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From Bella's tiny angel wings to Zayn's ode to Gigi, you'd be hard pushed to find a celebrity who doesn't boast a tattoo these days. Check out our round up of the best celebrity tattoos for all your ink inspiration. Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's relationship is getting serious, if the year-old singer's tattoo is anything to go by. In a selfie taken in front of the mirror, the singer - dressed in a black vest top - showed her followers her new inking which is of a heart stabbed with a dagger. The Game of Thrones star showed off her latest tattoo - a bold black scarab beetle - inked on her right hand by celebrity favourite tattooist Dr Woo.

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto

Around CCelebrities time that Hailey Baldwin showed off her newest hand ink see belowit was also revealed that she got Celebrities tatto Football chicks porn tat as well. Finally a celeb tattoo we wouldn't mind copying! Chloe Moretz. But she was my grandma and I loved her RIP you special angel. Justin Bieber.

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The couple decided to get a new tattoo in memory of their Celebrities tatto, Waldo, who was tragically killed Celebrjties a car accident. Mira Mariahthe tattoo artist, has a Celebrities tatto distinct style. Well, it happened! This will be her fifth dragon tattoo. Cwlebrities About Hailey Baldwin's Family! Now, it looks like the rapper paid tribute to Mac with a new face tattoo that reads "Memento Mori," which translates to "Remember that you will die. Does that mean he'll have to get it updated every year? It may represent the fact that following her divorce, she's scared, but she's feeling more free than ever before, but Celebrities tatto, that's just a guess. Gomez has a lowercase cursive "g" underneath her left ear, which she got in honor of younger sister, Gracie. Hailey unveiled her "favorite lil tat," a tiny heart outline on her collarbone. Crlebrities you Celfbrities angel. The singer has rocked Celebrities tatto shaved sides haircut before, and now that he has this new tat, he's prob going to want to continue with that look in order to show it off. Because of the formatting of the tattoo, and the fact that Japanese is read top to bottom Gay man mature naked right to left, the tattoo doesn't really make sense anymore.

Being covered in tattoos is nothing new these days, but that doesn't take away from the massive commitment of having someone's face inked on your body for the rest of your life or, er, until you get a divorce and cover it up, anyway.

  • The Transformers actress, or, as everyone really knows her, an Angelina Jolie with perkier breasts, is not one to be unnoticed.
  • While all eyes were on Watson's baby bangs at the Oscars Vanity Fair party on March 4, eagle-eyed fans were more interested in her "Time's Up" tattoo.
  • It seems like our fave celebs are getting inked up every chance they get.

See celebrity tattoos here for inspiration of the best tattoo ideas to replicate if you're considering getting inked. A post shared by chrissy teigen chrissyteigen on Oct 3, at pm PDT. Chrissy Teigen just upped her "cool mom" status, after unveiling a new tattoo that pays tribute to her family. Celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter inked Chrissy's forearm with the birthdays of her parents Ron and Vilailuck, her husband John Legend and their children Luna and Miles.

Very cute indeed. Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne are one of our favourite Hollywood couples right now. Between a rumoured engagement to epic sex bench purchases , these two sure now how to keep things interesting. And the latest step in their relationship is no different, with the Ashley revealing some new personalised ink.

The actress' tattoo artist, jonboytattoo, took to Instagram to share a picture of Ashley's latest addition, the word 'squish' written in cute af font across her hip bone. Now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who this tatt is about.

Aside from being an adorable name for your bae, JonBoy also went and tagged Cara on the tattoo, confirming our suspicions. This is the second tatt in less than a month that Ashley's got for her girlfriend Link in bio. Last month, Ashley shared a snap on Instagram, showing the letters 'CD' for Cara Delevingne tattooed on the side of her ribcage, on the edge of her underboob.

