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This is the second transformer. What could be the problem? Answer : I have encountered this problem several times. In most cases the thermostat wires have shorted out somewhere and the thermostat wires are the problem. I had a shorted out reversing valve coil cause this problem one time.

Heat pump transformer blowing fuses

I disconnected the yellow line and turned it to heat. Forum Actions Mark Forums Read. If your transformer is not producing the minumum 24 volts AC at the contactor coil it will cause the contactor contacts to chatter and quickly burn up the contactor. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of God bless you. This will blow the fuse on the control board, causing the draft inducer to not start, which then stops the rest of the furnace functions from working properly. Contactor in post 2. All Rights Reserved.

The ny rangers suck. Faulty Transformer

I left it off for an hour. My heat pump inside air flow control unit is leaking water when I turn the AC on and buzzing constantly. How is this more efficient, could it be the refrigerant switch? We have a lot of fun, but make no mistake, we are pros. Last year when the temperature was over degrees they told me that the air conditioner was only made to cool 20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. If your unit has a thermostatic expansion valve make sure it is working properly and it you have a Heat pump transformer blowing fuses pin metering device make sure it is not clogged up. The contactor is being pulled Gigabytes of porn torrent and the compressor comes on. Messages: 9, Location: LAX. At times it works perfectly fine. I went to the Outdoor unit and noticed a clicking sound as if a relay is being commanded over and over again since some criteria are not being satisfied. I am sorry, but I have no idea what the black boxes that are plugged into the emergency shut off could be other than maybe a UV light, humidifier or some other indoor air quality device. Heat pump transformer blowing fuses bless you and your family. If pkmp have a blockage in the refrigeration system the high pressure safety could cause the unit to go off and on. A hvac guy who's a cousin of a friend came Heah after i gave up on getting my furnace to go on-its an electric?

The voltage out of the transformer reads

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  • This can cause the motor to overheat and burn out, which can cause the high limit to fail.
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  • The voltage out of the transformer reads
  • Always turn your air conditioning system off if there is a threat of a storm.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Fuse keeps blowing. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The transformer was replaced, the blower contactor reads 10 ohms across the coil, the backup heat contactor reads 15 ohms.

Both work when contactor is pushed in. Someone told me that one would check all the low voltage wires to see if they are shorted. Does that mean one would disconnect the wire at both ends at the thermostat being one end and then check it to ground, hoping to read OL? Since it's the heat not working, either the white or red wire would be shorted, correct?

Could it also be a motor problem? I'm only a few months deep in this trade and I'm curious. I will give this fine piece of advice. Fuses do not go bad. You have a direction follow the road stillyout find the trouble. Originally Posted by dandyme.

Is reversing valve energized in heat mode? What brand condenser does your dad have? You need to determine when the fuse blows: on a call for heat or second stage heat, during defrost, or just when the stat is set to "heat". If it's a Rheem product, could be the reversing valve circuit, since they energize in heat. You appear to have eliminated the aux heat control. Likely not the red wire or the fuse would blow in either mode. Check continuity on the "white" wire to common for low resistance.

Based on the info you've provided it's the best bet for now. Might want to check the stat wire for continuity se if there is a short in the stat wire. As a new tech, you should apply for pro membership so we can help you in the pro forums. Most technical information is not discussed out here in the open.

Filing out your profile also helps us know who we are talking to. Contractor locator map How-to-apply-for-Professional How many times must one fix something before it is fixed? Update: Someone came to help figure it out and he said it's probably thermostat trouble.

We had a new thermostat put in by our local power company for free, which enables them to turn off our power for a short time if needed. Do you think it could actually be a faulty thermostat?

All the wires seem to be hooked up correctly. Also for pro membership I think I need 15 posts correct? When you'll find guys a lot more giving with advice in the non-public forums. Screw the blown fuse. Originally Posted by JacJak. Everyone walked away. Rules For Equipment Owners. How to become a Professional Member. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Please read this Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc.

Subscribe to this feed. Utilizing Construction Technology to Enhance Communication. Top Reasons to Attend Greenbuild in Atlanta. Code Quiz of the Week: No. Remodeling Market Expected to Stall in Association Has its Benefits. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. THIS Originally Posted by JacJak We had a new thermostat put in by our local power company for free, which enables them to turn off our power for a short time if needed.

I'm curious to the reasoning and if this is something I have to look forward to in Al Gores America. I would say that the recent hookup is more than a coincidence to your problem.

You seem to think the voltage is what is causing the fuse to blow. Below are listed the parts that I see go out most often. Jimmy Dean , Nov 29, Hi Mark! I would check to see if the contactor is energized closed when the fan comes on. This sounds like the compressor is not making the difference between the high and low side. Search for:.

Heat pump transformer blowing fuses

Heat pump transformer blowing fuses

Heat pump transformer blowing fuses. Contactor Problems:


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The voltage out of the transformer reads I am still popping fuses and reading over 24 volts. Can you help?

Okay, I can give you some of the basics to help you but first, we need to clear a few things up. You seem to think the voltage is what is causing the fuse to blow. First, it is not voltage that causes fuses or breakers to blow or trip. Secondly, it is amperage. What is the purpose of the fuse or breaker in a control circuit? The purpose of the fuse or breaker is to protect the control board and the wiring in case of over amperage.

Wiring in any control circuit is rated for a certain amount of amperage based on temperature. Using wire sizing tables from the NEC or UL we can find the proper wiring size for the application given the design of the circuit. Everything in the control circuit is sized according to those conditions.

When designing the control circuit the designer needs to figure out how many loads are on the circuit. This will determine wire size and transformer size.

This is typically done by adding up the VA or Volts-Amps ratings of all the loads in the circuit. That typically determines the limitations of the circuit. However, in this case, the limitation would the 5 amp fuse on the circuit board.

So if all the loads in the circuit were energized all at the same time then you cannot exceed 5 amps otherwise you blow the fuse. In most cases, for the typical HVAC systems in residential that provides heating and cooling 5 amps is more than sufficient. Transformers are rated by there VA rating and you never want to exceed the VA rating on the transformer. If you are getting Lastly, some manufacturers use a fuse on the circuit board while others have a small re-settable breaker somewhere. Changing the fuse is usually easy but resetting the breaker is even better since it does not require you to purchase fuses every time you blow one.

Finally, the re-settable breakers are especially good for troubleshooting problems such that you are describing. In your case, you likely have a dead short somewhere in the wiring or a bad load that is going short to ground causing the fuse to blow. Furthermore, I would remove all the control wires from the board. Make sure you have a good fuse and then reattach them one at a time.

Furthermore, when the fuse blows you will know which wire is causing the problem. Or which wire has the dead short or bad load. Then it is a simple matter of tracing it out to make sure the wire is okay.

If the wire is fine with no dead shorts, then you look at the load. An example of this would be a relay or contactor. Relays and contactors have coils in them that are energized through the wire. If the coil gets a dead short in it then there is your problem. Replace the relay or contactor and problem solved. Among them are:. And it goes on and on. Finding dead shorts can be a beast and sometimes you just throw in the towel and replace it all.

Lastly, I hope that helps and wish you luck. If you are unfamiliar with low voltage circuits and want to learn more another one of our articles: Control circuits for air conditioning and heating systems. Resource: The Home Comfort Book: The ultimate guide to creating a comfortable, healthy, long lasting, and efficient home. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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Heat pump transformer blowing fuses

Heat pump transformer blowing fuses

Heat pump transformer blowing fuses