this fight with Jigen, Kawaki will one day walk a darker path.

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Serving as the eponymous protagonist of the series, he is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure. The villagers ridicule Naruto on account of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox —a malevolent creature that attacked Konohagakure—that was sealed away in Naruto's body.

Despite this, he aspires to become his village's leader, the Hokage. His carefree, optimistic and boisterous personality enables him to befriend other Konohagakure ninja, as well as ninja from other villages.

Naruto appears in the series' films and in other media related to the franchise, including video games and original video animations OVA , as well as the sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , where his son, Boruto Uzumaki , is the protagonist. When creating Naruto for the initial part of the series, Kishimoto kept the character "simple and stupid," while giving him many attributes of an ideal hero.

Kishimoto gave Naruto a dark side by adding tragedy to the character's past. He has revised Naruto's image many times, providing the character with different clothes intended to appeal to Western audiences and to make him easier to illustrate. Kishimoto changed his design for Part II of the storyline, which starts two-and-a-half years after Part I. Naruto is voiced by Junko Takeuchi in the original animated series and Maile Flanagan in the English adaptations. Merchandise based on Naruto includes figurines and keychains.

Naruto's character development has been praised by anime and manga publications and has drawn scholarly attention. During the s, new manga author Masashi Kishimoto sought to write a one-shot chapter that would feature Naruto as a chef, but this version never made it to print. Kishimoto originally wanted to make Naruto a child who could transform into a fox, so he created a one-shot of Naruto for the summer issue of Akamaru Jump magazine based on the idea.

Kishimoto reflects Naruto's "honest" smile was well received in contrast to the sly look the main character from Karakuri had. Following the success of another one-shot, Mario , Kishimoto started working on the Naruto series where he wanted to reuse the title character from his earlier one-shot.

Kishimoto's editor, Kosuke Yahagi, told him to write two chapters heavily focused on Naruto Uzumaki in order to show his appeal to the readers and then focus on the other protagonists.

Both Yahagi and Kishimoto noted the manga's second chapter was the most difficult to write early in the series as it was meant to work on Naruto's traits and how they impact on the character Konohamaru Sarutobi. Following the second chapter, Yahagi advised Kishimoto to introduce the misrelationships Naruto had with the main cast, including his rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha and his failure at trying to attract his love interest Sakura Haruno.

Although Yahagi was not Kishimoto's editor for the entire serialization, he knew how the story was planned to show Naruto's coming-of-age through multiple fights and looked forward to seeing the conclusion. For the serialized version, Kishimoto incorporated traits he felt made an ideal hero in the creation of Naruto: a straightforward way of thinking, a mischievous side, and attributes possessed by Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Despite this, he is always optimistic, a trait Kishimoto said makes this character unique. Kishimoto notes as an example of this the cover of volume 10, where Kishimoto depicts Naruto mimicking a turtle as a child might do. After fans likened Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to the three main characters from Harry Potter fantasy books, Kishimoto noted that both trios began their careers in a classroom, though he added that the similarity was unintentional.

This influenced how he viewed Naruto's character. Naruto met his parents, and learned of their sacrifices in order to help him to control the Fox inside him so that he could protect their world. As a result, Naruto appreciated his life more and learned that his parents loved him, something the author wanted the character to feel based on his own experience as a father.

However, as time passed on, the manga author made touches to Minato's face shown in the Hokage Mountain in Konoha to make them more similar to Naruto with an emphasis on their spiky hairs. However, in order to reduce too many similarities, Kushina Uzumaki 's character was made to look like Naruto's face.

Kishimoto's first editor, Kosuke Yahagi, praised the author for the way he handled Naruto's parents and his heritage. When first introducing Sasuke, Kishimoto wrote him as a rival who never noticed Naruto. However, as the series continued, Naruto became strong enough to finally be recognized by Sasuke as a rival. He also intended both as brothers due to the fact both characters suffered loneliness, something which made the readers relate to them as he noted through fan letters.

