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She is in the throes of a hot new romance with former Love Island winner Max Morley. The Love Island series four star put on a sizzling display in an ab-baring three-piece as she led the glamour at the star-studded bash alongside Dani Dyer and Amber Davies. Laura looked simply sensational as she joined a slew of stars from Love Island's four series at the awards. The blonde beauty slipped into a teal three-piece that paired together high-waisted flared trousers - accentuating her svelte waist - and a barely-there crop top that made sure to leave Laura's enviable abs firmly on view. Ever so stylish, Laura's getup was finished with a matching floor-length cardigan and metallic heels.

Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Back at the house, Nicole bonds with Bianca as the latter reveals her fear of showing vulnerability due to her abusive past. Woman reveals how a selfie with a school friend revealed she'd been 'stolen' as a baby when her real parents Ultimately, an overjoyed Laura joins Nicole in a Julia Clancey fashion show, while Jennifer and Stand or sit blowjob are sent home, both of them being upset to have come so close to the win, yet so far. Laura model teen, Ashley is saved and Bianca is sent home after landing in the bottom two for the third time. Jennifer is lauded by Tyra for bringing personality in her shoot, while Kara and Erin were chastised for not bringing any to theirs.

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Not The Usual Suspects. The overseas destination for this cycle was Maui , Hawaii. The winner was Nicole Fox from Louisville , Colorado making her the youngest winner at the age of This cycle featured one major change to the judging panel: judge Paulina Porizkova left the show after the previous season , marking the first change to the judging panel since Cycle With her departure, only three permanent judges remained, a first for the series.

The cast size was once again increased to 14 contestants. All of the contestants for this season were of height 5'7" or shorter. For the first time, contestants under 5'7" are cast. They enter a room where they are supposedly being cast for Le Cycle 13, Fall Collection, but an actor tells them that they are too short, at which point Tyra enters and tells them 'it's time to break the mold'.

Soon after they dress in model basics and are given a runway lesson by Miss J and have a face Polaroid taken by Mr. Then comes castings. Memorable interviews include Courtney revealing she has a broken foot, modeling teacher Alison teaching Miss J her own runway tricks, Lulu stating she is gay within seconds of her entrance and Sundai talking about her abusive childhood.

During this time, Amber's personality and Nicole's lack thereof scare their fellow competitors. Courtney impresses Jay by soldiering on the entire runway instead of just posing.

During the review, Tyra notes that many girls are posing in a more sexual than fashion way. Ultimately 14 girls are chosen and Tyra congratulates them for being pioneers. The girls meet on Melrose Avenue and realize that Amber is missing.

The Jays arrive in a limo and take them to a salon where it is revealed that Amber withdrew from the competition due to "personal reasons. The Jays also announce that it is makeover time.

Most of the girls are satisfied with their looks, except Lisa, who worries that she didn't get much of a change and Bianca, who doesn't like her bleached eyebrows. The girls then move into a doll-themed house. On the photo shoot, they are tasked to recreate their baby pictures with a fashion twist.

Rae struggles with her 8-inch heels, while Sundai and Lisa worry about their styling. Arriving on set, Bianca seems down and tells Jay she doesn't like her make-up. At panel, Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley and Bianca are noted for their strong shots, while Brittany is castigated for her overtly sexual film. Kara and Sundai are told they lacked energy and Lisa is told that she looks mean.

Ultimately, Bianca lands in the bottom two because of her lack of professionalism, but it is Lisa's poor performance at the shoot and timid personality that gets her eliminated as the judges feel she is not making the most of her second chance.

Each girl then meets them alone and Lulu loses points with Nigel by mentioning she doesn't pay attention to photographers in editorials while Courtney once again impresses by walking despite her pain. Rachel goes blank when asked about her musical background. After the meetings, Sean shocks the girls by eliminating Rachel in a surprise elimination for her lack of charisma.

The girls then meet a rude photographer asking for the perfect shot in one take, which the girls struggle with until Tyra as Super Smize arrives and "defeats" him. She then coaches the girls on their "smize" smiling with their eyes , which gets Jennifer worried because of her eyelid ptosis and directs a challenge where the girls are in full body suits, paired up and pitted against each other to see who has the best smize.

Next, the girls arrive at Santa Anita Race Track to pose topless with a jockey and a horse. At panel, Laura gave her most powerful photograph so far, while Erin also impress for smizing.

Ashley is castigated for over posing and Bianca, despite her resolve not to complain, hints that she didn't like her blonde wig. This lands her in the bottom two again but she is spared for the second time as Courtney is sent home for admitting that being asked to keep her boot hindered her performance, and for self-defeating.

The episode starts with Bianca being determined to become softer. Miss J introduced to a 9-year-old runway model named Diva Davanna, the girls get their first runway teach with him, learning to "walk tall" and how to walk with a partner. The challenge later requires them to walk next to models who are 5'10" and above. Brittany impresses Ann Shoket and wins an editorial for herself, Kara and Laura, angering Ashley and Lulu who had earlier coached Brittany how to walk. Back at the house, Nicole bonds with Bianca as the latter reveals her fear of showing vulnerability due to her abusive past.

Ashley and Lulu later warn Nicole that she is being used, upsetting her. Nicole and Brittany then discuss their chagrin, calling Ashley a mean-girl and Lulu her sidekick. At the photo shoot, Brittany struggles with the fact that the girls are allowed to watch her, while Bianca has to be distracted to look softer. At panel, Kara, Nicole and Erin receive unanimous praise, whereas Brittany, Rae and Laura are castigated for making themselves look shorter.

Sundai is praised for her picture but her outfit and lack of presence on the runway do not sit well with Miss J. In the end Brittany survives her first bottom two appearance as Lulu is eliminated for her poor performance at the shoot and uninspiring personality. The girls are taught how to do their own make-up by Sam Fine and each girl is given individual tips.

