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This is a true story which I've kept to myself for all these years. I was 17 at the time and now I'm 21 I feel it's time I shared. Well if you have been following my stories about my 66 year old lover Dawn you know that we had a great time in Las Vegas and both regretted returning to our hum-drum lives in Tucson. This is a true story that happened when I was My parents won a cruise for a week and naturally my sister and i were happy for them.

Sexy granny stoeies

Sexy granny stoeies

Although his grandmother worked for a large accounting firm, she had stockpiled several weeks of vacation time and availed herself of most of it Sexy granny stoeies Jimmy could fuck her all day and night. When my cock sprung up she put her Sexy granny stoeies on mine and kissed me hard on the lips her tongue was all over my mouth and neck. The woman involved is a neighbour of mine; in fact she was the mother of one of my friends. He was startled-feeling her tongue slip into his mouth—but then Moms mouthful of cum met her kiss, sucking at her tongue even as his own tongue played across the sensitive tip and underside of Sexy granny stoeies. She had to pat him between the shoulder blades so he could get his breath back. Well I helped her down the stairs and as soon as we got to the sidewalk she asked if I had a girl friend or anything. Granny Nancy had Aunt Kathy when she was eighteen years old and my mom when she was almost twenty. Granny Nancy was hot for her age. Suddenly, Todd was very anxious to get out of his own clothes.

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Real granny When I put the phone down. Nothing Gay Right? I looked at my diary and said I could. Cruising Ch. I thought that the voice was not the usual type Sexy granny stoeies caller I got. Today Sexy granny stoeies were playing on Phoenix's Xbox one. The Book Hypno fun with my sister and neighbour. Grandma Shares with a Friend Lily couldn't believe what she did with her grandson. One of the men on the platform was a hundred and seventy-four-year-old, blond man, his name was Ren, and he only looked thirty-five. Stacy has Fun granby Grandma Ch. I made quite a good friend and we arrange to meet up.

Sex with granny's old friend Peggy Since our little adventure my granny asked my parents I could move in with her.

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  • They pulled into a yard that was already filled with vehicles, so they pulled to the side of the house, right behind Doris's car.
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Involving older women or men, our mature stories posts appeal to people who enjoy an experienced hand in the bedroom. There's nothing like sex with an older partner to get up to speed with the finer arts involved in love making.

Younger guys are sure to love the milf stories. My name is Matt and I am married to a wonderful woman named Linda. We have been married for about 5 years. Recently her parents were down for a visit and asked me if I could help them out. John asked if I could travel back with them to Ohio and help them for a week to set up their new business.

My Father-In-Law is a very intelligent man but he doesn't know the first thing about computers so Read On. She was 71 at the time, but she easily looked She had short, grey hair nicely styled. She kept her body fit enough.

I flew to her town to go to a graduation party for the daughter of my best friend. When I got there, his mother-in-law, Krista, was there helping decorate the house. We exchanged pleasantries and spoke a few times throughout the day. I had My best friend Tony and I grew up next door.

We have been best friends since the first grade. Tony and I are both 19 now. My mom and dad divorced when I was very young and I lived with my dad. Growing up without a mom was hard.

My story takes place last summer after I graduated. Being an 18 year old from the Midwest , I was ready to take on new adventures. My friend invited me to take a trip with her to California for a week.

Of course I agreed! He was a very silly and horny man. He always made jokes about how I was I was off from work one day due to a bad toe. My wife was at work and was not due home for hours. Anyhow about lunch time I was feeling peckish but most of all I had I had an urge. That urge was in my pants so I shut the curtains in the lounge and put the DVD on.

I looked for my favourite dirty film and pressed start. With that I put on my head phones and stripped to my socks He was sitting there, outside, on the deck and thinking about it all. All of a sudden, she started to pop up in his thoughts again. He smiled. He knew he liked her and was pretty sure she liked him too. There was so much more to it all that he wished he could sort it all out and soon. Okay, he told himself, so what if all they did was play around. So what if they never actually had sex with Such colossal facilities occupied by only four people would be cool!

I was having a cup of coffee at a local diner in my area, I had woke up early and was too lazy to make my own, as I read the morning Daily News, I had the strange feeling someone was watching me. I looked in the mirror behind the counter and notice this older woman watching me, as I returned her stare, I realized I had seen her in my building before, as she caught my return stare The office is a mess.

