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Chick season will soon be in full swing. If you are new to having backyard chickens and just starting out caring for baby chicks, you should be aware of a potentially life-threatening, but easily treatable condition that is fairly common, affecting mainly shipped day-old chicks. It can kill the chick fairly quickly if not treated immediately, so knowing how to treat this condition is an important part of caring for baby chicks. Get your copy today! Pasty Butt is usually caused by stress or extreme temperature changes, such as those often endured by baby chicks during the rigorous travel from the hatchery to your post office.

Check chicks

Using a wild-type, or Black Red male, like Brown Leghorn, Dark Cornish, Check chicks BBRed Old Chefk Game, with the silver pattern females yields chicks where the males will have a lighter, grayish color, particularly on the dorsal stripes, and females will have brown stripes and markings. Cream Legbar. The pullets, however hatch out darker, being all black with dark beaks, legs and toes. Silkies are difficult, but the Check chicks in this article apply pretty much to all types of chickens. Notify me of Kerouac gay posts by email. This post cjicks contain affiliate links.

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When it comes to getting chicks, one of the most exciting parts is waiting until your pullets grow up to be layers. Chicken sex: How do I tell whether my chick is a rooster or a hen? However, as you can imagine, this is fairly invasive, and you could possibly permanently harm or kill your chick — so I would leave this method to the experts. Professionals who sex chicks for a living go to school for years to learn how to do it properly.

The photos below are of 2 chicks from the same hatch — both California Whites, same age, purchased at the same time. At the time of these photos, these two chicks were about 2 weeks old. The comb of one chick is more pronounced than the other chick. This is a fairly accurate indicator that the chick with the more pronounced comb is likely a rooster. Another indicator is the wattles. In young roosters, the wattles grow longer faster, and are redder than pullets.

Note this only works with breeds that grow regular combs — so pea comb breeds might not exhibit these characteristics at a young age. Feather growth is another way you can try for how to sex baby chickens. Female chicks — aka pullets — grow feathers faster than males. Learn more about chicken feathers here. This only works for about the first 3 days of life — after that, the feather growth on each chick will be about the same.

Pullets in some breeds grow their primary feathers faster, so their secondary feathers will be shorter. Young roosters will have feathers about all the same length. Feather sexing the baby chicks! Females feather faster, so their primary feathers will be longer than their covert secondary feathers. Here are more tips on caring for chicks from weeks old. Some breeds will produce chicks with different color down or different markings based on their sex. This is a characteristic selected for by breeders so they can tell the sex of the chicken right after it hatches.

One such match that will produce sex link chicks is crossing a Rhode Island Red rooster with a Barred Rock hen. In this cross, male chicks will have a white dot on their head while female chicks will be solid black. This is, again, breed specific — so it will only work with chicks of certain crosses.

Now, this is just drawn from my own personal experience, but I believe you can also start to tell the sex of baby chicks based on behavior. Now let me explain. The stink eye is when you look at a chick, and they look up at you, cock their head to one side, and stare you straight in the eye.

Pullet chicks tend to not be so aware of their surroundings, or look to other chicks for behavioral guidance and security. You might also notice some chicks fighting earlier in their lives than others.

For example, you might notice them flying up at each other, bumping chests like football players, then going back to their corners. In my experience, these are young roosters testing their strength against other roosters. Something else you might notice is young chicks testing out their lungs. Young roosters will sometimes crow very early in life — as early as 4 weeks in some cases. Click here to learn more. I really like your writing style. You keep it simple but totally informative.

I love the subjects you choose. I first learned of you in the back to basic workshop. I find myself smiling for no dang reason after reading your blog. I wanted to say thanks and to tell you how great you are..

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Chickens Adorable Coops! Facebook Twitter Pinterest. View this post on Instagram. Thank you! I have 3 silkies any idea how to tell their sex. Silkies are difficult, but the ideas in this article apply pretty much to all types of chickens. Footer By using this website, you agree that the information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure illnesses or diseases.

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Check chicks

Check chicks

Check chicks. Low Prices

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7 Ways To Sex Baby Chicks | Pampered Chicken Mama

By Don Schrider — Whether at the feed store choosing day-old chicks or hatching our own, all of us would probably enjoy knowing how to tell the sex of baby chicks to determine which are cockerels and which are pullets as soon as possible. Over the past years there have been many methods developed for how to tell the sex of baby chicks; some methods proved haphazard, some have proven quite effective.

Before we take a look at the methods, it is important to remember the role chance can play in our success in learning how to tell the sex of baby chicks.

