Delta force member murders wife-Third Bragg soldier took malaria drug -

The U. Army soldier killed in the raid that freed 70 hostages from an ISIS prison in northern Iraq was a highly-decorated, veteran member of the elite Delta Force, U. Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler is the first American combat death in Iraq since American troops returned in mid to train, advise and assist the Iraqi military to fight ISIS, military officials said. Wheeler, 39, of Roland, Oklahoma, "died Oct.

Delta force member murders wife

Delta force member murders wife

Delta force member murders wife

Saucy o'clock! UPI confirmed last week that Master Sgt. An unverified video reportedly showed the moment al-Baghdadi was killed, along with his three children. Army Special Operations Command added the name of Wheeler and two other soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan in the last year — 1st Sgt. Afghan official: Pakistani forces open fire, killing 3 Deota. He served as a U.

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Bill Wright would later explain what happened next. The Fodce. Video length 35 seconds The secret behind these 3-D Halloween decorations. She began to scream, mfmber recalls, and the startled officer took off, leaving her alone and in shock. Namespaces Article Talk. Neighbors said there was immediate trouble with both teenagers. Speer walked into a minefield to rescue two wounded Afghan children, according to fellow soldiers. He had to go to Washington the next day, July 1. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Saudi Gazette. And this is just the line for the bathroom. Medal of Honor Recipients converge for annual conference Forty-six Medal of Honor recipients were gathered in one place recently for an annual conference and reunion. Eric L. According to his mother and sister, when he got to where Eskimo sex was going, he was confronted by the woman who had tried to kick in the garage Delta force member murders wife. We made up the kitten thing.

Army Special Operations Command has confirmed.

  • Airman Andrew Witt is led into a courtroom before being found guilty of murdering Airman Andrew Schliepsiek and his wife, Jamie in
  • Last January, Jennifer Wright began telling close friends that she was getting letters from an anonymous stalker and threatening phone calls.
  • Special Operations soldiers like those in the Delta Force or U.
  • A Special Forces soldier assigned to Eglin Air Force Base , Florida, has been charged in the shooting death of his estranged wife in their home on Sunday night, according to a statement from the Crestview Police Department.

One of the soldiers was "almost incoherent" and visibly shaking while describing marital problems to a neighbor. Another became unable to control his anger at his wife in public, startling those who knew him. A third puzzled his new neighbors with his strange behavior. Soldiers at Fort Bragg said they are well aware of mental problems linked to the anti-malaria drug Lariam, which include aggression, depression, paranoia, hallucinations and suicidal thinking, even as official military spokesmen dismiss a connection between the drug and the events around Fayetteville this summer which have drawn national attention.

Spokesmen for the Army, which invented the drug and says it is safe, told UPI the Army will review scientific literature on Lariam, also called mefloquine, but believe it played no role in any of the deaths because there is evidence of domestic problems in each one. Over the years, Lariam's label, written by manufacturer Hoffmann-La Roche and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, has included increasingly troublesome side effects, and warns about aggression, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations and suicidal thinking.

Some patients complain of severe side effects lasting years after they stopped taking the drug. The Army will not say whether any of the soldiers took Lariam, but a source close to members of the secret Delta Force said Wednesday that Sgt.

Delta Force is the U. Army's elite counter-terrorism unit. UPI confirmed last week that Master Sgt. William Wright and Sgt. Lariam is the Army's drug of choice over other alternatives for preventing malaria. Wright is charged with murder in the death of his wife, Jennifer.

Nieves and Floyd shot themselves to death after killing their wives, according to authorities. Floyd, who served in Delta Force, shot his wife and then himself in their home outside Stedman on July 19, seven months after returning from Afghanistan, according to authorities. Andrea Floyd's mother, Penny Flitcraft, said Brandon's behavior had changed markedly since his last deployment to Afghanistan.

For the first time, he would lash out at his wife in front of other family members, soldiers or in public. But after Afghanistan, "his behavior was increasingly bad. Flitcraft said Brandon had started acting very strange after his return.

In early July, Andrea had planned to take their three kids to see Flitcraft in Lexington, Ohio, when Brandon then insisted on going with her. Just two hours after arriving, Brandon then insisted the entire family pile back into the car for the nine-hour drive back to North Carolina. Master Sgt. William Wright, a special operations soldier, had difficulty speaking coherently, was shaking and seemed withdrawn after returning from Afghanistan in May, according to his neighbor and family friend Betty Clark.

Wright is charged with murder in the strangling death of his wife, Jennifer, on June He originally reported her missing but on July 19, he led sheriff's deputies to her body buried in a shallow grave. I think it was just life he had problems dealing with. Wright came to Clark's home to discuss his marital problems, she said. He was having so much difficulty relating to us. He would stutter and stammer a lot.

Wright's attorney, Thomas Maher, said Wright told him he had taken Lariam and while he did not blame the drug for any specific side effects, described a feeling of "floating" since returning from Afghanistan. Maher said Wright had moved out of the family home just outside Fayetteville at his wife's request and that they were discussing a divorce. Maher said that Wright wanted to save the marriage because he did not want to be separated from his three sons, but his wife had already begun telling people the couple was divorced.

Wright's superior officer, Maj. Daniel Barzyk, said some soldiers in Afghanistan had been taken off Lariam and switched to an alternative drug for what he described as "erratic behavior. Barzyk said he saw no sign that Wright had problems while in Afghanistan. But he noted that an Internet search shows the drug has been associated with mental problems. According to a military source familiar with a third case, Sgt. Nieves shot his wife Teresa and then himself in a bathroom of their Fayetteville home on June 11th, according to police.

That was two days after he returned home early from Afghanistan to address what he said were personal problems. The Nieves settled on their home in a quiet middle-class subdivision on the edge of Fayetteville while Rigoberto was still deployed.

