Diary fat housewife sequel-Smashwords – Diary of a Fat Girl – a book by Moira Mugweni

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Diary fat housewife sequel

Sometimes we got that, sometimes we didn't. It made me crave chocolate. Bacot, —University of South Carolina Press, pp. I couldn't quit reading it. Diary fat housewife sequel like Fred and Warren so much! For me timing is a huge deal. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Scarlett avows that she and her family will survive and never be hungry again.

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Diary fat housewife sequel

Diary fat housewife sequel

Diary fat housewife sequel

Diary fat housewife sequel

Diary fat housewife sequel

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Gone with the Wind (novel) - Wikipedia

Gone with the Wind is a novel by American writer Margaret Mitchell , first published in It depicts the struggles of young Scarlett O'Hara, the spoiled daughter of a well-to-do plantation owner, who must use every means at her disposal to claw her way out of poverty following Sherman's destructive " March to the Sea ".

This historical novel features a Bildungsroman or coming-of-age story, with the title taken from a poem written by Ernest Dowson. Gone with the Wind was popular with American readers from the outset and was the top American fiction bestseller in and As of , a Harris poll found it to be the second favorite book of American readers, just behind the Bible.

More than 30 million copies have been printed worldwide. Gone with the Wind is a controversial reference point for subsequent writers of the South, both black and white. Scholars at American universities refer to, interpret, and study it in their writings. The novel has been absorbed into American popular culture. Mitchell received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the book in It was adapted into a American film. Gone with the Wind is the only novel by Mitchell published during her lifetime.

Born in in Atlanta , Georgia , Margaret Mitchell was a Southerner and writer throughout her life. She grew up hearing stories about the American Civil War and the Reconstruction from her Irish-American grandmother, who had endured its suffering. Her forceful and intellectual mother was a suffragist who fought for the rights of women to vote.

As a young woman, Mitchell found love with an army lieutenant. He was killed in World War I, and she would carry his memory for the remainder of her life.

After studying at Smith College for a year, during which time her mother died from the pandemic flu , Mitchell returned to Atlanta. She married, but her husband was an abusive bootlegger. Mitchell took a job writing feature articles for the Atlanta Journal at a time when Atlanta debutantes of her class did not work.

After divorcing her first husband, she married again, this time to a man who shared her interest in writing and literature. He had also been best man at her first wedding. Margaret Mitchell began writing Gone with the Wind in to pass the time while recovering from a slow-healing auto-crash injury. After Latham agreed to publish the book, Mitchell worked for another six months checking the historical references and rewriting the opening chapter several times.

Mitchell wrote the book's final moments first and then wrote the events that led up to them. The author tentatively titled the novel Tomorrow is Another Day , from its last line. I have forgot much, Cynara! Scarlett O'Hara uses the title phrase when she wonders to herself if her home on a plantation called " Tara " is still standing, or if it had "gone with the wind which had swept through Georgia.

When taken in the context of Dowson's poem about "Cynara," the phrase "gone with the wind" alludes to erotic loss. The novel unfolds against the backdrop of rebellion wherein seven southern states initially, including Georgia, have declared their secession from the United States the "Union" and formed the Confederate States of America the "Confederacy" , after Abraham Lincoln was elected president.

The Union refuses to accept secession and no compromise is found as war approaches. The novel opens April 15, , [15] at " Tara ," a plantation owned by Gerald O'Hara, an Irish immigrant who has become a successful planter, and his wife, Ellen Robillard O'Hara, from a coastal aristocratic family of French descent.

Their year-old daughter, Scarlett, is not beautiful, but men seldom realized it once they were caught up in her charm. All the talk is of the coming Civil War. There are brief but vivid descriptions of the South as it began and grew, with backgrounds of the main characters: the stylish and highbrow French, the gentlemanly English, the forced-to-flee and looked-down-upon Irish. Scarlett learns that one of her many beaux, Ashley Wilkes, will soon be engaged to his cousin, Melanie Hamilton.

She is heart-stricken. The next day at the Wilkeses' barbecue at Twelve Oaks, Scarlett tells Ashley she loves him, and he admits he cares for her. She loses her temper with him, and he silently takes it.

Rhett Butler , who has a reputation as a rogue, had been alone in the library when Ashley and Scarlett entered and felt it wiser to stay unseen during the argument. Rhett applauds Scarlett for the "unladylike" spirit she displayed with Ashley. Infuriated and humiliated, she tells Rhett, "You aren't fit to wipe his boots!

After rejoining the other party guests, she learns that war has been declared and the men are going to enlist. Seeking revenge, Scarlett accepts a marriage proposal from Melanie's brother, Charles Hamilton.

They marry two weeks later. Charles dies of pneumonia following the measles two months after the war begins. As a young widow, Scarlett gives birth to her first child, Wade Hampton Hamilton, named after his father's general. Scarlett feels restricted by these conventions and bitterly misses her life as a young, unmarried woman. Aunt Pittypat is living with Melanie in Atlanta and invites Scarlett to stay with them, as she was Charles' wife.

