Tony campolo homosexuals-Tony Campolo: Why gay Christians should be fully accepted into the Church

Campolo with some of his flock. By Mark Oppenheimer. O ne morning in the summer of Bart Campolo left his house in Cincinnati for a long bicycle ride. Goateed and bald, but still trim and fit at 48, Campolo was the envy of his generation of evangelical pastors. That morning, Campolo was, as usual, a little self-conscious about his attire.

Tony campolo homosexuals

In different ways father and son had compromised the faith and now all that remains to be seen is what Tony's legacy will be. Epstein, the head of one of the most influential humanist groups in the country, Humanist Hub. Pepsi's latest advert has caused a Twitter storm. By Anonymous. Then we will be free to relate in healthy ways. Campoolo belief in the reality of Thank You Thank you for prayerfully considering a donation to this non-profit ministry via PayPal or via Make a gross fist L. Is Snoop Dogg's new Christian faith for real? Many religious-outreach groups, from evangelical Christians to the Chabad sect of Judaism, plant Tony campolo homosexuals near campuses to minister to students, a potentially receptive audience. I am eager to check his bibliography against Nation's.

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They are Tony campolo homosexuals and actively pursuing their lifestyle under the banner of Christ. But loving them means we tell them the truth about their lifestyle, we pray with them and for them for grace and mercy and power to gain victory over their sin, and we fellowship with them to bring them fully into the family of God and the church. Devon J. How is it perverted? An option that is blessed and ordained by God. I do agree with you though that there are no acceptable outlets though as we are held to a higher standard as humans. Augustine, saying they have taught that "the sole purpose of marriage is procreation. They have fully justified and accepted their lifestyle and gender choices as normal. Note that Augustine gives the Private rooms monthly rental ireland three purposes of marriage Christians have always given: marriage is to bring "lust The unchurched, however, Tony campolo homosexuals coming back, and we intelligent, caring ministers and congregants are giving them hope again. Now is the day of salvation, so don't put it off. I Tony campolo homosexuals appreciate it. I must ask nomosexuals tough campllo question though.

This book emerges from a series of public conversations on homosexuality by two Mennonite theology professors with clearly different perspectives on the issue.

  • By David W.
  • As a young man I surrendered my life to Jesus and trusted in Him for my salvation, and I have been a staunch evangelical ever since.
  • A couple days ago, Evangelical superstar of the eighties and nineties, Dr.
  • Tony is a conservative on this issue in that he believes that homosexual activity is sinful and that homosexuals should remain celibate.
  • Campolo, 80, and a onetime spiritual mentor to President Bill Clinton, had previously tempered his endorsement of homosexuality to allowing for civil unions for gay couples.
  • Both Campolo and Graham, 96, are best known and beloved first and foremost as preachers largely unencumbered by overt denominational or political biases.

By David W. Virtue DD www. Over the years, his ministry grew, and through Tony's charisma the ministry built and spun off more than a half dozen non-profit ministries of their own ranging from Haiti to Camden, New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA, involved in education, youth work, poverty programs and much more.

They are all thriving to this day. By any standard, Tony, who holds a Ph. I was present on one occasion when he addressed Episcopalians in the Diocese of New Jersey. His preaching brought a bunch of moribund, spiritually dead Episcopalians to their feet, with the bishop so excited by his message that he prayed extemporaneously at the end of Tony's address. You could have picked me off the floor.

It was vintage Campolo. He wound them up with stories about what God is doing in the world, then he hit them hard about the need for conversion to Christ. He called on people to repent of their sin. He had them eating out of his hand. If he had had an altar call, I predicted half of the priests would have given their lives to Christ.

That was Tony. In other venues, he did not hesitate to call people to make commitments to Christ and then called on them to make a commitment to do kingdom work as a sign of their new found faith. He always kept the balance. Tony loved Jesus and it showed. He conveyed that love to his listeners and called for compassion for the lost, lonely and dispossessed. He demanded, in Wesleyan terms, that new Christians make a tangible response in works of supererogation.

