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Because the only way to have better female representation in front of the camera, is to have women behind the camera. Also check out BitchFlicks for female led cinema info, discussion and celebration! The Love Witch Dir. Logan Lucky written by Rebecca Blunt, Dir. Steven Soderburg.

Female diretors adult movies

Female diretors adult movies

Female diretors adult movies

There is a whole section dedicated solely to work from female directors over on my streaming site Erotic Films! The film is also distinguished by the patience with which it treats its characters: Unlike many other romances, Female diretors adult movies seems content to diretosr let them talk and get to know each other. While there are "so many people making porn that don't want to take that responsibility, it's very individual," she says. By Bianca Nieves. From the legendary Jane Campion is this stunning mini-series!

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This lesbian movie has still no replacement found as the passion and desire are shown in a way that is beyond words. These Hollywood movies are the best and highly rated films that are admired and loved by viewers, especially youngsters who are fond of such movies. Their work is as diverse as they are. Logging in Best film: After the Wedding The Top 10 Women Directors in Porn It's been Female diretors adult movies long time since Candida Royalle stepped behind the lens and helped create a whole new category of adult entertainment porn from a woman's point ddiretors view. Kim Cums is an Free sex video clips for guy filmmaker with experience on both Fwmale of the camera. With Chemistrya reality based porn series, Taormino showed that great porn begins and ends with the connections and chemistry between the people on screen. Also note that Kathryn Bigelow, Amy Heckerling. Although, the topic is controversial, but the movie was highly watched by the people. Go Back You are now leaving Pornhub. She makes Female diretors adult movies films dealing with….

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Silence falls on set as filmmaker Daniella Vale brings her hand to her chin in a display of focused contemplation, or maybe it's nerves. The New-York-City-based year-old is shooting the climax of her first-ever adult film, which she has written and is now directing for Swedish director, screenwriter, and producer Erika Lust , one of the biggest names in porn.

Lust has offered Vale her support and funding for the project, but the success of today's shoot is in Vale's hands. The female lead has let her jumpsuit fall to the floor of the rented Brooklyn loft, revealing a taut torso, pierced nipples, and unstyled pubes. Wearing only black platforms, Tourma Selene lowers herself into a chair and drapes a tattooed arm over its back.

She directs a sassy half-smile at her male co-lead. Selene's character has just accused the male character, an artist who exclusively paints nude women, of objectifying women through his work. Criticisms aside, she's intrigued. The "artist" walks over to her, brush in hand, and runs a streak of black paint down her neck and shoulder. A few moments later, both actors have stripped down and are on the floor, their limbs twisting around each other's as the camera follows the action.

There's a distinct shift in the room's energy as the director and camera operator work with quiet, hurried motions to capture the on-screen couple's adrenaline.

No going back now: Vale isn't shooting second takes of any specific movement or line. The only person on set who has even witnessed a real sex scene firsthand is Jay Smooth , the Los-Angeles-based professional model, actor, and adult entertainer playing the male lead. Even so, no one on the eight-person film crew looks uncomfortable; of course, they're not the ones having sex in front of an audience, and after Smooth finishes performing oral on Selene and the cameras stop rolling, Selene needs a moment.

Smooth guides her through some deep breaths as Vale crouches down to check in with her stars. A sexuality educator, Selene describes herself as an "erotic alchemist," which, she says, refers to her practice of using her own sexual experiences to prompt transformation in others.

Still, a public display of such raw intimacy is anything but typical for her. Afterward, however, she tells me that her adult film debut could not have gone better. Vale's team created an extremely safe space for me to perform in," she says. Vale, for her part, admits she was so concerned about creating a comfortable environment for the actors she woke up the morning of the shoot in tears.

Novices or not, Vale's predominantly female crew is all too rare in porn. A study published in the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly found that only four to five percent of porn directors were women. It's true that over the past decade, more female porn directors have made names for themselves, including Jacky St.

James and actress-turned-director Stormy Daniels who is now in the news for other reasons. Also among them is Lust, who doesn't think the gender gap is closing fast enough. When it comes to female porn directors, "We are far from that number," she says. But maybe not for long, if Lust has anything to do with it. In , the filmmaker launched an ambitious initiative to get more women directing porn. Her XConfessions videos , which are based on sexual fantasies submitted by fans, were growing in popularity — according to Lust, the series has 10, subscribers — and Lust saw an opportunity to take her "crowdsourced porn" concept even further: She would invite the crowd behind the camera.

Lust saw an opportunity to take her 'crowdsourced porn' concept even further: She would invite the crowd behind the camera. She accepts applications from director hopefuls on a rolling basis, and with agreements signed for eight more films this year and conversations underway with 20 more directors, Lust's new program is gathering momentum.

For most of Lust's guest directors, it's their first foray into the adult entertainment industry. This includes Vale, who between freelance projects and a full-time corporate gig, is the creative mind behind the steamy short filming today, titled Objectify Me. It tells the story of an erotic painter Smooth and his encounter with a woman Selene who overlooks her misgivings about the painter's work in favor of an erotic connection with him. Vale says that if it weren't for Lust, whom she connected with through a mutual friend, it's doubtful she would have ever made an adult film.

