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Login Register My Account Logout. Bring the open look of your favorite console table into your master bath or powder room. Console vanities offer high-quality furniture styling that can be customized with five leg options, functional add-ons and any KraftMaid door style and finish color. Or if you prefer a more traditional vanity cabinet look, consider one of our Decorative Accent Collections. Sign up to receive information about our special offers, promotions, and product updates.

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities

Pull-out storage and pocket doors are especially useful in tight spaces. Bath Storage Solutions Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities your bathroom may be the last item on your wish list; however, when done well, an Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities bathroom can greatly reduce your stress. Tile cainets stone are good choices for floors likely to see a lot of moisture. Functional Options. Console vanities offer high-quality furniture styling that Porh stars hardcore be customized with five leg options, functional add-ons and any KraftMaid door style and finish color. Organizing your bathroom may be the last item on your vanigies list; however, when done well, an organized bathroom can greatly reduce your stress. Please wait Sign up to receive information about our special offers, promotions, and product updates. Are the cabinets the right width, depth, and height for the room? While everyone wishes they had a larger bathroom, clever bath storage solutions can help make the most of whatever space you have.

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The painted finishes are so thin it will be a miracle if they don't wear through on touch-spots after a few months of usage. May 19, Usually, experts recommend that unless you are skilled with proper knowledge and experience when it comes to installing such kind of fixtures, it is necessary for you to call manufacturers and furniture workers to do the task for you. Our kitchen is a country kitchen and it is the center of the house so it is a busy place. One important consideration in installing laundry cabinets is the total floor area of your laundry room. For more concepts and ideas, you could try looking at different magazines and Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities that can offer you additional tips and quickies. So before you get too Badjojo latin babe, you need to settle first with the style and every facet of the bathroom cabinetd you want. Horrible customer service and delivery First bbathroom delivered with 6 broken cabinets, some manufacturing issues and some delivery issues. Last week I called Kraftmaid to get 4 new gas struts for two vertical lift cabinets, those struts arrived in 2 days at no cost to me. I have been very happy with my cabinets from delivery to today. By frameless we mean that additional space used for frames will be utilized now for better Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities capacity, and even though these cabinets are frameless, it does not mean that they are less durable and weaker than those with frames. If your bathroom is gracelessly rush hour traffic with improper resources or master bath cabinets, Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities entire bathroom feels pain. Places To Get Them! However, there always seems Krftmaid be a problem when it comes to availing bathroom vanities which have the following attributes and that is the budget of consumers.

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  • Our cabinets are constructed here in the United States.
  • Kitchens had been given a tag of dirty in the old days, and this was probably because food preparation and cooking were given more importance than the elegance of the kitchen itself.
  • If your bathroom is gracelessly rush hour traffic with improper resources or master bath cabinets, the entire bathroom feels pain.
  • If your bathroom is gracelessly rush hour traffic with improper resources or master bath cabinets, the entire bathroom feels pain.

Login Register My Account Logout. Bring the open look of your favorite console table into your master bath or powder room. Console vanities offer high-quality furniture styling that can be customized with five leg options, functional add-ons and any KraftMaid door style and finish color.

Or if you prefer a more traditional vanity cabinet look, consider one of our Decorative Accent Collections. Sign up to receive information about our special offers, promotions, and product updates. Don't worry, your privacy is secure. View our privacy statement. Please wait Universal Design Request Information.

Call us on Sign in or Create an account. Leg Options Classic Leg. Plain Square Post. Roman Spindle. Sterling Leg. Tapered Leg. Functional Options. Store towels or other large items in the standard cabinet, or customize with a roll-out tray for easier access to smaller items. Quick View. Select sub-category. There are no products in this category. View our privacy statement Email.

Have not needed the warranty. It is very significant to bear in mind that customized master bath cabinets are limitless with regards to its structures. An email will be sent to you right after you submit your review. Also, cabinets inside the bathroom like medicine cabinet, wall cabinet, bath cabinet and vanity cabinets may come in different forms and styles but be sure that the materials you choose are moisture resistant or water proof. To make matters worse, a Kraftmaid representative pinned the blame on us, the customer, stating that our standards are too high.