He never confused America with the Kingdom of God and he travelled enough to know that God also loved Haitians and minorities as much as he loved Americans. He believed the rich should give to the poor and the churches should pour more into helping the poor in their localities and not focus on the rich who paid the churches' bills. He could out preach Billy Graham, but never gained his national exposure, recognition or public acceptance.

Tony always believed that an evangelist had to go beyond getting people saved and joining a local church; the gospel demanded action, the gospel demanded that a saved person had to show it by doing the works of God.

The gospel meant reaching out to the least of these. In the words of the epistle of James, "faith without works is dead. Tony never embraced God, flag and country Christianity. He repudiated the Religious Right and those who equated the Kingdom of God with right wing politics and he paid a price for that.

It cost him dearly among many evangelicals. While he was popular in some circles he was very unpopular in other arenas. He once described a bus trip he took with Jerry Falwell, James Dobson and other members of the Religious Right, promoting their books and he said he felt like a black man pushed to the back of the bus.

He was always uncomfortable around the rich and at home with the poor and dispossessed. He was probably the closest to being Evangelical's version of Mother Teresa. Tony was a diehard Baptist. Tony could claim the SBC's evangelical heritage, but his political views were decidedly to the left of center. He was close friends with another Eastern University professor, Dr.

Ron Sider, where Tony taught, whose theology and books like Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger brought the two men together.

They have been close friends for several decades. Other left of center evangelicals included Tom Sine and Jim Wallis, the latter is a close friend of president Barack Obama. In time, it became a church, nation and world dividing issue, becoming the biggest propaganda war in American cultural history grabbing the imagination through television shows and big name homosexuals trying to humanize sodomy, even as morgues filled with men dying of AIDS The propaganda war by pansexualists persuaded not only church leaders but a sitting US president to come out, declaring their hand for inclusion while voices of disapproval were met with fierce cries of homophobia and hate filling the air.

Name calling and finger pointing became the order of the day at anyone who dared raise their heads over the sexual ramparts and say the behavior did not have God's approval and spiritual death awaited those who rejected the Bible's proscription of sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman. But mainline denominations began to roll over, buying into sodomy as they heard the cries of homosexuals and lesbians demanding the church accept them for who they are, eschewing celibacy, change and reparative therapy as unacceptable.

Foremost among those denominations who were quick to roll over was The Episcopal Church, a church already experiencing major decline and would now, in time, see the church locked in spiritual warfare resulting in schism over the issue, forcing the worldwide Anglican Communion to declare the mostly Western Church to be sexually apostate.

Peggy Campolo, Tony's wife, rolled over first and said clearly and without any conditions that being LGBT was perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, perfectly acceptable, and perfectly compatible with Christianity. Homosexuals had something to offer. Tony disagreed. He remained "somewhat ambiguous" on the morality of homosexuality and held out that while homosexuals were being discriminated against, he still said the behavior was eschewed by scripture and he could not go all the way with his wife.

They debated their points of view publicly, but I always felt that even in these debates Tony was soft and he seemed unconvinced by his own position and stance. Then, in June of , Tony, who had famously disagreed with his wife about homosexuality, announced he now supported the full acceptance of Christian gay couples into the church.

Theology was never Tony's strong suit. He was by education a sociologist and by birth a typical Philly Italian; he bled with those who bled and he felt the pain of any minority who crossed his path. He embraced homosexuals because he felt their pain of ostracism and he believed they needed to be included. He was the purest thing to an emotional Christian with a brain that I ever knew. He was easy to love because he loved you right back. You could never hate him however much you might disagree with him.

But Tony had turned. He confirmed his feelings and theology recently in England, where he spoke on Premier Christian Radio in the UK opining that "Suicide is the second major cause of death among teenagers in America, second only to automobile accidents.

Almost three-quarters of those suicides are by Christian young people who cannot reconcile their sexual orientation with what they're hearing from the pulpit. I don't know what the Church is about, but if it's about driving kids to suicide it's not doing the right thing. Campolo never cited the source of his statistics or explained their significance more fully. Suicide is increasing among teenagers in Western countries. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta noted that suicide is a serious public health problem, and for youth aged between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death.

