How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work [Megan Hustad] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There’s a lot of career advice . Megan Hustad. · Rating details · ratings · 63 reviews. A delightfully original, unerringly hip, yet marvelously practical handbook for a new and slightly . Megan Hustad worked at Knopf, Basic Books, and Counterpoint Press before leaving publishing to write a book about the unexpectedly.

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This isn’t a self-help book. I was surprised — but perhaps shouldn’t have been — to discover that Helen Gurley Brown ‘s Sex and the Single Girl and ‘s Sex and the Office went on and on and on and on about this.

And then there are those who are already stationed, pouring their second cup of coffee, always at 8: I find this book to be both insp The tone of this book makes the advice go down so much easier. Oh, and it’s not only that mental-health days are sometimes necessary.

I would work like a mule from 8: And perhaps it says something about how to renew my own approach to work as well. The title is right – this really is a beginner’s book. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

With some luck, these neophytes might meet with someone like Megan Hustad. And I thought, “it worked!

Basically, this is a great book for people who hate the self help genre as it pokes fun at itself while still being helpful, but if you’ve actually read anything on careers and professional development, then all the advice is probably redundant. When the boom comes down, it comes down hard, and the chronically late types find themselves nitpicked and chastised for minor infractions.


In other words, don’t be all Eva Longoria and get dressed for every “hey, there’s a new Treo model, we’re rolling out the red carpet!!!

How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work: Megan Hustad: : Books

How is that good advice for anyone let alone a fresh college grad? You basically have to practice. Humorous yet wise, irreverent yet marvelously practical, this book will help you learn Why “just being yourself” is a terrible idea. Addendum to the above: One of the first American novels to paint the social and professional climber as selfish, amoral, and slutty.

A Saturday evening, over drinks with two friends, a few months into my first real job for the benevolent media magnates that still pay my salary. Please try again later.

And, oh yeah, passports. In all cases, Hustad has the ability to interpret the author’s sometimes century-old ideas for us 21st-century workers with humor and the genuine frankness of a good mentor.

The Millions: How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work by Megan Hustad

What was your first job? I like this advice. One of us had a car. Meban the “best of” advice from a century’s worth of career advice books, Hustad walks you through adjusting to a new job early in your career. She takes all those books we creative types avoid reading and condenses them into useable, readable bits that you can really apply to your work life.

Being useful to someone else is not about letting them see how sassy or smart your are it’s about doing what they want when they want it. The author is well-read and a gifted writer; I enjoyed reading it– I just wish I ussful send it to my year-old self.

I gave this to a friend who’s at a miserable office job. I felt as if I was reading a crappy Cliffs Notes t of all of the great books she referenced throughout How to be Useful.

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Why you shouldn’t be “nice. And okay, maybe I was stretching lunch just a little bit. Sunday early morning we arrived in Manhattan, walked around in a daze until very late Sunday night, then drove back to Toronto, arriving minutes before my Monday shift.


I tore into them ruthlessly. There are brilliant exceptions, but She’ll also try to tease out the misguided assumptions we held upon entering the workforce, and to explain how meagn might have conducted ourselves more helpfully.

Read more Read less. A great quick overview of the important career advice books from the last century. The tone of this book makes the advice go down so much easier. You could be a shy daydreamer, or you could be a bubblehead I have been told on multiple occasions that I have a “strong personality”.

How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work

I plan to go back and read it from the beginning someday. Her chatty, having-cocktails tone makes me imagine that this would be a great book for, say, the dreamy art student who feels his soul being crushed as he enters his own cubicle for the very first time; practical, but with a conspiratorial “we both know this Megan Hustad seems like someone you could have a cocktail with in a Manhattan bar, and while you were sitting there chatting over drinks, she would entertain you with her witty overview of American self-help literature from the past century.

Now you want to make a good impression, express yourself, excel. I found an apartment with them and we set out looking for jobs. I recommend to many people when they tell me how they hate their jobs or bosses. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.