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities. Ready to get started?

If you are considering these cabinets, you will end up with quality cabinets. Terms and Conditions. Well, I was looking for a couple doors to match our KraftMaid kitchen cabinets for a uh, leftover defective cabinet and found this review site, so I thought I would post a review First the good They are holding up well except for where doors bump other doors or cabinets due to overlap.

Can't avoid that other than trying to be careful when opening them. Overall, they have held up well. The worse part of the process was at the beginning when we received our cabinets.

I reckon we had to get about 9 door or drawer faces replaced, as well as the entire trash cabinet AND the huge double oven cabinet, all due to blemishes or just not looking right. It was not fun going through that process. I think we ended up maxing out on our allowance of replacements. Reason I gave 7 stars for Quality is because of the bad items we received but we've been happy overall with the quality. Fortunately, our contractor brought in a good cabinetry guy for the installation and finishing so what we did end up with, has look pretty good, in my opinion.

I surmise it's hard to make every cabinet and door or drawer face perfect at the factory and I think they ship them anyway, hoping that the customer doesn't see or care enough to notice. I don't understand how someone could call what we have Apartment Grade cabinets. They really are much nicer. Maybe other people have purchased a lower grade KitchenMaid product.

We got ours through Lowe's. Have not needed the warranty. I suppose as long as they hold up, it gets better over time. I really thought the quality was going to be better. Also, Lowes was not easy to work with through this whole process.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have went in a different direction for sure. Kraftmaid and Lowes--Not a good combination. It has been several months since we completed our complete kitchen remodel. We went through the Home Depot for the project, and generally speaking it went well. We opted for KraftMaid in canvas finish with a coco glaze. Beautiful color. We added lots of extras, such as crown moldings, polymer construction underneath the sink cabinet as well as plywood construction on several of the key cabinets.

The only issue we had was with the seams on several of the doors. You could see the lines through the finish. It simply was not consistent with the quality of the finish. We pointed this out to the company via HD. In fact, I now have about 12 extra doors in my garage! Granted, it was a bit of a hassle to wait for the shipping for the replacements; but they always came through. Would do business with both HD and KraftMaid again. I am extremely disappointed that the majority of cabinets I ordered were warped and had to be sent back.

Then they come back to my Kitchen Designer and are still warped and have to be sent back again. Now they are supposed to be in a special program called Quality Control This kitchen should have been completed by mid-April at the latest and we are into June. The regional and local representative visited my home and made promises that have not been kept. I am a very busy local realtor and I will tell all of my clients to never buy Kraft Maid products.

I was patient for weeks but all of my patience is gone now and I am done with Kraft Maid. I like my kitchen designer but she apparently has no pull with Kraft Maid. This is maddening!!! I also forgot to mention that not only were many cabinets warped, many were also chipped and damaged. I do not recommend Kraftmaid for any cabinet configuration that Kraftmaid will not fit perfectly. These are suitable for only simple kitchens and look very low-end when complete. My semi-custom cabinets do not the shape of my kitchen and offer far less storage space than my original kitchen.

I cannot access plumbing as the cabinets were designed so small. I ordered Maple with Saddle Brown finish. The doors came that color but the frames and side walls came a very different grain and much darker color. The overall look is terrible. I regret my purchase; again; these are suitable for low-end kitchens only. Took pictures did some measurements, never saw him again. Constant attempts to contact him or Kraftmaid customer service have fallen on deaf ears.

It's been 8 to 9 months since he came by and we are no further than we were back then. Run away when it comes to Kraftmaid. My husband and I signed for our new kitchen on July 28th with the Home Depot using Kraftmaid cabinets and it is still not finished!

We chose white cabinets and we've had to order and reorder over forty door fronts due to imperfections in the finish, waiting weeks between shipments. To make matters worse, a Kraftmaid representative pinned the blame on us, the customer, stating that our standards are too high.

