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Twins chouchou chou

Twins chouchou chou

Twins chouchou chou

Twins chouchou chou

Twins chouchou chou

See details. Calling herself an 'undisputed god' clues people in on how selfish and confident she is. Categories : Doll manufacturing companies Twins chouchou chou companies of Germany. This product cannot be shipped directly to Russian Federation from the store. Specification Sales name: Clear scene 1 day, approval number: BZXstructure: sandwich recipe, coloring diameter:

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This would be for my lttle girl, she loves having teaparties and cake with all choucbou here dolls in the garden. My daughter would love this doll, she has a fab imagination and she loves dolls Tqins this would be amazing for her xx. Ahhh the Mini Chou Cou doll is so sweet! Caroline Cordery Jul 18, Pam Hubbard Jul 08, This is an endorsed partnered post. Would love mini chou cou Twins chouchou chou to add to my collection but if a could cgou with it iwill give it to my Granddaughter. I would give Twins chouchou chou to my niece as I am sure she would absolutely love it. I would give it to my daughter when she is ready for it. Bernadette Blundell Jul 22,

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  • Mini CHOU CHOU is a range of little characters who live in the magical forest, but when the clock strikes 10pm the dolls begin their exciting journeys into a magical fairytale world.
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Chou-Chou is the main character of the game and wants to conquer the seven worlds. She has seven different forms and each of her forms either has an ornament in her hair or a hat. The word Chou-Chou name comes from a French, meaning a hair tie or scrunchie. Despite her name's spelling, it is pronounced "Shushu". Calling herself an 'undisputed god' clues people in on how selfish and confident she is.

She's chosen to conquer the 7 Worlds because she thought they were pretty. Her 'Peon Rebirth' ability lets anything that falls for her become her peon, while 'Form Change' lets her change physical forms. Her base personality, Ego, is quite selfish, short-tempered and finds most things to be annoying. Since she lacks long-term memories, she finds most things to be pretty amazing, believes what she's told, and has a certain innocent quality to her worldview.

She will yell at her peons, but she's more or less kind. She loves the hot springs. She built a gigantic one in the middle of her airship and soaks in it whenever she gets the chance, although she prefers large groups instead of soaking alone. She is an "undisputed god" and tends to expand her title often. She wants to conquer the seven worlds by turning the hero and demon lord into her peons. She can make her enemies into her peons by moe-killing them.

However, heroes and demon lords don't change into a shampuru. She took the G-Castle from Ryuto after turning him in her peon. Thanks to a bit of bad luck, Chou-Chou has lost almost all her powers as the undisputed god. She's also become bite-sized and unable to walk. She's just really, really slow. So instead, she rides on Syrma's head, where she goofs off, takes naps, and so on. She's still her egotistical self, but somehow she's even more childish.

Chou-Chou takes on more of a support role after her powers are stolen and she shrinks. The only ability that Chou-Chou didn't transfer fully was the ability to change forms, Syrma is not able to change forms but captivates foes by using fetish poses with an outfit and hair color change. Ever since Chou-Chou turned small and lost her powers, the original cast of Mugen Souls do not feel as obligated to serve Chou-Chou as they were in the original game. Shampurus stopped obeying her and even Ryuto started losing some respect for her.

When Syrma gave Ryuto a compliment, he called her nice and Chou-Chou got jealous, forcing hims to say that he's only devoted Chou-Chou when he makes a mistake. Other points in the story that hints that Chou-Chou's position as a master is diminishing is when Shirogane says he doesn't feel like he has to obey her as much as when she was her original size. Sandy was one of Chou-Chou's most obedient peons but was so surprised to see her in this new little form that sees no attraction in this small state and disobeys her.

The characters from the original Mugen Souls also claim that Chou-Chou's personality is a bit more childish than she was before and say that her change in small size possibly attributed to that. In battle, she can aid Syrma by using the Ultimate Soul to decimate foes since she has to rely on the coffin to use this ability.

Chou-Chou size and power grows depending on the total power of Shampurus. In the post game of the True Ending, Chou-Chou is playable once again, and Chou-Chou's charm levels are equivalent to Syrma's at the time she changes back, and she and her other forms do captivation poses like Syrma. Personality-wise she acts like a spoiled yet carefree child.

When she wants something she gets it even by force if necessary. She does however show kindness and compassion when necessary. Special Skill's Description: Chou-Chou starts off her attack by rushing into the target and throwing an uppercut.

She then launches seven, individual rainbow-colored energy streams that explode into fireworks: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. She jumps and performs her finishing move by ramming into the target which explodes in a multi-colored light. Have you reached your limit? That's fine. You may drool to your heart's content. She's the tallest, most mature and well-endowed of her forms.

Although her speech is thick with innuendo, there is usually a backhanded compliment of veiled insult behind her words. She finds particular joy in torturing Ryuto. Chou-chou in her Sadist form. This is considered her red form. She is tall and busty with long red hair reaching down to her thighs and pink eyes. She wears a dominatrix style outfit which is mostly mauve and white and has adornments that look like a pair of angry eyes.

