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Folks, I fully chose the wrong time to move in to my first solo apartment. You submitted hundreds of stories about your encounters with the paranormal, the other-worldly, and the just plain creepy. Your stories were too scary, too freaky, too Has everyone been visited by a tall man at the foot of their bed in the middle of the night except me? Just checking.

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story

Oh no! Am I missing something about slips here? Anyhow, you've reminded me that I should try and find one - except it Nylon slip story be the tail-end of the season I guess, LOL! At that point she would sew on several tiers of gathered netting. That is Nglon totally beyond me; maybe it's just because I'm French, I don't know; I just don't see what's sexy about slips, except maybe worn as nightdresses on their own.

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Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. The Stile An unusual encounter while Nylon slip story a stile. She then asked me if I liked her. The teen ticketing person, gave me an odd look, turned around, opened the door and said something to a teen Ioc policy on transsexual athletes working there too, that dashed off into the lobby. This left me to my own devices, especially if grandmother was doing the laundry. That was the beginning of the most wonderful four and a half months of my life. I was not going to refuse this moment for me. Deborah then took my hand and placed it on the petticoat at her thigh. I grew up in a house of only women my mother, grandmother and two aunts and they all worked so I was alone a lot of the time. However, silk scarves proved to be another thing I was Nylon slip story young when I did this. She just laughed. I went over to the vanity and sat in front of the mirror.

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  • I have been a visitor to your site for some time.
  • As a small boy my mother ran a catalogue.
  • It is called vintage slips and nightgowns.
  • It was the morning of the big family wedding and Louise and her lovely twenty year old daughter Rachel were preparing their outfits for the day.

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Email to a Friend. Be the first to review this product. My Cart. You have no items in your shopping cart. Double click on above image to view full picture. More Views. Description Women's Modest White Half Slip with Shadow Panel Color: White Shadow panel in front for modesty can be seen on photo Choose your fabric -- Style polycotton or Style nylon Choose your waist size and length Custom length available for an additional charge You can choose "Custom" in the Length drop down menu and then tell us the desired length in the Comments section at Checkout Length is measured from waist to hem We normally stock these slips in all sizes and both fabric choices.

For custom sizes, there will be approximately a 2 week delay in shipping. Choose an Option Qty: Add to Cart.

It was my first time being en femme for several days, even checking into hotel in Palm Springs en femme. I headed to the bedroom and found her dressed. I did keep a standby set of her clothes of hers in my home for the times when they were needed. A little powder to cover the shiny spots on my face. My first was one of my mothers full white nylon slips which was absolutely heavenly.

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story. Upload successful

I had forgotten It always has seemed unfair to me that women have all of these wonderful things that they can wear and men have the choice of boxers or briefs. To me, panties are the embodiment of women's sexuality and I've been fascinated for years by all types of silky I usually live alone in a nice but moderate 3-bedroom home that I bought shortly after getting married to my now ex-wife. This is an awesome site, I have enjoyed reading all of the stories so I thought I add my own.

Hope you like it Just as I was entering puberty there was a pair of plain red cotton "underwear" in our house. My sister was just a little older That is what prompted me to write, to keep the stories coming, so to speak.

My story is short, but fun nonetheless. My wife and I have always I don't remember when my fascination with women's clothing started. I was quite young. My father was often away on business. We moved a number of times growing up and I didn't have many friends. However, I did have two younger sisters and our relationship was pretty good. The first time I ever jerked off was quite the awakening. I remember it clearly. Within a day or two of my first wet dream, yes I've had a couple, I was sorting laundry.

I came across a pair of my mother's satin panties. Now these weren't the All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Lingerie Stories Stories are presented unedited, in their entirety unless otherwise noted.

Boiling mad is more like it. It happen after I had taken a shower after work. That's when she found the pair I was wearing that day. I had forgotten It always has seemed unfair to me that women have all of these wonderful things that they can wear and men have the choice of boxers or briefs. To me, panties are the embodiment of women's sexuality and I've been fascinated for years by all types of silky We're getting sketchy reports from the midwest about One of Ours who was "busted" at work.

Here's what one of our correspondents reports: I need to alert you to a story they ran with high profile I am not making this up. Shortly after the mention in Leg Show magazine, I received a snail-mail request for the print brochure from a guy in Minnesota. In his note he casually mentioned that he has a large panty collection This is from Laura's Blog.

She has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here. She earns our undying gratitude. Thank you, Laura! A lot of toddlers carry some sort of a security item like a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal Notes from Web Prowling: Don't know if you've gone to the "Panties" private room on AOL much, but from the research I've done there, the majority of guys visiting that room and I think that most of the females listed there Our resident psychologists provide an understanding perspective to your panty related questions and concerns.

Slip-of-a-Girl gets it! Go there! But come right back! I have discovered an additional element to my life-long panty fetish that I would like to share. Please understand that I am endeavoring to understand and resolve this mystery as many of you are.

My first awareness of enjoying panties came at a very young age when our baby sitter was Hi, I'm a 49 year old male, I have a healthy attitude towards women and as such, have been noticing them for a long time now. One thing that has occurred to me over the years, is that they seem to wear progressively less clothing as time passes, except for occasional short I remember one day at Friday's when I saw Danette running her food outside to the patio area.