A brand new car rolls off the lot with a beautiful finish but Kraftmaid can't seem to produce a door front without imperfections. We didn't purchase this product from the bruised and reduced section! And there is concrete acknowledgement from Kraftmaid regarding their own door finish problems or they wouldn't keep sending replacements.

Installation is not within industry standards as we have cabinets coming apart, uneven trim, shims falling out and other problems.

Maybe some of it is due to the cabinet that is cut on an angle, which is not square. There is a whole other matter of contention regarding the number of screws that go into the backer- blocks and the slides in the drawers. Multiple representatives from Kraftmaid have given different answers as to how many are needed. We were never satisfied with that. And to top it off, no one has ever given an explanation as to what causes the imperfections in the door finish.

Is it the kiln drying? No one has told us. We didn't expect this lack of quality in the product or kind of treatment from the representative as we received. We are the customer and we don't deserve it. Sure a couple came freight damaged, I don't blame Km for that.

But as others have remarked I do blame them for all the warped doors and drawer fronts. Lowe's blamed it on the humidity in Florida, but they are in an air conditioned house, and if they can't handle that, they shouldn't sell them here. Lowe's ordered replacements, but many of those came warped straight from Kraftmaid. They must be leaving too much moisture in the wood. Did they sent 3 rounds of replacements, yes. Was it a major inconvenience.

My other complaint is the soft close drawer glides. They flat out don't work. Some close part way, some get close, but few don't need pushing in to look right. Pain in the rear.

Soft close on the upper cabinet door hinges do work, but don't seem to be designed right. The doors on the side of the microwave open into the microwave unless you hold onto them. That will eventually mar the finish. When you spend that much money, and wait as long as we did, your expectation is you will get what was agreed on. I feel cheated. I tried hard to be happy with these cabinets. Issues included: Custom cabinet arrived warped, cracked and barely painted.

You could also see deep saw marks on the stiles. A junior high wood shop student could have done a better job. Several cabinets way out of square. We stacked a couple of small cabinets and they were so far out of spec that I had to sand down the sides of them and re-veener them myself just to get them to look right.

Several drawers don't close correctly and new hardware will need to be ordered. Kraftmaid uses the cheapest cardboard boxes with NO padding, for shipping moldings. Any issues like this, as they come up, set your schedule back two weeks since you have to re-order replacements from Kraftmaid.

We have been without a kitchen now for nearly three months trying to get this project completed. Three months. I could put a complete house up in three months. Bottom line, these are contract manufactured for Kraftmaid at various locations around the country.

Obviously using low-skilled labor and poor quality control. Everything is held together with glue-gun and staples. The painted finishes are so thin it will be a miracle if they don't wear through on touch-spots after a few months of usage.

Very disappointed with this purchase but will now have to live with it. We purchased the cabinets and labor in full a year ago and we still are waiting to get defective cabinet doors and microwave shelf replaced. Kraftmaid ships the replacements directly via UPS and it is clear that there are problems with the items that are due to poor quality control and not due to damage during shipping.

They have replaced numerous doors and drawer faces, but many of the replacement items had to be replaced more than once. Problems we have experienced: 1 paint entirely missing from door in 1 x 6 inch area. No primer, no paint, just bare wood. First replacement shelf has warped veneer, chipped paint and large unsightly gaps between veneer and edge of shelf in three separate locations. So far, they have replaced defective parts, but the volume of defects is totally unacceptable.

I would not recommend Kraftmaid for painted finish cabinets and regret having gone through Lowes for our kitchen remodel. We redid our kitchen in and chose Kraftmaid cabinets and they have are still in excellent condition. Our kitchen is a country kitchen and it is the center of the house so it is a busy place.

These cabinets have stood the test of time. Ordered 3 bathroom base cabinets and one over the counter linen cabinet. It took 5 weeks for delivery.

The following day I had my cabinet guy to install them. He started with cutting the boxes and getting the cabinets out. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the conditions of the cabinets. I tried to return them, however, was told I could not! Kraftmaid products are garbage. I can not believe I ordered them despite of all the terrible reviews.

