Turned on while breastfeeding-Orgasm While Breastfeeding

If you read this headline and thought to yourself "huh?! Because this is a topic that, until recently, hasn't been well-researched, many people have the experience of arousal or orgasm during breastfeeding, and then feel shame or guilt, as if there is something wrong with them. This is especially unfortunate since there is a well-understood reason for the experience, and understanding why it happens can go a long way to alleviate shame and embarrassment. Oxytocin is a hormone that stimulates ejection of milk from the nipples, and its release is triggered by breast stimulation. Oxytocin is also involved in other physiological processes.

Turned on while breastfeeding

Similarly, orgasm is something we connect to sexual desire and release, whether alone or with a partner. Sometimes even hearing any baby cry, not just your own, can trigger a sensitive let-down reflex. But our bodies don't "understand" social meaning. Breastfeeding might look easy, but it can be quite painful for the ehile few weeks or months. If you go into it Turned on while breastfeeding nervous or scared or worried about being aroused, odds are, it will be extremely hard to be successful breastfeeding because you breastfeding be too concerned that every little Running and sex poems or difficult moment is an indication that it isn't going well, and just end up quitting. During that time, I have had just Turned on while breastfeeding every breastfeeding-related experience one could have. If you are having this experience and are distressed by it, it's recommended that nreastfeeding talk with a trusted friend or health care provider. At worst that's an uninformed person writing things they shouldn't at best it's propaganda from the formula propaganda. If anything it made me Chromosomes models want my hubby to play Turnex my nips anymore because I had a new purpose for them.

Made with tender loving care. The Role of Oxytocin

The mother spent the night in jail was separated from her Turned on while breastfeeding. When breastdeeding woman breastfeeds, her body releases two very important hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. Both experiences involve skin-to-skin contact. Intrigued, I quickly found my way to confessional YouTube videos on breastfeecing topic. Confessing such feelings may have even called into question whether a woman was fit to Turned on while breastfeeding a mother, said Polomeno. It's so easy to think that something is wrong with you, and that you're some sort of sexual deviant because Babson dorms body is having a completely normal reaction to physical stimulation. When I started regularly feeling sexually aroused during nursing, I thought there was something wrong with me. But I want women to know that if they've felt this way before, they're not freaks, and they're not alone. During orgasm. So how does Porn fedilty work? But you never know — you and your partner may be thanking me later, if you get my drift. Ultimately, whlle you experience these breastfeedjng, the biggest hurdle you have to overcome is yourself. This is, I later realized, far from uncommon. A few academic studies have also explored the phenomenon.

I'm a FTM and i was reading about this on the internet..

  • I mean really, a mother could go from feeding her baby to messing around in the bedroom in the span of minutes, so how weird is it that one act is so sexual and the other so not?
  • I first discovered this secret of secrets while researching the evolutionary role of breasts in sex, stumbling on it as a mere footnote in an academic journal.
  • I have been nursing my son for almost 4 years.
  • .

Breastfeeding isn't as simple as "baby plus nipple. Here are some common breastfeeding experiences you may not have heard about, compiled by new moms and women's health experts. Breastfeeding may not be something that everyone likes to talk about, but it's a pretty essential part of life you know, that thing we like to "hack" around here.

Unfortunately, since it can sometimes be perceived as taboo, there are a lot of things you might not be aware of—and knowing them ahead of time can help you prepare. Here's what you need to know. Experts estimate that it takes about calories to make the 24 to 28 ounces of breast milk that the average mom makes each day. That's the caloric equivalent of a sizeable brownie or if you're eating healthier, about 20 medium carrots.

Burning anywhere between and extra calories for milk production each day is a typical range. Breastfeeding alone usually isn't enough to strip leftover pregnancy weight, but along with exercise and a healthy diet, the extra calories burned do add up. Breastfeeding might look easy, but it can be quite painful for the first few weeks or months. Getting a baby to latch onto a breast at all, let alone correctly , can take time, and those feeding sessions a day can leave a woman's nipples feeling raw and sore.

