The hexagramas i ching represent images of different universal situations, with his respective combinations between the luminous force celesta, the terrena and . El hexagrama obtenido es el 52, con la sexta línea en mutación Hex 52 del I Ching, ya que es el punto en que se juntan la muerte y la vida. Diagrama de los hexagramas del I Ching propiedad de Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz , El I Ching ([î tɕíŋ] en Mandarín), también conocido como Clásico de los.

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These trigramas tend to get together reciprocally in most of the possible variants, which are eight, and this way 64 cause to hexagramas of i chibg. This page needs Javascript to operate, but your browser doesn’t have it enabled.

On the other hand it is important to stand out the fact that the i-ching hexagramas possess two types of regents, one named the constituent where the line grants to the sign his typical sense, and the ruling regent who usually treats of 5to position. By clicking on the virtual coins 6 times a primary hexagram will be built from the bottom up. All interpretations include quotes from the ancient masters of Chinese philosophy as well as being based on the power of nature which originally inspired the Book of Changes.

This is important because many people use the wrong approach in assuming the first hexagram always changes to become the second.

Voices of the Changing Lines By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive to bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online. Additionally, they were inspired by natural processes where only now we are recognizing how nature can be a teacher.

Read the unchanging interpretation for that Hexagram. Below are additional guidelines that can be used to determine which line prevails No lines are changing: Ante esto poco puede hacer el ser individual.

As the trigrama is composed by three lines, the same one charts an experience of the life through that one lives in three different moments. The firmest line of the hexagramas of i ching is represented by an undivided line corresponding to the Yangthe luminous beginning; on the other hand, the soft line consists for a broken line that corresponds to the Yinthat is to say at first darkly.

Also, to love others, we must first love ourselves. Read only the transformed hexagram as the first hexagram has been exhausted. Todo empieza a afectarme y entonces decido consultar por lo que pueda ser de ayuda. At the same time the diagrams keep on evolving, adding one more line, what provokes that they transform in trigramas and on having submitted to these four diagrams to the totality of the possible combinations manages to be obtained as turned out eight trigramas basic that give birth to to the i ching hexagramas.


Some oracle readers view the progression from bottom to top and consider the topmost line as the prevailing line. The Secondary Hexagram can show both the foundation of your question and the potential outcome. Line 1 has a message about something new as a beginning, while line 6 talks about the unexpected arrival of help in the final hour, so slow down and stop pushing so hard.

When both lines change it leads to 13 Fellowship which is a superficial connection without intimacy. Sentarse tranquilamente significa que hay que hacer un trabajo consciente, hay que disponerse para ello, no es simplemente sentarse y no hacer nada.

The side with the two symbols associated with the Phoenix and Dragon are Yang with a value of 3. The Zong Gua of 6 Conflict would be 36 Brightness Hiding which is the opposite of what should be done in this situation. Stephen Karcher on Line Changes: WilhelmRudolf Ritsema. When both lines are changing 31 Wooing leads to 32 Duration because we establish a strong foundation line 2 with flexibility, consistency and honor the small things line 5. Line 3 shows the response when our thoughts meet with manifestation, while line 4 can be the manifestation itself.

Nature is a Teacher. These lines that form, combined, give us a whole of 4 signs. Below are additional guidelines that can be used to determine which line prevails.


For example, the Hu Gua of 6 Conflict shows 7 Family as both the dynamics that can create conflict and how establishing clarity in expectations like the Family can solve it. Tao and the Masters. Como respirar, que no es un movimiento que necesite de nuestra consciencia. If you receive a Hexagram with no changing lines, read the interpretation for the Unchanging hexagram.

The I Ching was originally composed by Taoist masters who’s understanding of life matches to how modern physics describes it today.

Contemplate the Hu Gua, Zong Gua, lines and changing hexagrams until you understand the message prior to asking more questions. The meaning of line 1 chjng often about beginnings, line 2 can embody the inner world and whether we are reacting like a victim or owning our condition.

Add line 5 which would have changed to become 62 Small Exceeding and we are warned to honor the small and less significant aspects and not be too rigid.


Unchanging Hexagrams are observed to be in a static condition and require careful examination in order to understand why the situation might be at an impasse or unchanging. Consider both Hexagrams and any changing lines as an answer to your question. In many cases, the transformed Hexagram will show the lingering atmosphere or longer influence at play while the Primary Hexagram is revealing your current mindset.

Algo que debe romperse para que surja lo nuevo. No es tiempo, parece, para eso. Cultivate a Taoist Perspective About the Coins The two coins used on this site accord with the Wilhelm Baynes translation where the side with four Chinese characters on the left, top, right and bottom are Yin with a value of 2.

Consulto para obtener una imagen general. Es el fin de un ciclo y el comienzo de uno nuevo. If we explored each line of 31 Wooing, we’d understand the law of attraction, especially where the heart is involved. When the 56 Wanderer doesn’t get the message to be a better house guest at line 1, he burns bridges in line 6 and can show the darker side of Hexagram 55 Abundance when it is overdone.

That is the lesson of 64 Before Completion too, because its message is that all things change. Now then, if the i ching hexagramas do not say that the direction that has taken is the wrong one and before the warning of it we repent and change it, it is probable that this provokes something of sadness but the book will not augur misfortune to us.

In parallel with that every trigrama presents typical of each of five basic elements that correspond to the oriental tradition ground, water, fire, metal and wood also they are represented by a color, a musical note, a planet, a point of the compass, an animal, a season, a member of the family and a specific area of the physical body with which they are identified.

Hexagramas of I Ching: characteristics and interpretation

Las tensiones suelen acumularse en la espalda. We can learn more about the deeper meaning of each hexagram too, when line 1 and six are changing. Hexagram 43 will always feel like closed doors and frustration unless we keep our mind open.

One line is changing: Four lines are changing: