To dress vintage-25 Best Vintage Outfit Ideas for A Perfect Vintage Look

From the man who wears 17th-century clothes to the woman whose outfits are straight out of the s, six people explain their deep devotion to period dress. Thu 4 Jul I t is a bold and often ostentatious choice, but historical dressing can be more than just a novelty means of self-expression. As with any clothes, they are a way of presenting ourselves to the world. And for some, that means wearing top hats, breeches, doublets, or Bakelite jewellery.

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

I began wearing late-Victorian and Edwardian stuff bought in vintage vinntage in Brighton and it made me genuinely happy. Categories: Vintage Fashion Style. For more ideas on how to dress vintage, why not check out our article on Cute Drfss Girl Outfits? Add layers to short hair to create an edgy-looking bob. Jeans, plain pencil skirts, cardigans, button-up tops, and spaghetti strapped shirts, are just a few modern staples that will contemporize a lot To dress vintage the vintage clothing you find. Cashmere Cotton Silk Wool. Want more s casual clothing ideas? Keep experimenting and refer to vintage photos for inspiration.

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Looking for ideas on how to have a perfect vintage look?

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Looking for ideas on how to have a perfect vintage look? Well, today, outfit trends will give you a simple guide on it. This article will cover covering the following Vintage junkies all over the planet have a soft spot when it comes to vintage clothing. With such a wide spectrum of vintage, there is something for everyone when it comes to personal style. For more ideas on how to dress vintage, why not check out our article on Cute Mori Girl Outfits?

Dresses are definitely the easiest of options when trying to achieve a vintage look. Trousers can look too modern and will give you the opposite effect. Dresses and skirts should usually fall into the knee-length category for a truly vintage look. Necklines for vintage dresses and blouses can consist of sweetheart, halter-neck and boat-neck shapes, so finding a style to suit your shoulder shape is easy as pie. Do not be afraid to go a bit overboard when it comes to lace detail.

Lace is a highly respectable fabric, and expensive too so is perfect for adding that Je ne Sais qua to any vintage apparel. Lace can be added to necklines, cuffs, hemlines and even full boleros and tops.

However, this rule does not apply if you are going for a vintage rockabilly image. Sweetheart necklines and halter-necks are all the rage as are knee-length hemlines. With this style of vintage, it is paramount that your waistline is shaped accordingly, and this also goes for the s. Accessories fitted dresses and tops with belts for extra shape and style when rocking this look and try to use contrasting colors. Vintage hairstyle also depends on the era you are going for.

Pin Up girl style is very well groomed and will be pinned perfectly. It is acceptable to have a full fringe, and it is a rarity that you will ever see a vintage girl with free-flowing locks. Bows, feathers, and simple hair slides are great additions to any vintage hairstyle. Be sure to match your hairstyle correctly with its era, though! The s saw the influx of classic and sophisticated finger waves and simple hair clips. This era saw the rise of extreme eyebrow plucking.

Eyebrows were tremendously thin, which made for a more feminine look. Neutrality began to creep in at this time, so makeup was kept to cream, ivory, and skin tones. These are just a few hints on how to create a vintage look. Have a look at the images below and create your own personal vintage theme.

Summer season gives you the best opportunity to dress in a vintage style. The main reason for this is the fact that in summer you have a wide verity of colors and dresses option to choose from.

If you are not interested in making a bow, then simply tuck your shirt inside. Pair this shirt with denim shorts and black leather ankle boots. From babies to grown-up girls, everyone loves to wear a beautiful romper with a combo of other shirts or tops. Jazz this style up with a brown leather long strap messenger bag and brown shades. Denim Short with Floral Top. A simple way to get a Vintage Look.

Go for light floral pattern shirt, the one with light colored flowers on it and match it with denim shorts of contrasting black short. As for accessories, you can wear any color that is present in your top, for example, if you have turquoise color in your flowers then take a cute turquoise colored backpack, matching retro style sunglasses and cowboy style hat in the neutral shade.