I really need to get organized. Well I am beat after all the traveling; I think I will head to bed. Goodnight guys. This is one very old story that I passed through in I was visiting Alexandria, and my mom wanted me to pick a friend of hers, Maurine, to come with me in the car getting back to Cairo by the weekend. She had planned to have her friend stay with her for a few days visiting Cairo.

On the same day I called Maurine, and she invited me for I am 20 years old but my height is small and I look like 14 year old but I m handsome too. I live in Clifton area of Karachi. This is my first experience and is a true story, This incident of mine happened 1 year back with my 25 year old step grandmother Nasreen. These were very small towns and very rural areas. My company was paying me per diem so if I found a room to rent I could pocket the rest of the money.

Because of the rural areas the hotel choices were slim and way Laura is my best friends Mom. Some might describe her as being on the large size, but I think she looks great. Lots of curves with a round shapely ass and huge breasts. She has a belly but it's actually flatter then you would think. She's in her early 40's and always smells great and smiles at me when she sees me.

There is Today was like any other day, it was relatively warm and sunny and my wife had said that her parents had wanted an odd job doing in their spare bedroom. I often did little jobs for my wife's parents as her father was away most of the time with his job so didn't get time to do things around the house. My wife would be at work all day so I thought I'd go around when I wanted, if no one was in The story I am going to tell you is a true one.

It happened to me a few days ago and since I was out of fictional ideas I decided to write this one although it has been edited slightly. The woman involved is a neighbour of mine; in fact she was the mother of one of my friends. The friend Jake was not my best friend, but since we lived close to each other I did know him best and saw I just sat there watching them do everything but show This is an account of how we got into the dogging scene.

My very sexy 50 year old wife confessed to me that she would like to try outdoor sex, it never occured to either of us that this would lead to such an adventure. One Saturday afternoon we were chatting in the garden, as usual the conversation soon turned sexy. This is when my wife confessed that she would like to try outdoor sex, not in It's strange but since my wife and I got engaged, I have had a major crush on my mother-in-law Judy.

I never really noticed her body or sexiness before I put a rock on her daughter's hand but after that event, for whatever reason, I have not been able to get my mind off Judy. We were engaged for about a year before our wedding and we've been married for a year and a half so, all told, Summer of '78 would be a memorable one.

Donna would occasionally give me head or let me fuck her it was never quite enough. We lived it up partying and going to the beach, I was the oldest of the group, but not by much, so I started to grow a My parents are pretty well-off; Dad owns a successful business, an electrical supply company and Mom owns an antique and decorator shop.

Me, I'm their only child and I'm in college, I'll start my sophomore year next year and I'm majoring in business and finance and plan to join Dad's business when I graduate. I work summers for Dad, except for the two weeks that I take as a real vacation. I was tired and only wanted to sleep but my mother figured it would be good for me to help her friend move into her new apartment. She had even made travel arrangements that I knew nothing about until I like knowing that they are looking at me and thinking about how I would look naked.

Salazar said with a smile. Tyler entered the house with a polite nod. He stepped out of the Saturday sun into the foyer as Mrs. Salazar closed the door behind him.

She was pretty woman, about 5'5", black shoulder-length hair, and brown eyes. She was dressed in gray leotards and her hair was pulled back in I work in a ladies shoe store. On this particular day a fairly regular customer was trying on shoes that I brought out for her. She is probably about 65, rather tall and well built, she always came in with her old infirm mother. She had previously told me that they live together on their own.

I asked how her mother was and she told me she was now in a care home as she could no longer look After a signature and a handshake, I escorted my newest client to the door.

Granny handjob Cumshot on panties and tits after fucking redhead in white thong 3 min Jamiesarah - 1. My Grandmother's Love Ch. He smiled to himself as he thought about the treats that lay ahead. I answered the phone and heard a very well spoken woman asking whether I could call on her later that afternoon.

Sexy granny stoeies

Sexy granny stoeies

Sexy granny stoeies

Sexy granny stoeies. Upload successful

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Chapter 1 - Gary Visits His Grandmother - New Sex Story

Sex with granny's old friend Peggy Since our little adventure my granny asked my parents I could move in with her. She told them she hated being alone at night. Plus if something ever happened to her no one will know and she wasn't going to get one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up things" Well they said sure. I moved all my stuff in like 2 hours. I felt like I was moving in with my girl friend. I have my own room, but I don't sleep in there much.

