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A man blows up his twin in an explosive dispute over their inheritance; a driver makes an alarming discovery after shooting a masked and naked assailant; and, a woman is gunned down by 14 state troopers after they mistake her for a target. Skip to main content. Bizarre Murders Off the Air. Featured Series This detective series revolves around Florida homicide investigator — the disarmingly charming Detective Jim Longworth. This detective series revolves around Florida homicide investigator — the disarmingly charming Detective Jim Longworth.

Bizarre murders

Bizarre murders

Bizarre murders

National Geographic. I'm trying to read all the unread paper books mhrders my house to make more space, but decided to keep this one for reference. Oakland County child killer profile. Average rating 3. To see what Bizarre murders friends thought of this book, please sign up. It read like a bunch of newspaper articles.

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Murderw motive was ever established as to explain the murders. Full Cast and Crew. Add the first question. The problem Bizarre murders they point in so many different directions. When she threatens to expose his secret he kills her in a fit of rage. And another scary thing — all the mirrors in the house were covered with sheets. She gets away with murder, until she tries to kill for a money Bizzarre. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your Digimon card battle download or tablet! The unnerving, perhaps subconscious suggestion here, is that Madyson may have been a sacrifice to a cult or used in a satanic ritual? The officials at the morgue searched his body Bizarre murders found the items in his pockets that were not of that time Bizadre all:. Metacritic Reviews. Return to Book Page.

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  • In October of , Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison went missing along with their six-year-old daughter Madyson.
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Every episode of Bizarre Murders exposes an unbelievably strange, yet true criminal case. A man blows up his twin in an explosive dispute over their inheritance; a driver makes an alarming discovery after shooting a masked and naked assailant; and a woman is gunned down by 14 state troopers after they mistake her for a target.

Told by veteran investigators through vivid reenactments, these are not stories of calculating serial murderers evading the FBI, but rather Fargo -like capers with unusual characters and shocking what-were-they-thinking twists. Bizarre Murders. Home Our Catalogue Bizarre Murders.

Program Overview The most outrageous real-life murder cases. Login to Screen Email. Forgot password? Definition HD. Production Year s Broadcaster s Syndication US. Producer s Cineflix Productions. Related Programs. Crimes That Shook Australia is a compelling documentary series that tells stories of the biggest Wives with Knives features gripping stories of women who fought at close range. Whether motivated

Read on for a list of some of the strangest crimes in history. Published May 1st by John Blake first published There has been speculation over the years that the man was a spy, but none of it has remotely been proven. With only the pilots and one flight attendant on board, they took off from Seattle. On the evening of June 9, in Villisca, Iowa, a family of 6 went to church. More Details Her obsessive diary leads police to her and her sinister plan.

Bizarre murders

Bizarre murders

Bizarre murders. 2. The SS Ourang Medan Ghost Ship

Hell, I never read true crime books. But this was a gift. And I do like gory stuff. Why haven't I read this kind of book sooner?

No idea. But I have now. I'm a bit desensitized when it comes to gritty, stomach-churning and bloody descriptions. I watch American Horror Story while eating lunch. I read very detailed cannibalistic chapters during breakfast. And why am I saying this, exactly? To explain why I haven't been very shocked by this suppo 2,5 stars I don't usually read true crime books. To explain why I haven't been very shocked by this supposedly nightmarish succession of horrible murders and their perpetrators.

Some of these accounts were truly amazing, yes. And by amazing I mean that they managed to give me the heebie-jeebies.

But others weren't at all special, in my opinion. Also, towards the end of the book, the chapters adopted a different organization they were divided into sections , and I found that to be damaging to my reading. It made it much more tortuous. A series of overviews of some bizarre and strange murders, although I found many didn't really fit the 'bizarre' or 'shocking' for me, though that may be because I'm something of a hardened true crime reader.

In some of the cases, it was the after-effects or other aspects of the cases which were shocking or bizarre - see the case of Issei Sagawa, the Japanese cannibal who, on his release from prison, became a cult celebrity and was in demand for chat shows, cookery shows! Sections on scientists who believed you could spot a murderer by certain physical traits and on the women who love serial killers, were particularly interesting, but are not dealt with in enough depth to truly provide anything illuminating but do provide plenty of pointers for further reading material.

Nov 28, Jennifer Daniel rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. I think there is definately something wrong with me when I saw over half the cases profiled in this book as not being what I would consider "bizarrre". Straight up serial murders, common cannibals: I need something a little more shocking. A life time of reading about Jack the Ripper,Ted Bundy and pretty much every other serial killer throughout history has left me a little jaded apparently.