The outfit itself consists of knee-high boots, fishnet stockings, a garterbelt, hot pants, a biker gang hat, a belt, a coat with long tails, a pair of earrings and long, fingerless gloves.

Personality wise, she is a pure sadist who loves to torture her male victims with her voluptuous body to the point where they would burst and enjoy it saying things like "I'll tease you until you burst. I hope you last until morning! Incidentally she is also the most violent and enjoys watching people suffer under her otherwise if someone wants to be tortured by her of their own free will, for her it takes out all the fun. This strong personality has won over the heart of Princess Sandy when her body was taken over by the Demon Lord of Sun World after finding out that her type is a woman of 20 something with long dark hair and two double-D breasts.

She toyed with the desires of Soul Skyheart when she wore a bikini that did not cover anything up but rather hold things in place as such she won him over. Since then Sandy, on occasion, begs Chou-chou to change into this form when possible. She does not comply with this as it makes her feel uncomfortable. Despite her appearance she hates spicy food and loves sweets. However woe befalls those who know her secrets. Leaving them to be either strangly attracted or severly terrified.

Normally bipolar means there are two drastically different attitudes, but she rarely acts nice or sweet. She may open up to children or those she considers 'pure of heart'.

That said, if she's neglected or ignored, she'll get extremely pouty and will become visibly distressed and lonesome. Chou-Chou in her Tsundere form. This form of Chou-Chou can be considered her orange form. Her physical appearance consists of an average bust, brown hair and matching eyes. Her hair is tied in pigtails by two black ribbons so one could guess she has waist-length hair.

Her outfit is near similar to that of a black baby-doll waitress dress with yellow buttons, wears orange wristbands with black frills thigh high black boots with orange heels and orange straps with white frills and the infinity symbol and a garterbelt.

Part of the skirt of the dress is cut to reveal her thighs. Also, her collor is tied with a black string and has the same infinity adornment. Personality wise, she is Tsundere, meaning she is difficult to read by saying things she does not mean most of the time.

This means she'll seem irritable and angry, while her actions might be kinder. Often saying things like "It doesn't have to be you! Aside from this rude behavior she likes children though she does not want anyone to know that fact.

On Metal World, she changes into this form and commands that the Dimensional God, who was considered the Demon Lord, stop his countdown. Dees Vanguard , the hero, fought with Chou-Chou over this logic: Chou-Chou wanted to make it her peon but Dees wanted it destroyed. This argument became a proverbial in a tug of war between the two stubborn girls. This caused the Dimension God to overload as it was confused about which orders to follow.

Chou-chou won in the end and made the Dimensional God her peon thanks to this form. Also because she used her other forms in the first five worlds, this was the only one left to use. If she's sleepy, she'll try to nap in the middle of the street.

In the midst of a serious discussion, she may burst into song and dance. She's a free spirit like that. Traveling with her may keep everyone at ease, but they know that actually having a chat with her isn't the easiest, or best, idea. Chou-Chou in her Ditz form. This form of Chou-Chou can be considered her yellow form.

In this form She has thigh-long, wavy, yellow hair, blue eyes and a fair bust size. The front of her hair has two curls on both sides and an ahoge on top Her outfit consists of a white cap, a white dress over an orange dress with the collar tied with an orange string and an orange girdle tied with white strings, along with white boots with orange heels.

The front of her dress is torn revealing the orange underdress so it is tied with the same infinity symbols Chou-Chou always wears. She also appears to be wearing a pair of cufflinks resembling the same infinity symbol.

Personality wise, she is a ditz true to form. She will often stare off into space during an important conversation and have no clue what is going on around her. She will often say things like "What should I do? Should I walk around? She offered to warm him with her body, tried to coerce him into sleeping with her and she tried to play cute with the demon.

She also told him that if he became her peon he can leave Water Water world and go to warmer places. He eventually submitted to Chou-Chou's ditzy behavior and became her peon but became a Shampuru unlike Alys, Shirogane and Sandy. Because she's always bouncing off the walls, she doesn't like it when she's forced to stay still.

She'll ask others to play as soon as she sees them, so anyone who agrees better know what they're in for!

Fiona Henderson Jul 07, I know she would love it as it looks really sweet. Alternative version of episode , things that would happen if Sarada got promotion like she deserved it. Cathy Glynn Jul 07, Laura Nice Jul 22, Sheri Darby Jul 18,

Twins chouchou chou

Twins chouchou chou. Upcoming Events

Her entire life depended on it. She wanted to win, no matter what results would bring their little mind game. Sarada Uchiha always maintains composure, regardless of situation.

You could call it a poker face, which is hiding her real feelings. She has just one goal to reach and is doing her best to fulfill that goal.

Lack of social skills as well family problems make the matters more complicated. How Sarada can keep her dream? She didn't know yet how to do it, but would do practically everything to keep that dream alive. No matter what. Sarada notices that she's attracted to Boruto Uzumaki and has been keeping it to her self for a while. Sumire AKA class prez, suddenly drops the bomb that she likes Boruto! And no NOT like but like like Boruto.