Under normal conditions, a group of chicks generally hatch with percent males and percent females. So that means any method we use to determine the sex of the chicks has about a 50 percent chance of success — even if the method is erroneous.

For a method to be reliable then, it must be more than 50 percent accurate every time it is used. Want fresh eggs at your fingertips? Many people think that egg shape can be used as a method of learning how to tell the sex of baby chicks.

According to this school of thought, pointed or elongated eggs will hatch cockerels and round eggs pullets. I have experimented with this method of how to tell the sex of baby chicks over the years and there have been scientific studies as well and the results reveal this method to be nearly useless.

Pullets have been hatched from pointed eggs, males from round. If this method had worked, then the poultry industry would have been using this instead of paying for professionals to vent sex day-old chicks. So how can some people have positive results? Are they lying? Well, in understanding how this method would have any supporters there is the issue of the hen to consider. You see, each hen tends to lay eggs of one shape fairly consistently.

Next we need to understand that in avian species sex is not determined by the male, but by the female. The hen has the chromosome which lacks information and by which presence determines sex. So the male is needed to fertilize the egg, but it is the hen that determines the sex. Also, some hens tend to produce a larger percentage of offspring of one sex, just as in mammals some males tend to produce either more daughters or more sons. Life would be easy for we poultrymen if we could know how to tell the sex of baby chicks by egg shape, but we simply cannot.

For the record, chicken egg colors also have no bearing on the sex of the baby chick inside of it, too. My neighbor is a veteran poultryman and full of knowledge on all subjects poultry. One of the things he pointed out is that incubator temperature affects the percentage of male-to-female chicks.

This is not to say that what would be a male chick can convert to female, remember, the hen determines the sex. So what seems to be at work here is survival of the embryo—more females at lower temperature; more males at higher temperature.

The adjustment is just a half a degree Fahrenheit up or down. Weather patterns also seem to have an effect on fertility and on male-to-female percentages in poultry and livestock.

This phenomenon has been observed by farmers for centuries. In mammals, it seems to have something to do with conditions favorable to male producing vs. In avians, the effects are likely influencing body temperature of the hen, possibly affecting which sex she produces, but certainly impacting her ability to maintain the semen in a viable state until fertilization.

Temperature is worth further investigation, but do not expect landslide results in using this method for how to sex baby chicks. Vent Sexing was discovered by the Japanese in as a reliable and novel approach to determining the sex of day-old chickens.

In Dr. Kiyoshi Oxawa visited North America and taught the method in Queensland. From onward, this method of how to tell the sex of baby chicks was quickly adopted by large-scale poultry companies across North America. It was the first reliable method of determining the sex of chicks and hatcheries use this method even today. Vent sexing is a procedure of holding the day-old chick in one hand, spreading open the vent, and viewing the copulatory organs to determine sex based on shape.

Warning: there are 18 different shapes possible with a two female and two male shapes that will appear as close matches for the opposite sex. In any case, this method of how to tell the sex of baby chicks does work very well, but requires skill and training.

For more than years, and possibly more like a thousand years, poultrymen raising chickens with the wild-type color pattern Black-Breasted Red, Light Brown, Silver Duckwing, etc. The males have clean heads with only two colors of dorsal stripes, which often end in a dot at the crown; females have three colors of dorsal stripes, a black or dark brown added outside the other two, and the strips typically run to and through the crown.

Some other heritage chicken breeds that can often be sexed at hatch include Barred Plymouth Rocks that produce chicks that are black with spots of yellow or white. Old research demonstrates that there are subtle differences in the light colored down around and on their wings—the males having more light color. But the better method is to note that male chicks tend to have yellow spots on their heads. This will prove true in other Barred or Cuckoo patterned chicken breeds. Both New Hampshires and Buff Orpingtons produce buff colored chicks.

If one closely observes these chicks it will be noticed that the male chicks will have off-white streaks in the down color at the upper wing joints. Female chicks will often have a brown or black spot on their heads, or even hints of brown lines on their backs. I have found this true for my Buckeye chicks as well, though they are richer in down color.

When crossing varieties or breeds the chicks often can be sexed based upon down color. The classic cross is of color patterns of gold with those of silver. In color genetics, gold is the gene that produces red color and silver is the gene that produces white color. Male chicks from these crosses will have whitish, grey, or pale brown down. Female chicks will have reddish-brown or buff down. The Dutch have been crossing Golden Campine males to Silver Campine females for centuries to produce chicks that can be sexed at day-old based upon down color.