Back in the 50s and 60s, knee length puffed skirts were truly in fashion, and you may have heard your mothers or aunts telling you how much they used to love the puffy knee-length skirt. If you liked those skirts, you could still wear them now. One way to wear these skirts is to get your hands knee length puffed skirt in plain sky blue color and pair it up with a contrasting black and white cheetah print top, tucked inside of the skirt.

The 20s was the time when makeup was starting to emerge, and people were still experimenting to get the perfect look. In 20s interested smokey eye makeup was very famous. Makeup back then was all about contouring and bright lips and keeping your eyeshadows to a minimum.

To pull off a perfect 40s look all to need to do is to fill in your eyebrows and make them quite thick. Then contour your face and apply false eyelashes. Then, in the end, wear bright red lipstick, and Voila the 40s inspired look incomplete. The 50s makeup style was all about giving full attention to thick wing eyeliner.

If you want a 50s inspired makeup look, then go for a thick eyeliner along with trimmed thin eyebrows. For lips wear a bright orangeish red shade and finish everything up with a bright blush on. Can you please credit my imagine, I am the red head in the blue polka dot dress. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Girls Fashion Outfits. Caz Jones. Caz, aka Vixen, has been freelance creative writing for several years. She has a lot of experience in different fields including high street fashion, tattooing art, and even the gothic and historical costumes.

Her passion lies with gothic design, corsetry and any other styles considered to be taboo or unusual. Style-wise Caz has a love for Vivienne Westwood and her take on the punk era. Although Caz loves the weird and wonderful, she has a deep love for all fashion and allows this to show through her work. Georgina Grogan. Hey Georgina, the link has been updated, thanks. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage

To dress vintage. Shipping & Returns


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Dressing in vintage clothing has never been as popular as it is today. With several decades of styles to choose from, there is a vintage look for everyone. While you may have found that you love the thrill of shopping for vintage clothing , figuring out how to wear your vintage finds can be challenging. Once you learn how to select the right kind of vintage pieces for your style, you can experiment by mixing different eras of vintage clothing, or by styling your vintage finds alongside modern pieces.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Method 1. Choose pieces that reflect your personal style. Before selecting vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe, think about the style elements that you look for in clothing and accessories.

While dressing in vintage clothing lets you expand your fashion horizons and experiment with different styles, you still want to look and feel like you. When shopping for vintage, consider what you already own and how well each vintage piece will fit into your current wardrobe.

Try looking at different styles on Pinterest and fashion blogs to help you identify what style elements match your aesthetic. This can give you ideas about what to look for when you are shopping for vintage pieces. Look for vintage pieces in classic styles. If you want to avoid looking like you are wearing a costume, select vintage pieces in classic cuts that never go out of style. Focus on finding vintage items made of high-quality materials.

When selecting vintage pieces, first check the tag to see what materials were used to make the item. Higher quality materials, such as cotton, silk, and wool, can withstand several cleanings and hold up well over time.

While synthetic materials are fine for a statement-making piece or for special occasions, avoid synthetic materials if you plan on incorporating your vintage finds into your daily wardrobe. If you find a vintage piece that no longer has a tag, there are a few tricks you can use to assess the quality. The easiest way is to feel the fabric by rubbing it gently between your pointer finger and thumb.

If the material feels sturdy yet soft to the touch, it is likely of higher quality. Check carefully for stains, tears, or missing parts, as these can indicate that an item is of lower quality. Look for trendy vintage items. When selecting vintage pieces, look for items with the same or similar characteristics.

Most contemporary pieces are inspired by styles from the past, so what better way to show your fashion savviness than with a trendy item that is vintage and, therefore, totally unique. Learn the basics of vintage styles.

Each decade has particular styles that are characteristic of that era. Learning to identify some of the styles attributed to the various eras of vintage can make it easier to select items that will generally look good together.

While some experimentation is necessary and fun! This era generally mixes well with the wide brimmed hats of the s or rocker tees from the s. To prevent clashing, however, avoid mixing s vintage pieces with a s beaded flapper dress or a s neon tunic. These styles, including s cigarette pants and s leather jackets, tend to mix well with each other, as well as many styles from various other eras. A s leather jacket, for example, can look great with s bell bottom jeans or a s flowy, floral dress.

