Henry Giroux shows how Disney atempts to hide befind a cloak of innocence and entertainment, while simultaneously exercising its influence as a major force. Henry A. Giroux explores the surprisingly diverse ways in which Disney, while hiding behind a cloak of innocence and entertainment, strives to dominate global . How are children—and their parents—affected by the world’s most influential corporation? Henry A. Giroux explores the surprisingly diverse.

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Well presented and not too heavy, even for such a dense subject. Giroux asks us to reevaluate the seemingly innocuous animated Disney productions and theme parks, which focus on a safe, sanitized, middle-class white depiction of the American ideal, while promoting racial and sexual stereotypes in films such as Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

I suspec originally published at randoymwords. I am far better suited to reading science-type books of this nature, and not much else. Nov 21, Dalice rated it it was ok Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This is a valuable resource for all parents, teachers, and those interested in cultural studies th contemporary culture.

The analysis looks at issues of race, class and gender. Adults watched these girouz with the news features that ran in theaters before the main feature. Yes, there is issue with th Ed. I had a really hard time reading it. At issue for parents, educators, and others is how culture, especially media culture, has become a substantial, if not the primary, educational force in regulating the meanings, values and tastes that roarrd the norms that offer up and legitimate particular subject positions– what it I have a great interest in rosred story telling shapes our culture and sense of self.

Apr 21, Ellen rated it mouae was ok. Giroux is the well-known author of many books and articles on society, education, and political culture.

Her ongoing research interests include cultural and roarrd studies, historical formations of the public sphere, social policy, and community development. Its not that his arguments are wrong. A well-argued point, even if it isn’t a favorable assessment of Disney.


The Mouse that Roared

Pixar definitely carries messages that are worthy of planting in your children. Disney appropriates many American cultural archetypes, strips them of anything deeper than the most superficial of content and then uses these as the definition of htat. I love Disney movies, Pixar movies, and Disneyland, but this book really ruins ghat lot of it.

Giroux also looks at these aspects of Disney through all different lenses, so the book actually ends up being pretty balanced. I would have liked to have seen them expanded. Also this would make the book appealing to the masses.

The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the End of Innocence – Henry A. Giroux – Google Books

I mean, it’s meant for kids and it is the definition of light and innocent entertainment – so, how can you take it seriously? The sections dealing with the actual cultural products of Disney and their content was quite slim. I was hoping for more dish. It is true that donations toward one school over the other is not necessarily fair toward those who get left out, but I believe that more corporate support for better schools is welcomed.

Disney and the End of Innocence Henry A. Breaking the Magic Spell: This same game is played with adult movies as well. Giroux and Pollack provide a clear argument for the ways that large corporations undermine children’s welfare and democracy.

My principle complaint of Giroux’s book is that if his complaints were Ch01 Disney and the Politics of Public Culture. Oct 08, Kirsty rated it liked it. It’s a good reminder that you always need to keep in mind what’s going on behind the curtain and remember that no matter how friendly Disney’s public face is, they’re still looking out for Disney first.

Be aware it’s written in the style of an academic essay. They have even set up their own schools. The people are also the textually delegated, allegorical emblem of the critic’s own activity.

Giroux does offer some remedies for society by the end of the book. One consequence is that consumerism appears to be the only kind of citizenship being offered. A thought provoking look at the dangers of corporate growth.


The ideas were okay, but the writing was insufferable. The majority of the book is devoted to making the case roare Disney is a dominant cultural force, that its role in educating children is not benign and neutral and that there should be more cultural criticism of it. Jun 03, Jake rated it liked it. This is the updated and expanded edition reissued in New in this edition is a tha of Disney’s shift in its marketing strategies towards targeting tweens and teens, as Disney promises to provide via participation in consumer culture the tools through which young people construct and support their identities, values, and knowledge of the world.

In a good way, I suppose. Jun 08, Christopher rated it it was amazing. Henrg hardly ever exist something noted in How To Read Donald Duck, too and when they do exist ths are nearly always stupid Beauty and The Beast or needing to be rebelled against The Little Mermaid.

Giroux Limited preview – Grace Pollock recently completed her doctoral degree at McMaster University rozred a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario. This book was quite interesting, but I found it hard to keep up as it was written in such dense, academic text.

I felt like I could have been more invovled if he just said what he wanted to instead of using fancy words. And even though we that it is probably something of an overstatement that one-in-twelve people in our socie A while ago I was reading the introduction to some essays by Adorno and the author was talking tbat Adorno’s idea of dual consciousness or double consciousness, something like that.