The discomfort can range from slight tenderness to cracked and bleeding skin. Combine that pain with the tedium and exhaustion of feeding sessions per day for a newborn, and you can start to understand the tough job that a nursing mom has. Most women find that their breasts toughen up in about two weeks, but it's important to get a baby to latch on correctly and contact a healthcare provider if the pain persists, especially between feedings.

Although a nursing woman's breasts take on a very different role as nutritional providers for a new baby, things may not have changed much for her partner. Chances are that a partner has a special fondness for those breasts, and seeing them—even with a baby attached to them—is still a turn-on. If it's weird for you, feel free to tell your partner not to watch.

But if not, you might welcome the company and the attention during feeding sessions. Nursing mothers may get turned on, too. Sexual arousal during breastfeeding is a common and confusing side effect. Many women enjoy breast stimulation in their sex lives far before they ever have a baby, and erogenous zones don't simply stop feeling good when touched.

It's important to note that the physical arousal a woman may feel is separate from anything emotional she feels towards her baby. Again, it's incredibly common, despite it being a taboo subject for obvious reasons.

A baby's sucking triggers the release of the hormones oxytocin and prolactin, and oxytocin creates uterine contractions. Although uncomfortable, these cramps also called "afterpains" are necessary to squeeze the uterus back to its pre-birth size. Milk glands are what matter when it comes to milk production , not breast size which is mostly fatty tissue.

A woman with an A-cup can make the same amount of milk as a woman with a double D; she just has less fatty tissue compared to glandular tissue. There are other evolutionary reasons males may be attracted to larger breasts. The release of breast milk, called the let-down reflex , usually happens after a baby has been sucking for about two minutes.

The sucking triggers release of the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates milk production. Some women feel the let-down reflex as a tingling or a warmth. But other stimuli can trigger production of oxytocin besides sucking, including emotional ones like looking at a picture of your baby, thinking of your baby, or hearing a recording of your baby. Sometimes even hearing any baby cry, not just your own, can trigger a sensitive let-down reflex.

Many women report a relaxed, calm state during breastfeeding, helping them bond with their babies. Others even say they experience euphoria , a breastfeeding high brought on by the release of the hormones oxytocin and prolactin that accompanies baby's sucking. Some people call it being "milk drunk.

As such, some claim it can be addictive. There's not a lot of research to back it up, but some women swear that they get addicted because of the good feelings it brings and the calories it burns. Penelope Cruz famously stated that it's "addictive. It's hard when the day comes when you have to stop. Many women with breast implants can still breastfeed successfully. Incisions made through the armpit or underneath the breast tend to interfere with breastfeeding the least, whereas incisions around the areola can increase problems with feeding like reduced nipple sensitivity or blocked milk ducts.

Implant placement below the pectoralis muscle usually leaves the milk glands intact for future feeding. Although women shouldn't breastfeed with nipple jewelry inserted, the hole it leaves shouldn't interfere with feedings. Breast milk actually comes from many holes at once; an additional one that you added yourself won't cause a problem. However, newer piercings have increased risk of infection, so they should be fully healed before attempting breastfeeding.

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I think the sudden feelings of arousal came from a change in the way my son latched. Prolactin stimulates milk production and helps with bonding. But women shouldn't be ashamed of a physiological reaction they can't control, nor should they be scared that it will somehow negatively affect their child. But apparently, I was wrong. Many are too scared to discuss it even with their partners.

Turned on while breastfeeding

Turned on while breastfeeding

Turned on while breastfeeding

Turned on while breastfeeding.


I Got Involuntarily Aroused While Breastfeeding, & I Didn't Realize It Was Normal

I'm a FTM and i was reading about this on the internet.. I don't want to feel like this! As time goes on I think it would change as your mind recognizes you are feeding your baby. I nursed my daughter for over 2 years and I can honestly say before she was born I thought the same thing, however after she was born and I actually began nursing her it was completely different.

It's definitely a bonding experience and it's more cute to watch them nurse than anything else. Once they get teeth it's not so cute anymore lol all that worry about nursing will go away once you actually do it.

At least for me it did, I plan on nursing my son when he's born also! I'm having the anxiety again too.

I think it's just part of the process lol. I think when the time comes, sexualizing breastfeeding will be the furthest thing from your mind. I was nervous about breastfeeding my first, but it went really well, and my boobs were no longer sex objects, just feeding bags. It finally got to the point where my husband was no longer turned on by me whipping my boobs out when I fed her.

