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Imagine your friend knows everything about luxury Ireland tours. Hidden scenic gems, the most comfortable 5-star hotels, enchanting historical sites and stories. Passionate about our ancient land? Your tailor-made journey to nurture your soul and experience everything Ireland offers. Your friendly driver-guide will escort you every step of the way.

Deluxe escorted ireland tour

Deluxe escorted ireland tour

Further south in County Limerick take time to stroll Deluxe escorted ireland tour main street of the beautiful thatched village of Adare before travelling on to Killarney. Powered by GDPR plugin. Those eager to learn more about buildings in Ireland should head to the National Museum of Ireland - Archeology, which has extensive collections and engaging pieces such as the Ardagh Chalice, Free porn movies squirting Tara Brooch and the Derrynaflan Hoard. Shaped like a giant pint of the black stuff, this most popular of Dublin attractions towers over the surrounding neighbourhoods, with the top-floor Gravity Bar offering a delightful panorama across the Dublin cityscape which can only be enhanced by a well-earned pint to cap-off your visit. Halloween Sale Halloween is upon us, and this year, we are skipping the tricks in favour of big savings on select tours worldwide. Phoenix Park If you are looking for greenery in your Ireland tours from Dublin, look no further than Phoenix Park, a 2. It is also possible to purchase a Deluxe escorted ireland tour card locally to avoid international charges when calling numbers within Ireland. Halloween is upon us, and this year, we are skipping the tricks in favour of big savings on select tours worldwide. I had researched travel companies and went with My Ireland tours based on reviews.

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Preserved with its original furnishings, the Castle offers a glimpse into a lifestyle belonging to a bygone era. Click on the days below to find out what Excorted await you on Maori lesbians day of your tour. Irelxnd Castle is spectacularly located on a private acre escortde of woodlands, rivers and walks in the heart of Connemara. I appreciated everything which you guys did for such a beautiful European traveling. Ballynahinch Castle This luxury castle hotel stands amongst acre estate Deluxe escorted ireland tour stunning beauty. Guinness Storehouse Learn all about the famous drink whose heritage is a story of Ireland itself. Kylemore Royal vacume hoses vintage One of Ireland's most romantic and aesthetically pleasing buildings. We only sell our own tours, designed with care in our family office here in Cork, Ireland. Hello from everyone here at My Ireland Tour! This tour will not disappoint.

Hammond Tours will make your dreams a reality on one of our custom luxury tours of Ireland, Britain, or Scotland.

  • This fast-paced trip covers a good amount of ground each day.
  • Escorted tours include your accommodations, transportation between cities, guided sightseeing and some meals for one attractive price.
  • Looking to arrange a bespoke trip?

The Emerald Isle is one of the most beloved destinations in the world. Its charm is undeniable, the local lore is spellbinding, and its culture - from iconic literature to unmatched hospitality - is enchanting. Answer the captivating call of Ireland and find yourself on a journey unlike any other with the expert guidance of a personalized Zicasso itinerary. Help Me Plan My Trip.

You can have any trip tailor-made for your private travel. Get inspired with our sample trips below. Any number of days.

Any departure date. Any experiences you want. View Trip Details. Few countries on Earth exert a hold quite like Ireland, where romance, history and spirituality suffuse the air, and where the people are always quick to offer a helping hand or a timeless bit of native wit.

From Celtic myths to the artifacts of early Irish monks, to the lives of brave and dedicated patriots, Ireland is a country where stories come alive and where adventures are waiting to be made. There is a charm to the everyday in endearing Eire. Many visitors find their favorite activities include walking the streets of a country town or spending an evening sipping Guinness and tapping their feet to traditional Irish bands at the local pub.

However, Ireland does offer a number of notable highlights, and the following places are, simply put, must-sees:. Every day in Ireland presents the chance for an once-in-a-lifetime encounter; every city and town offers the possibility of an unforgettable adventure, a memorable trip back in time, or a newfound friendship.

Though there is certainly no such thing as just another day in Ireland, these experiences set it apart from every other destination:. The weather in Ireland is ever changing and unpredictable, but while it often rains, it often out-and-out storms like it does in the States.