In the aftermath of a war that left the great nations trembling, people are learning to live again. After a series of denials and misunderstandings, will Boruto and Sarada finally acknowledge the unspoken feelings floating between them? Life was good, or so Boruto thought until the Seventh Hokage decides to adopt a kid that Team Konohamaru brought back from one of there missions.

Meet Kawaki, the hot stud who's about to turn every girl's head in Konoha, but the boys won't stand for that shit!. In the wake of the breaking news of a certain utterly disgusting excuse for a TV Drama Actor getting arrested for sexual misconduct, Cho Cho despite protests from Sarada tries the tried and true "dating as a distraction" tactic to get her mind off things.

It would probably be a lot more effective if her date had been physically able to talk about topics other than a one Boruto Uzumaki or b snake husbandry.

They'd met in their first day of high school and they needed only one glance at each other to know that they couldn't exist in the same room. As years went on, whether be it school projects or trips or parties they would always bicker all day long.

All day long but that one day as the second week of February ends. Thirty years should be long enough to get over his betrayal of her, so why was she feeling this way? Lisa Jones Jul 15, Richard Moore Jul 15, My neighbour has two young daughers who I know would love these dollies. I would donate the prize to them.

MichelleD Jul 15, Gemma m williams Jul 17, Lucy Jul 17, Harley Jul 17, My daughter would love this doll, she has a fab imagination and she loves dolls so this would be amazing for her xx. Julie Ward Jul 17, Karen Martin Jul 18, Eileen Tingle Jul 18, Caroline Cordery Jul 18, Sheri Darby Jul 18, Shirley Evans Jul 19, Tammy westrup Jul 19, Jessica Woods Jul 20, Caroline J Robinson Jul 20, Maureen M Jul 20, Samantha O'D Jul 20, Rich Tyler Jul 21, Gail Reid Jul 21, Abby Parish Jul 21, Angela Sandhu Jul 21, Kat Allinson Jul 21, Lindsey Jones Jul 21, Susan Trubey Jul 21, Diana Jul 21, They look lovely and are small enough so my daughter could take it with her anywhere we go.

Kirsty John Jul 21, Jo Glasspool Jul 21, My daughter would love this, as she loves dolls. In her eyes you can never have to many and these are cute. Kim M Jul 21, Lucie Aiston Jul 22, Emma Fox Jul 22, I know she would love it as it looks really sweet. I an sure she would give it a good home. Jennifer I Jul 22, Jade H Jul 22, I would love to win the mini chou Chou birdie doll as they look cute and great for the children to play with.

I would give it to the after school club I work for as I think it would get the children excited about the dolls again and the little girls would love it. Bernadette Blundell Jul 22, Andrew Grange Jul 22, Gary Martindale Jul 22, Barbara Handley Jul 22, Misread and edited my comment down to 10 words!

My granddaughter has a birthday in August and hates going to hospital so I thought this would be a nice present for her. Victoria Cunniff Jul 22, Katie Jul 22, Melanie Pendrey Jul 22, Robyn Logan Clarke Jul 22, Laura Nice Jul 22, Pam Francis Gregory Jul 22, I would love one to give to a good friend of my son who has been supportive to him over the last couple of years shes a little trooper! Helen Jul 22, I would love to win one of these dolls for my daughter as she loves role playing and they are small enough to pop in her bag for days out or trips away.

Rachael Goodwin Jul 22, Lisa Wilkinson Jul 22, Tammy Neal Jul 22, Eva Appleby Jul 22, Caroline Signey Jul 22, I love the idea of the adventure starting at 10pm and would use it as a back story to why she needs to go to sleep quickly and stay in bed so the magic can happen and visit her in her dreams she is currently waking very early so anything that helps would be AWESOME!

Laura Pyper Jul 22, Your Name. Your Email. Your Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Alcohol is the legal high. Everyone it feels is doing it and they mostly ….

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Here are some tips I have picked up along the …. Related posts:. Magix Page and Layout Designer. It would be the perfect travel companion for my little girl this summer …. I would love to win for my daughter who loves her dolls and could play for hours with them.

I think they are super cute, love the little birds and my daughter would love them to x. These are so cute, I would love to give my daughter one.

Would love to win for little niece who loves dolls. She is so lovely. My granddaughter would really like her and give her a lot of love. They are so cute and my niece would love to have one so I would give the doll to her if I won. I would really like one because they are very cute and my daughter would love it. My Granddaughter has just discovered dolls, and would love this.

I would love to win the Mini Chou Cou dol for my sisterl. I love mini Chou Chou and I would give it to my Granddaughter as a treat. If i were the lucky winner I would gift it to my daughter. These are so cute, my daughter loves dolls and figures at the moment so she would adore these. I would give it to my niece for her birthday in September. I would give this to my niece, should would love this. I would give my niece this brightly coloured and unique doll.

She loves playing with dolls. They are very cute and I would give it to my granddaughter.. I would give it to my daughter when she is ready for it.

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Twins chouchou chou

Twins chouchou chou