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Learn something new every day More Info PhD waxing is a procedure used for hair removal. Heated wax is applied to a hairy area on the legs, face, or other parts of the body, and when it completely dries, it is pulled off along with the unsightly hair. Although this is the same procedure used in many spas and salons, a PhD waxing is a bit different. The abbreviated PhD means that this type of waxing is professional, hygienic and disposable.

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Powered by Create Ecommerce. If it was the last waxing system in the world HPd would rather Phd waxing a freekin hairy monster. The PhD waxing system is not a permanent hair removal system but the results can be seen for up to a month. Does anyone know Phd waxing PhD waxing is more expensive than regular waxing? I would defo have ago with it! Forums New posts Search forums.

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You should also avoid Phd waxing facial wax over any warts or Phd waxing. This is not a spatula or roll on method. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in Phd waxing you register. What is a Waxing Salon? But if that doesn't work, here are six other hacks to try. I'm sure it's quicker but I prefer the pot. Non-sterile vinyl Skirts flying up Corn starch powder reduces allergy risk Ideal for waxing Disposable For an economical yet salon essential product, these vinyl gloves are a must have. Cathi44 said:. Add these vinyl, powder free gloves to your supplies today to ensure ultimate hygiene within a variety of treatments such as waxing, manicures and pedicures. Each applicator is disposable and they are thrown away after every application. You can: Post offers: Let your clients and their friends know about any special discounts they can make the most of.

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Coming in a pack of , PhD Cotton Strips are slightly smaller than the average waxing strip. These Blue Micro Applicators are designed for use on the face-- they have a tiny opening which allow.. These Pink Mini Applicators are designed for use in the under-arm area or the bikini line. What's gr..

A pack of 18 wipes, designed for use with specialised intimate waxing. Individual sachets contain hy.. What's great is they're..

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Consider the following 10 possible side effects of facial waxing and how you can manage them. While you might associate ingrown hairs with shaving, these can occur with waxing, too. Post your comments. Freelancetrainer Active Member Feb 1, It's not any more painful or irritating.

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing. PhD Waxing

The waxing can be slightly painful but it will not damage or harm the skin. There are typically no negative side effects associated with PhD waxing but redness, swelling, and tenderness can be felt right after the procedure.

When waxing is done in a salon , a soothing cream is rubbed into the area to eliminate any discomfort. Also, if I wanted to buy my own PhD waxing supplies, would I have to get them online, or should I be able to find some at any store with hair removal products? I like to balance my waxing regime between home and the salon, as I find it usually saves me money. After reading some of the health concerns about regular waxing though, I am thinking about totally switching to PhD waxing.

I like the idea of the tube system for waxing legs because it seems like it would be faster and cleaner. I hate preparing a pot and making a mess. I feel that waxing salons really should do more to be more hygienic. While I know that beauty waxing isn't really a necessity, it makes me feel better to know that I am able to get my beauty needs met without having to share wax or applicators with other people.

I was actually always a bit worried about sharing wax, but figured because it was at a hot temperature it would do away with the germs. I guess that isn't entirely true.

So from now on it is PhD waxing for me. It takes more time in the shower to shave my legs every day than anything else. Think how much time I could save if I didn't have to do this all the time. In the mean time, I will continue to wax. I have used the waxing with the pot and the PhD waxing. The results seems to be the same, but the PhD is really convenient and you don't have to worry about germs so much.

This can save you a lot of money instead of going to a salon to have this done. I do all of my facial waxing at home and this way I don't have to worry about cross contamination or bacteria from another person.

I bought a wax melter and the wax at a beauty supply store. It doesn't take long and my skin is a little bit red a few hours afterward, but I have never had any other problems. This redness would occur whether I had it done in a salon or at home. Using the PhD waxing sounds like it would be even more convenient.

I will have to see if I can buy this type of wax at the beauty supply store as well. We used the pot and spatula method before too.

Honestly, I think there is both advantages and disadvantages to it and some people seem to like it more than others. It definitely is very hygienic, cross-contamination is just not possible with PhD waxing. It's pretty simple to use too and I do like the applicators that come with it although I basically use the small one for everything because it's easier to maneuver. The two down-sides I can think about PhD is that the wax in the tubes cool down pretty quickly.

So you have to place it back in the heat between applications to make it runny again. I also find it hard to push out the wax sometimes because of the tube. I think the tubes could be made easier to squeeze and could hold the heat better than they do. It's still the most affordable, efficient and hygienic wax system though. There is another similar wax system on the market that costs much more and is difficult to use. If your customers want you to change the regular pot and spatula method, PhD is the best one out there.

Our salon has been using the pot and spatula method to do our customer's waxing for years. We are very careful about our methods and hygiene and have never had problems. Lately though, several of our customers have asked us to switch over to PhD or at least have it as an option. I've looked into it and it does seem to be an efficient and affordable system to adopt.

I also don't want to lose any customers if they want us to use more hygienic methods. Has anyone who works at a salon tried this method? Why do think about it? I completely agree that this is a much more hygienic way to have waxing done. It was a nice feeling to know that the wax and applicators will only be used for me. Even though there was wax still left in the tube when my wax was done, they threw away the tube and opened a new one for the next person. In terms of the waxing experience, it is the same as other waxing methods.

It's not any more painful or irritating. I prefer waxing in general to any other hair removal method because it removes the hairs from the roots. It lasts much longer than shaving or hair removal creams. I've also noticed that waxing exfoliates the skin. It removed dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrown hairs too. To category Essentials. To category Equipment. Electrolysis Epilators Hot towel cabinets Magnifying lamps Massage equipment Sterilisers and autoclaves Thermal blankets Facial Galvanic machines Microdermabrasion machines Steamers and vapourisers Vacuum suction machines Vario systems.

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Pre waxing. Promotional material. Tube wax and applicators. Waxing heaters. Waxing spatula. Waxing strips. Waxing trolley. Add these vinyl, powder free gloves to your supplies today to ensure ultimate hygiene within a variety of treatments such as waxing, manicures and pedicures. These non-sterile, disposable gloves are a cost-effective, efficient way to Compare Remember.

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Availability In stock. Vendor Phd. SKU Z The use of the unique PhD disposable applicators for each client minimizes the risk of cross contamination during a wax treatment, especially in areas prone to bleeding. This is achieved as the applicator is never inserted into a wax container.

The unique applicator dispenses wax evenly, cleanly and quickly. As well as being hygienic the PhD system also offers a professional, quick and easy wax, with a less painful hair removal for the client. If a replacement or credit is required due to product not to the liking of the recipient or not as expected the purchaser shall be liable for any return shipping and other charges that might arise.

Returns are not accepted due to a change of mind, so please choose carefully. Exchanges will not be permitted. Leonelda Products. Tanning Self Tan Sunbed. This is not a spatula or roll on method. Ensure to inform your clients of waxing after care procedures. Returns Policy If a replacement or credit is required due to product not to the liking of the recipient or not as expected the purchaser shall be liable for any return shipping and other charges that might arise.

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Phd waxing

Phd waxing

Phd waxing