We put Kraftmaid Cabinets in the new house we built 12 years ago. They still look like brand new. We have pets, grandkids and a lot of company and they are holding up just great. We had no issues when we bought them at lowes but we had a great salesperson at the store which i think makes a world of difference no matter which cabinets you buy.

We had one issue with one cabinet that started to pull away from the wall. We called lowes and they ordered us a new cabinet no charge and installed it no questions asked. Apparently there was an issue with the installation. So we are building a new house and we are putting kraftmaid in once again. Believe me we wouldn't do it if we weren't convinced they are great cabinets. We were sent warped trim, a smashed pantry, and are over a month behind on install.

We have received reordered items in worse shape than the items we had originally received. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a sample of 6 reordered items we received yesterday; keep in my this is a small percentage of issues we are having I wish I had seen these reviews before ordering.

I'm just another story like the rest. I've been without a kitchen since Aug when our old kitchen was taken out. We got bumped weeks by Home Depot's install schedule, then received cracked base cabinets and wrong pieces and a month wait between TWICE from Kraftmaid. Now we are in a battle to get a full refund and go elsewhere.

Two main problems KraftMaid quality is a big issue AND the bix box stores sub out everything to 3rd parties and claim no responsibility. Nobody is accountable to anyone else. Here's how it has gone for us June 9 finalized kitchen and waited on door sample to approve glaze color June 21 wrong sample arrived June 26 wrong sample arrived again July 3 asked to sign order to avoid losing sale July 19 sample finally arrived, but we had driven to another store to see a sample Aug 14 were told to get granite removed so installers could begin Aug 24 Aug 17 cabinets delivered Aug 23 installers called and canceled Aug 24 we complained and installers rescheduled for Aug 27 Aug 27 installers said most base cabinets damaged, fluted fillers wrong size so they installed uppers only and island.

They didn't use fillers and decorative pieces as plan instructed, so Fridge didn't fit into new opening, and island missing decorative accents. They also installed wrong size fluted fillers which hung lower than cabinets into gas oven space, and installed some robotic hinge contraption KraftMaid sent that takes up the cabinet.

Sept 14 replacement cabinets arrived damaged like first, still waiting on fluted fillers. This company does not stand behind their customers. We had an issue with one of their authorized dealers and after 1. First let me say, this is probably my second review on line for anything [I just read them]. We almost did not buy this brand based on all the negative reviews. Our kitchen designer at HD was so good, we took a chance anyway on these.

Very glad we did. We installed them ourselves, [2 weeks for base and wall cabs] so I can comment first hand at what the construction was like- no over gluing, finish perfect as it should be, etc.. One small issue with how they installed the metal rack for pots and pans.

It came in skewed and had an assembly bolt sheared off. Contacted HD [not factory] as advised and an entire new rack came in a couple weeks- problem solved. I think the interface between the retail store and the factory may be why it went so smooth for us. Apparently happy customers don't take the time to comment, so there may be a bias in the final tally. For anyone installing themselves, watch alot of YouTube videos, rent a laser level to find the high spot in the floor, and know that everything including the ceiling is not flat and square.

Good luck. Order mine through home depot another incompetent I don't have my missing broom cabinet door?? If you order from Kraftmaid it is likely that you used a big box store. IF so you are in trouble right there cause Kraftmaid assumes no responsibility once that has happened. There cabinets are poorly maid, usually out of square,my doors aren't even glued in they rattle back and forth with the inset panel. The finish also varies from door to door and drawer to drawer.

Then theres the shipping. So the sides of the cabinet can come in beat to a pump. That's when the fun starts. If you get one or more like that, then you start all over with the making and shipping process if they even do it. The first time they said they were making anew cabinet for me, they lied and actually did nothing. For ward several weeks and they actually started making the cabinet.

It came in broke and poorly made as well. Third cabinet will hopefully come in in several more weeks Particle board construction, don't expect much as cabinet will dent on the sides extremely easy. I don't normally write reviews, but I felt compelled due to all the negativity on here about Kraftmaid. We ordered a full kitchen and bathroom vanity from Kraftmaid. We have been so impressed with the quality as well as the look of our cabinets. They offered a very modern look that was perfect with our house.

