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He married Elizabeth Liptrot. He married Ann Rogers. He married Elizabeth Daux. He married 1 Elizabeth Unknown. She was born in Goochland, Henry Co.

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Sarah Kimbrough - Apr on Unknown; d. Edna V. Lucy Jane Goode m. Child of Benjamin B.

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When Frank returned to Missouri with a group of the raiders, Jesse joined the group. Historians have speculated about the identity of the shooter but have not reached consensus on his identity. June Hubbard of Arlington, Texas; and four grand- was 1 lym employee children. Jesse had 7 siblings: Aires WittJoshua Witt Smoking getting pregnant 5 other siblings. They were accused of participating in atrocities committed against Union soldiers. Western Outlaw. Louis, Missouri, USA. Witt in Iowa, Marriages, Agnes M. The festival has featured a bluegrass band from San Francisco and experimental bands from southern Kentucky as well as painters, sculptors, photographers, and comic artists. Howard," was also the first track recorded by the "Stewart Years" version of the Kingston Trio at their initial recording session in and included on that year's release Close-Up. Jesse passed away on month dayat age 90 at death placeMissouri. Robert James traveled to California during the Gold Rush to minister to those searching for gold[3] and died there when Jesse was three Decendents of jesse and susan witt old. Follow Us Be a Fan. Frank James joined a local company recruited for the secessionist Drew Lobbs Army, and fought at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, though he fell ill and returned home soon afterward.

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  • There father died while the boys were young and their mother was married a couple of more times after his death.
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He married Elizabeth Liptrot. He married Ann Rogers. He married Elizabeth Daux. He married 1 Elizabeth Unknown. She was born in Goochland, Henry Co. He married 2 Lucy Littleberry. Sarah 3 Witt John 2 , John 1 died Aft. She married Thomas Harbour Bet. Benjamin B. He married Mariane Chastain He married Virginia Wade in Bedford Co.

Winnie Caudel Key, born in Albemarle Co. She married Thomas Burgess. Nancy 4 Cannidy, born He married Phoebe Dodd 17 Jul Charles C. He married Lavinia Harbour in Goochland Co. She was born in VA, and died 21 Jun in Prob. She married Thomas B. Jarnagin ; born ; died Lyddie Lydia? Witt, born ABT VA; born ABT Elijah Witt, born in Halifax Co. Caleb Witt, born 02 Sep in Halifax Co. Susannah Witt, born ABT Jesse 4 Witt John 3 , John 2 , John 1 died She married Charles C.

Witt in Goochland Co. He was born in Henrico Co. Lewis 4 Witt Benjamin B. He married Ann Miller John Key, born 01 Mar in Albemarle Co. George T. He married 2 Nancy Hale Jerusha Key, born 04 Mar in Franklin Co. Thomas J. Key, born 06 Jun in Jasper Co. Abraham Key, born in Greene Co. She married Thomas D. He died He married Alice Brown. He was born 12 Feb in Westmoreland Co. She married 2 James Churchwell Luttrell, Jr.

Nathan Nathanial? Charles 5 Witt Charles C. Joseph 5 Witt Charles C. He married Sarah "Susan" Kimbrough Aft. Halifax Co. She was born ABT in Prob. She married Charles Sevier in Greene Co. James Witt, born 29 Nov ; died 29 Nov He married Sarah Cate 13 Nov in Prob. TX; born ABT Elijah 5 Witt Charles C. Noah 6 Witt, born 16 Mar in Virginia; died Aft.

Eli Alexander? Witt, born 15 Aug in TN; died 12 Oct Caleb 5 Witt Charles C. She was born 13 Nov in Randolph Co. Enoch Witt, born 05 Dec ; died 21 Feb He married Margaret Peggy Prangle 15 Apr Robert 5 Witt Lewis 4 , Benjamin B. He married Nancy Reese 08 Aug John B. He married 1 Betsy Beard. She was born , and died Bef. He married 2 Elizabeth Goggin Field.