Method 2. Perhaps the easiest way to wear vintage and still look current is to mix one or two vintage pieces with contemporary styles. For a work-appropriate look, wear a vintage jacket or coat, such as a s camel trench or a s leather jacket, over a simple modern sheath dress. While mixing different eras of vintage can be tricky and may take some trial and error depending on your specific pieces, the result can be an interesting look that will definitely be worthwhile.

Sometimes conflicting styles come together to make the most unique and stylish outfits! For example, mix a s rocker tee with a midth century high-waist skirt for a perfectly imperfect, mismatched style.

Go bold with a head-to-toe vintage look. You can fully embrace dressing vintage with a quintessential, era-specific outfit, or choose more neutral items that are less obviously vintage. To make a statement in head-to-toe vintage, try a full-on s outfit, such as a belted garden dress with a metal-frame handbag in a pastel hue.

Complete the outfit with an era-appropriate wavy hairstyle. If you want to rock head-to-toe vintage without looking like you are wearing a costume, try a more timeless, simple outfit, such as a s utility dress with low-heeled pumps. Method 3. To avoid looking like you walked off a period movie set, freshen up your vintage style with contemporary hair and makeup styling.

Instead, try a sleek, modern style, such as a low ponytail, with neutral makeup to let your vintage outfit take center stage. In many cases, modern hair and makeup styles are inspired by vintage looks, so it can be difficult to decide how to update your vintage outfit. When in doubt, test it out!

You can always switch up your hair and makeup before leaving the house. While modern makeup and hair styling trends can instantly freshen up your vintage outfit, classic styling is always a safe bet. For example, a classic nude lipstick is timelessly chic and goes well with any vintage look. Even if your clothing is noticeably vintage, complementing your outfit with contemporary accessories will instantly help modernize your look. Style vintage accessories with a contemporary look.

To add a touch of vintage to an otherwise modern outfit, complete your ensemble with one or two vintage accessories. Vintage scarves, handbags, and jewelry can be found at a number of resale retailers for relatively little money, so there are a lot of options to choose from. For example, you can instantly elevate an otherwise mundane modern outfit by adding a s beaded clutch or a s statement necklace.

To add a level of sophistication, try accessorizing your modern outfit with a s minimalist cape or a classic houndstooth print scarf. Not at all! There are lots of young people who dress vintage, and they look wonderful!

Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful You can look for vintage clothing at charity shops, vintage clothing stores or remake brands. You can also find clothes at vintage fairs or festivals, or even make your own!

Not Helpful 1 Helpful It depends on how accurate you want to be and what you're comfortable with, as well as what era your clothing is from, and the outfit itself. Look at underwear from the era that interests you and try it out. For example, if you're wearing 's clothes, you can wear a panty girdle and petticoats to get the small-waisted, wide-skirted look. Not Helpful 5 Helpful I'm thinking of revamping my wardrobe with vintage clothing.

Is there any specific type of clothing that is essential to the look, e. Nothing is essential to the vintage look. Vintage is a style of dress that's open to a lot of interpretation - you can wear anything you like; it doesn't even have to be vintage, as long as it evokes a vintage vibe. You could base your whole wardrobe around a lovely vintage skirt suit, but if a skirt suit isn't something that you'd usually wear, then don't! A pair of shoes that you can wear most places you go would be a good start, or a coat or jacket that's practical for you.

A dress may not be the best thing to base your vintage wardrobe on, as there are more limits to how you can wear it than there are to separates or a coat. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. I am wearing a black dress with white polka dots, what color shoes and headpiece should I wear? In my opinion, the shoes and headpiece should both be black to avoid clashing. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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Tips To find quality vintage pieces, try searching charity shops, vintage clothing stores, antique malls, remake clothing brand stores or websites, or online second-hand retailers. You may also have some luck finding unique vintage items at festivals or arts and crafts fairs. Get your vintage pieces tailored for a perfect fit.

If you have a hard time finding vintage pieces that reflect your style, try searching for vintage-inspired contemporary items instead.

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To dress vintage

To dress vintage