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Muslim models have been taking over the fashion world by storm, but do you know who these women are? Here is a list of 7 Muslim models you should at least have heard of. In an interview with NYLON she said that she eventually wanted to go to med school, but fashion was always something she was interested in. Halima Aden is probably one of the most known hijab-wearing models out at the moment. The Somali-American model was the first hijab-wearing high-fashion model and the first to sign with IMG models.

Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models

Other silver screen heroines like Ginella Massawho was Teen muslim girl models first hijab-wearing news anchor, and the aforementioned Halima Aden, the first pageant queen to wear a burkini and hijab in a competition, defy and redefine beauty standards. All of your internal company uses for 1-year, including presentations, videos, brochures, newsletters, training materials, and intranet. I do think you are a little dramatic with the whole Ottomon empire stuff. Also you need to be careful about slandering people that is going against Islam!! I am getting the same impression.

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Her photo has been passed along thousands of times.

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In , we brought you an insiders look on Muslim beauty in Saudi Arabia. Now, we want to celebrate the worldwide Muslim beauty bloggers living their love of makeup out loud. Personalities like Huda Kattan , have amassed huge fanbases on social media. Kattan has more than Some of these beauty-loving bloggers and vloggers wear hijabs , while others don't.

As our July cover star Halima Aden put it to us, "Some of us are wearing hijab, some of us wearing the turban. Ultimately it comes down to choice. On-screen, she wears a hijab, while in her everyday life, she leaves her head uncovered. Other silver screen heroines like Ginella Massa , who was Canada's first hijab-wearing news anchor, and the aforementioned Halima Aden, the first pageant queen to wear a burkini and hijab in a competition, defy and redefine beauty standards.

Through these powerful women, we've learned, as Nura Afia once wrote on Instagram, "Hijab is not a symbol of oppression but a symbol of empowerment.

It forces people to reckon with you beyond just your looks. For me, it's an inseparable part of who I am. Without further ado, here is a selection of our favorite Muslim beauty bloggers to follow. One caveat: There are many, many other Muslim beauty experts and enthusiasts you should definitely have on your radar from all over the world, so just consider this a good starting place.

The Dubai-based makeup artist's vibrant macro eye makeup shots will inspire you to dip into the brightest colors in your eye shadow palette. Plus, we respect and related to her affinity for glitter liner.

Hani started a YouTube channel just last year, but she already has a fanbase of about 31, Instagram followers. We love her takes on the latest makeup trends like yellow eye shadow. When Shahd started covering her head, she was incredibly open about her decision on social media and continues to be. She knows how to make her cheekbones radiate all the light.

The year-old's Getting Ready With Me videos are absolutely adorable. Rumena is a pro at super glam special event makeup. Bookmark her for the next time you're going to a wedding or doing it up big.

Between running a scarf company and a falsie business, Amena still somehow finds the time to post beauty tutorials and informative makeup reviews on YouTube. Better known as Dress Your Face to her 2. She, too, is known for masterclasses and contouring. No Kim Kardashian connection, though — yet. Back in , we told you about Habiba's collection of hijabs for diverse skin tones , but did you know she's also a beauty vlogger?

Her YouTube videos are packed with major glow inspo. This YouTube star went viral after spreading a message of self-love through makeup. Through her popular channel, she's hoping to continue these efforts and provide representation for plus-sized women. Yasmine is the queen of the casual selfie. She once took one with a toilet in the background, and she still looked better than we ever would. As for her makeup chops, we can't get over her cut-crease skills.

Osob's glittery mini beauty tutorials are so mesmerizing. We could easily go down a rabbit hole of watching Instagram video after Instagram video on her feed. Chinutay posts simple how-to beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel. This year-old's brows are next level. On her YouTube channel , you can watch just how she fills and sculpts her bold arches. Swear by red lipstick? So does Jasmine Ali.

We love seeing the looks she comes up with to complement the iconic beauty classic. Jawaher Badr doesn't take herself too seriously, and neither should you. Her thumbnails are as hilarious as her tutorials are informative. The only thing more glorious than the year-old's luscious hair is her flushed cheek makeup looks.

Rianne's glam tutorials are the perfect source for product reviews and to see the latest launches in action. By Emma Sarran Webster. By Bianca Nieves. By Marci Robin. Read More. By Nicola Dall'Asen. By Neha Prakash. By Kaleigh Fasanella.

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Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models

Teen muslim girl models. Who are the Most Famous Female Muslim Models


H&M Wins Over Muslim Girls Everywhere with New Model | Muslim Girl

Her photo has been passed along thousands of times. Things like fashion, trendsetting, and dressing like an adult are way above my pay grade. I could give two craps about palazzo pants. In a simple and quiet way she made others look at a Muslim woman without fear or contempt but with a healthy curiosity. Maria opened a conversation that has always been strained.

So we are thankful to Maria Hidrissi for having impeccable taste in clothing and a facial expression that kills. Personally, I hope to see her in more ads for different brands who want to be bold enough to let Muslim women be seen.

Muslim women will make themselves seen whether we are invited to the table or not. And please believe, various clothing brands, that one way or another Muslim women will make themselves seen whether we are invited to the table or not.

Oh also! So go forth my little fashionistas to be seen by a world that needs you. May your photos always be fierce and your sharia always creep. Pop culture enthusiast and a huge fan of the New York Rangers. Full time mujerista part time debater of all things great and small. This spells danger to me. Be careful sisters. Guard your deen. I agree with you. Allah tells us Beauty is the heart not what you wear or look like. I like the awareness to spread but do not try to think your better then anyone else just because you wear a scarf and cover up.