We had no issues with what was shipped, and were thoroughly impressed by their packaging as nothing was damaged. We would highly recommend. After purchasing Kraftmaid cabinets and having them installed in a new home, about half of the doors hit each other.

We had read where they had a problem with full overlay doors doing this but if installed with spacers it would not happen- well it still happens.

Called customer service and they could have cared less. Asked them to furnish some restrictor clips to limit doors opening to 90 degrees and they said yes for a dollar a piece!!

Unless you want your doors to hit get another brand. We bought a condo where the previous owner renovated the kitchen with KraftMaild kitchen cabinets. All the cabinets are white, with laminate over the wood. It looks nice and clean, but some problems have not appeared. Of the 29 doors in the kitchen, 5 of the overlays have now pealed off the cabinet fronts.

Evidently, the glue has dried out, and the overlays have popped off the wood. KraftMaid will not replace the bad doors, because we are not the original owners. Stay away from these this type of cabinets. I am home builder and also do remodels in central Indiana. I have used Kraftmaid for the last 5 projects this year and I am not at all impressed with the quality I have been seeing.

I was told this is what to expect with a production cabinet line. My response back was to ask them the car they drive and if that came off a production line. I am done using Kraftmaid. Today is October 4, We ordered our Kraftmaid cabinets from Lowe's on June 26, and we are still without a kitchen.

It took four weeks for Kraftmaid to deliver our cabinets. Then it took a week for Lowe's to come and inspect the cabinets, and they found three pieces, which were shipped from Kraftmaid with damage. One piece was not completely stained, one piece had a large dent and another piece had the joints exposed from bad construction.

Then it took three weeks for those replacements to arrive. On August 28, Lowe's installers completely botched the installation and ruined some of our cabinets. We had to hire new competent installers to completely disassemble the kitchen and reinstall everything. Which Lowe's paid for, to their credit.

The replacement pieces for the re-install were finally ordered by Lowe's on September The estimated delivery of the remaining parts is October The fact that Kraftmaid has kept us in a holding pattern for a total of 12 weeks, waiting for parts is just ridiculous and unacceptable. I am hoping the cabinets hold up better than some of the reviewers have experienced.

We just had the bathroom of my dreams completed. It is even better than I could have ever expected! It was not bargain priced, but I feel it was fair for the excellent quality that we received.

I would highly recommend Kraftmaid cabinets to anyone. I had them put into my last kitchen about 16 years ago and they have held up beautifully. I would not buy Kraftmaid cabinets, nor buy them thru Home Depot either.

I purchase six cabinets for use in my dining room three base and three wall, they arrived May 13th. The base cabinets were ok, the three wall were not good.. I had two dents on the end, but not on the shipping box, so they were shipped this way.

All the shelves were chipped like they were cut with a dull blade, one door had a smear in the finish. The biggest problem the top and the bottom of the boxes were stapled in crooked. I didn't notice this until I started to hang them, I went to Home Depot June 9th and told them, I had guests coming for dinner in a week and needed to install them, the cabinet people told me it was ok because they were damaged, defective and what I ordered was not correct either, I had paid from plywood boxes and didn't get them.

They told me to take pictures and send them in, I did on June 9th. On June 22nd I sent another e-mail, still no response, I went by the store the next day and asked, they said they will need to contact the Kraftmaid rep, three weeks later they denied the claim because I installed them.

I was lied to by Home Depot they told me it was ok, and two of the three cabinets were already up. This has dragged on until this last week of August, I contacted Customer Care, and they went round and round with the store and the Mfg. I planned on doing my entire Kitchen with the same cabinets, I am so happy I found out first hand about the quality of Kraftmaid before I spent 23, dollars on my kitchen, these were only 1, for the wall and 1, for the base cabinets, I'm going to pull the wall cabinets out and throw them in the trash.

