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Naruto witch dr

Naruto witch dr

Naruto witch dr

Amplified by circumstance, the darkness of a young hero's heart consumes him, cloaking his very soul in darkness. Nezumi smiled cheekily as she licked her arm to clean it as her tail swished from side to side lazily as she spoke between licks "Funny, I thought you hated that slut. Naruto zoned out, thinking about his promise to kill Narumi. The red-eyed woman smiled nervously since the shop's 'merchandise' creeped wittch out but it still showed some friendliness. Name: Email: Comment characters left. Well enough of that, sorry for the long rant, but if you Naruto witch dr then review or PM me; now onto the story. All because of a stupid prophecy, and that Konoha had to remain 1 while at the same time their ideology of 'peace through pacifism' be kept true but also crush Naruto witch dr rival Shinobi villages. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work Slut wife seduced with it enabled. It was withc warm night in Konoha as Naruto Uzumaki ran through the forest. Naruto witch dr You Explore.

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I just During the exams, Orochimarua wanted criminal, invades Konoha and kills the Third Hokage for Naruto witch dr. And so, Nagato or Pain had Naruto experience having lost his mentor Jiraiya and being unable to forgive an enemy as Naruto always has done in Steamed shrimp dumplings nutrition past. Naruto chuckled a little,"Shocking, right? Archived from the original on April 8, The boy who walked in was 5'2" and pretty slim. Retrieved October 24, What did I do? Anko quickly glanced around,"Where's your other brat? Hair a pure shade of white corrupted by streaks of green and black. The story follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become Naruto witch dr leader of his home village. Suddenly, Naruto felt a disturbance on the other side of the forest. Archived from the original on February 2,

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  • She had been designated as a helping hand for Kurenai and Kushina because they were going on a C-rank mission to a potentially volatile region.
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  • It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki , a young ninja who seeks to gain recognition from his peers and also dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village.

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Failing Grade Contract Conditions Cooling Time Accept Me Territory Burning Deep Through and through Protective Fire. Konoha is a village in desperate need of a healer, but they fell into trap that left them mistrustful.

What happens when a skilled doctor comes to town to help them? Will they trust him or kill him? Just before he could stake the vampire he was sent flying by a black blur. Orochimaru felt a deadly power that far rivaled his own so he fled. Hiruzen tried to see what scared Orochimaru off, but he only saw a black mass with a pair of fiery yellow-orange eyes in the dark just before blacking out. Naruto was in the kitchen mixing some herbs together when he heard his cellphone ring.

He picked it up and answered. No wonder no one will help, but it seems like our kind of place. Everyone was happy and gave them everything they wanted even the owners of this mansion, the Uzumakis, were so desperate they left their home and gave the couple the deed, but they turned out to be conmen con artists.

Why were the Uzumakis so desperate? Gotta go, bye-Shit! Hiruzen groaned as he woke up. The vampire looked around the room and found that he was sitting on a bed in one of the bedrooms of the Uzumaki mansion with his wounds bandaged.

He heard some one coming down the hall towards his room. How can that be!? Does he know what I am? Hiruzen mentally cringed oh crap … I have to drink it.

He poured a small amount of the contents into his mouth, but instead of the revolting ash taste he expected, a delicious fruity taste hit his tongue. That meant his illusion making him look 70 when he really looked 23 was gone, but Naruto called him headmaster, which means the blonde knew this whole time!

However, instead of becoming like demons they created a subcategory of creatures that were as strong as demons, but retain a human form. And what did the virus do? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

Hey There Witchdoctor! Chapter 2 : First Encounter. How is it going fixing up that old mansion? Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published. Name: Email: Comment characters left.

Not only did the ninja fail his exam to graduate to genin at first, but he went on to do stealth missions in a garish orange suit. For other uses, see Naruto disambiguation. One example is Itachi, who has three ninja techniques named after Shinto deities: Tsukiyomi , Amaterasu , and Susano-o. Naruto Uzumaki had a rough childhood, and it prompted his ninja career to get off on a rocky start. After all, Naruto always seemed sad when he saw families spending time together, while he often stood alone in the rain.

Naruto witch dr

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He had then walked into a clearing, found the forbidden scroll, and now had a severe shoulder injury thanks to a demon windmill shuriken Mizuki had thrown.

The traitorous co-sensei was now bearing down on him. Suddenly, in a plume of green mist, Naruto appeared between them in a strange mask with a strange scepter,"Hello, traitor. Mizuki looked down to see a blade sticking out of his chest, the metal stained crimson with his blood. The Naruto in front of him faded away like a shadow when there was no light to cast it.