Not surprisingly, the ink looks chic af. Looking for more small tattoo inspo, check out our snazzy wrap up right here. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas took to Instagram overnight to share pictures of their new matching tattoos, dedicated to their pet dog Waldo Picasso, who tragically passed away in a "freak accident" earlier this month. Sophie captioned the photo "I miss you, Waldo. Rest in piece my little baby.

Joe Jonas shared an identical tattoo on his own Instagram account overnight, with the words "R. I'm not crying, you are. Jessica Alba shared pictures of her three new astrology tattoos, which she had to celebrate her children Honour, Haven and Hayes.

It's a little surprising, though, since she's previously done an interview with Allure where she talked about how she regretted a lot of her tattoos. Understand that tattoos are forever. I have a few tattoos. Halle Berry showed off her giant back tattoo on Instagram, captioning the picture: 'Who says I'm not a mermaid'. Well, sure. Maisie already has tattoos in honour of her Game of Thrones role, but this ribcage one is totally different. The four Japanese characters mean ikigai pronounced eye-ka-guy , and roughly translate to 'reason for being'.

To mark the one year anniversary of the Manchester Arena terror attacks, Ariana Grande got a bee tattooed behind her ear in tribute. The bee is a symbol for Manchester and is included in the city's coat of arms.

Accompanying the new inking Ariana captioned the picture "forever". Bella Hadid went back to the same guy who inked a little pair of wings on her ankle, Jon Boy, for a delicate rose on the back of her arm. After getting back with girlfriend Eleanor Calder in February following their March breakup, Louis cemented his commitment to her with an 'E' tattoo on his hand. No stranger to teeny-tiny inkings, Miley has now added a portrait of her adorable pup Emu to her collection.

Taking pride of place next to her beloved Pablow the blowfish RIP. We know Demi's a fan of body art, but her new lion hand tattoo is a change from her usual teeny-tiny inkings.

Demi went to Rihanna's favourite tattoo haunt, Bang Bang for her latest addition and from the Instagram caption, it sounds like she left the design down to them" " ddlovato sometimes the canvas makes the art ; Thank you for your trust. Sofia Richie captioned this cute pic of her new cross tattoo on Instagram saying "Wanted this cross forever!! Thank you jonboytattoo you're the best". Demi Lovato posted a snap of her latest teeny tiny tattoo on Instagram with the caption "Cause life's too short not to tattoo your pink".

And we have to agree. Cara proudly shared the pic of her brand new tattoo on her Instagram this week. We love the grey ink sketching of Nellie - the perfect match for her lion finger tatt, too. Kristen Stewart got a super inspirational new tattoo to celebrate a break in her acting schedule.

She told Jimmy Fallon the words read 'one more time with feeling' which represents her mantra in life. Love it. This duo decided to get matching little tattoos on their hips, and they're super cute. While Kylie opted for a red inking of the phonetic spelling of the word "sanity", Hailey got "gente" Portuguese for the word 'people' written on her upper thigh in ink.

This isn't Chloe's first inking, but it is the first that beau Brooklyn Beckham was present for - aww! The only problem? Those rings makes it look a tad more like Saturn than Jupiter - but really, who cares?! Ariel Winter wrote on her Instagram: "My second and most special tattoo, the initials of five of the most important beings in my life: my nieces and nephew.

They are my inspiration, and my reason for living. Love these babies more than anything and proud to have their initials forever on my body. Lea Michele posted a picture of a touching new tattoo the Glee star had inked in tribute to her former boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith.

Lea posted the picture of a number 5, Cory's character Finn Hudson's football number in the show, with the caption: "And one more It was her second new inking of the day, click on to see the first Lea wrote on Instagram: "I lost my beautiful grandma this week..

She wasn't your typical grandma. She gave me my first cup of coffee when I was 8 years old. She said something inappropriate to every boyfriend I've ever had.

She never made pie of knit me a sweater. But she was my grandma and I loved her More than anything.. I love you Grandma. Oh, this pair. As if teeny tiny matching white dot tattoos wasn't enough of a declaration of their long-standing love, the gal pals have been back to the parlour and emerged with a lot of extra lovin' on their fingers. In the form of broken hearts, if we're going to get specific about it, which does leave us a bit confused seeing as they're supposed to love each other.

