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Have A Happy Birthday! Over In A Snap! Pick Your Poison. Home Adult-humor Stationery Greeting Cards. Fuck me like you hate me. After Mr Grey Pet Apparel.

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Perfect cards for my sister's birthday! Thanks again, NobleWorks! FAQ Wholesale. We ship free! Allow business days for printing. Kiss Kiss! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday. Another Year Older? Fuck It! Have A Lovely Birthday. Pick Your Poison. Hope Your Birthday Measures Up. Have A Happy One. Have A Ball! Hope Your Birthday Kicks Ass. Pop The Cork It's Your Birthday! Happy Birthday, You Sexy Beast. Over In A Snap! Let It All Hang Out! Another Year Behind You. Who Gives A Shit? Happy Fucking Birthday.

Fuck You! Have A Happy Birthday! Birthday, That Is! What A Shocker! Make A Wish And Blow Happy Now? Make A Wish And Blow. Make Your Mark! That's Hard To Swallow! I Said Lick It! And It Was Wood!

I Remembered Your Birthday! Paint The Town Red! God Bless! You're Another Year Older? Make A Wish And Blow! Have A Field Day! Must Be A Sign You and your friends open up about everything, and you don't hold back.

When you get talking, the words and sentiments fly furiously, and that includes the language: Who better to help deal with the BS of life than a friend who lets you call it like you see it? Our special blend of Naughty Adult Humor Cards , brought to you from the socially unacceptable minds at NobleWorks headquarters, is exactly what you're looking for. We invested a great deal of time, energy and money into developing the perfect formula for funny cards, offensive greeting cards, naughty humor cards, dirty birthday cards and even inappropriate Christmas cards and mean holiday cards.

We feature everything from simple statements to clever comics drawn by the industry's most edgy cartoonists. We have everything from intelligent, savvy humor to our successful line of Fart Cartoons Cards and Dirty Naughty Cards about boobies.

We were born to create Adult Greeting Cards. We know that buying a card from the grocery store is the same thing as talking at church. At NobleWorks, our Naughty Adult Greeting Cards are filled with the honesty and authenticity that perfectly captures how you and your friends talk to each other.

Each of you know where all the bodies are buried, after all. One of our favorite famous quotes comes from Victor Borge and reads, "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Let them shake their heads and completely miss seeing that moment you and the card recipient give each other that "you know me so well"' glance, and share a good, long laugh.

Legal Stuff. See more details. Fuck You Card Inside Text It's Your Birthday. Never Age Card Inside Text Depends Card Inside Text: Depends. Don't Be A Drip! Doodie Head Card Inside Text Pony Card Inside Text: Giddyup! Peter Cialis Card Inside Text Party Till You're Senseless!

You're A Star! Hope Your Birthday Measures Up. Light It Up Card Sets. Repeat 6. Artist: Louise Zecha Artist Notes: all cards can be personalized inside and out; feel free to call or email me with any special requests! Buffalo Check Cards.

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Making Memories Christmas Card Sets. Happy Graduation. Repeat 6. Now Get A Job. Paint The Town Red! Life is not rated PG. You and your friends deal with no small amount of complete and utter BS day after day, so when you get together, of course the talk gets salty as a bag of pretzels. You tell each other how you really feel, and you don't hold back. So why censor yourself with a made-for-TV greeting card at the grocery store?

Here at NobleWorks, we're proud of our naughty cards that will shock and delight even your least inhibited friends and business associates. These naughty greetings will make them laugh so hard they'll be rendered speechless. And that's saying a lot. We enlist the world's funniest, edgiest cartoonists and humorists to present delightfully dirty twists on everyday life. We have sexy gay birthday cards and messages that feature '50s style graphics with eye-popping captions that are as profane as they are profusely funny.

Our artists happily turn children's fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood on their heads. Nothing is sacred when it comes to these humorous adult greeting cards. No subject is safe, from sex to politics. From subtle snark and sarcasm to almost pornographic pictures, you'll find the perfect naughty expression for a variety of holidays and events.

NobleWorks only sells American-made cards that are made from recycled materials. We offer free shipping on every order, making these cards not only gentle to the earth but gentle to your budget as well.

Legal Stuff. See more details. It's Your Birthday! It's Your Birthday. Sick in Bed Card Inside Text Pony Card Inside Text: Giddyup! Peter Cialis Card Inside Text

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Merry Christmas! The Mr. Spank Me! They Call it PMS Wanna see my panties? EAT ME! Suck It! Dear Santa, I tried to be good! Got Coal? Show More. Related Searches humor funny sexy adult sex offensive christmas love.