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Dave leaned back for a minute. The table in the dinette was cleared off and the refrigerator stocked with beer. Vicki was coming over with Dave to keep me company, so I was working on a pitcher of margaritas. They arrived first, and Dave gave me a peck on the cheek. She was a tall Junoesque blonde, rather a sex-pot, while I was an ordinary brunette, on the petite side with average size Bs'.

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis

She made an even bolder move. I was glad I was wearing one of my better bras. I said, "That sounds like a good idea, why don't you call Kenny and Sandy ex;osing see if they want to come over and ym strip poker. I'm bored! I completely missed the Strip poker exposing my penis of him getting a full house. When it came time to show our cards, I slapped mine on the table. It is because I was looking to have champions that interacted at each level.

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I was studying grad at San Jose State. It is also kind of exciting to realize that you may be becoming naked as well. It was in the time before cell phones so they couldn't call someone to bring them more clothes. I was fourteen and I knew Ben since I was five years old. Nothing hotter to me than being naked with 2 bikini girls getting stroked with oil for a LONG time, till I blew a super load for them. It was a couples game normally on a Saturday night. Back Maya rubbing my college days, mid 80's, some guys and myself had a house that was a block or so from the campus. Then I lost and my Strip poker exposing my penis won. We were all faking to Strip poker exposing my penis a spoon as the cards were being passed from R to L. Literotica is a trademark. Our youth group would travel to a bunch of Women sex pussy hairy fuck, one including a retreat by a lake.

All the people in this story are of the age of consent.

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  • Our house was clean.

In college I started playing poker. It was really popular at the time and was a fun thing to do in the middle of the week. We played fairly regularly and I was very good, or very lucky if you hear it from the guys.

One of the guys, lets call him Brad, would complain often that I was winning due to luck rather than skill. He would always get really mad when I beat him, which added to the enjoyment, since he was a bit of an ass. After a few months of playing, Brad had had enough, and said that the only reason I was winning was because I was not afraid to lose and was taking risks.

He would always tell us stories about playing poker in Vegas or online and how good he was. He always acted like he was the professional and we were just wannabes, which made beating him even more fun.

Finally I teased him one too many times because he refused to play again unless we upped the odds. I complained and finally they relented but said there has to be a way to increase the risk. Then Brad suggested we try playing strip poker. Since I was winning a lot, I figured the odds were on my side. Surprisingly, the other girls in the group agreed as well.

The way we set it up, each piece of clothes was worth a few chips. You only had to pay up and remove the clothes if you lost. This was good and bad. It allowed each person to bet a lot without having to strip. The problem was that it was easy to lose a lot and suddenly be forced to strip more than initially comfortable with. Our first strip poker game started off great. I won the first few hands and was feeling very confident. Then I lost a few hands in a row and got some bad cards and suddenly I was sitting there in my bra, panties and a t-shirt while everyone else had more clothes than me.

Suddenly the risk of being naked, or at least showing some skin was very real. I began playing a lot more carefully and, just like Brad predicted, things were not going well.

My shirt came off immediately. I managed to come out ok in the next few hands, and one of the guys was down to his boxers while another girl was also down to her underwear when I lost big. I had some good cards, tried to take advantage of it and ended up losing everything. I had to stand up and strip naked in front of them. Brad had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face as I got up and faced them.

Everyone looked up and was waiting for me to strip naked. I remember feeling very self conscience as I first took my bra off, and then, while trying to keep my boobs covered with one hand, tried slipping my panties off.

I pulled them down on one side and they stretched and caught on the other side, leaving my pussy bare while I desperately tried to pull them down as fast as possible. I stepped out of them, threw them to the side and quickly sat back down, with both hands covering my boobs. The guys readily agreed and the girls grudgingly agreed as well. The problem was that I was out of chips. I begged or some more and finally they said that I can have more chips if I agree to do dares. I reluctantly agreed, since I figured the dares would be things like showing them my body, which they had seen anyways.

I tried to cover myself up, but holding the cards with one hand and having to throw chips into the center of the table meant that I often had to uncover my breasts. Then I realized that I could use my nakedness as an advantage, since my boobs were distracting the guys.

We ended up playing until everyone was naked and the worst dare I had to do was a few poses showing them my body, nothing too bad. One of the girls, Michelle, had to bend over and spread her butt cheeks, but that was the worst we did. The next time we played, I was a lot less worried about being naked. I was the last one to get naked and I even got to dare Brad to do some naked jumping jacks. He was furious and said it was all luck. Because the risk of being naked was no longer enough to change my playing style, Brad demanded we start doing more serious dares.

Our games started getting more serious and the dares raunchier and raunchier. The first line we crossed was when Brad asked me for a hand job. He always tried to humiliate me as much as possible to make me play more defensively. I agreed and ended up jerking him in front of everyone. Asking him to finger me or eat me out in front of everyone seemed less of a punishment for him as for me. When I won big against him, I dared him to let me stick a finger in his ass.