Naruto stood in the Hokage's office, leaning on his scepter as the much older man attempted to read him. Finally, after a 3 minute stare down, the Hokage sighed. Naruto shrugged half heartedly,"I was told by the traitor to steal the scroll so I could graduate, I opened it to get some jutsu, discovered the truth about my parents, went to the abandoned shrine, got this mask, and as we speak it is downloading information on how to achieve power into my head.

The pipe in Sarutobi's mouth fell to the ground. He never thought those words would come from the bright eyed, sunny haired little boy he had "raised". You don't really want to do that. She never did anything to you. I want to show them, Hiruzen. I need to show them what they missed out on, what I have become to atone for their sins. And what better way to do that, than delivering the head of their prodigal child to them on a silver platter.

Naruto smirked, although the third couldn't see it,"Oh I know, but I will just hope I can fight her during the Chunnin Exams. Hiruzen's frown got deeper,"You aren't a ninja, Naruto. You can't just get in. You have to work through the ranks first. Isn't that what that fore head protector in your left hand under the table is for. Hiruzen thought about not promoting him to save himself the trouble later, but then he realized that Naruto had sworn to kill Narumi.

A swear was greater than a promise, and Naruto had never broken a promise in his life. The Hokage sighed in defeat, tossing Naruto the forehead protector,"Team assignments are in 2 days. I hope you turn from the path you are on, Naruto. My powers are growing. I will be revolving mostly around poisons and shadows. I need a teacher who can tell me how to improve my genjutsu.

Two days had passed, and the passed gennin were sitting in the room, talking, when Naruto walked in, looking the same as the day he left, only He was shorter, and his eyes radiated cuteness that had people fighting not to pounce on him and smother him in hugs and kisses. Sakura Hurano, a girl known for being incredibly mean to Naruto, walked up to him,"Naruto, what happened to you?

Naruto seemingly misunderstood the question, pouting and drawing circles on the floor with his foot,"Jiji said it would be alright if I sat in the back and watched you guys push off as ninja today.

I-is that okay? Ino Yamanaka, another girl who was extremely mean to Naruto, walked up,"Of course, but only if your a good boy. Students idly chatted, wondering what had happened to the Naruto they all knew, and most of them hated. But those thoughts were stopped when Iruka stepped in the room, a beautiful orange haired girl trailing behind him.

As boys stared at her with looks of awe and lust, while girls stared with awe and jealousy, she smiled and waved sheepishly. All students of the room were gob-smacked. Three people hit the floor, unconscious. Little Naruto ran down to the front of the classroom and hugged Narumi at the hips, looking up at her, awe struck. Narumi looked down, smiling,"Yes, I am," then she frowned,"Why are you so young?

You should only be 15 seconds younger than me, and I'm Naruto just smiled,"Oh, I'm not the real Naruto. I'm a genjutsu he made to keep him company,"Naruto's face turned solemn,"You should leave, Onee-san.

Narumi's eyes narrowed. Was she really talking to a sentient genjutsu? Maybe he knew something,"Why should I leave, Onii-san? Everyone in the class was thrown for a loop. The 2 greatest hero's in Konoha's history abandoned their child? It did make sense, though. After all, Naruto always seemed sad when he saw families spending time together, while he often stood alone in the rain.

Narumi, on the other hand, didn't know how to react, but she didn't have much time, as the door opened. The boy who walked in was 5'2" and pretty slim. He wore a black hoodie, over which he wore black ANBU armor with green tribal markings along it.

Under that, he wore black jeans that were baggy, steal toed black boots, and his leaf forehead protector around his waist as a belt. He had his hood pulled over his head and wore a skull like mask with the kanji for one under his right eye.

He looked pretty god damn scary. Can you dispel the genjutsu so we can begin? Iruka indicated to Mini-Naruto with a nod of his head, who was still holding on to Narumi's leg. Naruto smiled, though no one could see it, looking down at the boy,"Well, who are you bothering now, scamp? The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees. Naruto's venomous green eyes turned to Narumi, but he still spoke to Mini-Naruto,"What is her name?

Min-Naruto nodded vigorously, before sprinting out the door. Naruto now turned to Narumi,"What are you doing here? Narumi smiled,"Well, I'm here to become a gennin, and to tell you that me, Tou-sama, and Kaa-sama are back.