By Part I's ending, the bond between Naruto and Sasuke was weakened as a result of their fight but still expected from the time when the Sasuke accepted Naruto as an equal. When one of the two progressed, Kishimoto made sure the other did too. Huang added he felt fatigue by working so much into this fight due to reaching 70 successive cuts at a time.

The final fight between Sasuke and Naruto was considered one biggest challenges by the staff from Pierrot as it took an entire month to adapt it from the manga. Director Hiroyuki Yamashita elected himself in charge of the battle which left most of the anime members relieved due to his experience. For the scenario, Pierrot received assitance from the CyberConnect2 develop who had already adapted this battle through the fighting game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

There was a need to make every movement in the fight to look realistic, giving Sasuke scary look as well the hair movement in order to express the idea of both fighters willing to do anything to kill each other, which confused some due to Naruto's wish to avoid this fate.

The final clash between Sasuke's Chidori and Naruto's Rasengan moves involved references from other scenes of the series to gave the viewer a bigger emotional impact. The staff noted that following this fight, Sasuke's face became calmer despite his initial look, giving room to explore his redemption.

Out of all the student-teacher relationships Kishimoto has created in the Naruto series, the bond between Naruto and Jiraiya is his favorite, noting that it makes drawing them "worthwhile. Instead of having the protagonist kill the enemy he hates as happens in other series, Kishimoto found the idea of the two characters interacting and settling their differences more challenging. The principal reason for this was a significant difference between the two main characters, Naruto who had no knowledge of wars, and Sasuke who was a victim of one; his entire clan had been annihilated to avoid a potential civil war.

As a result, Kishimoto created Nagato as a war victim who would Jiraiya, and act as Naruto's nemesis so he would understand the tragedy that Sasuke had experienced. In the original Japanese versions of Naruto , Naruto often ends his sentences with the addendum " -ttebayo " which achieves an effect similar to ending a sentence with "you know? Kishimoto wanted to give Naruto a childlike catchphrase , and " dattebayo " came to mind; he believed that the phrase complements Naruto's character, and served as a verbal tic that portrayed him in a brattish manner.

Naruto's romantic partner was decided during the early stages of the manga. Since Hinata Hyuga always respected Naruto, even before the series' beginning, even before his academy mentor Iruka Umino , Kishimoto felt they were meant to be.

This angered his wife who wanted Naruto to marry Sakura Haruno. He later regretted the love triangle as he considered Naruto a fighting series with little focus on romance, and he reiterated that "it was all about Naruto and Hinata getting married from an early stage. When seeing the staff's work to focus a film on Naruto's relationship with Hinata, The Last: Naruto the Movie , Kishimoto decided to oversee the project.

In regards to Naruto's rank which remains as the lowest one, Genin, due to Naruto spending most of his Part II's time fighting and training, Kishimoto decided Naruto would skip the following ranks to become the Hokage, which he felt was appealing.

This was based on how Kishimoto's wife actually once did which brought laughs to the staff developing the film. Screenwriter Maruo Kyozuka said that he wanted to depict a love triangle between Naruto, Hinata and Toneri Otsutsuki in the film. Although Naruto is initially clueless about Hinata's feelings for him, during the film he begins to acknowledge and respond to them. Hinata's character was also developed in the film, with Kyozuka saying that she had to put aside her feelings for Naruto to accept Toneri's proposal so she could find Hanabi.

During this scene, Kyozuka wanted to depict Naruto at his lowest after his rejection by Hinata. He then returned Naruto to his brave self, with the character resolving to continue his mission regardless of the cost. In , when Naruto was reaching its climax, Kishimoto envisioned the idea of Naruto becoming a father.

This resulted in the creation of Boruto Uzumaki , Naruto and Hinata's first child. Despite not wishing to reveal much about Boruto due to developments of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , he added that Boruto is not as direct as Naruto. Two other scenes written by the staff which surprised Kishimoto were Sasuke's combination of his Susanoo technique and Naruto's recreation of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

According to him, a pre-existing design would not have made Naruto unique, whereas something original would have made him too distinctive. Kishimoto was satisfied with his character having blond hair and blue eyes, something rarely seen in Japanese anime or manga. This also appealed to an international readership, something the editor of the American magazine Shonen Jump has noted. Kishimoto took inspiration from the games' presentation of these forms, imitating one of them for the manga cover of volume When designing Naruto for his Part II appearance, Kishimoto changed his character's clothing to an orange and black top, orange pants, and black sandals.