The story about the washed up 50's B actress that was murdered by her dwarf son who claimed it was Latino I think there is definately something wrong with me when I saw over half the cases profiled in this book as not being what I would consider "bizarrre". The story about the washed up 50's B actress that was murdered by her dwarf son who claimed it was Latino ninjas - now that is bizarre.

Feb 13, Adriel Hartnett rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , 4-stars. Five stars for the telling. It's not boring at all. If I have the grace this book is awesome, I would say so. Suffice to say that it is informative with an easy way to get everything through.

A selection of true crime stories from around the world. Some of these killers I've read about before whilst others were a little more obscure. It made for a quick read amongst the Christmas festivities. Mar 17, Katie rated it it was ok. I was not impressed with this book at all!

Maybe it is just not my forte, which I am actually sure is all it is. But hey, its fun to read something different every once in a while. The book basically just told short stories of the lives of killer around the world.

Aug 12, Rachel rated it really liked it. This took a while to read as some parts were quite disturbing but also quite fascinating. I went in many a tangent reading this book on my kindle, using Wikipedia and Google to get more up to date info on the cases in this book. Some of the murders mentioned are the very famous ones, but there are a few obscure cases from around the world. Some are truly bizarre the case with the dwarf son of a B-movie actress claiming his mother was killed by a Hispanic ninja for one!

But some are just horrif This took a while to read as some parts were quite disturbing but also quite fascinating. But some are just horrific. It's not a book for the faint of heart or squeamish. It is very descriptive in style. Nov 15, Clint rated it it was amazing Shelves: Haha, this book ruled! I agree with some other reviewers, that a lot of the murders weren't that unusual, but about halfway through the book I think they started piling on the weirdness. I wish I had the book with me right now to quote about this dude who thought he was a year old werewolf or all the witches and shit.

I'm trying to read all the unread paper books in my house to make more space, but decided to keep this one for reference.

Crazy book. Jul 10, Kerri Simpson rated it really liked it. It was at least interesting. I really love it when the provide in depth over view of crime files but i know thats not always in the cards.

Still i enjoyed this collection of weird murders and stories. There are some interesting ones for sure. May 18, Joshua Ong rated it liked it.

May 22, Roger Barnes rated it really liked it. Excellent collection of murders. Nov 14, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. I bought this book because the subtitle seems like such a challenge.

Shock and amaze me? However I owe an apology to this book. Mission accomplished. Muscle-car enthusiast goes to elaborate lengths to fake his own death, assume the victim's identity and collect his own life insurance-all to get out of money problems of his own making. A quiet, average teenager with an interest in the occult brutally murders his elderly neighbor in a ritualistic attempt to become an immortal vampire.

A wealthy expat fearing her husband his going to divorce her after discovering she's been having an affair, has her housekeeper serve her husband a kale smoothie laced with sedatives. Then she bludgeons him to death, rolls up his body in a rug and organizes for moving men to take it to her storage unit. A woman murders her husband and tries to swap his identity with that of her lover by burning his face and getting him plastic surgery. Their sinister plot is uncovered when her vegetarian lover refuses to eat spaghetti with meatballs, tipping family members off to his true identity.

A swinging husband doesn't want to give up his mistress and playboy lifestyle, so strangles his wife and uses an air conditioner to fudge the time of death and make it seem like she was killed when he was away on a hunting trip. His cover is blown by a plate of linguine, an eaves-dropping teenager and a movie recommendation. A man with a genius-level IQ uses an extremely rare poison to kill his annoying neighbour simply to prove that he can get away with the perfect murder.

A spoilt and troubled daughter plots with her boyfriend via emoji-laden text messages to kill her father while on holiday, then stuffs his body in a suitcase and dumps it in the back of a taxi. A woman desperate to become a mother kills both her ex-husband and her lover because they won't let her have a baby. She then dismembers their bodies and stashes their remains in the basement freezer of her vegan artisanal gelato shop.

A killer becomes so scared that a psychic's visions will reveal that he murdered his aunt and matriarch of the family's maple syrup business, that he confesses to the crime. Set in the s, a long-suffering wife has evidence of her husband's secret cross-dressing fetish and is blackmailing him so that she can get a divorce and custody of their daughter. When she threatens to expose his secret he kills her in a fit of rage.

A pet love bird tries to defend its owner by attacking his killer, and in doing so, collects DNA evidence that helps lead to a conviction. A soap opera actor blurs the lines of fantasy and reality and murders his beautiful co-star when the script calls for her to end their relationship. Two women in their 70s befriend and care for a homeless man in order to murder him to collect millions of dollars in life insurance fraud.

A humiliated young man kills his girlfriend after she reveals on a television gameshow that she has accepted money for sex. The ensuing media frenzy spurs police, who were initially doing nothing to look for the missing girl, into action.