You can expect to see clouds and light drizzle even at the height of summer — although there are also times of gorgeous sunshine in the dead of winter.

Most Irish people consider a temperature around freezing to be bone chilling, and temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit to be sweltering.

Spring brings a number of cultural festivals in the south of Ireland, from the World Irish Dancing Championships in Killarney in April to the Wicklow Arts Festival in May, while late summer and early fall are highlighted by the world-famous Rose of Tralee Festival in County Kerry in August, and the finals of the hurling and Irish football championships in early September; and many couples celebrate their vows by honeymooning in Ireland.

There are hotels in Ireland to cover the map of accommodations, from quaint bed and breakfasts that offer a true country experience to grand hotels that host foreign dignitaries and monarchs.

Smaller Irish towns offer cozy rooms and friendly service, while the countryside provides the unparalleled luxury of spending the evening in a converted castle, complete with elegant dining rooms and world-class chefs, sumptuous spas with lavish treatments, and outdoor activities that befit the noble class — from golf and horseback riding to falconry.

The Republic of Ireland is part of the European Union, so visitors from the United States need not apply for a visa or any special travel considerations, with two notable exceptions. First, anyone wishing to work in Ireland must apply for a work visa at their local consulate: be sure to call ahead, because you may be required to bring multiple documents proving citizenship and identification. Second, any visitor wishing to spend more than 90 consecutive days in Ireland must apply for a long-term stay visa — although most travelers get around this requirement by leaving Ireland for a foreign county and yes, Northern Ireland counts , as the day grace period is reset when they reenter the country.

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, which is also an EU member nation, so the same limitations and requirements apply if you wish to visit the six northern counties. Hospitals in Ireland are all first-rate, the water is safe to drink, and there is a very low risk of contracting communicable diseases.

Food is fresh and well prepared regardless of where you go, and most health care in Ireland — should you require it — is less expensive than it is in the States. For the most part, crime in Ireland is not a concern, but some areas do require a certain amount of discretion. Tensions from the Troubles are much lower than in past years, but old prejudices do die hard, so visitors are well-advised to avoid any obvious sectarian dress or behavior in more politically turbulent areas, such as Londonderry and Belfast.

Traveling at night is safer than it is in most major US cities, but you should try to stick to well lit and populated areas, travel in groups, and try not to appear obviously lost or unfamiliar with your surroundings. Of course, should you need help, the Irish are famous for their hospitality and warmth, and you will usually find a helping hand in even the worst of circumstances. As a member of the European Union, Ireland uses the euro, and changing money is easy and hassle-free.

The best way to get money, however, is to withdraw it from the ATM: you might be charged a small fee by your banking institution, but the rates are probably going to be notably better than you can get at local exchange houses.

When dining in Ireland, a gratuity is usually added to the bill, so tipping is not required or common: if you find the service exceptional, your best option is to leave a cash tip on the table when you leave.

Some people find the Irish accent difficult to decipher, particularly in more rural regions and in the West, where Gaelic still has a strong cultural hold. Zicasso offers a collection of meticulously crafted Ireland tours where all arrangements are carefully from planned from hassle-free logistics to booking the perfect hotel so you can focus on enjoying your dream vacation.

All trips can be customized to suit individual preferences or can be completely tailor-made around particular destinations and special interests that are most meaning to you. We will match you with two or three Ireland travel specialists who will work with you to provide you with the best vacation of your life.

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Ratings of Zicasso 's Service. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest. Custom Ireland Tours Describe your dream trip to Ireland.

Book the trip when you are satisfied. Sample Itineraries You can have any trip tailor-made for your private travel. Customizable trip to Ireland. Indulge in Irish luxury with a custom tailored tour that welcomes you to the emerald glow of the countryside and the history of enchanting villages with a private chauffeur Read more This is a customizable tour.

It's simply a starting point for inspiration and ideas. Each trip is personalized uniquely for you, based on what you want, for your private travel. Best of Ireland Tour in a Week. Seven days in Ireland will bring all the major highlights and all of the local charm. Bucolic landscapes are dotted with quaint villages alongside storytelling traditions and Heritage and culture will be part of your everyday experience on the Emerald Isle.

