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Yet my earliest memories involve Harry Potter NextGen fics, because, boy, did I want to know what happened way after 19 years later. Those stories helped me picture the Potter and Weasley kids to their full mischief in the footsteps of their parents — actually, who am I kidding? I read them for my Dramione hopes projected onto Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley: a ship only teased at in the original material or canon, as fans call it , until Rowling came out with Cursed Child. From fanfiction. That exact trait of fanfiction, its strange familiarity, is both what defines it as a medium and draws the most flak.

Fan fiction guilty pleasure

Fan fiction guilty pleasure

You will converse Fan fiction guilty pleasure your seat partner for five minutes. If she had feelings for him she would be too embarrassed to Male models thongs him like that in front of everybody! That exact trait of fanfiction, its strange familiarity, is both what defines it as a medium and draws the most flak. I'm pleasurw Ron couldn't fit into Slytherin. He leaned in towards her as if he was going to tell her a secret.

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Report Story. Terms of Service. In the observation room the watcher fought down the urge to vomit. I can't do this, I'm not strong enough. Would this story Fan fiction guilty pleasure work as a one-shot? Unable to help, the watcher could do nothing but continue observing through the window as security rushed into the room. Or is it fear? As Zelda watched, Fan fiction guilty pleasure Moblin slowly stood up on its two feet and made its way over to her; the princess held as still as she could, breathing steadily, making sure not to make any sudden movements. All of the pain and pleasure and ecstasy that had been building up as the Moblin fucked her into submission suddenly came out all at once as Zelda felt her orgasm over take her and send wave after wave of pure heaven coursing through her veins. How had things turned out like this? Submit bug report.

I want to be an artist or an art teacher some day and am currently going to school to fulfill that dream.

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  • It was just starting to rain by the time Zelda finally spotted the cave that was to serve as her destination.
  • Dislcaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J.

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Turning to the window, the watcher was just in time to see the younger man drop to his knees and begin opening the other man's pants. Quickly subduing the four men, the guards attached handcuffs to the assailants, preventing any further resistance. Literotica is a trademark. I am concerned about you though, and not just because of tonight. You get to be the pinata at my party, my friends will be here soon and we're gonna see if we can break my pinata. And, to the Moblin's credit, it didn't. Title your feedback:.

Fan fiction guilty pleasure

Fan fiction guilty pleasure

Fan fiction guilty pleasure

Fan fiction guilty pleasure. Change picture

Except that wasn't the reason Zelda was heading out to the Moblin's cave on her own this stormy afternoon, having run away from her father and his impossible expectations. Zelda had no interest in researching the Moblin this day; she wanted to find the creature for one reason, and one reason only:. As such, the first thing the princess did when she came to the edge of the river that bordered the cave — after securing her horse to a nearby tree, of course — was strip herself of her soaked clothing.

Off came her blue tunic, down went her pants, and soon enough the Princess of Hyrule was standing in the nude in the pouring rain. She shivered slightly, feeling the nipples of her perky breasts harden at the cold and damp, but paid it little mind.

Sure, it was cold, but Zelda wanted to ensure the Moblin got the right impression; notably, she wasn't looking for a fight, but a breeding. Ignoring the chill in the air, Zelda put her clothes in a knapsack to dry and slung it over her shoulder before quickly making her way through the tall grass and pouring rain to the opening of the cave she and Link had seen the Moblin disappear into only two days before.

Far from the cold, damp environment she was expecting, Zelda was delighted to find the interior of the cave surprisingly warm. The cave was deeper than she expected, but she could see a faint, warm glow at its very end, indicating a fire was roaring.

She made her way out of the rain and into the cave, heading for the gentle light at its end with mounting anticipation. There it was: the blue Moblin she had been looking for. The hulking creature was sitting against the far wall of the cave in front of a roaring fire, grunting to itself as it picked something out of its teeth. The creature wore only an animal skin around its broad shoulders and chest and a simple loincloth around its waist, hiding what Zelda hoped was a sizable cock. A mighty club of wood and stone lay nearby, no doubt the Moblin's weapon.

Just go slowly , Zelda reminded herself as she peaked around the corner at the roaring fire and the monstrous creature sitting behind it. No sudden moves. Make your intentions clear. With that, the naked princess stepped out from behind the rocky corner of the cave and revealed herself to the Moblin. It took the Moblin a moment to realize what was happening, dumb brute that it was; the creature stared at Zelda for three whole seconds before registering her presence, growling as it pulled its hand out of its mouth and made to get up.