Jesus a young Mexican man who has recently moved to Las Vegas to make a better life for him and his Mom, sees his dreams comes true when he wins big at the lottery. But, he falls under the clutches of a devious money manager and soon it's more than his money that starts disappearing. When the greedy money manager tries to bribe his childhood friend to pretend to be Jesus, he goes undercover to find out what really happened to his friend.

A stagehand at a Metropolitan Opera House kills a young attractive cellist during the intermission by throwing her down a ventilation shaft after she rebuffs his advances.

The knots he uses to bind her narrows the search down from hundreds of Met employees to just stagehands, and with other physical evidence in hand, the cops are able to zero in on him. Set in small town Texas in the late s, a former rodeo man turned barber tries to kill his wife by getting her bitten by a rattlesnake. After he gets impatient when she takes too long to die, he feeds her a drink laced with poison, the same way he killed a previous wife.

A greedy wife murders her unsuspecting husband and disguises it as a hunting accident. When police discover foul play, she already has her tracks covered and points the finger at her jealous ex.

S1, Ep In the misguided hopes of somehow stealing the life of her beautiful, ballet-dancing neighbor Maya, mousy Tessa drugs her with a piece of poison lasagna, then bludgeons her to death with a ballet shoe and hides the body in a storage locker.

Her obsessive diary leads police to her and her sinister plan. A stripper and a wannabe Russian gangster figure out the perfect plan to keep money flowing - until their gambling gift-horse falls asleep early. A gang of useless thugs botch multiple kidnapping and murder attempts on their first target, and then accidentally kill their second target before getting any money out of him.

Two brothers murder their friend for his Magic: The Gathering cards and use the money they get from selling them to buy the materials to hide the body. Possessed by the spirit of a murder victim, a woman with no previous psychic abilities names the killer and specific details of the crime, leading police to a suspect, and eventually an arrest and conviction. When a young man ends his affair with his married girlfriend so that he can take up with a younger woman, the jilted lover obtains a rare poison and drugs his leftovers.

A series of unsolved murders in a small tight knit town is made all the more horrifying by the regular appearance of bloody and mutilated mannequins, setting the people of the town on edge. A young man kills his father with a crossbow because he fears he'll expose his lies about not having a job and being deeply in debt to his fiancee weeks before their wedding. One of a basketball player's twelve lovers plot for months to kill his girlfriend to eliminate her as a love rival.

She cyber-stalks him, makes her own silencer, and disguises herself as a nun to carry out the attack, but is caught on a wire confessing details of the murder to the basketball player. A married couple who witness a murder are about to be killed themselves for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But when they pray, the killer is moved and decides to let them go - but the witnesses then become the prime suspects, jailed on murder charges.

While awaiting a trail they will certainly lose, a 'miracle' witness reveals what really happened and the couple are released. After a failed hit on her husband, a conniving wife hatches a cruel plan to make him so paranoid that someone is out to get him that her self-defense claims once she intentionally shoots him is believable. She gets away with murder, until she tries to kill for a money again.

When an artist can't focus on anything other than the girl he's obsessed over, he decides to kill her so that he can clear his mind and focus on his art.

A man hires a killer to bump off his wife, but instead, he kills another woman with the exact same name. A young German grifter moves to America, adopts various identities and kills many people along the way.

A young teen disappears from a small American town. Then several years later, he turns up, in Europe.

Bizarre Murders

Any unsolved crime is intriguing enough, but some surpass conventional intrigue and fall into the realm of the strange. The internet loves lists, so it abounds with rundowns of unsolved homicides.

Some are also obviously crimes. From the road, it looks forbidding. Along with the skull, investigators found most of a skeleton, a wedding ring, and a shoe. In the forties, one theory suggested witches sacrificed Bella in a ritual. It was wartime, so it was possible she was a spy or a woman who knew too much. But to this day, no one really knows. The Springfield Three.

On June 6, , the Springfield, MO News-Leader predicted partly cloudy conditions that night with lows in the sixties. The disappearance of one person might be intentional. Maybe they just wanted to begin a new life. It was obvious from the beginning that whatever happened probably happened fast. The last anyone heard from Levitt was a phone call around 11 p.

So, the trio vanished into the night sometime after 2 a. The Oakland County Child Killer. While little about this unsolved series of murders which occurred between February and March resembles the infamous Zodiac murders, it is similar in that there were several suspects over time. They included known pedophiles, a mysterious male couple in which the sub claimed his dom committed the crimes, and John Wayne Gacy. One strong suspect, Chris Busch, committed suicide in , and no murders matching the Oakland County profile ever happened again.