Whether exploring soaring cliffs, medieval castles, or picturesque towns, you can always feel Hallowed halls and stately apartments, the gentle plucking of an Irish harp and the sonorous cadence of Irish in Connemara, breathing in the coastal air on the banks of mighty sea Ancient history and emerald countryside offer hidden romance during your Ireland tour perfect for newlyweds or adoring couples. Your personalized adventure balances ultimate Inspired by the upcoming Star Wars film, the eighth episode in the legendary series, embark on an extraordinary journey following in the footsteps of the last Jedis, Luke and Rey The traditions of Irish music offer a full body experience embracing heritage and spirit with upbeat tempos for a jig or slow melodies for a ballad.

Your custom tailored Irish Ireland is a country of majesty steeped in its legendary mystique. Historical castles and ancient ruins offer endless fairytales and myths during your custom tailored Ireland tour Music filled pubs, scenery to inspire odes and lauds, a people as welcoming and enchanting as the place they call home, Ireland is truly a magical nation.

From Dublin to Galway, The cries of patriots and the songs of poets fill the air, the smells of delicious Irish fare and the strains of Celtic music wafts from the halls of boisterous pubs, and the Essential Ireland Vacation Package Dance along to the Gaelic beat as you explore the very best of Ireland with evocative histories, wild landscapes and vibrant evenings spent with the locals.

Think rugged roads, Ireland is a country of glorious landscapes and an effervescent, welcoming culture. Seniors can travel slowly and nearly effortlessly while always surrounded by tradition and Ireland for Families: Charming Castles and Countrysides. Ireland is wonderfully conducive to a family vacation as tranquil green spaces, soft adventures, and local traditions bring everyone together. Handcrafted to include a little of History and Culture Tour: Experience Ireland.

With ten days in Ireland, you can travel through 5, years of evocative history. Explore stone-age passages and portal tombs, the early Celtic and Munster kings, Vikings and The wild west of Ireland is where the Atlantic Ocean waves crash against towering cliffs and dramatic landscapes present with baffling beauty. Surreal rocks at The Burren, the Highlights of Ireland: 7-Day Private Tour. The traditions, customs, histories, and landscapes are all more authentic than you can imagine, and it Discover the literary contribution of the Emerald Isle on a private bookish Ireland tour, custom tailored to follow the milestones, landmarks, and scenery that inspired your The Fairways of Ireland Golf Vacation.

The emerald Irish landscape is studded with flags connoting hidden holes on celebrated golf courses. Your personalized Ireland tour offers an immersive golfing expedition allowing Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tour through Ireland.

Harley Davidson is the embodiment of freedom, offering the wind in your hair and the open road. Mount your bike and set off on a fascinating road trip on a personalized Ireland Riding with a local in incomparable Irish castles are fixed in time and space as history whispers from every wall as grandeur meets an old, pastoral charm. Each is an attraction, and each is also an experience as

We highly recommend My Ireland and the Deluxe Castle tour. But it did not rain the entire day. See Mini-Group Tours. Our tour guide Joe was beyond wonderful. A limestone plateau covering square kilometres, The Burren takes its name quite aptly from the Gaelic for "rocky land" or "great rock".

Deluxe escorted ireland tour

Deluxe escorted ireland tour

Deluxe escorted ireland tour

Deluxe escorted ireland tour. Tour Itinerary: Day by Day

Wonderful itinerary and experiences, superb hotels, great companions and the best leader ever. We couldn't be more pleased and look forward to taking more Signature trips. Everything was terrific - Gate 1 has fantastic guides, a great hotel selection and weather was perfect. The best trip we've taken - appreciate all you did to make it happen.

The group we were with were all nice folks - and we meshed with several - so all in all a great trip. Although we have traveled with Gate 1 previously, this was our first Signature Collection trip.

The trip met or exceeded our expectations in every way. We were impressed with the quality of the tours, the accommodations, and the restaurants. We are especially grateful to our outstanding Tour Manager, Alok, His extensive knowledge helped us appreciate India's culture and history and added so much to our enjoyment of the attractions and sights of the tour.