Vale sees her film as a snapshot of complex gender dynamics. The female character is at first critical of the artist's habit of painting women as if they're sexual objects — a charge both he and David Aronson, the artist whose paintings are used in the film, deny. On the other hand, she's also aroused by the prospect of being one of his nude subjects and ultimately finds herself having passionate sex and an orgasm, of course with him on the floor of his studio.

Whether or not the male character's work or Aronson's, for that matter is truly the product of objectification is up for viewer interpretation. Along with arousal, a discussion is exactly what Erika Lust seeks to provoke with the films she produces.

Objectify Me is part porn and part conversation starter: It hits on nuances of desire by showcasing the apparent conflict that can play out between feminist principles and personal sexual fantasy. Yearning to be submissive, for example, might feel at odds with also rejecting the connection between femininity and docility. But we've been raised to be independent, and so we don't know how to make space for that desire without feeling like a 'bad feminist,'" Vale says.

So this film is really about the dance of masculine and feminine roles, and how we navigate the nuances. Lust, for her part, says she does her best to avoid stereotyping in her films.

At the same time, she emphasizes the importance of eradicating the shame many women feel in response to their sexual preferences. When we start seeing things that we connect with, then it gets interesting for us. Women still make up a decided minority of porn viewers — in , just 25 percent of Pornhub's U. The top trending search term on Pornhub over was "porn for women," which increased in popularity by over 1, percent from the year before.

This indicates that women's interest in porn is expanding, but that they're not necessarily looking for traditional, mainstream content. Quality, subscriber-only content is Lust's response to an industry flooded with videos on tube sites , which she compares with fast food and which can also be frequently stolen from creators. It's also about the artistic values — the creativity, the cinematography.

I think that it's obvious that what we're offering is very different," she says. Women's interest in porn is expanding, but they're not necessarily looking for traditional, mainstream content. Critics have long accused the mainstream porn industry of selling unrealistic, aggressive, and violent depictions of sex to a predominately cis male audience, pointing out that teen boys, in particular, may try to enact what they see without the opportunity to develop their understanding of consent.

Lust's mission to shift the porn industry not only includes recruiting and incubating female porn directors but promoting diverse characters and storylines, realistic depictions of women, and safety and comfort for porn performers.

Performer treatment is more than an industry concern: Viewers care about it, too. A Marie Claire survey of over 3, women on their relationships with porn, 59 percent of those who reported negative feelings toward porn expressed concerns about the porn industry's treatment of women and its perpetuation of stereotypes. Meanwhile, 46 percent of respondents with negative feelings toward porn reported feeling bothered "that men seem to conflate porn with real-life sex.

Smooth, for one, says he'd love to see the porn industry include more female perspectives. There's no foreplay, just happy girls that want to take huge penises," he tells me. He adds that communication about "what she likes" and "how she feels" is missing from most porn. Still, the industry veteran — Smooth has been in at least sexually explicit scenes and has acted in several Erika Lust films prior to Objectify Me — doesn't believe that it's up to porn creators to draw the line between fantasy and reality.

This is fantasy," he says. Sex ed, he adds, is where we can "have a conversation about how, from a biology standpoint, your body works. Lust comes down on this point differently, viewing her work as education as well as entertainment.

While there are "so many people making porn that don't want to take that responsibility, it's very individual," she says. Bottom line, porn is sex ed, whether we like it or not. The best solution is to talk to children and to teenagers [about porn] the same way you do with other issues. In that spirit, Lust recently launched " The Porn Conversation ," an online platform of resources to help parents talk to their kids about porn. Vale is hopeful about porn's potential to depict sex in a positive light and educate viewers about healthy intimacy.

Vale is also hopeful about porn's potential to depict sex in a positive light and thereby educate viewers about healthy intimacy. And as long as we relegate all sex to this dark place of shame, there's going to continue to be disproportionate power dynamics that result in hurt and trauma," Vale says.

Vale's film will go live on XConfessions. Whether Objectify Me will lead to more adult filmmaking for her, she's still not sure. You can follow Teresa on Twitter and Instagram. By Neha Prakash.

By Devon Abelman. By Bianca Nieves. Vale's predominantly female crew is all too rare in porn. Read More. By Ana Valens. By Kaleigh Fasanella. By Leah Prinzivalli.

Anna Span was the British female director of porn. First, let's see how films from women directors have performed at the box office. And women can be stigmatized for having participated in the adult industry in any capacity, even if their experiences are positive. Taormino is also the creative force behind the Vivid-Ed series. Published: October 22,

Female diretors adult movies

Female diretors adult movies. Latest stories

Triple Ecstasy solidified Kane's vision with extremely sexually charged sex scenes, bondage and intense sex. Triple Ecstasy is dirty in all the right ways and features hard sex with a unique 'woman's touch.

