Kameron Hurley’s God’s War arrives into this melee like a live grenade, lobbed with abandon and not a little mischief. It is a book in which the. God’s War: Bel Dame Apocrypha Volume 1 [Kameron Hurley] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer. I didn’t have to wait very long for the—as the guidelines for the That Was Awesome series phrase it—“small and/or crystallizing.

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On a planet colonized by Muslims using insect-based technology in the far-flung future ravaged a multi-sect religious war, in the midst of which a scrappy band of pansexual assassins try to scrap out a living selling the occasional organ to hueley bills.

We publish fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, interviews, and art. Not only that, but the world of God’s Waras much as our guide through it, hits us between the eyes.

It’s a sad statement that it’s so unusual to read about women in roles that men would usually fill, kicking asses and getting their asses kicked–but it is unusual. Mani Podcast read by: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And the main protagonist is one bad ass person. Among the nations of Umamya, only Nasheen seems to have pursued a matriarchal route.

Having said that, I agree with many of your points. At the end, however, I felt like it was forced – the cussing and sexuality all felt a bit arbitrary, like the entire world was written just as an excuse to be edgy and sexual. But on the home front, at least in the country where we spend the most time, women are soldiers and politicians and businesspeople and pretty much everything else.

Or maybe they’re just people. I will agree that God’s War is dark – the subject matter is morbid at best, and downright dark at worst. Personally, I hope the story explains the deviations of the religion traditions on the book with current Islam from Earth.


A third is in the works. If I was making an argument that technology and fantasy aren’t mutually exclusive, Hurley’s novel would be the example I hold up. This site uses cookies.

God’s War Trilogy – Kameron Hurley

Was a bakkie a bug, a vehicle or some weird mixture of both? In fact, the early going of the narrative is rather disjointed with blanks that could use filling. Nyx aside, the biggest strength of God’s War is the interesting and unique world building. This is a very layered story.

Apr 29, Jenny Reading Envy rated it really liked it Shelves: I already have my hands on it so expect a review in a week or two. I hope to try Hurley again some time, with later work in a different milieu.

But when a dubious deal between her government and an alien gene pirate goes bad, Nyx’s ugly past makes her the top pick for a covert recovery. It’s not a pleasant read, really, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Other books in the series. I went through several transformations as I read this novel, or four if you include a priori expectations after judging a book by its cover; for some weird reason, I thought this title would be more UF than a gritty SF title that masquerades as a fantasy.

I have a strong distaste for hype, and the more people go on about something the less inclined I am to read it immediately.

I will say that I don’t qualify it as an “urban fantasy” as I generally count urban fantasy as being ‘fantasy occurring in modern day earth’, which this story is not. Clarke and British Sci-Fi Association nominations.

Much is left unexplained, not leas the presence of off-worlders. Just what the genre ordered. It is not for those who are squeamish about bugs, violence or if same-sex sexual relationships bother you. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Unfortunately, the character work was done with a much heavier hand, and I found myself impatient with a lot of kamfron. Jun 17, Terence rated it liked it Recommended to Terence by: Lists with This Book. Needless to say that I wasn’t disappointed. There’s a war that’s been going on for as long as anyone can remember, that’s half wrecked the planet and that keeps chewing up and spitting out the population of the belligerent countries.

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Instead, I found myself flipping backward, trying to work out whether there were two different categories at all.

God’s War – Kameron Hurley

They can come home when and if they live long enough to reach Yet I find myself now wanting to read on, and indeed to reread, to go more deeply into this world that is struggling to come to birth. That let me spend more time admiring the uniqueness of the world and, more than anything, the characters.

I want to see what comes next.

Having grown up in and around Washington State. That’s one of the things I loved about this book–its bold creation of a world where women dominate, and where women are socially, goswar, and in all other ways tough and capable.

We agree that the visibility of the gore that women do is woeful due to a variety of mendacities: While both sides of the war worship the same God and read from the same book, their interpretations are night and day.

I like the idea of a war of “fictional convenience” — in fact, its unsustainability never even occurred to me as I read the book.

God’s War : Bel Dame Apocrypha Book 1

Of course, religion plays a big part in here in both the shaping of civilization as well inner struggles from some characters. All material in Strange Horizons is copyrighted to the original authors and may not be hruley without permission.

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