We also appreciated Alok's attention to detail: visiting major attractions at the best possible times; checking menus before included meals; and smoothing our way through airports and rest stops. In addition to being an outstanding Tour Manager, Alok was great company throughout the trip.

We would strongly recommend this tour to anyone who has an interest in visiting India. It was a great trip and we are glad we did it. The weather was a bit cool and overcast, but it didn't dampen our spirits!

At least the rain was minimal. She deserves an A plus! Still in "recovery mode". Lots of great memories! It is a great trip indeed and the arrangement was amazingly planned and quite extraordinary.

Dawn, the trip manager, is very nice and hardworking and so a smooth and pleasurable trip had been insured. I appreciated everything which you guys did for such a beautiful European traveling. We had a wonderful trip. Everything was as described and went like clockwork. This was our first Gate 1 trip and we will certainly travel with you again. I believe that our tour guide, Washington deserves all the credit, he was unbelievable, from trains, buses and hotels to his vast knowledge of the area, everything was perfect.

I certainly would like to tour with him again. Alecoque was an extremely competent and able tour manager. She provided great insight into Ireland's history and current political situation within the Eurozone.

She was warm, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, positive, and treated each participant with the same degree of respect and attention. Likewise, John, the driver, was a great addition to the team. His expertise driving a large sized bus down narrow country roads and busy city streets was amazing. Always we felt safe and secure with his driving.

The hotels, meals, local tour and guides, and scenic drives were all outstanding. For us, who have travel many times with Tauck, the tour far surpassed our expectations. Please don't change a thing because you have a winning product. With Alecoque and John at the helm you can't go wrong with this tour. We would love to take it again! We noticed that you are accessing our US site from the South Pacific region - please click below to be redirected to our Australia site that has information for booking trips from Australia to all our destinations.

Click a Date to Book Online How to calculate single or triple prices. Accommodation Details: Triples are not available for this package. Entry Requirements: Passengers traveling abroad require a passport valid for six months beyond their travel dates. All travelers are responsible to check if a visa is required for all countries on their itinerary. For visa information, check our Visas page. Is This Trip Right for You? Extend Your Stay.

Add Pre-Accommodations? Number of Nights. Add Post-Accommodations? Flight Details. Include Flight? Yes No. Departure City. Dodge, IA Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ft. Leonard, MO Ft. Pierce, FL Ft. Smith, AR Ft. Walton Beach, FL Ft. Augustine, FL St. George, UT St. Louis, MO St. Washington D. Departure Date. Return Date. Preferred Airline. Preferred Class. Economy Premium Economy Business. Airfare Type. Nonstop Only? Number of Adults. Number of Children. Accommodation Details. Preferred Bedding Configuration.

Twin Room two separate beds. Double Room one bed. Email to a Friend. Your Name. Your Email Address. Your Friend's Name. Your Friend's Email Address. Your Message. Gate 1 Travel Maryland Drive Ft. Sunday Departure Friday Departure. The Westin Dublin, Dublin. Great Southern Killarney, Killarney. Glenlo Abbey Hotel, Galway. The g Hotel, Galway. Lough Erne Resort, Enniskillen. Harvey's Point, County Donegal. The Marker Hotel, Dublin. Book your Optional Tours before you travel.

See more, save time, save money. Avoid disappointment Save your cash. Credit card processing may not be possible locally. Travel insurance only covers services purchased prior to departure Book Online or call to book these tours up to 1 week before your departure The day the optionals operate varies by the day of the week. Jaunting Cars with dinner. Taste of the Titanic Dinner.

Gate 1 Traveler Photos Professional Photos Customer photos for this package are currently unavailable. Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin. Dublin Spire. Temple Bar, Dublin. Trinity College Library, Dublin.