In the mean time I been speaking with Merillat and they are going to be the ones I use for my next kitchen, they even said they can make me new boxes to replace the crappy Kraftmaid ones.

Another' interesting thing though Merillat is owned by Masco which also owns Kraftmaid, but the Merillat seem like better quality. The search does go on though, I'm still looking. If anyone wants me to send them pictures of all the defects I have on these three Kraftmaid cabinets I have, let me know. That way you will have proof about the issues I have had, I can even send you all the e-mails and lack of response from Home Depot early on and how this has dragged out three months. I wouldn't want you to make the same mistake as I have, stay away from Kraftmaid, you will not be happy with them.

New construction, new home. The doors began taking on a strange streaked appearance at years into use. It took me until year 8 to contact them with photos and description. It took them 4 months to send a rep out to inspect them. We were told this streaking was natural and was caused by exposure to the sun, however, the bathrooms have NO exposure to the sun and they are streaked as well.

What good is a year warranty if they don't stand behind their products. I would never buy their products again nor would I recommend them to anyone else. We ordered our cabinets through a big box store and the ordering process was very simple and straightforward. The very next day I received a call from Kraftmaid with our delivery date It was roughly 3 weeks out , and the customer service rep was very friendly and answered all of my questions.

About one week prior to delivery, the delivering carrier called me with a four hour window on the very day that Kraftmaid originally scheduled for us. The driver for the delivering company was clearly very familiar with Kraftmaid's delivery procedures and advised that if there was any damage to the contents that I should call the retailer as soon as possible, and take photos of the damaged items along with the corresponding labels on the boxes. He also gave me a packing list against which we could check the order as we unboxed the cabinets.

One door was slightly dented, and one of the cabinets had a door missing so I called the store and within an hour they confirmed that Kraftmaid would be sending replacements directly to my home. I was completely satisfied with the delivery process. The cabinets themselves were all square, the hardware works flawlessly and the Dove White finish was completely perfect.

Install was very simple and all of the required fasteners were included and then some. All in all, I'm very satisfied with Kraftmaid. This is so depressing to even write about! The last five months have been total hell for me due to Lowes! I had already suffered a fire in my kitchen so having a new kitchen put in was not my decision it was one I was forced to have to make!

I went into Lowes on January 3 hoping they would help me get my kitchen back in order! So I got the phone call of their delivery date and two days before my contractor tore out my entire kitchen! So I literally had walls in my kitchen left! For the since base cabinet they wanted you to build it yourself!

They basically just sent the drawer front! It was a mess and need I remind you I have 2 children at home and no kitchen sink or appliances! So what started out as me getting a hotel for a couple of weeks ended up being me getting a hotel for almost 3 months!

I live in Richmond Hill and the closest hotel with a working kitchen was in Savannah which is 30 minutes from me so driving round trip every school day to take my children back and forth one hour round trip for 3 months was no fun either! Lowes promised to make this right first working with XX and he said over and over again they would make this right!

I ordered a white shaker style cabinet. They said they would order them now from Kraftmaid since the quality was so poor and badly made this time. I was fine with that I just wanted them in as soon as possible since I didn't have a kitchen and was having to live in a hotel! These cabinets came in 4 weeks later and I was so excited just to be disappointed again!

All of my drawer fronts where a solid flat white surface! There was one cracked down the inside front and hinges were coming off! The pantry was missing a sliding drawer! No time pieces were sent! So back to lowes I went this is at this point my 8th visit to the store about my kitchen problems!

Calling this store and trying to get someone on the phone is next to impossible! The only time I would get anything done is if I went in there and was talking to someone directly! They said they would order new drawer fronts on all cabinets so that the paint would match! Today is May 21 and I am still missing my kitchen drawer front is still missing along with my pantry, and trash can!

I came in and spoke with XXX which he agreed to adjust my bill by some which is reality he just matched the current ad that they were offering if you ordered Kraftmaid cabinets at that particular time! So in reality I got nothing cause if I would have walked in and made a new order that particular day I would have gotten the same price!