It results in approximately lives lost each year. But more young people survive suicide attempts than actually die, noted the CDC. Several factors can put a young person at risk for suicide. However, having these risk factors does not always mean that suicide will occur, says the CDC.

The risk factors are: History of previous suicide attempts Family history of suicide History of depression or other mental illness Alcohol or drug abuse Stressful life event or loss Easy access to lethal methods Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others Incarceration. None of them included Christian young people who cannot reconcile their orientation with church teaching. Campolo dogmatically tried to blame the historic teaching of the Church for these suicides!

UK journalist Julian Mann said, "It is sadly possible that in some cases vulnerable young people in churches are being failed by aggressive polemical preaching on sexual morals cut off from Christian ethics' spiritual roots in the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the lack of loving pastoral care.

But Tony Campolo's argument, taken to its logical conclusion, surely could be used to blame the Church for taking a clear moral stand on any matter against the inclinations of individuals. With no evidence or source to prove his statement, he boldly stated that these suicides could have been prevented if they had just been accepted for who they are without fear and judgement from either god or man.

In a moment he had rubbished years of biblical and church teaching. He had rejected the ontological understanding of human sexuality and said that the sexuality was no longer an order of creation. He had rolled over. It has become one of the saddest days of my life to see an old and dear friend capitulate before a handful of strident pansexualists.

His emotional soul had over ridden Scripture's call for sound teaching on sexuality. Later, his son Bart and his wife would renounce the faith saying they were no longer Christians and would now identify as humanists, continuing good works in San Diego, but without God. A broken hearted Campolo said he was sad by their rejection of the faith because they were no longer part of "my tribe.

Now it will never happen. In different ways father and son had compromised the faith and now all that remains to be seen is what Tony's legacy will be. How will history treat him? I doubt it will be good. America is deeply polarized and the American evangelical left is in major decline, and fast disappearing. Tony gave the closing prayer at the recent Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, but he looked sad and tired. I wondered what he was really thinking as he strode from the platform.

From his lofty height as President Bill Clinton's pastor to preaching in small independent evangelical churches, Tony Campolo has cut a swathe across American evangelicalism playing a leading role as a major figure in left wing evangelicalism in the last half of the Twentieth Century and the beginning of the 21st. I hope and pray that history will treat him kindly. He kept the evangelical faith alive and spread the message of Christ to all who would listen. I hope he will be forgiven for his misplaced compassion for a group of people whose only message and behavior has caused the destruction of so much and so many.

May God have mercy. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee. VirtueOnline is the Anglican Communion's largest Biblically Orthodox Online News Service, read by more than 4,, readers in countries each year. Box Shohola, PA info virtueonline. Skip to main content. Episcopal Church Lea Now this is not the first time Epis Prior to returning to Haywood to fa The Cultural Left Ba

Our sinful condition is a spiritual defect and not a physical one right? How disgraceful and demeaning to the role of a mother and father, the very birthplace of every single other relationship that exists! None of this is complicated, is it? The same goes for the opposite orientation. I think this is a bellwhether day and hope the fog of ignorance and arrogance continues to be cleared.

Tony campolo homosexuals

Tony campolo homosexuals

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Where did I dictate how other people live? I simply noted the reality that a ss couple can never come near to equating to marriage. As to ss couples and marriage? How will a manipulated court ruling change the distinctions I note? There never was a contest Ken. Tony is a nice guy, but he has been on the Liberal side of the homosexual question since His announcement surprises no one, and changes nothing. You are not making any sense!

How about this : Read Tony Campolo quotes in the article. Try to make a rebuttal. Just stay on topic and dont play dumb. Or is it off limits, too messy. That activity is now encouraged and blessed within the context of a committed gay relationship right? It should be lauded in Song of Solomon right? We should lift it up as an ideal — something God ordains. This whole discussion is so tired.

And so sad. Partly because in the meantime, the rock has been lifted up on the sexual practices of so many who condemn. Partly because people have learned that institutions lie constantly to protect themselves.

My son and mt friends are so much more important to me than what any so called Christian thinks about what some tribe in the desert wrote down about what they thought God thought about other people. Put it down. It is a lie that ss couples equate to the complexity and complementary union of a husband and wife or the combined blend of a father and mother in a child. Yet in all that time not ONE culture has ever fully embraced or legalized ss couples as married.

