Burning in my armpits-Q. Why does my deodorant sting?

I am pro at all things natural, organic, ethically sourced, cruelty-free — and look for items that make my life easier, healthier, and happier. And although I am willing to make sacrifices trying 6 different deodorants is a time commitment , I have my limits. Apparently my limit is chemical burns. I thought they were just irritated. I was mistaken!

Burning in my armpits

I felt aarmpits improvement but it was nice to actually see it in pictures. For common skin infections, your doctor will typically prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medications to treat the condition. But the moment the cream was applied, I felt Jesse st james porn though my skin was burning so I immediately washed it off. Heartburnin which stomach acids travel back up the esophagus — or the pipe down which food travels — can cause shooting, sharp chest pain and, less commonly, pain in the armpit. But if that doesn't work, here are six other hacks to try. Join our network. Burning in my armpits, any concerning symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor. UBrning occurs when the hair follicles and oil glands become clogged, specifically under the arms and in the groin. One day, it took eight attempts to find a vein to insert an IV for chemotherapy before they gave up and decided to Burnning again the Burning in my armpits day. If you would prefer to speak to one of the nurses directly, you can telephone us on iin

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Simple home remedies are beneficial in most cases. We Welcome Your Feedback. I had to take cool showers and use a steroid cream for Burning in my armpits few days. This is more common when the underarms are shaved without the benefit of a moisturizing agent, such as shaving gel or soap. Best Health Care in the World. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affects boys and girls after they hit puberty. Hidradenitis suppurativa is referred to as a severe form of acne, which occurs when the secretions from apocrine glands get trapped under the surface of the skin. Thank you for helping to improve wiseGEEK! How do I get Rid of Armpit Fat? Although most cases of burning under the armpits are usually not serious, determining the cause is still important. Please see our Terms of Uncircimsized gay.

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  • Burning sensation in armpit is common issue as the skin in this area is quiet thin and delicate, it can become raw and irritated easily.
  • While many conditions may cause irritation in the armpits, WebMD notes that intertrigo usually causes a burning sensation along with redness and itching.
  • There are certain areas of the body that, given the choice, we might rather not investigate.

I was a busy mum of three, planning my wedding and also looking to get fit and healthy for our big day. In June, I noticed a strange sensation in my upper right arm. The feeling was odd - kind of numb but also burning. I looked online, hoping to avoid seeing a doctor, and concluded that the pain was probably a result of a nerve being pinched in my back. A week later, the pain was still there so I went to the see a doctor who prescribed a cream to help ease it. But the moment the cream was applied, I felt as though my skin was burning so I immediately washed it off.

A few weeks later - late July - the pain was so unbearable that it was waking me up at night. One particular night, I was woken by the pain at 1am and had a sudden urge to feel my arm pit. I felt a lump and from that moment, dread and fear filled my head.

With little sleep, I went to the doctors' office first thing the next morning where I was given a referral for a blood test and scan. I had the blood test right away but being a Saturday, I waited until the following Monday to have the scan. The scan found a 5cm round solid mass in my arm pit. The nerve pinching pain made sense as the mass was constricting the nerves and veins running in to my arm.

From there, it was a whirlwind of test and scans: a CT, two ultrasounds, mammogram and then finally a guided biopsy, all in less than two weeks. The diagnosis caught everyone off guard: a rare and aggressive skin cancer known as merkel cell carcinoma. The mass had almost doubled in size since the first ultrasound less than two weeks before; it was now 9cm.

I was only 26 and the mum of three young children! I was busy planning my perfect wedding day! I felt numb? How could this be happening?

I had surgery in mid-August to remove most of the mass and all surrounding lymph nodes. The mass had now grown to 10cm in diameter and they couldn't remove all of it, as some of it was attached to the major artery in my arm. Doctors advised that treatment would hopefully remove what was left.