He married Sarah R. Jones 09 Jan in Jasper Co. He married Eliza Hardman Demaris W. Key, born 14 Mar She married Benjamin J. Hardman 08 Oct in Butts County, Georgia. She married 1 William Cook. She married 2 Samuel Ratcliff.

She married 3 Irvine Dunahoe. She married 4 Moses Fite. She married 5 William R. He married 1 Margaret D. Smith 13 Feb in Jasper Co. He married 2 Martha C. Huff 27 Jun in Arkansas. He married Harriett Elizabeth Baker. Sarah R. Emalina 6 Key, born Bef. He married Catherine Strayhand. Caleb 6 Witt Nathan Nathanial? Elijah 6 Witt Charles 5 , Charles C. Joseph 6 Witt, Jr. Joseph 5 , Charles C. She was born ABT Hutchinson 7 Witt, born ; died Aft.

Betsy Witt, born ABT Nathaniel 6 Witt Joseph 5 , Charles C. Silas 6 Witt Joseph 5 , Charles C. She was born 22 May in Jefferson Co. Moody, McLennan Co.

The structure is filled with James memorabilia. Jesse married Betsey Witt on month day , at age 36 at marriage place. These men were the likely culprits in the first daylight armed bank robbery in the United States in peacetime, the robbery of the Clay County Savings Association in the town of Liberty, Missouri, on February 13, She is also a true and consistent Christian, and a member of the M. Male Female. Jesse's statements to me were about these:. Witt, - Jesse W.

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt. Ohio Newspapers, 1793-2009

The gang committed train robberies, bank robberies, and murder from until when an attempted robbery of the Northfield, Minnesota bank resulted in the deaths and capture of some of the gang. While Frank retired from crime after that attempt, Jesse returned to crime by forming a new gang in Jesse had by then become America's most wanted criminal.

Susanna Norwood is the 6th great-grandmother of the outlaw Jesse James. She is also the key to his royal ancestry through her father Capt. John Norwood who came to Virginia from England about Harry Newman died shortly after publishing this account and the details regarding this research apparently has not been published. So without further research, any royal cousins or famous kin through Capt.

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Male Female. By continuing you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Start My Family Tree! Is your surname Smith? Research the Smith family. Start your family tree now. Contact profile manager View family tree. Get Started. Mary Smith. Thomas A. Martha Ann Randall Smith. Ephraim T. George Washington Smith. Sarah Ann Reeves. John J. Mary Smith Overman. Edward B. Isaac Randall Smith.

William Isaac or Jesse Smith. Ephraim Ross Smith. About Jesse Smith. Della Dale Smith-Pistelli March 13, Birth of Jesse. Birth of Thomas A. Birth of Ephraim T. Birth of George Washington Smith. Birth of Sarah Ann Reeves. Birth of John J. Birth of Mary Smith Overman. Birth of Isaac Randall Smith. Birth of Edward B. Follow Us Be a Fan. June 05, Della Dale Smith-Pistelli. February 16, Age

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Ann Daux Witt married John Witt abt - bef abt and is the mother of 4 children and the grandmother of 15 grandchildren. Listed below are details on up to five generations of descendants. Sarah Ann Witt Harbour abt - 18 Aug m. Thomas Harbour abt - abt abt David Harbour - Talmon Harbour - m. Mary Strange 28 Jun - 25 Jun Mary Wright abt - 10 Mar on Esias Harber Harbour 29 May - 15 Jul m.

Mary Rebecca Harbour abt - 30 Aug Jeremiah Dale Harbour abt - 28 Jan Elias Jeremiah Harbour abt 12 Aug - 28 Sep Moses Harbour - 13 Aug Joseph Nathaniel Witt abt - 14 Nov m. Sarah Kimbrough - Apr on Lavinia Witt Sullins abt - abt m. Josiah Sullens - George Stamps Thomas Stamps Jr. Moses Witt Stamps Sr. Jarnagin 26 Jan - Gardiner B Mayes - 28 Jan John Witt Bates - 06 Nov Esias Harber 29 May - 15 Jul on Mary Rebecca Harbour abt - 30 Aug [Harbour has already appeared on this list; see descendants above].

