Martha Patricia Ramírez Pinilla, Mariela Osorno-Muñoz, Jose Vicente Rueda, Adolfo Amézquita, María Cristina Ardila-Robayo Dendropsophus labialis. Reference for: Hyla labialis. Source: Amphibian Species of the World: an Online Reference v, database (version ). Acquired: Notes: Frost, Darrel R. We carried out a mark-recapture study of a highland population of the frog Hyla labialis, and assessed some demographic and behavioral consequences of our.

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Diving behaviour of the Andean frog Hyla labialis. Any other coaching guidance?

Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Assessment of disc clipping on the survival and behavior of the Andean frog Hyla labialis. Effects of water temperature and body size on dive time of the Andean frog Hyla labialis. Behavioral aspects hjla the reproductive biology of the Andean frog Colostethus palmatus Amphibia: Copeia, Universitas Scientiarum1 1 Don’t have an account?

Despite a significant negative correlation between male body size and dominant frequency of the advertisement calls, providing acoustic cues for females to discriminate among males, lsbialis seems that female mate choice leading to size-assortative mating is based only partially on call characteristics.


Hyla labialis – Biodiversity Heritage Library

Login with your Institution. Association between breeding cycle and male body condition in Hyla labialis. This trend also appeared in the laboratory, when a gravid female had the opportunity to choose among two males of different body sizes. As a consequence of the protection granted by the use license, the journal is not required to publish recantations or modify information already labbialis, unless the errata stems from the editorial management process.

Others are allowed to quote, adapt, transform, auto-archive, republish, and create based on this material, for any hyls even commercial onesprovided the authorship is duly acknowledged, a link to the original work is provided, and it is specified if changes have been made.

Mating pattern and hatching success in a population of the Andean frog Hyla labialis. Variation and trade-off in reproductive output of the Andean frog Hyla labialis. Mating pattern and hatching success in a population of the Andean frog Hyla labialis in Amphibia-Reptilia.

Mating pattern and hatching success in a population of the Andean frog Hyla labialis

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Are tropical highland frog calls cold-adapted? Abstract To identify behavioural mechanisms and determine their influence labialls the mating pattern in a population of Hyla labialis, we integrated sampling results from the field with results from manipulated laboratory observations.


Variation in mating pattern in a population of the Andean frog Hyla labialis.

We found no support for a large-male mating advantage based on male-male competition in shaping mating pattern. The larval metamorphic development comprised from the cul: Space use, cave choice, and spatial learning in the dendrobatid frog Colostethus palmatus. Vol 1 No 1 Herpetologica55 Access content through your institution.

Members of naturally occurring mated pairs had body sizes representative of the entire population, and revealed a size-assortative mating pattern. Larger females laid lbialis egg clutches, but larger males did not fertilise more eggs.

Dendropsophus labialis – Wikipedia

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