This was done by manager XXX cause now at this point I was being passed on to someone else cause no one wanted to deal with this! It was 2 more weeks before I got new drawer fronts and they are coming in pieces! My contractor started opening the boxes and realized they were coming in just the door or drawer front and not predrilled or anything that he had to try and match everything up so very difficult and so he walked off the job after I had already paid him extra to deal with all these mess ups by XXXX and Kraftmaid!

I had to find another contractor willing to finish the job it was very frustrating but how could I blame him he thought he would have this kitchen completed in mid February at the latest not into May and were still dealing with this! I reached out to XXXX at this point cause I had all of these old drawer and door fronts that he had replaced still at my house and not sure what to do with them he assured me that he would have someone pick them up the following day and guess what no show!

Left messages for him to call me back and never did left message for xxxx no call back! I can not tell you how long I spend sitting on hold waiting just for them to come back and take a message or put me in a voicemail! After Thursday I again made a 30 minute drive into Savannah to discuss this with XXXX again to find out why these drawer front had not been picked up like he promised! I loaded them up in the car with my son and took them back myself!! Asked when I would get my four drawer front that I still have not received and he said they would check on that and call me back now having XXXXX in kitchen take over well guess what two weeks later again and no work from Donna Mark or anyone!!

I feel like Lowes did not give a crap about me or what my family has gone through all because their kitchen expert did not do her job from the start! Did I mention thatI have MS and the worst thing for me is stress and that I was even hospitalized at one point because of all the stress from this! The worst experience of my life and I do not recommend Lowes or Kraftmaid for cabinets to anyone!

This company is terrible! They discontinued our stain color while we were re-doing our kitchen, so now I have an unfinished kitchen with no way to get the rest of the trim I need in the right color. I ordered the cabinets through home depot and they placed the order incorrectly, so I returned the wrong pieces and now I have no way to get the right pieces. Spend your money elsewhere!! Ordered cabinets in February. Rep had a question about the order and rather than ask the question, blew off the order.

A month later, got the cabinets: half damaged in shipping. Promised expedited replacements. Here it is May and still no replacements.

Rep took no responsibility,made no attempt to contact us. Can't blame Lowe's, they've done all they can. Just read here that Dove White yellows and can't hold up to heat. Really looking forward to having to deal with them again when our's start falling apart.!

Four years ago I had a brand new kitchen installed with dove white painted cabinets from Kraftmaid. These cabinets were NOT cheap and I was excited to get the kitchen of my dreams. The first set came and my contractor installed them. I started putting dishes away and thought they were dirty because the insides of the doors looked almost moldy.

I called the place I got them from and they had the Kraftmaid manager come to the house. You must know how big or how small your installation space is, so that you will not have any trouble in placing the cabinet of your choice inside your laundry room. This way, you would be using the room more effectively, because the space has been utilized.

If you are worrying about the price of these cabinets, then you should look for cheap kitchen cabinets that will perfectly suit not only your kitchen, but also your budget. These cabinets are cheap in terms of price, not in their quality. Perhaps the most used parts of the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Kitchen decoration is vital since it should complement the lifestyle of the people living in the house. In addition, kitchens should look presentable as more and more activities are being done in there aside from food preparation and cooking.

On the other hand, the bathroom should be one of the cleanest part of the whole house, as it would reflect the way on how the house is being kept. The way the bathroom looks would also leave an impression to the visitors. First impressions are very hard to change, so you better keep your bathroom clean and beautifully-decorated in order for your visitor to look up to you as a good home keeper.

Kitchen and baths are really the usually designed parts of the house. Kitchen and bath remodelingis not that easy, but it should not also be hard that you would not be able to finish it. To help yourself in the process of kitchen and bath design, you can look for kitchen and bath magazine or kitchen and bath galleries for you to have an overview of what your kitchen and bath would look like after the said renovation. This could also help you make kitchen and bath ideas to have better kitchens and baths.

There are lots of guides that could help you turn your dream kitchens and baths into a reality, and you can choose among the so many models of modern kitchens and baths. In designing your own kitchen, you can update your old designs by choosing the newest designs and styles of cabinets. Choose the ones that will complement with the design of your kitchen.