You call that being on the wrong side of history??? Your poorly constructed arguments ,based solely on your own interpretation of the Bible are in essence of the same style that racists, women rights deniers , slaveowners and ssegregationalists of old had used..

Your desire to hurt people and deny children loving adoptive homes is what makes you hateful. You are so evil you want to hurt an orphan!!!

Your entire world view is based on a book full of words that falsely describe reality. This is a fact that you will eventually have to accept. Your arguments are typical of the religious fundamentalist, and my screen can scroll as well as yours. First, you have given no rational argument for anything you have said. Other wise just crawl into a hole and hate the world because it has left you behind.

I respect Tony Campolo and find his teaching to usually be spot on. But on this matter, I must respectfully disagree. While I support marriage equality in civil society, the bible is clear on the design for and definition of marriage for believers. We are called as believers to overcome such predispositions that drag us into sin through the power of the Holy Spirit. I also agree that the church must be inclusive to people struggling with this sin issue and every other sin issue.

We must do a better job of loving and welcoming gay and lesbian people, and we need to stop using our political influence to discriminate against them by promoting laws based on our biblical beliefs. But loving them means we tell them the truth about their lifestyle, we pray with them and for them for grace and mercy and power to gain victory over their sin, and we fellowship with them to bring them fully into the family of God and the church. It is only through authentic relationship that we are able to have an impact through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Metaphors from pop-psy self help books, more unsupported derogatory statements about how people choose to live their lives and a profound lack of understanding of history and cultural evolution. Human history can not be sorted into neat little boxes.

The current period is as long or short as any other. Same-sex marriage is normalized and legal and establish, even in societies that have vehemently opposed it based on religious ideology.

Not exactly what I was looking for in a rational argument. Perhaps take some time, head down to the library. Careful though, there be dragons there. Then you claimed you want a rational conversation. To the library, man. Let me know when you get back.

How are those Churches that reject Biblical teachings doing these days? Their Churches are empty. If you truly are a Believer then why do you not heed the warnings. Ken, from your post I can see that you do not understand much of the Gospel. You claim that shell fish are forbidden, I guess you have not gotten into the New Testament where the dietary laws and ceremonial laws were done away with.

As far as sexual immorality, they were not done away with. You can find references to them in many of the letters to the Churches. If you need help in finding those start in Romans. If one claims the Bible is worthless except for the sermon, then how would one even know if they are Saved or not and under Grace or Wrath? I know the Bible. This is personal. Deny him the love they claim for themselves. Read Matthew 23, preferably in the Message version. Maybe you will understand it this time?

We do find love for them, that is why we tell them to repent! This is for you as well, your Pride is getting the best of you. It is not all that you did for these Churches that matter, it is the life you lead and the path you follow. I am going to leave you with some scripture on why this is a big issue and one not to be taken lightly because many today are being mislead to think that they are Saved, but are not and the proof is in the life they lead and the blind eyes they turn to the Truth.

Yeah, I think not. Just because the big mainline Churches sit empty does not mean the Word is not being spread to all the World. You should really and I mean really look up what Hate really means.

According to dictionary definition. Again, maybe you need to look up the word hate. It seems that you are full of it and claiming that is others that hate because they do not agree with you. You call yourself what ever you want, but saying you are a Christian is lying to yourself.

You reject sound teachings from the Gospel. The reality remains: Ss couples can never equate to marriage, they will always have a clearly inferior counterfeit.

Do you understand the impact of that? Do you understand the resentment that breeds when the lie is forced on others? At the expense of children no less? However, even science does not understand homosexuality yet. But more importantly, history has not understood homosexuality. It is not just Christianity that has seen homosexuality as abnormal, but many cultures throughout history. The aspect of anal sex is a primary reason.

I find it interesting that the Bible condemns the sexual behavior, NOT the orientation. Jesus did mention homosexuality in Matthew 19 when he gave the Disciples three options to marriage.