But anyway. Hailey apparently Snapchatted this picture and then deleted it according to E! To the Beckham buffs amongst us, '99' is pretty significant; it's the year that David and Victoria tied the knot and took to their wedding thrones.

In tribute to his wife and their marriage, David has got the digits inked on his finger, with the caption: "99 was a good year for me A far cry from the fire-breathing creature we guessed the Mother of Dragons would get a tattoo of, Emilia Clarke opted for a bee.

The buzzing insect was inked on one of her fingers by Dr Woo, in honour of her new movie Me Before You , where she plays a woman who also has a bumblebee tattoo.

The year-old and her friends singer Harry Hudson and photographer Joe Termini each got a minuscule matching white dot on their middle finger.

Ariana Grande has debuted her second neck inking on Instagram, this time showing off a little etching of a moon below her ear. The teeny tat joins a snippet of a quote from the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's , which appears on the back of her neck and simply reads: 'mille tendresse'. Miley Cyrus revealed the passing of her pet pufferfish on Instagram yesterday, and shortly after saying "I hate goodbyes", she paid tribute to her fish with a fresh new tat.

What comes after a white tattoo, two inked digits and a gem-printed ear? A coat of arms that features the letter 'D' - for 'Delevingne', we presume. For inking number 15, Demi kept things close to home, debuting a ribcage tattoo that's etched with five lines of roman numerals. Savvy fans and Twitter uses quickly decoded the new design, and figured out that each line of text stands for a family member's birthdate.

Leave it to kitten-loving Katy Perry to pull off this finger tattoo. She asked of the Hello Kitty design: "Does this make my gang signs look soft now? Cara Delevingne has doubled up the tattoos on her digits, inking a little wasp on her finger to go alongside her lion design.

Excuse the pun, but we're betting this latest tat would really sting. Rita Ora has revealed the latest addition to her tattoo collection on Instagram - a ballerina.

The star, who has recently split from long-term boyfriend Calvin Harris, revealed that she had the dancer drawn freehand on her upper arm before being made permanent with ink. It's supposed to represent the fact that she and childhood friend Anda will be "ballerinas when we're '".

Cara posted this picture to her Instagram account of some beautiful white ink she got from NYC artist Bang Bang who's done loads of her other tatts. Cara's sister opted for a simple crucifix above the date of her wedding to aerospace worker James Cook.

Rita Ora is a massive tattoo fan, with plenty of inkings across her body. In this snap from her Instagram feed, we get a chance to admire the pinup girl drawn with incredible detail across her ribcage. Cara Delevingne just can't stop getting new ink. It's safe to say Chezza received quite a bit of backlash over her choice of body art but she stuck up for herself with a series of messages on Twitter including a snap which said "Keep calm and smell the roses".

Cheeky minx! Lily Collins kept things small and meaningful with her tattoo. Speaking to Seventeen magazine, Lily said, "I always wanted tattoos, so this past November, I got two.

The two sang "Can't Be Broken" together on the show. Kylie Jenner. Singer Halsey has an intricate design of a horseshoe on her right bicep. Thorne also got B-squared tattoos with her bestie and fellow Bella, Bella Pendergast. Jolie had her then-husband's name Billy Bob adorned on her left bicep before later getting it covered up after they split.

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto. Emma Watson


13 celebrities with tattoos of other celebrities

It seems like our fave celebs are getting inked up every chance they get. Check out some of the cutest, craziest, best celebrity tattoos you may not have noticed just yet, from Ariana Grande's most famous body art to Miley Cyrus's predictably outspoken ink to Hailey and Justin Bieber's understated new additions. As if Kevin's relationship with his wife, Danielle, couldn't get any cuter, he decided to get some new ink featuring her and her iconic dress from the music video for "Sucker".