Immediately, Zelda held her hands out in the universal display of peace. She leaned down slowly, slipping her knapsack from her shoulders, leaving her entirely bare. I'm not here to hurt you. I promise. Surprisingly, the Moblin seemed to understand this on some level, as it stopped growling and instead began addressing the naked princess with curiosity and what Zelda hoped was something other than hunger in its beady eyes. As Zelda watched, the Moblin slowly stood up on its two feet and made its way over to her; the princess held as still as she could, breathing steadily, making sure not to make any sudden movements.

Soon, the creature was standing right in front of her and leaning down somewhat in order to inspect her, as though it had never seen a human before, at least not this close. Then the Moblin was opening its mouth, and its tongue was running over the girl's naked form inquisitively. Try as she might, even Zelda couldn't help but gasp as she felt the Moblin's slimy red tongue lick her legs, stomach, and breasts. This wasn't a gasp of fear, however, but rather one of surprise…and perhaps of pleasure.

At the touch of the Moblin's tongue, her bare nipples hardened and she felt a fire burn between her legs. A moment later, the Moblin's tongue pushing itself between her legs and running itself up and down her needy little slit, and Zelda had to keep herself from falling in pleasure over right then and there.

I need it. I need it so badly! I'm yours for the taking. Whether the Moblin understood her words or not, Zelda did not know, but she certainly understood the way its loincloth was rising as the creature's thick cock began to grow hard. A moment later, the creature tore the cloth from its waist, revealing itself to the princess and causing the girl to gasp in wonder at the Moblin's thick cock.

At least a foot long and three inches in diameter, the princess felt her mouth water just at the mere sight of it. Knowing exactly what the Moblin wanted, Zelda nodded and then turned around, presenting her rear to the creature before getting onto all her hands and knees.

Feeling a little playful, she wriggled her hips and ass at the Moblin as she felt it position itself behind her; she had been looking forward to this for days, and now she was going to enjoy it! Zelda had never before taken a cock of such length or girth — few Hylian women ever had, she was sure — and the initial entry was almost too much for her to bear.

The girl's cunt burned as she felt the Moblin finally shove the entirety of its head into her pussy, causing her to shriek in both pain and pleasure.

Oh, Goddess! Zelda continued to groan and moan as she felt the Moblin wrap its clawed hands around her naked waist and then push deeper still, desperate to fill the naked princess with the entirety of its girth.

The princess squeezed her eyes closed and whimpered as she felt inch after inch of the Moblin's thick cock bury itself into her tight little cunt, much farther and much deeper than anything had ever gone before. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pain and anticipation, Zelda gasped as she felt the Moblin bottom out inside of her, its massive balls — each the size of an apple — slapping against her naked cunt and indicating the full length of its meat was buried to the hilt inside of her.

Sooooo good! I feel so…so full! Let's see what else it can feel like…. Don't be stupid, of course he is, why else would he be here? Following down the hall, he stayed back, not ready to explain himself.

Hearing a door open, he came around the corner in time to see the man he followed shoved into another room. Running down the hall, he stood listening outside the door, unsure of his next step. His first instinct had been to protect, but what if his protection was neither wanted or needed? Standing outside the door, trying to decide what to do, he jumped slightly when a hand landed on his back.

Turning around, the watcher looked at the other man in surprise, "Participate? What did you mean? I'm afraid you can't enter the room unless you were invited by one of the participants. However the management does understand your curiosity and has provided observation rooms. We've found this to be especially useful for those who are new to the scene and haven't yet found their niche.

If you'd like, you may make use of the observation room, the younger man is quite popular and I'm sure you'll be given a wonderful show. Looking at the closed door, the watcher knew that this might be his only chance to find out what was going on. So, swallowing the bile he felt rising in his throat, the watcher nodded his agreement and stepped into the observation room. Surprised when the man from the hall followed him in, he was embarassed to think that this man would see him as he watched the others.

He smiled weakly at the man when he simply turned on the intercom allowing him to hear as well as see what was happening in the next room. Returning the smile, the man left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. Turning to the window, the watcher was just in time to see the younger man drop to his knees and begin opening the other man's pants. After a short conversation, the two men had left the main room and walked down the hall to one of the back rooms.

Opening the door, the older man shoved the younger into the room. Keeping his eyes averted, the younger man slowly began to open the snaps on his shirt. Sensously sliding it from his shoulders, he allowed the shirt to fall to the floor. Toeing off his boots, he simultaneously reached for the buckle of his belt. Unsnapping the tight jeans, he slowly pulled the zipper down and pushed the jeans down long legs, followed a moment later by his boxers.