He was mad as hell, but we grabbed some vaseline and a glove and I shoved my finger in there. He was warm and tight and he became really hard. I teased him that he enjoyed it and he was really embarrassed. I remember that was a really great night. Because the dares were getting raunchier and us girls had a hard time coming up with dares for the boys, we started bringing toys into the game. The guys were terrified that we would stick anything in their ass which evened the playing field, until our last game.

Things quickly got heated up since we were all playing aggressively. Being naked was no longer a worry and we quickly got to doing dares. Another girl, Melissa, ended up owing a lot of money.

We had quickly established that the more you lose in a hand, the worst the dare is. The guys obviously wanted to fuck us, so we made that limit really high. She was a bit of a plump girl, not fat, but could definitely stand to lose a few pounds.

She lost to one of the guys, Randy, and, right before the last card, he told her that the dare was going to be sex. She responded that she was going to stick a vibrator up his ass. She ended up losing and I still remember the look on her face. Randy just got up, took her hand and asked her how she wanted to do it. He was already hard as he slipped on a condom and he asked her if she needed lube.

He started fucking her hard and I remember that everything on her was jiggling. She gripped the sides of the couch as he fucked her hard and she ended up having multiple orgasms. That was the first time we had ever taken it that far.

Since she was out of money she just ended up lying on the couch naked for a while, trying to recover from her orgasms. Randy re-joined the table and we kept playing.

Even though he had the most money, he ended up slowly losing it until finally it was only me and Brad. We almost had the same amount and I got a great hand. I raised big and he matched me each time, until finally we both went all in. Along the way he tried to get me to fold, telling me of the dares he was going to do me as the pot got bigger and bigger. At first he was saying how he was going to make me masturbate in front of everyone, then how he was going to finger my ass.

I tried to remain calm, I had great cards and was sure he was bluffing. I was feeling high, and since we were drinking all night had a good buzz going, and felt that this was finally my chance to put him in his place.

I countered and told him I was going to do embarrassing things to him, finally even threatening to fuck him in the ass with a strapon in front of everyone. I had a flush, right from the start and was really confident. When it came time to show our cards, I slapped mine on the table. He just sat there, completely quiet, and slowly revealed his cards. He had a full house. Somewhere in the back of my mind it clicked that I had lost. I completely missed the possibility of him getting a full house.

The worst part is that he got the full house only on the last card. I just stood there naked looking at the cards in shock as he got up and walked around to where I was. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back, then placed his hands on my thighs and got me to spread my legs. I was already really wet and he was able to slip it right in.

I just gripped the table as his body slapped against mine. I ended up leaning forward, my head and chest lying on the table as he fucked me from behind. Then, while his cock was still in my pussy, he started rubbing the lube into my ass pucker with his thumb, until he finally managed to push it in all the way. He then pulled his thumb out of my butt with a wet pop, and at the same time slowly withdrew his penis from my pussy. I felt the tip of his penis against my butt.

I let out a gasp as his cock went deeper and deeper. Each time he would pull out a bit, pour more lube, and then push it deeper until finally he was in all the way. I looked up and saw that everyone was standing around looking at me. Even Melissa had gotten up off the couch to watch.

Sometimes the girls let us fuck them, sometimes the girls won and us guys ended up at least partially naked. It didn't take many more hands before we were down to one person with clothes, and that was Kenny. More Girls Chat with x Hamster Live girls now! She smiled and pushed me back on the bed, my cock standing up, pointing towards the ceiling. I lost and took off my shirt. Please Rate This Submission: 1 2 3 4 5.

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis. Change picture


Strip Poker with a Twist - gang bang serial

Our house was clean. Lindsey and I had had some older family members over for dinner the previous evening, so we had spent some time getting everything in order. Lindsey said, "Since our house looks so good, why don't we invite somebody over for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I don't want to make another dinner, but I don't mind making chips and dips.

I said, "That sounds like a good idea, why don't you call Kenny and Sandy and see if they want to come over and play strip poker. He runs a manufacturers' representative company and she worked as his secretary for several years. Lindsey and I are in our mids. We've been married for 40 years.

Kenny and Sandy are 10 or 12 years younger. Kenny is rather irreverent and sex seems to rule his one tracked mind. One of the promotional pieces he has for his company is a towel with a man playing with a woman's boobs. The caption is, "We handle these. I guess this helps sell his products to customers. I don't know whether Lindsey has ever seen Kenny naked before, but I suspect that she has.

I think he's gotten her to remove her clothes as well. But that's just speculation on my part. Kenny's office is in a building pretty far from any other commercial property, and the two of them would often be there alone. Kenny's idea of funny was to take a pitcher of water into the bathroom and pour it into the toilet, while he "Oohs..

I do know that Lindsey has seen pictures of Kenny naked. She has told me that on more than one occasion, when she came in to work, there were multiple pictures on the wall of Kenny proudly exposing his cock. Again his sense of humor.