I understand that is an incredibly difficult situation, the passage even notes it. However that is what the Bible says whether you or Tony accept it. You might want to study the history of Native American tribes that populated this continent. The matriarchal societies and the sacredness of those of two minds…homosexuals. The social structures that accepted the need for intimacy without the possibility of producing a child in lean times. A two spirit was both. Literal homosexuality was never accepted by Indians, that is why they dressed as women.

Who judges what a lie is? Your bible cannot withstand historical or scientific fact so your bible is of no authority at all- yet you sit behind your computer condemning others. Hate is not in my vocabulary Liya, and I am anything but sad. Why confine total strangers to your view of acceptable relationships? Maybe YOU need to spend more time in the library cmbennett01!

Oh, a new one just crawled out from under his rock. You an intellectual giant in the same vein as your buddy greg? I have no issue with gays. But in the Bible, marriage is the law of God, one man, one woman.

Gays are sinners just as we all of what sins we committ. We love all but same sex is a sin. Therefore, it cannot be acceptable because it is a sin. No other sin has become such a explosion of having to accept as same sex. Just saying. And, if one disagrees, then extremist gays become disgruntled. I am a sinner. But I do not expect you to be forced to accept my sin. Sin is sin regardless. Who said anything about confining acceptable relationships? Ss couples have every right to establish their relational identity just like heterosexual couples have.

I note three significant core distinctions that have separated marriage from other relationships in every culture. Ss couples are completely incapable of equating to a single one. That is why not one single culture has ever fully accepted or legalized ss couples as married in one single culture in all of the 8, years of human history. Ss couples have every right to establish their own relational identity just like heterosexual couples have. You have no right to dumb down marriage to a contract between two consenting adults, something countless relationships equate to, so ss couples can finally qualify.

And you call youself a Christian?!? Marriage is a legal contract between consenting adults. You have no right to restrict the legal behavior of consenting adults to your narrow constructs.

You have no right to determine equality or inequality. I simply noted that reality will point out the idiocy of any legal decision that denies the distinctions I note between ss couples and marriage. Relational identity? But keep attacking if it makes you feel better, we want you to be happy. They are not based on 21st century reality and thereby irrational. Not even getting close to the complexity of male and female distinctions. How idiotic. Is that what your mother and father called you?

Well, my folks taught me this, you can be anachronistic or you can grow. I chose to grow and live in the complexity of the 21st century. I know I need not marry a male and reproduce when I can marry the woman I love AND provide a loving and stable home for a child or children languishing in state custody enduring whatever the penny pinching backwards leaning purists inflict upon them.

No one is bound to your definition. As far as a child missing one gender parent, better to have a loving home with two parents regardless their gender. Aging out of a poorly funded system that receives little oversight is no place for a child. Yawn ah, another passive aggressive hater. Your account makes it quite clear that this particular journey is a natural outgrowth of years of progressive ministry. Excellent work; congratulations. You must have been constipated a long time to come up with all the wordy poop you have dropped in this thread, Greg.

Time to find a new bathroom, please. Where did I define anything? I noted key elements of every normal marriage in history. As to children, we are not just talking about adoption in the first place. More often we are talking about broken families and worse, the deliberate birth of a child apart from one real parent.

Second, if you really cared about the child you would try to place that child in the most natural setting. Even the child knows that. Absolute majority of young Christians under 30 are progay rights. So we all are not Christians according to you? I defined nothing. I noted the significant elements of all marriages throughout history. The closest a ss couple can come to marriage is marrage. Most children are not not adopted by ss couples, they are from broken relationships and worse, deliberately birthed apart from one real parent.

Moreover, a person who really cares about the best interests of a child will seek the most natural setting for that child, with a father and mother role. There is no soul. It is a religious concept. I am not the bigot spouting off why people should not be able to be joined with whom they love, you are. Anybody who feels the need to respond personally to dozens and dozens of comments on a thread about gays must be really threatened and conflicted inside.

Everyone around him gets to be happy but him. That must be so depressing. Remember, we want you to be happy! The rest of it is just a lot of words in your head, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Campola lost credibility awhile back. You overstate his influence. Everyone Christian can see he was unable to support his emotional opinion with scripture. Homosexual behavior was , is and will always be sinful and marriage will always be man plus woman.