When she would come down the steps, her black short skirt would balloon up and all of the flats people could see her white vanity fair briefs. She tried to hold her I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate your site.

My sister was about five years older than me. I always loved looking at her especially her ass. It wasn't huge but not When I was younger I occasionally visited my aunt's home which was the next farm over. Occasionally I baby -sat their kids. For reasons unknown to me I once had the impulse to go thru the laundry hamper outside the bathroom door.

I guess I found what I was looking All rights reserved. Privacy Policy.

These 10 Scary Stories Have Truly Fucked Me Up

Sort Options. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read. To make them stiff we rinsed them in sugared water, and we kept them under the bed too big for the wardrobe. I remember we had to batten them down with our hands at school playtime because it was usually quite windy and the lads used to lurk about waiting for our skirts to blow up.

That was the time of bouffant hairdos, and some of the girls also rinsed their hair in sugared water to make it stiff. Where have all the slips gone? Has anyone else tried to buy one lately? All my life I have had cheap, scratchy slips from walmart. This year I decided that I am a 28 year old woman and I should have some good slips. I can't find any. Not at Filene's Basement, not at Macys.

Conspiracy theories, anyone? Penzy 15 yrs ago. I miss Filene's!!! What a madhouse that was at Christmas!! I found really good, pretty slips at Walmart. Try the Outlet stores like Bali or surf the net for lingerie and find a store near you that carries them. Re: embarrassing girly question. Those are gorgeous! Re: OMG! I like this one. SpedBug 15 yrs ago. Re: I like this one. Actually, on second glance Is dallasjay lurking here?

I have a feeling he's fantasizing about the vintage slip mannequins frying him up some eggies, children underfoot and a rotary phone on the wall.

Sorry, dallasjay! A "Stepford" mannequin? Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to seeing the remake of that movie. I hear it's supposed to be filmed from a humorous viewpoint. Jeez, how skinny are you? That's only a size 32! Thanks for the tangee link, mojosmom.

Oh, and I'm just "modestly endowed", not skinny. I'm actually built athletically wide around the ribcage and in the shoulders from years of acrobatics. I wasn't looking at the slip size, just the cup size.

You're vintage beautiful! Unless you want the slip for provocative reasons; then, forget all the stuff I said, above. Thanks for that link. Just one more reason I have to become independently wealthy! Go vintage. Find a GOOD vintage clothing store.

They'll be silk or satin and lacy, and definitely sexy. Remember Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8? Happy shopping! If you know anyone in the UK who could send? Good, old Marks and Spencer. Very well know store in the UK. They do excellent undies at affordable prices. KanaPoutz 15 yrs ago. I'm 31 and I still wear slips. A little flash of lace poking out under a hem is dead sexy!

Not to mention the extra warmth it brings in winter, plus it stops the pervs seeing right through me skirts. I buy most of mine in Australia but have several vintage slips from my mums mother who wore them in the '20's. I rarely wear them,. Also, the majority of skirts that I wear are lined. Have to admit. My mother has tried and failed on countless occassions to make me. Slips are so yesterday. PS I am much older than TexasWren 15 yrs ago.

At least it's funny now-it wasn't funny all the years I agonized over it. My step-dad's family never accepted us-no one in their family had ever had such creatures as "step-children".

Say that with your lips all twisted in a disgusted way, and you'll see how we were welcomed into the family. I was so thrilled!! It was so grown-up, and so Unfortunately, it was also sooo large-made for someone a bit more well endowed than I waseven now.

But, for months, I clung to that slip, praying for the day that I would be able to wear it. After awhile, I realized that it wasn't a good gift, it was just another example of how little they knew about me-they didn't even know my size. But, sometimes, I still think wistfully of red slips. Re: funny slip story. Here's a virtual gift for you, TexasWren. I have a red slip. And a black slip. And a peach-colored slip. And a cream slip and a white slip. And pale blue. And slips with patterned material.

It's not just about "coverage". I love the way the silk and satin and lace feel next to my body. It's something sexy under a business suit or dress that only I know about - a hidden delight. What I want to know is when did they go the way of the bustle? My mother always insisted on our wearing them, and as a result, I have a drawerful, in different lengths and colors. And I haven't worn one in at least 10 or 15 years.

Every once in a while I look at them and think, "what happened? I never got the memo on that. Re: What I want to know is when did they go the way of the bustle? Keep your slips! As soon as you throw them away, you'll need them.

I own two - one full slip y'know, like a miniature dress and one half slip. I feel 'conspicuous' and that's when I pull out my tried and true slips.

LAbklvr 15 yrs ago. I'm 23 and I still find the need for a slip every so often. I just went to a wedding and the skirt I wore was a little sheer even though it had a lining.

It wasn't so much that I care about people seeing my legs, but they could also see my undies. I had to borrow a slip because I don't own any! So send your unused slips my way! Also, they are still sexy. This one was a simple white half slip with a little lace, and my boyfriend saw me in it briefly while I was dressing and I got a definate double take.

Nylon slip story

Nylon slip story