But the case is considered unsolved. The children were all held for days, even weeks. They were bound and sexually tortured. The final confirmed victim, Timothy King, was held from March 16, , till March During that time his mother wrote a letter to the Detroit News saying she wanted him to come home soon so he could have his favorite food, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When Timothy was found, he was posed with his skateboard next to his body. His clothes had been washed and pressed. They identified a man named Paul Mueller and laid out a case for Mueller having ranged across the US and into Canada, killing up to While the authors made a compelling case, the truth is that after years, the case will never be solved.

The details of the Moore murders are horrific and strange, and perhaps more bizarre still for where they occurred: a sleepy town in the southwest corner of Iowa with a population of just over Someone was waiting for the group in the attic of the Moore home at E 2nd St. Then sometime between midnight and 5 a. He used the blunt edge on everyone save Josiah, who received more blows than anyone. A slab of uncooked pork sat beside the ax in the guest room where the Stillingers were killed.

All the curtains in the house were closed. The Texarkana Moonlight Murders. Long before the Zodiac Killer, another nameless psychopath preyed on couples parking in out of the way places around Texarkana, a city that sits on the Arkansas-Texas border. Over the course of ten weeks, five people were killed.

Some of the women were sexually molested, one man was beaten. All were shot. Then the murders simply ceased. Descriptions of the killer were consistent: he wore a white mask, holes cut for the eyes. A convincing case has been made through the years that the killer was a habitual criminal named Youell Swinney. His wife even said he did it, only to later recant. Swinney died in , taking whatever secrets he had with him.

The Murder of Arlis Perry. Bruce was a sophomore at Stanford, Arlis, a receptionist. When they checked, the church was locked, and everything looked fine.

A few hours later a security guard entered the church and found Arlis on the floor, not far from the altar. She lay on her back, a 5-inch-long icepick jutting from her head. A large candle lay on her chest. She was nude from the waist down and a second candle had been inserted in her vagina. Bruce Perry was quickly ruled out. While no less than Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz claimed some kind of knowledge of the case, investigators concluded he had no involvement.

Theories have frequently included some kind of Satanic ritual, which in this case sounds logical. A religious group with tentative links to Charles Manson was considered as well. But no one knows what really happened that night, save that it was the stuff of horror films.

Blair Adams. If you ever watched Unsolved Mysteries in the s, you may be familiar with the unsolved murder of Blair Adams. On July 11, , Blair was found dead in a hotel parking lot in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was an odd mix of currencies; bills from his native Canada, American dollars, and German Deutschmarks. Before his death, Blair seemed like a man on the verge of a meltdown.

He was paranoid, telling people close to him that someone wanted him dead. He had mood swings similar to typical bipolar disorder. He withdrew the money from his bank on July 5 and added expensive jewelry to the mix. He then attempted to cross into America but was halted—that much cash spelled drug mule to border patrol. Instead, Blair made another run at a border crossing and succeeded in crossing into Seattle.

Blair made another weird move and flew to DC, where he rented a car and made his way to Knoxville. Witnesses said he seemed unnerved, like a man in crisis—psychological, real, who knows? We know that Blair was murdered sometime around 3 a. Something heavy enough to kill. Even though police found hair from someone else in his hand and managed to mine it for DNA, there was never a match.

We just have a man far from home, dead in the night, all the answers went with him. The Snapchat Murders. Yet over a year after the double homicide in Delphi, Indiana, the case remains unsolved. The girls were on the Delphi Historic Trails, doing what 8 th graders do, snapping pics, posting them on social media.

At some point, they must have noticed a heavyset man nearby. Libby had the presence of mind to take his photo. His head was bent, he was wearing a cap, walking with his hands in his pockets. Police have released very little about the investigation. The Monster of Florence. From the late s through or so, someone murdered at least 14 people in and around the Florence, Italy.

The case is famous, in part due to its resemblance to the Zodiac murders in Northern California in He killed with a. He may have also stalked some victims prior to the murders and taunted their families after. The Freeway Phantom. They were between 10 and 18 years old. Some were sexually assaulted. His spree began in April of 71 with Carol Spinks, age She disappeared while walking home after buying groceries.

Her body was found almost a week later in the grass not far from I Then in July, the killer took year-old Darlenia Johnson.

She was held for just over two weeks before the Phantom dumped her body just feet away from where Carol Spinks was found. The killer next took year-old Brenda Crockett. A few hours after she disappeared she called home, crying.

The killer raped and strangled the girl to death before dumping her by the side of a Maryland highway. Nenomoshia Yates was next. She was just 12 and she suffered an almost identical fate to Brenda Crockett, including being found beside the road. His most bizarre murder was next. He abducted Brenda Woodward, an year-old who was last seen getting on a bus to go home.

Bizarre murders

Bizarre murders