Casually stepping out of the puddle of clothes, he stood awaiting the next order. Placing his hands behind him, the young man leaned forward and tentatively licked at the drop of pre-cum glistening on the other man's cock. Slowly drawing the head into his mouth, the young man began to move his head up and down on the older man's cock. Swirling his tongue around the man's cock as he sucked, the young man felt himself becoming aroused. Flushing in shame, hating himself for what he was doing, and yet, he continued to service the man in front of him, unable and unwilling to stop.

Feeling himself about to cum, the older man looked down at the man kneeling in front of him, contempt in his eyes. Pulling his cock from the moist heat, the older man stepped away, smiling in satisfaction at the bowed head of the younger man. The man stood admiring the young man who had so expertly sucked him off, looking closer he couldn't help noticing the partially aroused state of the man before him. Stand up! Coming back to the younger man, he showed him the device, smiling at the look of surprise on the beautiful young face.

Reaching out he roughly grabbed the younger man's dick and none too gently applied the cock ring he had taken from the cabinet.

Did I give you permission to speak? Stalking to the wall, the man pulled open a hidden closet and removed a short whip. Returning to the younger man, he began to whip the trembling young man. Suddenly his head was jerked backwards by a hand in his hair. Looking up, he saw the older man staring at him in anger. Oh no, I moaned didn't I? I'm having a party and I always wanted a pinata, guess what bitch? You get to be the pinata at my party, my friends will be here soon and we're gonna see if we can break my pinata.

Trembling with excitement already? Or is it fear? You want this don't you? Stepping behind him, the older man attached cuffs to the young man's wrists, cruelly tightening them. Following this up with a slave collar around the neck, he stepped back to admire the view while he waited for his friends. In the observation room the watcher fought down the urge to vomit.

He didn't understand any of this, why was he allowing himself to be treated like this? The man he knew would never let somebody humilate him and use him like this. At least he had never thought he would, maybe he didn't know the man as well as he had thought.

The door in the adjoining room drew his attention, he saw three more men entering the room. Looking back at the man he had followed, he was surprised to see that a blindfold now covered his eyes.

Inside the room, the older man heard the latch on the door begin to click. Reaching forward he quickly placed a blindfold on the younger man, covering his eyes. Come in gentelmen, come in.

How do you like my pinata? Looking to the other men in the room, it was soon apparent he was the one in charge now. Motioning to the man who had first accompanied the young man into the room, he waited while the man retrieved one more item from the closet. Waiting patiently, he could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of what was to come.

When the other man returned to stand behind the younger man, the large man nodded for him to continue. Struggling against the hands that were suddenly clamped around his head, he was helpless to prevent the straps from being attached. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go, they weren't supposed to use the gag! He had only agreed to being a slave to this man and his two friends, but he had to be free to use his safe word. With the gag in place, he wouldn't have any way to tell them to stop if the scenario became too intense.

He was surprised again when the blindfold was suddenly ripped from his eyes. Before his vision could adjust, the man in front of him leaned down and whispered in his ear. Straightening to his full height, he laughed maliciously at the look of terror in the blue eyes of the man before him. No don't touch me, you bastard let me go!

The other men in the room surrounded him, blocking his escape. Completely helpless, he couldn't prevent the large man from attaching a leash to the slave collar and forcing him to his feet. Jerked across the room, he was forced onto the bed by the other four men. Feeling the bed sinking down with the added weight of the large man, the young man desperately tried to crawl away. Fighting vainly, he tried to contain the sob when he felt hands grabbing roughly at his hips, jerking him to his knees.

Struggling helplessly, he felt the other men putting their hands on him, holding him in place. Hating that he was at the mercy of these men, he shuddered in revulsion when he felt hands parting the cheeks of his ass.

He couldn't help screaming around the gag as the large cock was shoved forcefully inside him, making him feel as though he were being ripped in half.

In the observation room, the watcher stood, sickened by what he was seeing. Startling slightly, he turned towards the opening door. Code red, room 13A. Let security handle this, it's what they're trained for. Realizing that the man he watched was in fact being raped, that he had actually watched it happening without intervening, he rushed for the door. Struggling against the hands that held him, he was surprised that even though the man in front of him was several inches shorter, he had no trouble holding him in place.

Unable to help, the watcher could do nothing but continue observing through the window as security rushed into the room. Rushing into the room, the security guards arrived just as the large man pulled from the body in front of him.

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Something is terribly wrong with Castiel. After his grace 'malfunctions' it sends Dean Somewhere that seems oddly familiar. A certain opera house said to be haunted by a phantom. A phantom who leaves behind a single red rose, and whose bright blue eyes are impossible not to recognize.

I'm writing this because I have so many ideas for Destiel crossovers that this practically writes itself. It'll take a while to update, but it'll eventually be worth it if you stick around. Rating for language, violence, and possible adult content in later chapters.

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Fan fiction guilty pleasure