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You've probably spent your whole life describing boobs as either big or small, and if you were really specific, even or uneven. Would you have ever guessed that there are NINE different types of boobs in the world?! Well, according to bra company ThirdLove's breast shape dictionary , women have one of nine different sets of breasts. All boobs and nipples are totally normal, but identifying your exact shape can find you the best bras for your shape. And ThirdLove also recommends the most fitting styles for every breast shape.

Round breasts

Round breasts

Round breasts

Round breasts

MadameNoire Round breasts a sophisticated lifestyle Round breasts that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Video Courses by Flo. Asymmetrical breasts are usually Jenni kohoutova dildo. Brave fellas Rouund Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia all signed up, in the name of science. These breasts are wider, more muscular-looking, and have less tissue. The mammary glands are thin, and the nipples look down. Pendulous breasts have most of the breast hang below the inframammary foldand may not have much fullness at the top of the breast.

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Breasts come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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From underwires digging in to baggy straps, the pitfalls of an ill-fitting bra can seem never-ending. But, lingerie company ThirdLove have identified the nine different boob types among women - and finding your shape can also help you find the ideal bra.

If your general breast area seems to point away from the centre of your chest, then you can also include yourself in this category. For this kind of bust, ThirdLove recommends a T-shirt bra — because it helps to smooths over the shape and draw them in. Side set boobs tend to be a little fuller in shape than those in the East west category, and best suit plunge bras — this will push them up and draw them in.

Slender boobs tend to be slimmer at the top and then fuller at the bottom — they are longer than they are wide. This can be hard to judge, so if you need help deciding, an extra feature of slender boobs is that they tend to be relatively small in cup size.

For this type of chest, ThirdLove advises wearing a plunge bra that comes with padding — as this will give a boost to size as well as a lift. While most women have some asymmetry in their boobs, if one of your breasts is particularly larger than the other, you've got asymmetric breasts. Typically, the difference in size isn't too extreme - so trying a bra with removable padding should sort out any discrepancy.

Those with a bell shape bosom should go for support - and try to stay away from balconettes to avoid spillage. Take a peep at our guide to finding the right fitting bra. Sign in. All Football.

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Round breasts

Round breasts. Contributing to the breast shapes gallery

This means that your boobs are very close together on your chest. You usually have problems with the underwire rubbing your breasts near your sternum. Mark this if your boobs are separate on your torso and have two or more fingers separation between them.

Mark this option if you have broad shoulders. This can make a difference in how the bra straps fit. You should check this option if you have very narrow shoulders.

You'll know this because you usually have trouble with open coats and purses sliding off. This shape represents boobs that start very high on your torso, not necessarily perky, but they are attached close to your shoulders. Use this shape if your boobs start very low in your torso, this may result in your breasts feeling like they hang low, but not necessarily, as this just means that your boobs are attached to your torso somewhat low.

You'd mark this shape if you currently have any sort of breast implant. You'd mark this shape if your breasts have a fair bit of hang and have a longer shape with most of its fullness on the lower part of the breast.

Share this link. Breast shape is a very important factor that affects bra fit. Breast shapes gallery We have a gallery of real breasts submitted by users. Access the breast shapes gallery Contributing to the breast shapes gallery We're attempting to build a gallery using real breast pictures so users can identify which match their breasts best. Read more on how this works.

Canonical breast shapes The following is a list of canonical breast shapes that can be used to describe certain attributes of your breasts. Round boobs Mark this option if your breasts are mostly rounded. See bras that fit round boobs Pointy boobs Mark this shape if you notice your boobs to more somewhat pointy. See bras that fit pointy boobs Full on top The description says most of it. If you do have boobs that are full on top choose this option.

See bras that fit full on bottom boobs Wide root Choose this if the part of your torso where your boobs are attached takes a big part of your chest. See bras that fit boobs with wide root Narrow root This is the opposite of the previous shape, in this case your boobs do not have much tissue on the sides of your torso.

See bras that fit boobs with narrow root Wide boobs Wide boobs are boobs that are wider than the root, it is usually the case of slim torsos with narrow roots and big boobs. See bras that fit wide boobs Narrow boobs This will most likely go together with a wide root breast on a medium to small cup size. See bras that fit narrow boobs High nipples Mark this option if your nipples are high on your breast. See bras that fit boobs with high nipples Low nipples Mark this option if your nipples are low on your breasts, not necessarily pointing down, but just low on the breast.

See bras that fit boobs with low nipples Close boobs This means that your boobs are very close together on your chest. See bras that fit close together boobs Separate boobs Mark this if your boobs are separate on your torso and have two or more fingers separation between them. See bras that fit rather empty boobs Broad shoulders Mark this option if you have broad shoulders.

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Breast Shapes: 12 Different Shapes and Sizes, Nipple Types, and More

According to bra company Thirdlove , there are seven different types of breasts out there. And they say to get the best and most supportive bra, a lady needs to know her boob shape. So check out the following breasts and the bras from Thirdlove that are the best fit for them:.

One boob is larger than the other. Therefore, the padding for the larger breast can be removed, while the padding for the smaller one will help even things out. The breast is slimmer at the top and full a. Especially since heavy breasts can cause straps to slip, inevitably reducing support. This breast type means the nipples are pointing outward. Push-up and T-shirt bras are your best bet because they help turn the breasts inward. Members of the side set crew have a large gap in between their breasts, so a balconette bra is their best bet.

The more fabric above the cups, the better. Slender bosom characteristics include thin breasts that point downward. Plunge styles help to provide a little lift, with or without padding. Slightly similar to the bell shape, the tear drop shape is slightly rounder and less full up top.

Plunge styles are also recommended for lift purposes, which helps to fill in the top. Round breasts are equally full from top to bottom. While balconette bras flatter round breasts, women with this type can wear pretty much anything.

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Round breasts