He also noted that Naruto's pants made the character look too childish. To remedy this, Kishimoto designed them to roll up, giving him a more mature appearance. For the events of the film The Last: Naruto the Movie as well as the final episodes of Naruto: Shippuden , Naruto was given a young adult appearance.

His hair was made shorter, while his height was expanded notably in contrast to his Part II design. He was given two different outfits, a casual look consisting of an orange shirt as well as a design consisting of a black shirt with orange pants specifically meant for his missions. Due to his growth, Naruto wears a different headband, while his new ninja appearance was created with the purpose of being able to carry weapons more easily.

Nevertheless, both looks keep the character's spiralling logo that was carried from his late mother's gone group, the Uzumaki clan. Although a male voice actor was sought for the Japanese adaptation of the Naruto role, the actress Junko Takeuchi was chosen instead over many male applicants. She noted difficulties in transitioning from the young Naruto to the older Naruto in the animated adaptation of Part II.

She had to record the first episode of Part II when Naruto's character was older and more mature only one week after voicing the younger, immature character. The producers of the English version of the anime stated that Naruto was the most difficult character to cast, adding that Maile Flanagan "has Naruto down, from the mischievous side, that precocious year-old we learn to love, to the serious side. She looked the show up after being chosen and felt the release of the English dub would be popular.

She is recognized more for her work voicing Naruto than from other roles she has done in her career, although some fans did not expect that Naruto would be voiced by a woman. Introduced as a young orphan boy of 12 years with blond, spiky hair, blue eyes and goggles, Naruto Uzumaki frequently wears an orange tracksuit. Following his ninja graduation he also wore a headband that denotes his position as a ninja from Konohagakure.

The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within influences his body, causing Naruto to resemble the Fox over the course of his battles. While Naruto only shows small changes such as sharp teeth and claws initially, he later develops a red tail made of the Fox's vital energy, or chakra.

Introduced as a childish clown, Naruto seeks attention as he was ridiculed during his childhood. To be accepted and respected, he resolves to become Konohagakure's Hokage and surpass all previous leaders, no matter the difficulties. Naruto is an orphan who has a dangerous fox-like entity known as Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within his body by his father, the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, the leader of Konoha's ninja force, at the cost of his own life and that of his wife, Kushina Uzumaki.

After learning the powerful Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu , an ability to create physical copies of the user, Naruto becomes a ninja. These are his classmates who are also assigned to Team 7 : Sasuke Uchiha , with whom he has had a rivalry since they first met at the ninja academy, and Sakura Haruno who he has a crush on which is not reciprocated by her as she is infatuated with Sasuke. While being examined to increase his ninja rank, Naruto meets the legendary ninja Jiraiya and learns how to summon toads to aid him in battle, and to control part of the Nine Tails's chakra energy.

Naruto defeats the sand village's One Tail Jinchuriki Gaara and convinces him there is a better way to live. Shortly afterward, Naruto discovers the Akatsuki , a criminal organization that seeks to extract the Nine-Tails from his body.

Though Jiraiya drives them off during this first meeting, learning its member Itachi is both Sasuke's brother, and the man who killed their family, the Akatsuki still plan to kidnap Naruto.

After his two and a half years of training, Naruto returns to Konoha and begins to deal more actively with the Akatsuki threat by saving Gaara from their clutches. This ultimately causes him to go on a rampage, destroying everything in his path. When Naruto discovers Sasuke's plan to attack the Leaf Village, he decides to confront him in a battle which could end both their lives should Naruto be unable to save him. He succeeds with help from his late mother, Kushina Uzumaki, who placed a chakra imprint of herself within the seal.

Naruto characters relationship

Naruto characters relationship