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Vaginas are an unfair source of widespread confusion and embarrassment: Plenty of us don't know how they work or what they look like. But it's not just popular culture that gets vaginas wrong. Scientific and medical minds long misunderstood female anatomy. We didn't even fully know how the clitoris worked until , and even today, many textbooks still misrepresent female sexual anatomy. Of course, we have it better than women in centuries past, when blatant misogyny shaped much of the mainstream cultural and medical understanding of women's bodies.

Sideways vaginas

Sideways vaginas

Sideways vaginas

Sideways vaginas

Brad from Georgia Ding Dong! For example, the Greeks thought that all sex acts required a penetrative aspect, so they assumed that lesbians had giant clitslarge enough to have vaginal sex with other women. Then wouldn't doggy style be better with someone who had the same structure as Nocturnal Goddess? Every Friday. BigWill Sideways vaginas, Nov 27, With citations this could be an excellent answer.

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Suggest a correction. This theory is brought to you by 19th-century Harvard Medical faculty member Henry H. The Amazing Ben. Educate a woman, and you'll ruin her lady parts. In other words, because men were unable to regularly sample Chinese vajayjays in the name of science or Sideways vaginas, American men were forced to conclude the rumor must be true. Perhaps it is we who are mistaken. Earlier this week, the parody of Pete Hoekstra's racist "debbie spend it now" ad revealed to me the claim that Asian or Chinese women have "sideways vaginas. That would make pretty good evidence for homosexuality not being a choice, too. And considering the problems of Siddeways sex with mermaids, I guess sailors must be really fucked up to come up with these things. Posted by milowent at PM. Carol of the Dells. I suggest Noc just relax, tilt your head back and enjoy When erect, many men "tilt" left or right I don't know Sidewas medical What does nurse management mean for this "problem"but for me the insertion feels just as good and they seem to get off as well as any other men I've had. Edited because Sideways vaginas finally found the link!

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Jump to IGN Boards. Wait so its true that asians have sideways vaginas? Date Posted: Nov 27, 1. BigWill , Nov 27, Date Posted: Nov 27, 2. It's true You don't normally see them because they're blurred out. It's a well-kept secret. Date Posted: Nov 27, 3. Date Posted: Nov 27, 4. Oh is that why they blur it out? Adent , Nov 27, Date Posted: Nov 27, 5. HomelessHobo , Nov 27, Date Posted: Nov 27, 6. BlitzReborn , Nov 27, Joined: Nov 24, Messages: Date Posted: Nov 27, 7.

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What is. I found this out at my first gynechologist sp? Probably just extremely horny, actually. Certainly the joke seems to have been fairly well spread among American men by the s. Menstrual blood has been considered dangerous to men in a number of cultures.

Sideways vaginas

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Clark who spent his life fighting the good fight to keep women out of school. He said that women's brains couldn't handle the same strain as men's, and that ladies who pursued a college education risked stressing their brains and destroying their wombs. Other scientists of the time also cautioned that over-developing the feminine brain would make the uterus shrivel up.

In this sexist fantasy world, women especially needed to avoid thinking while on their period. Image: William Andrew via Getty Images. In , former House Representative Todd Akin and his merry band of anatomically-confused Republicans helped revive this terrible myth. Maybe they were inspired by the 13th-century British legal text, Fleta , which said that "without a woman's consent she could not conceive," and thus could be used to invalidate a woman's rape accusation if she had become pregnant.

The belief lived on through 19th century medical books , to misguided politicians today. Think of this as early "bro-natomy. The rumor was part of the larger cultural fetishizing of Asian women, and persisted through the Korean War , because some people enjoy their misogyny with a side of racism.

Beware: Woman's menstrual blood is potentially life threatening to men. Menstrual blood has been considered dangerous to men in a number of cultures. A first century Roman Encyclopedia notes that Roman Pliny observed that "hailstorms, they say, thunder, and even lighting will be scared away" by a menstruating woman, while "meat will become sour and fruit will fall from the tree beneath which she sits. Visit HuffPostWomen's profile on Pinterest. US Edition U.

News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Watch out, some women's vaginas have teeth! And considering the problems of having sex with mermaids, I guess sailors must be really fucked up to come up with these things. Probably just extremely horny, actually.

Today the sideways vagina legend has become solely the stuff of humor. In a Saturday Night Live skit, Alex Baldwin played on a number of well-known Chinese stereotypes, and exclaimed , "I know the womenfolk have sideways vaginas! But underneath their scales, they're just like you and me. She looks at him and says, "Why, do you play harmonica? If you don't believe me, google up some asian porn.

References 1. Yung, Judy. Unbound voices: a documentary history of Chinese women in San Francisco , p. Edwardes, Allen et al. The cradle of erotica: a study of Afro-Asian sexual expression and an analysis of erotic freedom in social relationships , p. In the United States, Chinese-Americans remain for the most part self -segregated and their women will seldom have anything to do sexually with a non-Chinese male.

Thus, by want of opportunity to put it to the test, the legend of the sideways' vagina is maintained. Watson, Colin. Snobbery with violence: English crime stories and their audience 4. Flox, AV 6 July The Sideways Vagina , Blackheart Magazine 5. Oriental vaginas 6. Sideways vaginas 7. Asian Sexuality Rumors 8.

Yahoo Answers thread. Is it true that Chinese girls have horizontal vaginas? Those sources treated it as an old joke, and an obviously ridiculous one. I don't think any of these took it at all seriously, or intended it as racist"

‘Asian Girls Are Tighter’: Dispelling the Myth of Vagina Size

Top definition. The vagina of an Asian female. The slant of the eyes is like the slant of the vagina. Brandon seems to have a preference for sideways pussy. Her vagina stretches out and looks like its sideways. She be bustin down , I bet she has a sideways pussy.

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Sideways vaginas