In Atlanta, Scarlett's spirits revive, and she is busy with hospital work and sewing circles for the Confederate Army. Scarlett encounters Rhett Butler again at a benefit dance, where he is dressed like a dandy.

The men must bid for a dance with a lady, and Rhett bids "one hundred fifty dollars-in gold" [19] for a dance with Scarlett. Others at the dance are shocked that Rhett would bid for a widow and that she would accept the dance while still wearing black or widow's weeds.

Melanie defends her, arguing she is supporting the cause for which Melanie's husband, Ashley, is fighting. At Christmas , Ashley is granted a furlough from the army.

Melanie becomes pregnant with their first child. The war is going badly for the Confederacy. By September , Atlanta is besieged from three sides. Melanie goes into labor with only the inexperienced Scarlett to assist, as all the doctors are attending the soldiers. Prissy, a young slave, cries out in despair and fear, "De Yankees is comin! Melanie gives birth to a boy, Beau, with Scarlett's assistance. Rhett laughs at the idea but steals an emaciated horse and a small wagon , and they follow the retreating army out of Atlanta.

Part way to Tara, Rhett has a change of heart and abandons Scarlett to enlist in the army he later recounts that when they learned he had attended West Point , they put him in the artillery, which may have saved his life. Scarlett then makes her way to Tara, where she is welcomed on the steps by her father, Gerald.

Things have drastically changed: Scarlett's mother is dead, her father has lost his mind with grief, her sisters are sick with typhoid fever , the field slaves have left after Emancipation, the Yankees have burned all the cotton, and there is no food in the house.

Scarlett avows that she and her family will survive and never be hungry again. The long tiring struggle for survival begins that has Scarlett working in the fields. There are hungry people to feed and little food. There is the ever-present threat of the Yankees who steal and burn. At one point, a Yankee soldier trespasses on Tara, and it is implied that he would steal from the house and possibly rape Scarlett and Melanie.

Scarlett kills him with Charles's pistol, and sees that Melanie had also prepared to fight him with a sword. A long post-war succession of Confederate soldiers returning home stop at Tara to find food and rest. Eventually, Ashley returns from the war, with his idealistic view of the world shattered. Life at Tara slowly begins to recover, but then new taxes are levied on the plantation. Scarlett knows only one man with enough money to help her: Rhett Butler.

She looks for him in Atlanta only to learn that he is in jail. Rhett refuses to give money to Scarlett, and leaving the jailhouse in fury, she runs into Frank Kennedy, who runs a store in Atlanta and is betrothed to Scarlett's sister, Suellen.

Realizing Frank also has money, Scarlett hatches a plot and tells Frank that Suellen will not marry him. Frank succumbs to Scarlett's charms and marries her two weeks later, knowing he has done "something romantic and exciting for the first time in his life. While Frank has a cold and is pampered by Aunt Pittypat, Scarlett goes over the accounts at Frank's store and finds that many owe him money.

Scarlett is now terrified about the taxes and decides money, a lot of it, is needed. She takes control of the store, and her business practices leave many Atlantans resentful of her. With a loan from Rhett she buys a sawmill and runs it herself, all scandalous conduct. To Frank's relief, Scarlett learns she is pregnant, which curtails her "unladylike" activities for a while. She convinces Ashley to come to Atlanta and manage the mill, all the while still in love with him.

At Melanie's urging, Ashley takes the job. Melanie becomes the center of Atlanta society, and Scarlett gives birth to Ella Lorena: "Ella for her grandmother Ellen, and Lorena because it was the most fashionable name of the day for girls. Georgia is under martial law , and life has taken on a new and more frightening tone.

For protection, Scarlett keeps Frank's pistol tucked in the upholstery of the buggy. Her trips alone to and from the mill take her past a shantytown where criminal elements live.

While on her way home one evening, she is accosted by two men who try to rob her, but she escapes with the help of Big Sam, the black former foreman from Tara. Attempting to avenge his wife, Frank and the Ku Klux Klan raid the shantytown whereupon Frank is shot dead.

Scarlett is a widow again. To keep the raiders from being arrested, Rhett puts on a charade. He walks into the Wilkeses' home with Hugh Elsing and Ashley, singing and pretending to be drunk. Yankee officers outside question Rhett, and he says he and the other men had been at Belle Watling's brothel that evening, a story Belle later confirms to the officers.

The men are indebted to Rhett, and his Scallawag reputation among them improves a notch, but the men's wives, except Melanie, are livid at owing their husbands' lives to Belle Watling.

Frank Kennedy lies in a casket in the quiet stillness of the parlor in Aunt Pittypat's home. Scarlett is remorseful.

Diary fat housewife sequel

Diary fat housewife sequel