However, if you find yourself wanting to install new cabinets but the background just seem not complementing, then you could considerchanging the background either by changing the color of your kitchen or by having add-ons such as curtains and wall covers. If the design of your kitchen has a gloomy mood, then you could switch to brighter colors for your eyes to see a new ray of light. You will surely find the best kitchen and bath cabinets just for you, because there are a lot of kitchen and bath stores where you could find cabinets of your desire.

Meanwhile in designing your bathroom, you must always bear in your mind that this part of the house is one that needs serious designing.

It has to be clean, presentable, and comfortable so that visitors would like it. Bathrooms should be able to bring comfort to the person inside it who could be having a rough day, or to a person who just wants to relax in it, away from the noisy outside world. Consider updating the old cabinets or any vanity inside the bathroom, in order to adapt to the lifestyle of the people using it.

The design and style of the cabinets should not bother the bathroom visitors, but bring them satisfaction to them. Other than updating the bathroom cabinets, you should also be mindful of the flooring.

Since the flooring is always exposed to the dirt due to the feet, slippers, or shoes of the visitors, consider having a flooring where dirt could be cleaned easily.

In addition to dirt, the flooring is always in contact with water, so you should take note of that in choosing flooring materials. Other components of the bathroom, such as the lighting, the clothes rack, the sink and faucet should also be taken into consideration. Consider updating the faucet and sink fixtures, those that can be easily used. The clothes rack should really be able to hold firmly the things would be put in it. The lighting should be just perfect that it would not hurt the eyes of the bathroom goer because of it being too dim or too bright.

After what seemed like a millennium, you finally manage to buy a house where you intend to dwell for a great deal of time. It feels good to have an investment to all of your hard work. With that, the planning comes into the picture. Unless you are planning to have your home decorated with old or antique things, you might as well consider the furniture and the styles that you will install into it.

There are lots of designs to help you in achieving your desired house decoration, you just have to find it. To start with, you can think of the furniture that you would need inside your house. But to which place of the house these furniture would be placed? You might think that having the living room designed first, but if you belong to the type of people that prioritize more on the bathroom, then having the bathroom done first would be of no surprise when it comes to the list of home decorating.

As what had been said about a while ago, thinking of a furniture could be your start, and a nice thing to consider is having discount bathroom cabinets, for these bathroom cabinets serve well in whatever purpose they are subjected to. Speaking of different styles and purpose, these discount bathroom vanities include bathroom sink cabinets and bathroom wall cabinets.

You might also want to have a furniture where you can place your things, so having bathroom storage cabinets is just as perfect as having bathroom sink cabinet for a perfect combination.

Speaking of storing things, first-aid kit will also be necessary. Do not worry because bathroom medicine cabinets are on their way to you. Having very expensive cabinets that you can no longer use them for the fear of destroying them is a big NO in home decoration.

It is always better to have low-price discount bathroom vanity cabinets which have been proven very useful. Bathroom vanity cabinets are very cheap ones in terms of price, but never in their service. And with your bathroom looking like having the most it could get, you must now add the remaining things, like the shower, the toilet bowl, curtains and other accessories for your comfort.

You have the freedom so design it the way you want it. The bathroom is al yours now. With the number of options available in the market, finding the right bathroom vanity is ordinarily easy.

Bathroom furniture comes in a variety of designs and sizes. But finding aesthetically pleasing AND inexpensive bathroom vanities can be quite the challenge. Although price actually forms a very significant factor in choosing a bath vanity, there are also quite a number of factors to consider like size, style, and quality. There are actually a lot of discount vanities for bathrooms available in the market. These vanities look very much similar to the base kitchen cabinets.

These vanity cabinets are placed on the floors as it is without pegs. These bathroom vanities provide you with more internal storage space as well as a substantial countertop area. Some even have no storage at all especially the minimalist and wall-mounted ones. But there are sure to be good deals out there if you analyse first what your needs are and research about the products in the market.

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Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities

Kraftmaid bathroom cabinets vanities