Kenny is obsessed with sex. Kenny is six four. His wife Sandy is about 5 feet tall and cute. She pretty much tolerates his sexual behavior. And all he apparently thinks about is sex. In any event I thought strip poker would be fun. Lindsey didn't object, so I told her to call them. She called and talked with Kenny and asked him whether he like to come over on Thursday night with Sandy to play strip poker and he said, "Sure.

Neither of us are poker players and I frankly don't know the strategy of poker much at all, so I figured we would create our own rules for strip poker without cards. I had also been thinking about this for quite some time. When Kenny and Sandy got there, I served them drinks and said, "Let's get started.

I pulled out four quarters and a bunch of pennies and said, "Here's how we are going to play. First everybody will count the number of articles of clothing they're wearing.

If anyone has less articles than the person who has the most, I'll give him the difference in pennies. Before shedding clothes, if they have to give up an article of clothing, they can throw in the penny, instead. That way, each of us will have the same number of items to lose before we become totally naked. We'll each flip our coins and, one by one, reveal whether it's heads or tails.

If all the coins are heads or all tails or two heads and two tails, no one loses. But if we have three tails and one head, or one tail and three heads, the person with the single result has to give up an article of clothing or throw in a penny. We'll rotate who reveals first, since there is some suspense as to who may lose a hand based upon the results of the flips. Sometimes the flips were even and nothing happened.

But, one by one, each of us had to throw in the pennies and began removing clothing. There really is suspense to being the third or fourth person to reveal your flip. Sometimes you are safe; sometimes you are at risk.

Tension builds a bit when losing an article of clothing is the result. We played for quite some time as we drank the beer and wine. Some hands did nothing; others resulted in removal of an item of clothing. It is quite exotic to watch the women begin discarding layers of clothing. It is also kind of exciting to realize that you may be becoming naked as well.

I also wondered what Lindsey's reaction would be at either seeing Kenny nude or exposing herself to him. For the most part, the hands treated us evenly; this is a game of rather equal odds, not skill.

We were all losing clothes at about the same rate. I was down to my golf shirt and boxers, when I lost the next flip. I threw in my boxers, leaving me clothed in only a golf shirt. The idea of playing strip poker was sufficiently erotic that I already had a hard on.

Now that my cock was only partially covered by the bottom hem of the golf shirt, my erection grew. Sandy was next to expose and she removed her top. Sandy has nice breasts. They were not huge, not small, but perfect and beautiful, but then I love breasts. I said, "There's one other rule, and that is when you lose clothing to expose your bare skin, anybody else who wants to, gets to touch. She came over and I stood up and I put her hands on my exposed balls while I rubbed her tits.

Now I was really fully erect. I was also in seventh heaven. I kissed her breasts and licked her nipples. After a minute or so, she then went back to her seat to resume the game. I noticed that Lindsey and Kenny were looking at each other with rather lustful expressions. It didn't take many more hands before we were down to one person with clothes, and that was Kenny. But once Lindsey took off her last article of clothing and Kenny walked over to feel her tits, he took off the rest of his clothes and gave her a hug.

He was aroused as well. He pressed his raging erection into her belly. This turned me on immensely. I had never seen Lindsey naked with another man, much less in full frontal naked contact. I don't think I've ever had a more raging hard on than I had at that moment.

When he stepped back, I told Lindsey, "Massage his balls. I said, "Kiss his cock. I looked at Sandy, and frankly she looked like she was about to jump either Kenny or me. Lindsey responded to my request; she said, "Absolutely not. You've always talked about how giving a blow job is no big deal. Why don't you just put his dick in your mouth and suck?

I don't. But that doesn't bother me. It is what it is. But his was big. Lindsey couldn't take her eyes off of it. Finally, I convinced her and she bent over and took the head of his cock into her mouth and began licking.

I had never seen my wife sucking on another man's cock, and it was incredibly erotic. She kept doing it for about 45 seconds and I could see that Kenny was in heaven.

I walked over to Sandy, helped her up from the sofa and pulled her toward me. Sandy is not very tall and so my dick came in contact with her navel. I put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled her close to me. The feeling of skin on skin was incredibly erotic to me.

I turned her around and pressed my dick into her back while I massaged her breasts and kissed her neck. By now, Lindsey had stop sucking on Kenny's cock and the two were nibbling on each other's lips. Kenny's hands were all over Lindsey's breasts.

Have I said yet that Lindsey's breasts are incredible? She was small breasted when we married, but after four children, her tits just didn't return to small; and for a somewhat older woman, they are pert and full.

It was a rather incredible turn on to simultaneously rubbed my dick against Sandy's skin, while I was watching Lindsey and Kenny feel each other all over their bodies. After a couple of minutes, I said, "How about some skinny dipping?

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis

Strip poker exposing my penis