Allah judges by the heart not the Ego. Excellent sis. Jazak Allahu khair. I am glad to see I am not alone with that. Also this whole nice does not always work well it has for me kindness is what the prophet promotes even on the enemy and prisioners.

Western values coming into Islam is not a good combo. Personally what is the point of this campaign to make people see muslim women are what? More into Fashion and looking good then praying to Allah and being nice. I wonder what the prophet would say to this?

Woman power is not in what she wears it is how she carries herself and her worship to Allah these are distractions that are not important to Allah, he does not care what dress you wear he cares what you are doing in your heart and good deeds.

Want to make a difference then help those less fortunate not show we are just like western society values and fashion is more important. As being nice it does get you places I know that. I am not seeing a good message in this article for young muslim women. Its taking them from Allah to society and fashion, Pride is the biggest sin for women do not fall into that thinking this way.

Heart is where it matters most and impressing Allah. I think that the point of this article and photo is to show open the eyes of this world to show that Muslim women are just like any other woman, we can dress fashionably and modestly.

US Muslims should not let this bother us, we should be thankful that a Muslim woman is in the spotlight! This could change what hundreds of people think of us. Modesty is attitude not clothing. Strong muslim women should not care about what they are wearing to please society they will only care about pleasing Allah and doing good deeds like helping the poor, sick and unfortunate in the world.

So do not call this positive Islam and if it was not trying to say it represents Islam I would not care about her modelling its who she models for and what she trying to represent when Islam is morally founded on protecting orphans, feeding the poor and being equal and fair. Also only idol they should look up to is Allah this is why indeed against Islam. Again if this was for a Islamic store I would be OK with it and not worry about her damaging her deen which is what she is doing modelling for this store and girls are being influenced by her into the store to buy, so she is not representing Islam.

That is why I do not shop there. The problem as always is when someone does something out of the ordinary out comes the negativity. Muslims are pegged by the media as oppressive, radical, fundamentalist the list goes on.

Also you need to be careful about slandering people that is going against Islam!! Where did you get that from. Muslim women are like no other women. I have always found them to be different, special, endearing, spiritual. I agree. Modesty is how you wear it. She is covered per Quaranic requirements. I salute her. It seems as if this is a faux Zionist site. Article after article is anti-Islam, anti-Muslim. Deliberately slanted to confuse issues and lead astray. I am getting the same impression.

There is something wrong with the message this site is projection. It is anything but. Its shocking but make perfect sense it would a Zionist site. I am glad you all see what I am trying to say. To me. They could care less about bring a Muslim girl to the forefront. I see a woman. A girl.

Wearing clothes that are indigenous to her part on Earth. This is just about tapping into money not bring awareness. Same here. Stressful though. Likely more so for those yet in their teens.

I am unable to understand the demographics being reached, converted or pandered to. There has been a subtle trend here in MG, away from prayer and modesty, it seems…as you too have noticed. I wonder who finances this site. I am sorry but the whole paragraph is just not making sense to me, what is wrong in let say promoting younger muslim girls to dress modestly like the girl in the model instead of ripped jeans and a tank top, she is doing good for them.

It is setting the wrong idea. Like I said I do not care about the model and what she does I already answered below the reason why, may want to read the article I posted below and then tell me you still feel the same about this company.

Please do explain to me how that this promotes good values for a muslim woman. I do not want my children to grow up in the west due to these values they are the wrong values and why we see so much hate and chaos from USA and less compassion.

I would like to know the good things that western society teaches us I would like to elaborate on that. Well from the advert her intention then is to sin and be proud of her looks not her heart.

Well if you too busy being gorgeous all the time how can you be helping or worshipping Allah. I do think you are a little dramatic with the whole Ottomon empire stuff. Yes just because the west is doing it does not mean you have too and you should not have too, but if you want to its up to you but do not think because you wear a hijab and cover up that makes you a good muslim.

Allah judges on deeds not on what you follow. If you want follow western values that is up to you but while you doing that Allah will judge you on what good deeds you have done and what deeds you ignore. Well this is bad the company is bad. I just telling you what it really promotes and it is bad the company she promoting are, you can do how you wish and follow who you wish, but you should only be following Allah not Western values.

Muslim woman are not like normal women. We are indeed pious and modest as muslimahs and we should be teaching others that our beauty is not in our face or clothes it is our hearts and our brains. I guess some muslim women in this society feel pressured to fit in and why they sell out their deens to wear tight clothes and no scarf to be fashionable and follow the western herd.

The goal is to not follow them because its the thing to do. There is no us and them until western society began attacking all things Islam and trying to taint it.

Killing our brothers and sisters in Islam and yet this is more important then that it seems something very wrong with this page anyway it promotes the wrong message about Islam. As Aliyah said its not the model its the campaign and the company she represents, this is not a good company at all and I have answered what you said below on why I feel the way I do. As for following the western values that is not Islamic at all you should not be following what they do as they do not know what is good and right.

Fashion is not good and right, feeding the poor is and if you do this as much as you care about fashion and beauty then fair enough but if not then know Allah will judge you on that.

So as you said this good vs bad. You seem to misread what people are saying this is not about her as a person this is about her representing muslim woman and influencing young girls and if she it then we all have a right to say what we think about it.

Teen muslim girl models