Thomas Harbour abt - abt Abner Harbour - Martha Mildred Witt Moore abt - abt 18 Jun m. Benjamin Moore abt - abt Hannah D. Smith abt - abt Daniel Moore Smith abt Elisha Harbour - m.

Delilah Jones abt - abt on 15 Jan Levi M Harbur Harbour Sr. Jeremiah Dale Harbour - 28 Jan David Harbour - abt m. Mary Spurlock - on 21 Aug Nancy Harbor Weyer 22 Jan - 30 Apr William Witt abt - abt m. Elizabeth Haley abt - abt on Fanney Carter bef on 11 Jul Frances Turman - 25 Jul on David Spurlock Sr.

Daniel Spurlock 05 Jul - 07 Oct [Spurlock has already appeared on this list; see descendants above] Sarah Spurlock Morris 12 Aug - 31 Jan [Spurlock-3 has already appeared on this list; see descendants above] Burwell Spurlock abt - abt [Spurlock-6 has already appeared on this list; see descendants above] William Spurlock 28 Jan - 06 Jun [Spurlock has already appeared on this list; see descendants above]. Nancy Harbor Weyer 22 Jan - 30 Apr [Harbor has already appeared on this list; see descendants above].

Catherine Spurlock Hager abt - bef Adonijah Harbour II - 25 Apr m. Jane Dalton - 01 Dec Harrington Burgess Harrelson 25 Jul - 20 Aug Charles Witt abt - Jun m. Lavinia Harbour abt - bef abt Thomas Stamps Sr. Thomas Bynum Jarnagin 26 Jul - 26 Feb on Duncan Carmichael Jr 11 May - 03 Jul on William Mays abt - bef Jun abt James Henshaw Bates - 25 Feb on Elizabeth Foster bef - abt bef Dicey Holland abt on 24 Jul William Smith abt - abt James Jennius Hulsey - 01 Jan m.

Sarah Ann Barrington abt on Middleton Estes 11 Dec - Miles Estes abt - abt Thomas Smith abt m. Elizabeth Armistead abt Isaac Jarnagin - Nancy C.

Elizabeth Witt Dillon 13 Dec m. Benjamin Dillon Jr. George W Witt aft - Hughes Witt abt - 27 Mar [unmarried] [no children] David Witt abt - abt [unmarried] [no children] Elizabeth Witt abt - abt [unmarried] [no children].

John Witt abt - bef 04 Mar m. Lucy Littlebury abt - aft Mar abt James Churchwell Luttrell 12 Feb - 01 Nov abt Elizabeth C. Witt Luttrell Aug - 02 Feb m. William Luttrell abt - Dec on 30 Jun Dennett Witt - m. Constance Christian Oglesby abt - abt on 4 Jan Witt 10 Jan - 03 Oct John E. Witt abt - aft Milly Witt Tooley abt m. John Tooley abt on 10 Dec Elizabeth Witt Fitzpatrick abt m. Thomas Fitzpatrick bef on 22 Nov Polly Witt Tooley abt - aft m.

Charles Tooley abt - abt on 6 Sep William Witt Sr. Sally Witt abt - bef on 21 Nov Jane Cox abt - bef on 27 Nov Witt abt William Witt 05 Sep - 30 Jan m. Lucy Witt 10 Feb - 29 Mar on 19 May George W. Witt abt - bef Julia Ann Witt Hamilton abt - aft Elizabeth Witt Mize 25 Nov - 14 Jan m.

Joshua Mize 03 Feb - 14 Mar on 8 Aug Mize 28 May - 31 Aug Henry H. Mize 09 Dec - 09 Sep Catherine Witte Hallman -

Decendents of jesse and susan witt

Decendents of jesse and susan witt