Honestly, I didn't expect you to know I would be here. Naruto's green, venomous eye's narrowed,"I didn't. In fact, I was hoping you and your family would be murdered by Iwa ninja. Multiple gasps echoed throughout the room. Hoping some one would be killed by Iwa shinobi was the most anti-Konoha way to say 'Rot in hell, bitches'.

Narumi's eyes narrowed,"I should have expected this. Mother and Father did say there was a possibility you would be spoiled rotten. Naruto released a cold, evil laugh,"My childhood was spoiled. Not with gifts and love, though. No, I grew up with no friends, I've lived on the streets since I was 3, I ate out of garbage cans for 2 years before the Hokage finally realized what was happening.

I was constantly beaten, among other things, and have lived alone in the Red-Light district, with no heater, barely any stipend, no running water, no electricity, and was denied my basic rights to close and food, ever since the orphanage threw me out. All of his because your parents decided it would be a good idea to leave me alone in the village to train you to become a mother fucking shinobi! Naruto put a hand to his chest in a dramatic gesture,"Well, considering I have yet to lie to day, they must not have gotten the fucking messa-".

Naruto scoffed, walking towards a seat in the back corner, while Narumi took a seat in the middle of the room near Sasuke. Team 1 will be Naruto zoned out, thinking about his promise to kill Narumi. What would he gain from killing her, besides a bunch of negative back lash as the 'demon' who killed the 'princess'. Naruto then gave a sinister smile behind the mask. He then decided to go back on his promise.

He didn't want to kill Narumi, but now Naruto then started paying attention again," Team 8 will be Those mother fuckers ad went and gotten the nerve to do this! Some one was going to die. Kurenai was a woman of decent height, 5'8", with ruby red eyes and black, wavy hair, along with red lipstick. She wore a dress made out of bandages, with a red right sleeve, which seemed to conceal her figure, comprised of C-cup breasts and a nice curve.

Next to her was Kushina, who was 5'9", with CC-cups and a larger curve. Narumi and Kushina, in display of Uzumaki boldness, hopped out the second story window, before waiting for the rest of the team at the front door.

Naruto's mask, the only part of him visible in the darkness, disappeared into the shadows. The sensei's and the 3 gennin arrived at the training ground, expecting their final member to come running up behind them. What they didn't expect, was for his mask to appear out of the darkness of a tree, the rest of his body following it. Kurenai had all the gennin sit in a semi-circle before beginning introductions,"My name is Kurenai Yuhi.

I like my friends, genjutsu, and dango. I dislike perverts, rapists, and sexsist. My dream is to create the best Genjutsu ever. Kushina then spoke up,"My name is Kushina Uzumaki. I like my family, my friends, and ramen. I dislike perverts, rapists, sexsists, and anyone who make's fun of my hair. My dream is to reconcile with my son for a past mistake.

Sasuke went next,"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I don't like much, and I dislike almost everything. My dream is to kill a certain someone. My likes are looks at Sasuke. I dislike Naruto and Ino-pig! My dream is looks at king o' brood again before squealing. Narumi smiled,"Hello, my name is Narumi Uzumaki Namikaze.

I like my family, making new friends, ramen, and peace. I dislike murderers, idiots, rapists, sexists, perverts, and spoiled brats. My dream is to achieve world peace. Naruto sighed, knowing it was his turn,"My name is Naruto. I like illusions, poisons, shadows, the moon, and Majo-chan.

I dislike traitors, rapists, my family , most of Konoha, and people in general. My dream is to collect as many souls as possible Story Story Writer Forum Community. Amplified by circumstance, the darkness of a young hero's heart consumes him, cloaking his very soul in darkness. The letter read: Dear Sarutobi, Thank you for watching Naruto while we take Narumi away to train in the art of the Ninja.

Naruto hesitantly reached to the other scroll, opening it. In fact, the character has been known to field jokes about his hair from time to time, and he got it from his father. As Naruto: Shippuden explained, the boy is the only child of the Fourth Hokage, and Minato Namikaze has some seriously blonde hair.

Still, others wonder what might have been with Naruto and his hair. Fans on Reddit were quick to comment on the artwork as it reveals how Naruto might look as a redhead like Kushina Uzumaki, and the response has been very positive so far. Of course, this fan-art redo has extended beyond Naruto.

A second take reimagined Boruto with dark blue hair similar to his mother Hinata and sister Himawari, leaving fans to vote it as their favorite. So, which color hair do you prefer for Naruto? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

The story follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become the leader of his home village.

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