Later they meet Nigel and Crissy Barker at Walmart for a CoverGirl challenge, where they have to race throughout the store and do their own styling and make-up through various sessions, with the last girls eliminated at each session. At the last stop the girls have to pick their pictures from a bin. Erin keeps Ashley's picture until she finds her own, eliminating Ashley.

On the way to the photo shoot, Bianca and Ashley confront Erin about her behavior at the challenge, making her cry. At the studio, the girls find Tyra wrapped in scarves.

Tyra explains that they will be doing a beauty shoot modeling scarves and that the best picture will be given immunity at panel. Brittany, Erin, Rae, Nicole and Sundai perform well. Ashley struggles a lot and has to change outfits three times. Kara is criticized for relying on her beauty, while Bianca is chastised for not displaying enough softness in her face.

Meanwhile, Tyra decides to bring in a fan to improve Laura's performance and Jennifer tries screaming. Brittany is deemed the best and is given immunity as well as the opportunity to do a shoot with two male models that Tyra discovered. At panel, many girls get good reviews. Jennifer is lauded by Tyra for bringing personality in her shoot, while Kara and Erin were chastised for not bringing any to theirs.

Ashley and Bianca land in the bottom two: Ashley for failing to "smize" in her photo, and Bianca for looking hard in hers. Ultimately, Ashley is saved and Bianca is sent home after landing in the bottom two for the third time. The girls meet Benny Ninja , who tells them that as models, they must use their bodies as well as their faces to convey emotions.

He brings out Lil Mama and Jabbawockeez to teach the girls to dance. The girls then learn that they will perform in groups of three, with masks covering their faces while showing happiness, sadness and anger. The girls are flown to Las Vegas for their shoot. They witness a performance by Jay Manuel and the Cirque du Soleil and learn that they will be posing in teams. Jennifer, Kara, Ashley and Nicole get bad reviews, but Jennifer's group saved her as her group was deemed the best photo of the week thus being jointly called together.

The judges were also amazed in Laura and Rae's pictures, but worry about the latter's personality. Kara and Ashley land in the bottom two, both for not pushing through enough, but Kara is given another chance and Ashley, who was lambasted for failing to incorporate her dancer background in her posing, was eliminated. They are given a car by each pair, but must navigate themselves with the aid of a map.

The go-sees include an audition for a commercial, which most of the girls fail at, except for Nicole, who is eager to make-up for her previous bad week.

Sundai and Rae try to squeeze in one last go-see, and end up being disqualified for being late in Los Angeles traffic. Nicole is declared the winner and rewarded a piece from each designer's collection and is told she will star in the commercial she auditioned for.

Back at the house, Kara and Sundai are ticked off by Nicole's supposed "set-up" win. The photo shoot have the girls pose as martial artists with the weapon of their choice. Most of the girls struggle with the harness they have to wear. At panel, Nicole, Laura, Brittany, Erin and Jennifer are praised, while Sundai is once again castigated for over-accessorizing her outfit and lacking versatility.

However, the panel is worried about Brittany's and Rae's lack of presence in person and Erin's slight attitude. Ultimately Kara is eliminated within her second consecutive appearance in the bottom two for appearing to give up, while Sundai is spared and told to pull it together.

With the aim of teaching them to think on their feet, Ant makes life difficult for the models by acting out celebrity interview stereotypes. Ann Shoket arrives and informs them that they will be interviewing Jessica Lowndes as their challenge. To make things harder, their autocues are deliberately cut mid-interview.

Jennifer and Erin shine with their improv, while Laura's dyslexia causes her to clam up, and Nicole struggles to ask appropriate questions. Erin wins the challenge and chooses Rae and Jennifer to share in her win — an editorial spread for Seventeen. This week's photo shoot is replaced with a commercial for CoverGirl. The girls write their own scripts and Erin finishes quickly, while Laura and Nicole have a hard time and spend hours practicing.

Again Jennifer shines, but Erin has to continually fight back tears, while Laura pushes through despite struggling with her learning difficulty. At panel, Jennifer and Nicole are praised, while Brittany delivers all of her lines flawlessly but fails to show her personality.

Sundai and Laura are told they have written good scripts but castigated for their poor delivery. Ultimately Rae and Erin land in the bottom two; Erin for her incessant crying on-set, and Rae for being forgettable. But in the end despite her stellar portfolio, Rae is eliminated. The girls find their house condemned, with Tyra telling them it is too filthy to live in. However, she soon reveals that the girls are going to Hawaii for the remainder of the competition by throwing a luau in the yard.

Upon arrival, the girls are stunned by their house and Jennifer is freaked out by the fact that her commercial is being played in at least five different rooms. The girls are then taught how to surf by Buzzy Kerbox. After, they are given a challenge where they have to pose on a moving surfboard with a male model. Erin, Brittany and Nicole excel, while Sundai and Laura stumble.

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Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Laura model teen

Laura model teen. Event/Catering Staff


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The catalog of teen and kids models and performers. When you are booking a model, please state you have found him or her on our website.

Search models. Laura is a danish 15 year old experienced all round model and elite gymnast. She has been modeling since the age of 4 and is doing higest level teamgym. She goes to an elite sports school, and will be finishing year 9 in June. Laura is very dedicated to everything she does, school, gymnastics and modeling and will go far to reach her goals. She wants to become a fashion model if she reaches the requested hight at atleast cm.

Laura is able to travel worldwide for any opportunity. Laura lives in Midtjylland - Denmark. She is 15 years old. The color of her eyes is blue. Light blond is the natural color of her hair. Height Weight Talents gymnast model. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Page photographer on Instagram: photobylarsen. Photography: Stump Foto.

Laura model teen

Laura model teen