One night I came home from work, her friend Peggy was over, they were watching the wheel. I said hello and took a well needed shower. I started washing my hair and I hear the door open, I thought it was granny, but it was Peggy. She said, I have to pee so bad I couldn't hold it anymore. I could hear it pouring out of her into the toilet.

For some reason it gave me a raging hard on. I started to stroke my very hard cock. I was hoping she open the curtain. But she just kept on talking about all kinds of bullshit, still sitting on the toilet. I said to myself, fuck it I'm getting out of the shower and show her what I got. I turned the water off and opened the curtian witch was right in front of the toilet. She looked at my wet body straight at my 8" fully erect dick.

She said, Wow chuck are you attracted to old ladies? I'm older than your grandmother. She was well into her 60's mabey early 70's, Big fat tits and ass. Gorgous legs. I could smell her pussy. I said, Peggy your a very pretty lady. She said, I haven't seen one of those since my husband died five years ago.

I stood right in front of her hoping she would suck it. I said, go ahead Peggy suck it. She said hold on, She took her teeth out and kissed my dick from my nuts all the way to the head, licking it and getting spit all over it , I tink she was drooling, I could hear slurping sounds. I grabbed her head and fucked her head, she took it all in. She never got off the toilet. It felt so good when she rubbed her gums on my cock it felt better than pussy.

She looked up and me and said you ready to shoot, I said "Oh yea" She pulled it out and jerked me off all over her so she can see all my cum. She said, I got to ask your granny if we could have sex , I have to feel that thing inside me. I want it so bad. Sex with Granny's friend Peggy part 2 After the blow job in the bathroom, Peggy didn't want to say anything to granny. Granny never told anyone about us.

She never wants anyone to know. She said what happens in the privacy of our home is our business. So Peggy was clueless. She left the bathroom first then I got dressed and went to my room. About granny asked me if I could walk Peggy home because it was dark and icy. She wanted to make sure she got home OK. I thought to myself, here's my chance to bang her old friend.

Well I helped her down the stairs and as soon as we got to the sidewalk she asked if I had a girl friend or anything. I said, no I have a thing for older women. I really don't like young girls. Plus I really didn't want to get serious with anyone until I'm done with college.

When we got to her house she asked me in of course. You want anything to drink? I said a gin and tonic would be nice. She made it strong. We talked a little; she asked If it was Ok if she put a night gown on. I said, sure. She came out in this long black night gown and these sexy high heel shoes.

She wanted it bad. She sat almost on top of me and rubbed my thigh just barely hitting my cock. When my cock sprung up she put her leg on mine and kissed me hard on the lips her tongue was all over my mouth and neck. She was so horney and so was I, she was straddling me now kissing me so hard dripping with saliva.

She tore my shirt off and kissed and licked my chest, down my belly, to my rock hard cock. Pulled my pants down and my cock sprang out and slapped against my belly. She sucked it for like a minute, and then put it in her dripping wet pussy. She road me harder than anyone road me before, Flinging her head back and forth we were both in ecstasy. She got off and told me to get up and she said fuck me this way, she meant doggy style. She said slap my ass Chuck; I've been a bad girl.

She screamed. I asked her If she ever had it in the other hole. No, my husband only did it the regular way. I said don't worry it feels real good, I'll start slow, just relax. I positioned my cock on her virgin ass hole and slowly plunged it in.

She was tight as hell, once it was in it loosed up. Please don't stop. I told her I was going to cum , She said go ahead but don't pull out I want to feel it. I shot my load deep in her ass. Oh it felt so hot. We took a hot shower together; she couldn't keep her hands off my cock. I couldn't keep mine off her big tits and ass. She's one sexy old lady. Great story!

Hot story, if only it were true. I wonder if such an old shaggy slut ever gets a dripping wet pussy Nevertheless, a nice story. I'm also on old women. As I'm only 25 yo and look quite good, its very easy for me to get and fuck old sluts. Some weeks ago I fucked a canasta playing party of four - first of all one after the other, than all together.

It's amazing to feel four lips and tongues at the same time on your cock. And it's great to have them kneeling in front of you and splash a very good load of sperm into their facde and open mouths. Tha story was turning me on and its a great story. I love older women. I would of came all over her face too, thanks for making my day 86 months ago permalink. Love this story! Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member.

Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. Photos Discussions Members Map About. Anyone have sex with granny , I did and still do 3 replies. Anyone have sex with granny , I did and still do I always had the hots for my g

Sexy granny stoeies

Sexy granny stoeies

Sexy granny stoeies