Cliffs of Moher. Giants Causeway. Kylemore Abbey. David W. Briarcliff Manor, NY. Paula B. Houston, TX. Dan K. Palm Desert, CA. Susanna M. Alexandria, VA. Kristina D. South Miami, FL. Allen S. Henderson, NV. Martin K. Los Angeles, CA. Briarcliff, NY. Denise E. You will not find our tours on any other website. And with no middle man, we can provide unrivalled value with a much more personal experience. We will be delighted to help with any questions you may have.

Live like royalty, staying in real Irish castles like this one, Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara, Co. This is just one of the historic residences on offer when you book one of our exclusive castle tours of Ireland. Get even closer on a tour which is limited to a maximum of eight guests. We call them our mini-group tours and we have designed every detail with luxury and comfort in mind. We always keep our tour group sizes small.

That's because we want every guest to get the comfort, space and service they deserve. Although many other companies squeeze in groups of up to 50, even the largest of our tour packages are strictly limited to just 26 guests. That leaves empty seats on the coaches.

So why do we limit our tours to such small group sizes? Here are six reasons. Guests consistently list our small group sizes as a top reason why they would book with us again. See our reviews With a smaller group, our tour guides have more time to get to know you and your interests.

Experience each attraction up-close and personal, with more time to ask questions and see what interests you. Compared with many of our rivals, our smaller group sizes make checking in and out of the hotels a breeze. Experience Ireland at your own pace. No rushing to keep up and no waiting around for large groups to assemble. My Ireland Tour is a family business based right here in County Cork. Thanks for visiting our website: we're thrilled that you're interested in visiting the country we call home.

Hello from everyone here at My Ireland Tour! Tour Details. Stay in Castles Castles and Backroads Tour See the true face of Ireland and stay in real castles as you visit Ireland's top attractions and journey the road less travelled.

Via Kerry Via Dingle. Private Tours We also offer custom private tours of Ireland, crafted uniquely for you. Arrange a Private Tour. Managing Director. Made in Ireland, by us We are not a reseller or an agent. No Middle Man You will not find our tours on any other website.

See Castle Tours. Tours for Max. See Mini-Group Tours. You might also be interested in Our small groups guarantee Why we keep our group sizes small We always keep our tour group sizes small.

Superior Service Guests consistently list our small group sizes as a top reason why they would book with us again. More focus on you With a smaller group, our tour guides have more time to get to know you and your interests. More Space We deliberately leave empty seats on our coaches so you can relax and spread out. Get Closer Experience each attraction up-close and personal, with more time to ask questions and see what interests you. Speedier Check-Ins Compared with many of our rivals, our smaller group sizes make checking in and out of the hotels a breeze.

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This tour is available in luxury hotels. The following are examples of the hotels that may be used. The Aran Islands are a group of three islands located at the mouth of Galway Bay, on the west coast of Ireland.

The largest island is Inishmore; the middle and second-largest is Inishmaan and the smallest and most eastern is Inisheer. Irish is a spoken language on all three islands, and is the language used naming the islands and their villages and townlands.

Take a short ferry ride to Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran Islands, and island rich in the language, culture and heritage of Ireland, unique in its geology and archaeology and in its long tradition of gentle hospitality. Here is a place to sense the spirit of Gaelic Ireland, to touch the past, but with all the comforts and facilities of the present.

Aran will take you back to an Ireland of Celts and Early Christians This river, alongside the castle, flows into the nearby Shannon estuary. From the top of the castle, one can look over to the estuary and the airport.

Bunratty Castle is now a very popular tourist attraction. The interior has been furnished by Lord Gort with tapestries and artifacts from various eras in the castle's history. Some of the sights include the 'great hall', dungeons an The Burren is a unique karst-landscape region in northwest County Clare, in Ireland and one of the largest Karst landscapes in Europe.

The region measures approximately square kilometres and is enclosed roughly within the circle comprised by the villages Ballyvaughan, Kinvara, Tubber, Corofin, Kilfenora and Lisdoonvarna, It is bounded by the Atlantic and Galway Bay on the west and north respectively. The definite article making it "the Burren" has only been added to the name in the last few decades, possibly by academics, as it had always been called Boireann in Irish and Burren i The cliffs rise meters ft above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag's Head, and reach their maximum height of meters ft just north of O'Brien's Tower, eight kilometres away.