Using a wild-type, or Black Red male, like Brown Leghorn, Dark Cornish, or BBRed Old English Game, with the silver pattern females yields chicks where the males will have a lighter, grayish color, particularly on the dorsal stripes, and females will have brown stripes and markings. When a non-barred male is used, such as any solid black male, or even an Ancona or Rhode Island Red, the chicks will all be black or dark brown with varying degrees of white in their down—but the male chicks will have a white spot on their heads.

In chicks from sexlink crossbreeds or other hybrid chicken breeds , we can often use down color as a method for how to tell the sex of baby chicks. In Black Sexlinks, the female chicks are black and the male chicks have a white spot on their heads. In some cases the males may be buff and the females can be recognized by a black dot on their heads and may have some brown or black lines on their backs. So the simplest rule in sexing chicks by down color is to remember males have lighter heads, sometimes with a white or yellow spot, and females have darker down color often with a black or brown spot or stripes on their heads or with darker stripes on their backs.

It has been found that crossing a fast feathering breed rooster to a slow feathering breed hen will result in chicks in which the pullets will have noticeably better developed wing feathers at birth. By day 10, the cockerels will have caught up on feather development, so check early. In some breeds or strains male and female chicks can also be sexed by looking at their wing feathers at day-old: males will have an even role of feathers and females will have some long and some short, alternating.

My Buckeyes are fairly slow feathering and my Brown Leghorns are decidedly fast feathering, but I can see no differences between the sexes with either breed. Still, this method has proven to work for some strains, and might work for yours. Some early methods of sexing a day-old chick include dangling a ring from a string over the chick—if it moves back and forth the chick is male, if it makes a circle the chick is female.

I suppose magnetism is supposed to be at work here, but the end result is that this method does not work. In some old books there are three very interesting methods. One where the chick is hung upside down in your fingers—female chicks flap and try to right themselves, males just hang. The second method I found very intriguing; that of picking the chick up by the scruff of the neck. In this one if the chick lets it legs hang it is a boy, if it draws its legs up to its breast it is female.

This is eliciting a sexual response in the chick. Trying it with my own chicks, whose sex I can tell by down color, proved nearly totally inaccurate. The last method is that of placing the chick on its back in your hand; females will stop kicking after a little while, and males will continue to kick.

Again, I observed no positive results. When we first start in poultry it is hard for us to see the differences in the boys and the girls. But as our experience grows, we can often see the differences by three or four weeks of age. So what is it that we learn to look for? In heavy breeds, cockerels will tend to feather in a patchy manner while pullets will feather more evenly. Cockerels also will begin to develop combs at an early age—males being distinguishable by three to four weeks in breeds with large single combs; at six weeks for males with a pea comb.

By eight weeks of age males of most breeds will begin to produce long, pointed saddle, hackle, and sickle feathers; females of all breeds tend to have broad, round feathers in these same sections. My Leghorn cockerels even begin crowing between four and six weeks of age! There are differences in behavior we can notice as well. Cockerels tend to be generally bolder than pullets.

They are less likely to scatter if you clap suddenly, whistle, or even wave a hat. When startled, cockerels will stand erect and give a warning chirp, while females are more likely to crouch down and remain silent except in my Leghorns…. Female chicks may have wider pubic bones than male chicks, though this is only accurate depending on bloodline and selection for egg production. Males also tend to have larger feet and thicker legs than females.

This is a trait I have noticed in the Buckeyes at hatch and within a few days in my Leghorns. But it is also a trait that becomes more noticeable as the chicks mature. The most accurate method for how to tell the sex of baby chicks of any breed is that of vent sexing. But for those of us without the desire to learn this method, knowing our stock and observing down color, wing feathering, and development of the chicks will let us know the boys from the girls at an early age as well.

Watch your chicks and see if any of the above methods work for you. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Related posts: Respiratory Distress in Chickens. Categories : Chickens Tags : a and baby-chick baby-chicks behavior black-sexlinks buckeye-chicks chicken chicken-breeds chicken-egg-colors day-old-chicks does egg egg-colors eggs experience for heritage heritage-chicken-breeds hole how how-to how-to-sex-baby-chicks how-to-tell-the-sex-of-baby-chicks hybrid-chicken-breeds in last livestock long make methods most outside plumage poultry poultry-companies raising raising-chickens red-sexlinks rhode-island-red sexlinks that the to vent-sexing what.

Check chicks

Check chicks