With Morphine Kane infused style with intense sex scenes future illustrating the evolution of this exceptionally talented director. Diana Devoe It's an unfortunate fact that black performers and directors don't get the kind of attention and coverage in the adult entertainment industry that their fairer skinned counterparts receive. The result is that a strong director like Diana Devoe and her work doesn't get the praise and recognition it deserves. Devoe is a prolific director who brings a heat and intensity onto the screen.

Ruth kicks the bucket what is she by now?! Smart, funny and a little bit neurotic in a good way jamYe represents the next generation of sex advisers. These titles include: Personal Touch Vol. She also directed the feature Candida Royalle's Under the Covers. We expect great things from jamYe in the future!

Mason When it comes to pushing the boundaries, it's hard to find a woman Director more willing to push past the edge than Mason. Constantly exploring the kinkier side of sexuality Mason has proven that women can enjoy and depict extremely edgy sex.

We expect Mason to continue to redefine the image of women porn directors and show just how hardcore they can be. Candida Royalle The most recognizable female porn director Candida Royalle deserves mountains of credit for breaking the glass ceiling in adult entertainment.

As with Suze Randall, Royalle has moved from directing to producing films, but her legacy of films and work still has a very real effect on the industry today. Suze Randall It's a right of passage for any up and coming adult performer. You know you're on your way to stardom after Suze Randall has shot you. Randall is known for getting some of the best work out of starlets and she captures them in the most idealized way imaginable.

Randall captures the beauty of the female form in a way few directors ever could. These are just a few of the strong women voices in porn. We expect this list to grow as more women step behind the camera and help redefine the image of 'Women's Porn' for generations to come.

Support Our Sponsor:. Women directors, of course, aren't limited to directing critically-acclaimed indie dramas -- or even films geared toward female moviegoers. Female directors have even made their mark in the "major box office flop" category Elaine May's Ishtar.

However, not every genre has been open to directors of all genders; for example, few women other than Bigelow or Mimi Leder Deep Impact have ever had the opportunity to direct an action film. And opportunities for women directors in any genre are still relatively rare. The gender disparity extends, though not quite as severely, to all behind-the-camera crew positions and even to film critics.

We won't be exploring the possible reasons why such a disparity exists here; instead, our focus is on the work turned out by these women directors over the past 30 years. Which women directors have made the most of these limited opportunities? Below, we look at the average Metascores for the more prolific female filmmakers of the past three decades. Documentary films are actually the one genre where the number of female filmmakers is comparable to that of male directors.

Films released prior to are also excluded from the averages. The Danish director who is part of the Dogme 95 movement founded by Lars von Trier first attracted attention in the U. Best film: An Education Best film: The Headless Woman Though her acting career quickly fizzled out, Coppola has been far more successful as a director, with three highly original and widely-praised releases to date.

Her fourth feature, Somewhere , arrives in December. Best film: Lost in Translation Jaoui has directed three films, each with screenplays co-written by her husband, Jean-Pierre Bacri. An actress as well as a director, the native of France has appeared on screen in each of her own movies, including her latest comedy, Let It Rain 72 , and the Oscar-nominated The Taste of Others Best film: Look at Me While the French director is responsible for some of the most critically-acclaimed films of the past decade, reviewers aren't always fond of her work.

Exhibit 1: her existentialist horror film Trouble Every Day Best film: 35 Shots of Rum Another top Danish director, Bier received an Oscar nomination for best foreign-language film for After the Wedding. Best film: After the Wedding Holofcener's films might be formulaic, but it's not your usual formula.

Instead, starting with 's Walking and Talking 67 , each of the writer-director's four releases to date has been an acclaimed, intelligent drama with elements of comedy starring Catherine Keener. Best film: Please Give Best film: I Shot Andy Warhol The New Zealand native is one of only four women ever nominated for the director Oscar.

A director now for over 25 years, Campion's most recent effort was 's Bright Star 81 , about poet John Keats.

Best film: The Piano Excludes documentary films. Directors are ranked by average Metascore prior to rounding. Source for box office data: Box Office Mojo. Box office data accurate as of July 15, Also note that Kathryn Bigelow, Amy Heckerling.

Agnieszka Holland, Penny Marshall, Mira Nair, and Penelope Spheeris have many older films without Metascores; thus, their score averages indicated above paint an incomplete picture of the quality of their films. First, let's see how films from women directors have performed at the box office. Why are so few women directors represented on the box office leaderboard? According to another study from San Diego State University, the reason is that women rarely get the chance to direct big budget films: "When women and men filmmakers have similar budgets for their films, the resulting box office grosses are also similar.

Here are the best-performing films directed by women over the past 30 years. Note that all box office figures are adjusted for inflation to make comparing films released across different years a bit easier.

Finally, let's look at the best and worst films directed by women at least out of those in Metacritic's database; some films from the s may not be available, and few if any films from the s or earlier have Metascores. Recently I and others have created a cool website called FemaleDirectors. I hope you will use this site to support female filmmakers, and enjoy this special selection of movies.

Actually, you can check out the website for the film www. Julie Bertuccelli deserves some recognition for her latest film The Tree. It was the closing film at the Cannes festival.

Unmissable Films of Written & Directed by Women - ErikaLust

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Female diretors adult movies