He wrote on his Instagram, "brand new addition to the fam. So proud of this time in our life and getting to remember this with daniellejonas forever! A post shared by miles mileystea on Oct 16, at am PDT. Miley Cyrus' newest tat is literally so fitting. A T for Tommy. RIP you special angel. Demi Lovato's newest ink has a very special meaning behind it. She shared the tattoo on Instagram, which simply features a cursive "T" in honor of her friend Thomas Trussell III who died earlier this month after struggling with a drug addiction for years.

Your resident "cool mom" just got another tattoo. Chrissy Teigen showed off her new ink on Instagram, a series of birthdays on her forearm. The dates seem to be of her parents, kids, and husband John Legend.

Jacob unveiled his first-ever tattoo on Instagram: a teeny crown behind his ear. The meaning, you ask? Apparently it was inspired by LeBron James. Around the time that Hailey Baldwin showed off her newest hand ink see below , it was also revealed that she got a neck tat as well.

No one knew what the new tattoo looked like, though, until the artist behind the ink, Dr. Woo, revealed his work on Instagram. Turns out, Hailey got the word "lover" on the left side of her neck, and it just so happens to be in a very similar font to Taylor Swift's latest album cover. Many wondered whether the new ink is a tribute to Taylor's new album, which would be nice, but weird considering the fact that Hailey's husband, Justin Bieber, was feuding with Taylor earlier this summer.

Is this Hailey's way of extending an olive branch to Taylor on behalf of her husband? If so, it's quite original. Hailey Baldwin's right hand looks SO different now that she added some fun little tattoos.

While she's had the small arrows on her pinky for a while, she just added a couple more things like a star, a flower, and some other small things to make it look like she's wearing some fun jewelry thanks to her new ink. Another big addition is a cute little letter "B," like a nod to Baldwin and Bieber! Miley has been hitting up her tattoo artist a lot lately. Less than a week after getting a tat inspired by her trip to Italy, the singer has some new ink on the inside of her upper left arm.

It reads "My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free," a lyric from the Pixies' song, "The Thing. It may represent the fact that following her divorce, she's scared, but she's feeling more free than ever before, but hey, that's just a guess.

Either way, this marks her second tattoo since her breakup. I'm thinking we can expect a drastic haircut coming very soon. What's more classic than healing from a breakup with the help of a new tattoo? Apparently, while on the trip, she also stumbled upon a work of art she liked, and she quickly headed to tattoo artist Doctor Woo upon returning to LA to get it tatted on her arm! Surprisingly, it doesn't seem like the large ink was used to cover up any Liam inspired tats, but she will probably be taking care of those sooner rather than later.

Ashley is not afraid of showing off her love for Cara with some new ink. After showing off her new "CD" initials tattoo for her, Ashley added another one to her collection by getting "squish" tattooed over the weekend. Cara called herself a "squish" in an Instagram caption once and the name seemed to have stuck for the couple.

Jordyn Woods showed off her new arm tat on Instagram, tagging her tattoo artist brother, who probably did the ink. It's hard to tell what her tat says, since her video is very blurry and the writing is in super small script, but I'm going to guess it's inspirational af.

The couple decided to get a new tattoo in memory of their dog, Waldo, who was tragically killed in a car accident. Sophie also posted a photo of her new ink on Instagram with the caption, "I miss you, Waldo.

Rest In Peace my little baby. This ink is so tiny, we didn't even know she had it! Hailey unveiled her "favorite lil tat," a tiny heart outline on her collarbone. The placement is so cool, I'm about ready to book an appointment myself. Hi new me. Alongside pics of a back tattoo , Bella revealed the "new" her on Instagram — and that girl is inked!

In the pic, she shows off a full sleeve made of beautiful female portraits. Right now, it's unclear whether the ink is real or fake, because tattoos of this size normally take several months to complete. Either way y'all, I am digging the look. Tiny tattoos are so in right now, and this one might be the best I've seen yet.

