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The panel of judges for the competition included: [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Miss America's Outstanding Teen Miss America's Outstanding Teen. Retrieved

Pagexnt Humphrey [48]. Tap Dance, " Happy ". Oshkosh Northwestern. United States National Pageant has been committed to providing a safe, inspiring atmosphere for women of every age. Rhode Island. I believe my calling is to launch a global movement for women.

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Schwerdtmann and her husband, Treasurer Glenn Schwerdtmann, be removed from their positions, so that the Director, Jane Anne Cruse, can act in her rightful role and lead this organization in a positive direction. Call me crazy. If you're gonna be a troll, at least be smart about it. Thailand and Panama are my one and two now and that's most likely to remain unchanged. I know how hard she has worked and how much time she dedicates to this organization. Miss USA Rankings 1. Author: Former [ Edit View ]. Lol I hope Miss indiana pageant voy of your top Polymyositis pressure sores makes it. It was difficult to select my Top 5. Unlike Eurovision, which is always hosted by the previous year's winning country, Miss Universe is hosted randomly and independent of the results. Subject: Wyoming contestants posted. Other than that, I havent been active at all since.

As a leader, I fully understand transitions.

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  • The Miss Indiana USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of Indiana in the Miss USA pageant and the name of the title held by those representatives.
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As a leader, I fully understand transitions. The first time I had no idea what I was doing. That magical phrase was…. I was like a broken record. When a new leader walks in the room, people have the right to decide if they want to follow the new leader or not. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to see what direction the leadership is going in order to make an informed decision. How did this happen? When I realized the difference, I realized I could be on board. Took a while for me to make a final decision, but eventually, I did.

You know that strange phenomenon of how over time, humans begin looking like their pets? Or how couples who spend a lot of time together, somehow begin to morph into the same person?

Or how every Taylor Swift album released somehow chronicles the exact stages of your own life? You see, like Miss America, I moved on from a poor leader and gained a new one. Finally, I drew a line in the sand and declared who I wanted to be.

I was no longer a passenger waiting for the vehicle to meander off in a undesirable direction without my consent. Now — Unlike Miss America, none of these decisions regarding my own life have anything to do with wearing a bathing suit in public I say, if you got it, flaunt it … But, it has been extremely interesting to see how my personal decisions have impacted those around me. Timing is everything. And too much change too soon is awfully hard to navigate. Not to mention the need to remain honest with your most loyal supporters.

That underlying uncertainly often leads to a lack of real, life-changing, transformational relationships, which could positively shape the course of their future. Change is hard. Transitions stink. Break-ups, divorce, death, getting fired, moving to a new location, personal emotional trauma, finding new friends, and discovering what you really want in your own life — these are all difficulties which define us, and more often than enough, are super painful to walk through.

In short, at FRZ, we believe your life works best when you lean into exactly what you want. Further — we believe smart, capable women can still be lovely, and dare I say, attractive. In fact, we believe your life comes into greater alignment when you pursue both! We also believe personal development is the springboard to professional success — and that leadership is about serving others who are brilliant in their own right.

That reframing your life, gives you the opportunity to re-claim your life, and so much more…. Mainly, because my calling in life is more than just posting pictures and providing commentary on the Miss America program. I believe my calling is to launch a global movement for women. Therefore, I see Feminine Revolutionz as a platform of service, which will allow me to connect with other women whose core values are similar to my own. Who knows?

Feminine Revolutionz is ready to awaken the deepest desires inside of you — and revolutionize your life. In order to summarize how we arrived in this inauspicious position, let me outline all of the changes which have been announced by MAO leadership in the last 34 days…. Kinda like adding a bearded lady to the opening act — Lol! Four women recently stepped down or rather, were asked to do so by MAO leadership from the Miss America Board of Directors, including 2 former state titleholders and 2 former Miss America winners.

Those four women released a statement regarding their departure from the Board which you can read here , and then MAO leadership released their own response to their original communication which you can read here. The main beef from these 22 State Directors is, and once again, I quote….

Subsequently and by now, somewhat predictably , 29 former Miss America winners plus 3 others formers who now sit on the board issued their own statement of unification and support for the new leadership and current direction which you can see here.

The Miss America leadership represents Hugh Jackman — The Greatest Showman himself, with killer creativity and amazing ideas, pushing for change and daring to envision something greater than has ever been seen on the Miss America stage before. And why do you feel the need to mislead me, in order to get me to follow you? Pass me a Margarita already. For those of you competing for the title of Miss America later this September and you happen to be reading this post, please remember what my friend Leighton Jordan Miss Georgia said in one of my favorite podcasts ….

For those of you doing your best to maintain homeostasis while this whole thing unfolds, keep that in your back pocket and pull it out when you need it. This too shall pass. Dear Lord… In this analogy, the audience consists of everyone debating every twist and turn of this improbable drama in front of God and everyone. I know, I know.

Like I said… The audience like the elephant dung is all over the freaking place. They feel slighted. Which brings us to where we are today…. Lots of people are trying to play this part on social media by responding to inflammatory posts, but the problem is — MAO needs to get 22 State Directors back on board for some positive PR and to help carry the water with their new vision.