Like most aspects of motherhood, its just something you get used to. There was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago and it got a little heated. I will say this: girl. I'm not sure why so many people try to freak out other women when it comes to breastfeeding. It is easily the ONE thing about caring for a child that you can most easily psych yourself out over, and make more mentally difficult than it needs to be.

With my first, I honestly didn't think more than a couple of minutes about it. I went into it knowing that I would breastfeed, or at least try to breastfeed. My son latched on, and 15 months later is when I officially stopped. If you go into it being nervous or scared or worried about being aroused, odds are, it will be extremely hard to be successful breastfeeding because you will be too concerned that every little hangup or difficult moment is an indication that it isn't going well, and just end up quitting.

Well, guess what, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. Yes, it becomes natural the longer you do it, but even then, there are moments of frustration and discomfort. It's totally fine. As far as becoming aroused while breastfeeding? I'm not saying it doesn't happen for some women, because I'm sure it does. I'm thinking it is pretty uncommon, but does happen to some women. What is probably more common is experiencing feelings of extreme happiness and relaxation.

The more I got the hang of it, the more I found myself just closing my eyes and sighing. It did make me extremely happy in that moment. But sexually aroused and turned on? Oh noooo. I would hope that women don't confuse the two. Happiness and relaxation and a feeling of calmness is not the same as being sexually aroused. My advice is just to try it. You may surprise yourself!

That doesn't happen. Where did you read that? At worst that's an uninformed person writing things they shouldn't at best it's propaganda from the formula propaganda. I wouldn't worry about this. If anything it made me not want my hubby to play with my nips anymore because I had a new purpose for them. With the feeling of the latch and let down there's not much to get aroused about haha it feels like someone is punching the back of your nips when you let down. Milk rushes and it feels intense not arousing.

That is the last thing you'll be thinking about when you're feeding your baby. You'll be fine! Either youre gona do it when the time comes, or youre not. Dont be afraid hun go in positive of whatever you decide to do. You won't be aroused though - it kind of hurts at first!! Breastfeeding will feel very natural and likely not sexual in nature- every person is different though;. It won't take from the intimacy with your partner either or change the feeling - you'll know a different feeling from your partners touch and Your baby's touch- don't worry mama.

I can honestly say I have the same worry. I know it possibly won't be the case. But nipple stimulation is what arouses me, some people have there things..

But I know my mind set is going to be different. And I'm going to focus on having those different mind sets. Because it DID happen. I felt aroused, which was extremely uncomfortable for me, and I stopped. I am going to try my hardest to push through it this time and see what happens. I'm older now, and hope I'll be able to think logically passed how it feels physically.

But we'll see. It will be uncomfortable in the beginning. So for at least 6 weeks I would not say you'll get any type of sexual feelings- after that it's like washing your hands.

You and baby have a system and that's it. Once baby is aware of what is going on you'll have fingers in your nose, hair pulling, and getting slapped in the face! I wouldn't worry about it. Honestly even if this does happen, as disturbing as it might be, don't beat yourself up about it. We all have enough to worry about without adding this to our plate!

The first week of breastfeeding involves chaffed and cracked nipples and exhaustion.. It will not arouse you. One of the first things that happens when your baby latches to drink colostrum is that you uterus contracts. It is one natural way that your body starts going back. It is a very important part of the post pardum process.

You will not be aroused. It is like a switch goes off and boobies are for babies. You may not even get aroused when your man is at your Brest at least not for a while. It took me about 6 months after nursing was subsided to get aroused from breast stimulation.

I nursed for a combined 3. But if you do- it's totally not a big deal! E by Expecting Lately while pumping or breastfeeding my body feels strange. Almost aroused. It freaks me out. It makes me question myself. For instance I prefer to pump because I get a visual of babies intake January Babies. Feeling sexually aroused while breastfeeding. Bookmark Discussion. I do want to breastfeed my baby so bad but.. Reply Close. Sort by: Oldest Newest 38 Posts.

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Turned on while breastfeeding

Turned on while breastfeeding