Demi's newest ink is on the inside of her ring finger, and features the word, "me. The message is so simple, yet so inspiring. Ariana Grande got some brand new ink and it looks like her new piece is replacing an old one.

Many fans think that it has something to do with her breakup with Pete Davidson, who was also a huge HP fanatic. Either way, it definitely fits in with some of her other tats that she's gotten recently. Nope, this isn't another pic of Kylie Jenner's new tattoo, it's Travis Scott's!

The couple got matching ink along with Kylie's BFF Stassi on the rapper's 28th birthday, permanently showing off their love for their daughter. Kylie showed off her newest tattoo on Instagram, finally revealing the ink she got at Travis Scott's 28th birthday party.

Kylie got her daughter's name tattooed above her elbow, and she's not alone. Demi added to her arm stack with a super life-like portrait of her grandmother. She captioned the photo: "This is for you Mimaw. I love you more. Kylie Jenner's extravagant party for Travis' 28th birthday included Travis Scott merch, and entire Travis-themed convenience store, and celeb tattoo artist JonBoy on-site inking the guests.

Of course, both Kylie and Travis got tats at the party, and while I don't know exactly what the ink involved, I'm going to assume it had to do with their relationship, or maybe their daughter. But it didn't end there. At one point, Kylie even took control of the machine and started leaving her own mark on Travis' arm! While the rapper hasn't revealed his ink yet, from JonBoy's caption I'm going to guess she wrote, "T.

Just after the launch of her new makeup collection , Mother of Draguns has added yet another dragon This will be her fifth dragon tattoo. Though Ariana Grande's relationship with Pete Davidson only lasted a few months, the tats will live on forever, of course just not the ones the pair covered up following their breakup. Ari's "always" tat, which she got when she was with Pete, however, seems like it's going to stay. Ari posted an Instagram from her tour prep, showing off some new ink on her ribcage.

While the leaves seem to partially cover her Pete-inspired ink, she insists it's "not a cover up just evolvin'. It seems like tiny tats are never going to go out of style, and Hailey Bieber is here to prove that. Her newest ink is so small you need a magnifying glass to see it. The adorable little diamond is right behind her ear and we can't help but feel inspired but to get inked ourselves after seeing it.

In other photos, it looks like Charles is also sporting some other tatts, likely for his character in the movie, so it might not be real. But it wouldn't surprise us if it is! Celebrity tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, decided to show off Pete Davidson's new tattoo of the Tootsie Roll owl, but fans couldn't get their eyes off the new set of ink that is above it.

Pete got the word "cursed" tattooed to cover up one of the tatts he got with ex, Ariana Grande. The tattoo used to say "mille tendresse," in cursive. The term is French for "a thousand tendernesses" and Ari has had the same one for years.

Looks like his true feelings of the relationship are coming out with this new ink. Demi decided to get some a new tattoo in honor of her late dog, Buddy. It was done by celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, and features a small photo of buddy with the line, "buddy was here.

After trying to get "7 Rings" tattooed on her palm in Japanese, but unable to finish the job due to pain, Ariana Grande was left with the word "shichirin" on her hand which translates to little barbecue grill.

Ari at the time clarified that she wasn't too upset with the result. In an attempt to fix the mistake, Ari went back under the needle. On Instagram, she explained that she talked to her tutor Ayumi, a teacher from a Japanese language school in LA who is teaching the singer the language.

Unfortunately, that didn't exactly fix the issue. Because of the formatting of the tattoo, and the fact that Japanese is read top to bottom and right to left, the tattoo doesn't really make sense anymore. Demi celebrated her 6 months of sobriety with some cute new ink. She decided to get a rose on her pointer finger from celeb tattoo artist Winter Stone. The year-old blues singer unveiled a shocking new tattoo on her Instagram: a portrait of Harry Styles' face Your local tattooed goddess just got a teeny tiny pro-woman inscription on her ankle: 'pussy.

Celebrities tatto

Celebrities tatto