Feel free to make your comments below or on any of the respective social media platforms where you originally found this post.

You can also email me at ThePageantJunkies gmail. Carrie Lakey is kind of obsessed with Miss America… So are 22, of her closest friends. As an avid fan of the Miss America Organization, Carrie began publicly predicting pageant winners over 10 years ago. Learn more about the Junkie Nation by clicking here. Further, the Evening Gown phase of the competition was being revamped to include opportunities for contestants to wear the attire of their choice see the official interview here.

Based on what I can gather, Miss America will now represent a new generation of female leaders, focused on scholarship, social impact, talent and empowerment. In this corner, we see the all-new, Miss America 2. An all-female leadership team, made up of former contestants, full of highly successful, well-accomplished, hard-working and dare I say, brilliant women. Because in many cases, she already has. In this corner, we see die-hard pageant fans flailing and flapping their fabulously manicured fingers in disbelief.

This portion of the pageant is sooooooo ingrained in their minds as almost synonymous with Miss America — that to even TOUCH that phase of competition is unnecessary, unreasonable and dare I say, sacrilegious! And what in the world are they going to WEAR for this live interview competition? Something other than an evening gown? Something that makes them feel empowered? What if a swimsuit makes me feel empowered? Can I wear my bikini during the live interview competition lololol!

Will we even put a crown on her head??? And will it fit??????? Interestingly, in this corner, I see an awful lot of former contestants who have a full and robust appreciation for the swimsuit competition. These women are challenging the notion that as a young girl, you have to choose… Do you want to be known as smart? Or do you want to be known as pretty? And by taking away the swimsuit competition — Miss America is actually taking away the notion that those two things CAN go together.

These are the women Miss America wants to bring into the fold. Women who care deeply about social and societal impact — who are volunteering and championing their favorite causes in their communities. In my opinion, the line of the day includes the following sentence from Gretchen Carlson during her interview on GMA…. And that means we will no longer have a swimsuit competition. Regardless of your corner of the room, the Miss America Organization has placed a stake in the ground.

They are declaring a new day for what Miss America stands for — and what she represents. Therefore, my question to you is…. If you want to gain valuable experience to prepare you for your state title and eventual trip to Miss America, start competing in the MAOTeen system stat!

And even with that — the highest finish of any prelim winner was that of 4th runner up! Anyone else wondering what Missouri was saying to North Dakota right before they announced the winner…? What a Freaking Fabulous idea! Finally — Junkies did not have our best night with overall predictions this year… We ended up 8 for 15, 5 for 10, and 1 for 5. However — our tiny consolation came from our ability to predict Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado all non-finalist talent wins — and we flip-flopped Utah and New Mexico predicting UT to be in top 15, but NM to win a non-finalist talent award — when it was the other way around!

When you come in contact with Miss America, all those things go out the window. Hey Junkies! Long Time, No Chat! Thousands of us are HopelesslyAddicted to pageantry.

No Spamming. Lola online You know that strange phenomenon of how over time, humans begin looking like their pets? With Revolutionary Love, Carrie Cox. Wish me luck. Twentieth Century Fox — Liberation. The Audience Dear Lord… In this analogy, the audience consists of everyone debating every twist and turn of this improbable drama in front of God and everyone. Which brings us to where we are today… Vulture.

Murray Well Hello Tuesday Morning!

Not sure if it was the first call anywhere or the first in Alabama. It would be great to see 3 titles given away! Jackie Jerlecki [19]. Watch when another facially weak black wins next year! I have never seen such a thing in my life.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Linda Chapin Theater Orlando, Florida. London Hibbs Texas. Texas — London Hibbs [3]. Pennsylvania — Cecilia Petrush [ citation needed ].

Virginia — Emily Kinsey [ citation needed ]. Alabama — Collins McMurray [4]. Georgia — Rory Pan [ citation needed ]. Top Rhode Island — Macie Johnson [ citation needed ].

South Carolina — Berkley Bryant. Hawaii — Sophia Stark. Nevada — Tia Henderson. Arkansas — Camille Cathey. North Dakota — Micah Schlittenhardt. Alabama — Collins McMurray. Missouri — Ashley Whipple. Pennsylvania — Cecilia Petrush. Collins McMurray [6]. Jazzie Trotter [7]. Ashlyn Thompson [8]. Clogging, " I Wanna Dance with Somebody ".

Camille Cathey [9]. Vocal, " Dream On ". Cameron Doan [10]. Sara Al-Bazali [5]. Top 12 [5]. Morgan Mancini [11]. Tap Dance, " Happy ". Sky Knox [12]. Lyrical Gymnastic Routine, " Titanium ". District of Columbia. Jessica Sales [13]. Rory Pan [14]. Sophia Stark [15]. Appeared on MasterChef Junior [16]. Chloe Shelton [17]. Peyton Newman [18]. Jenna Zabona [20]. Cali Wilson [21]. Amelia Benjamin [22]. Joanna Clark [23].