Since the operation, I can no longer have needles in my right arm, which proved to be quite a pain as I have always had trouble with the veins in my left arm collapsing. One day, it took eight attempts to find a vein to insert an IV for chemotherapy before they gave up and decided to try again the next day. The wedding! The date was set four weeks into my radiation therapy.

My first question was if I would have hair, as I had been growing it for the past three years for the big day. We decided to still go ahead with our plans regardless of the huge change in circumstances.

Although my hair had started to thin and had become brittle, I still had enough for my chosen hairstyle. I also had second degree burns to the radiation area, but I was able to cover them with a dressing and a beautiful lace bolero jacket. The day was absolutely perfect for us both and a great escape through a trying time. It was a special day, 20th October - the day before our five year anniversary of being together.

I was so happy to finally see the end of the radiation therapy, but by then the second degree burns had become third degree.

And while I was happy the radiation was over, my treatment wasn't complete. Three weeks after radiation finished, I began three rounds of intense chemotherapy which were three weeks apart and each round was administered over three days. After the first round, my hair really started falling out in clumps - so I shaved it off.

Despite my protests, my amazing husband went bald with me. We let the kids take turns in shaving my head to help them become more comfortable with the change. It turned out to be a fun experience, but emotional for me.

While going through treatment, I tried to spend as much time as I could with the kids - who are now eight, four and two - and my husband. I think it's important to appreciate all the little things: cuddling up watching movies in bed; lying on the grass watching the clouds together; or watching the kids play.

I did everything I could to still feel like myself and like a "mummy". After six months of back to back appointments, tests and treatments, it all finally came to an end in January , when I was given the all clear. I will have regular check-ups for the next five years and I also need to be proactive with the lymphoedema I suffer from after my lymph nodes were removed.

I have made the decision to postpone my studies for another two years to focus on my health and my family. We are slowly starting to catch up financially after Dane dropped down to part time work for six months, but I am so glad things are starting to feel a little more normal now. I look back now and realise my body was screaming out that something wasn't right. I was constantly tired, lacking energy and feeling low, but thought it had just been normal exhaustion from running around after three kids, exercise and general daily life.

My health and wellbeing had always taken a back seat to that of my children and husband, but now I realise that mine is just as important because they need me. I've learned that if you aren't feeling your usual self, notice any changes to your body or have a family history of cancer, don't rely on the internet for answers or shrug it off. Go see your doctor as soon as possible. Your journey is not always the one you had planned out, but the bumps in the road affect the paths you choose take along the way.

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The biopsy confirmed my worst fear - it was cancer that had metastasised to my lymph nodes. For more information: About cancer Coping with a cancer diagnosis Get checked fact sheet for women Donate to Cancer Council Australia to help beat cancer.

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You might also Like. My doctor said that the rash shows up where there are sweat glands. Besides following these preventive measures, one can also try some home remedies. When these symptoms occur, refraining from shaving or removing underarm hair with a depilatory preparation may be warranted to avoid further irritation. Assessment Questionnaire Have a symptom? Select from the following alphabetical view of conditions which include a symptom of Underarm burning sensation or choose View All. What Causes Earwax.

Burning in my armpits

Burning in my armpits

Burning in my armpits

Burning in my armpits. Causes of Underarm burning sensation:


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Hello Charlotte and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your worries. While I can understand that your GP did not consider this to be caused by anything serious it has not helped you deal with the pain you describe. It may be just a matter for pain killers but - whatever it is - it has been causing you pain fior some time and you should have been given something in the way of help to deal with it. I think I would be inclined to see another GP in your shoes; I am not somebody who has ever done this and I must add that I have no reason to think it anything serious - but it is painful and you need some help to deal with it.

I consider this to be a reasonable course of action. Best wishes. Thank you for your reply. Hi again. I think that would be sensible. They must be used to people doing this and there should not be any hassle with your request. Then at least you can feel more confident and hopefully get something that will relieve your pain. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Post to forum.

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Burning in my armpits

Burning in my armpits

Burning in my armpits