Neighbors said they were puzzled by his behavior when he returned. They said he went to neighbors' houses, did not introduce himself, but would declare that he was "the man of the house," neighbors said.

There was no indication that a fourth soldier suspected of killing his wife, Sgt. Cedric Griffin, had been deployed where Lariam would have been prescribed. She also said her husband did contract malaria once, and that soldiers should take something to avoid suffering from the disease. The Army first told UPI it had no plans to consider Lariam in its own review of the facts surrounding the deaths, but on Aug.

Army officials have also said Lariam probably did not play a role in the killings because the soldiers' marriages were in trouble. That is just my personal opinion," said Maj. Experts on domestic violence said this cluster of killings particularly puzzles them because so far there is no indication that any of the soldiers had a history of domestic violence.

In 80 percent of cases an escalating cycle of violence precedes a killing. Andrea Floyd's mother, Penny Flitcraft said the Army had tried to shut her up and told her to talk only to special operations about her daughter's death, apparently at the hands of her Delta Force husband. Flitcraft said the Army even approached her husband at Brandon funeral and said terrorists might find her by seeing her name in the press.

But she vowed to keep talking because the deaths still are not fully understood. My daughter died a useless death.

They can't bring my daughter back but I want to prevent this from happening to another mother. UPI reported in May that mounting evidence suggests Lariam has caused such severe mental problems that in a small percentage of cases it has led to suicide.

In July, UPI reported that scores of Peace Corps volunteers are coming forward saying they have suffered severe mental problems, some of which have lasted for years after they stopped taking the drug. This story was first published Friday Aug. Newton, a freelance reporter, contributed to this story. Top News. Topics Mark Benjamin William Wright.

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And if you missed Latin or calculus class last week, "delta" means "change. Another vocal group consists of those who believe that the anti-malaria drug mefloquine, also known as Lariam, which is routinely given to soldiers going to areas such as Afghanistan where malaria might strike, can cause serious psychotic effects which can lead to egregiously aggressive behavior and even suicide. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Shooting things and blowing stuff up—does it get any better? That was perhaps the last happy time of their marriage. A trained killer skilled in surprise attack, Brandon was a master scuba diver and parachutist who executed military sky-dives wearing full combat gear and an oxygen mask.

Delta force member murders wife

Delta force member murders wife

Delta force member murders wife. Logging out…

The jury also found Wilson not guilty of conspiracy, burning with intent to defraud and obstruction of justice. Infini Hardy, the widow of the fire victim, testified against Wilson at his trial.

But his defense attorneys argued that she and her husband acted independently of Wilson in a burglary that went terribly wrong. The October fire was allegedly set to cover up the burglary. Wilson's attorneys also argued that Infini Hardy only implicated Wilson two years after the fire when she was indicted by a Houston County grand jury and faced incarceration. On Oct. Judge Katherine K. Lumsden sentenced Hardy to one year in prison and 19 years on probation as part of a negotiated plea agreement.

Hardy was given credit for time served -- 21 days in jail in October -- before she made bond pending trial. She was also ordered to have no contact with Wilson. In the second court-martial proceeding, jurors convicted Wilson on June 10 of striking retired Tech. Denise Forrest after he became angry in an argument over a phone. He and Forrest were dating at the time of the July 20, , incident. Wilson was sentenced to six months of confinement and a reduction in rank from senior airman.

He received credit for time served pending trial. A Robins airman was found guilty Monday of the premeditated murder of his pregnant fiancee. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. My Profile News Home Page. Most Popular Military News.

Army official. No ghillie suit. The sniper went into the field with nothing but a painted face and a pair of boots. Army equipment officials said last week the service's new helmet system saved a soldier's life recently in Afghanistan.

If that court declined to consider the case, a sentence rehearing would take place. The Witt decision, unless it is reversed, leaves just four military men on death row. Eleven other men sentenced to death at courts-martial since have had their death sentences overturned and were subsequently sentenced to life in prison, usually with the possibility of parole, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Victor Hansen , a former military lawyer, now associate dean at the New England School of Law in Boston, said that ineffective assistance of counsel at sentencing, usually for not exploring or presenting mitigating factors like mental health issues or childhood abuse, was a common theme in the overturning of military death sentences. Hasan did. In order to sentence Hasan to death, all jurors would have to agree that Hasan was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that aggravating factors outweighed mitigating factors and that the death sentence was appropriate.

Experts say no other defendant in a military capital case, at least in modern times, has ever acted as his own lawyer. His military lawyers appointed to consult on legal matters have asked to be released from the case, saying Hasan hoped to be put to death.

They said it was unethical for them to be associated with a case in which they were disallowed from providing a vigorous defense. The fact that Hasan represented himself means, the experts said, that he will not be allowed to claim ineffective assistance of counsel on appeal.

Hasan, a U. The judge in the case disallowed that defense, saying the law required imminent harm and that the troops he killed were no threat. One of the most critical areas of an appeal would be whether the judge, Col. Tara Osborn, was correct to allow Hasan to represent himself, Hansen said. Fidell said he thinks Hasan will be executed. This would not be unpopular.

No military member has been executed since , when Army Pvt. John Bennett was hanged for raping an year-old Austrian girl seven years earlier and attempting to drown her. Bennett is the only known troop executed in peacetime for offenses not including murder. Like eight of nine troops executed in the s, he was African-American.

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Master Sgt. Jonathan J. Dunbar and a British service member were killed on March 30 by an improvised explosive device near Manbij, according to the Defense Department. Officially, he was assigned to Headquarters, U. Few details about the mission on which Dunbar and the British soldier were killed have been released so far.

Adrian Rankine-Galloway said in an email. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Few details thus far have been released about the mission.

Delta force member murders wife

Delta force member murders wife