Tony, nor anyone else can change that. Greg this social experiment will fail miserably in a couple generations as peoples eyes are opened. No logic, either. I encourage you to do the investigation yourself, but I am probably talking to the wind. Neither do you. Now, if you have a rational rebuttal to the distinctions I note, then state them, otherwise, quit whining. You are right, the issue is not complicated. You wave that piece of paper and I still simply point out: 1.

Your relationship is vastly less complex than marriage between a man and woman. A duplicate sex can never provide the complementary elements opposite sexes do. It is impossible at any level of comparison. Your relationship will never bear the blended fruit of a child. Normally a marriage does. No matter what piece of paper you wave, you will never be able to impose the idiotic, depraved distortion of marriage on decent people.

There is not one thing you can do about it. Must be why there are so many Catholic child molesters and divorces. All that complexity vomit! Now my tribe is doing the shaping and it too is composed of decent people. You can call it an imposition if you want. We call it equality. For instance, I noted how it is impossible for ss couples to equate to marriage. You are unable to even begin to address that reality. It is exactly why I noted you waving your piece of paper.

The reality remains the closest you come to marriage is marrage. You have changed nothing with that denial. The papers my friends wave look exactly the same, also. Some of us are religious, others are not. The reality is you have no clue who among us are what. And we are all decent people. You keep saying the exact same words over and over.

Your point has been clearly established. What is up with that? I would like to read a comment thread without having to see the same comment from one person repeatedly.

It all seems very indulgent. Absolutely right. I just replied to him probably in vain that he has clearly stated his viewpoint and does not need to repeat it. It is sad, stupid, and also very self indulgent.

It just takes practice. Have you forgot about the lesbians? That is what I wonder…. You know you only encourage him by responding. I say it is best not to poke at disturbed people. No, only marriages will be called marriages. A marriage is two people joining their lives together in the eyes of the government in order to obtain legal recourse to spousal responsibilities and benefits.

That level of complexity? On the contrary, same sex couples can double their wardrobe if they are of similar build. What an idiotic thing to say. Gay couples are seeking the same thing in marriage that heterosexual couples are seeking…love, support, and the legal protections that come with marriage medical rights and visitations, holding property in common, etc. Marriage is the term we use for this relationship. Until you, Greg, can meet the above criteria, you are not really posting so we are free to ignore you and your childish attempts to join an adult conversation.

The reality remains a ss couple is completely incapable of ever equating to the essential elements of marriage. LOL, too funny. I would like to read a comment thread without having to see the same comment repeatedly. You make my point. Words describe reality. Words that falsely describe reality are lies. I noted significant distinctions that make calling ss couples married a lie. Get your own relational identity, dumb it down to government recognition, it just never will equal marriage.

Do you really want to get in a contest about the worst behavior of orientations? How immature. Another mark of your maturity. I noted that marriage normally procreates. In fact, they need protection NOT to procreate. In fact gays need protection to abusively mimic heterosexual intimacy!

A key reason why decent people see it as a desecration, marrage at the most. Many of those benefits and rights came to support a mother and the children the couple procreated. Moreover, many relationships have established their own rights and privileges without imposing a fraud on marriage. Have the self-respect to establish your own.

Even a child can see the difference, especially if one couple is mom and dad. You were free to ignore me at the start. But reality has a way of getting under your skin.

Light has shown in darkness and ss marriage is exposed as a fraud. This statement tells me everything I need to know about you in regards to equality. Interesting where you went with this…since I never said anything about monetary support. You did that all on your own. Yeah, I guess it does. Like the abolition of slavery?

Like women getting the right to vote? They refuse to see the Light! Pastor Dak! We have higher callings than to uphold YOUR responsibilities. And no up-voting your own twisted comments! My guess is that Frank and Greg are actually the same person. Frank has also used the same name as Hooper and a plethora of other nom de plumes. Ignore the trolll.