The cliffs boast one of Ireland's most spectacular views. On a clear day the Aran Islands are visible in Galway Bay, as are the valleys and hills of Connemara. O'Brien's Tower is a round stone tower at the approximate midpoint of the cliffs.

The Conor Pass is the highest mountain pass in Ireland. It is situated on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, on the road that crosses the peninsula between Dingle Town and the coast the other side.

There are wonderful views of the coast. At the Pass there is a carpark where you are confronted with this magnificent sight. The road then carries on down towards Brandon Bay past cliffs, a waterfall and lakes There are so many things to see, to do, to explore, to experience on the Dingle Peninsula. There is no other landscape in western Europe with the density and variety of archaeological monuments as the Dingle Peninsula. This mountainous finger of land which juts into the Atlantic Ocean has supported various tribes and populations for almost 6, years.

Because of the peninsula's remote location, and lack of specialised agriculture, there is a remarkable preservation of over 2, monuments. It is impossible to visit the Dingle Peninsula and not be impressed by its archaeological heritage. When one A small fishing village, also known as Fisherstreet, on a sandy bay some 3km from Aill na Searrach, the northern end of the Cliffs of Moher. Doolin is world-famous for its wealth of Irish folk music and in recent years has been attracting crowds to spontaneous sessions and festivals or 'fleadhanna' of Irish and international music.

Lots of music pubs and restaurants. Overlooked by Doonagore Castle, an unusual circular tower within a walled bawn enclosure, which has been restored as a residence. Nearer the sea, Iron Age burial mounds dot the surrounding landscape. One of Doolin's claims to fame is that it is the main setting for the PlayStation 3 game Folklore.

According to the game's storyline, the Netherworld, the world of the dead is a realm that can only be accessed from one place It is located on Inishmore at the edge of a metre high cliff.

It was built during the Bronze Age and dates from 1, B. It has been called "the most magnificent barbaric monument in Europe. The fort consists of a series of four concentric walls of dry stone construction. Surviving stonework is four metres wide at some points. The original shape was presumably oval or D-shaped but part of the cliff and fort have since collapsed into The Gap of Dunloe is a beautiful glacial valley in the Macgillacuddy Reeks mountain range, which dominate the skyline of Killarney.

Here you may enjoy an energetic walk or cycle its rough path. The scenery all around the famousLakes of Killarneyis breathtaking and there are many viewing points around the lakes as you see above.

The three main lakes of Killarney occupy a broad valley stretching south between the mountains. The three lakes and the mountains that surround them are all within the Killarney National Park. The Lower Lake is nearest to the town, it is studded with islands and has Muckross Abbey and Ross Castle on its eastern shore. Why not take the Gap of Dunloe Trip, by horseback or pony and trap through the Gap, and then by boat across the Killarney lake to Ross Castl This little town is world-famous due to its exquisite location beside lakes and mountains.

Take a horse-drawn jaunting car ride through the grounds of the Killarney National Park to Muckross House and Gardens. Tour the house with a local guide to learn about the history and lifestyles of previous owners and perhaps stroll through the gardens on the shores of Muckross Lake. As well as being a perfect location from which to explore the south western region of Ireland, for centuries the Killarney Valley has been recognised far and wide as Ireland's most beautiful destination - being aptly titled as "Heaven's Reflex".

It inspired Poet Laureate Alfred Austin to write - "If mountain, wood and water harmoniously blent, constitute the most perfect and adequate loveliness that nature presents, Tara: just got home from Ireland. The peoples of Ireland are great, had a great time,even in the rain. Towers had one of the best hambuger and chips Ive had in many years.

Id like to thank you for your help and I have alot of pictures of my trip and would be willing to share with Go Ireland, if so send me a mailing address and I'll forward a CD.

Thanks again.. Call us now to talk through your vacation options! Call us now to talk through your Vacation options! Your Hotels This tour is available in luxury hotels. Luxury Tours 8 Night Luxury Ireland. Customer Testimonial. Browse Irish Tourism Tours

Deluxe escorted ireland tour