What 8, year hooey? Thank you! This is the favorite gambit of the frustrated Fundie conservaturd! We will never learn anything of value from retarded false Dr. The corners of your lips are starting to wiggle. Hold on to your legal britches! I have a more reasonable possibility: Imagine, if you will, being alone in a closet yes, ANY closet! This resembles what it will be like to be separated from God… no hell, fire, brimestone, et al… just silence!

For those who are unbelievers, 24 hours per day for eternity of prerecorded evangelical, fundamentalist, wacky sermons and broadcasts, plus Rush Limbaugh thrown in for good measure! Now THAT, to me would be unmitigated torture, the likes of which would break any tormentor in pieces. And there will be no more money to pay yourselves in..

Now, Greg… smiles! See my comment just above to Allen Rench. Their propensity to drug and alcohol abuse? Their extremely high rate of domestic violence? Their early death? Love for sinners doesn't lead us to deny the results of their sin, but to know those results well and warn dear souls to flee to Jesus.

So no. Homosexual relationships do not in any way "work in much the same ways as our own. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption Campolo is denying that the gay man or lesbian woman who sows to his or her flesh will, from that flesh, reap corruption. Thus Dr. Campolo deceives these "least of these" by speaking and writing as if we are able to mock God.

Well yes, of course we should actively support gay and lesbian families, but the devil is in the details. Are we to support them by joining in the lie being told them by every authority across the Western world today, that such a thing as sexual perversion does not exist and gay and straight are two equally legitimate ways of identifying and having sex?

Is it supportive to remove all hurdles to unrepentant gay and lesbian couples joining the Church of Jesus Christ and being welcome to communion at the Lord's Supper? Is it supportive knowingly to encourage unrepentant gays and lesbians who fail to discern our Lord's body and blood to come to the table, anyway, and there to eat and drink judgment to themselves, thus bringing upon themselves the very sickness and death the Holy Spirit warns us of?

Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgment to himself if he does not judge the body rightly.

For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep. None of this is complicated, is it? So why can't Dr. Campolo see it? Why doesn't Dr. Campolo fear God?

Why is Dr. Campolo leading others away from the fear of God? Campolo goes on to exhort us: "we should be doing all we can to reach, comfort and include all those precious children of God who have been wrongly led to believe that they are mistakes or just not good enough for God, simply because they are not straight. Who is saying the temptation to same-sex intimacy makes a man or woman some sort of "mistake?

No, of course not. Lovers of Jesus don't go around calling men and women who are compulsive eaters or abusers of internet pornography "mistakes. Fact is, no one is righteous—not even one.

Every single Christian started his Christian confession in the faith that Jesus Christ came to save sinners, and that meant we were qualified for His salvation because we—every last one of us—were and are sinners. Every last one of us has a heart that is, according to God, "deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Don't be led into taking up the offense against gays and lesbians that Dr. Campolo is trying to sell, here. Truth is, he himself is the one who is abusing gays and lesbians by withholding from them the life-and-eternity-changing gift of repentance and forgiveness of sins.

He himself is the one who doesn't love them. He himself is the one who refuses to allow them into Christ's Church, the only door to which passes through the superb schoolmaster of God's Moral Law which brings us all to our faces in the dirt when it commands us not to commit sexual sin in the Seventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery. Everywhere we turn, we see our unworthiness; and thus, everywhere we turn, we see the glory of God visible in the righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ Who himself was and is the Perfect Lamb of God Whose blood was shed for the forgiveness of our sins.

What would lead a man to deny our Lord's blood to a class of persons so enslaved by wickedness and perversion as gays and lesbians? How could a man get to the point that he is so callous to these dear ones' suffering as well as the suffering they cause others who love them?

What is it that leads a man to tell a sinner in bondage to Satan that he need not; indeed, he cannot and must not repent, for he has nothing to repent of? As a Christian, my responsibility is not to condemn or reject gay people, but rather to love and embrace them, and to endeavor to draw them into the fellowship of the Church.

Well yes, of course it is true for gays and lesbians as it is for adulterers and fornicators and greedy, that we come to Jesus "just as we are.

But this is precisely what Dr. Campolo refuses to allow gays and lesbians. As I have said, Dr. Campolo seeks the damnation of gays and lesbians because he denies gay and lesbian identity and relations are sin, therefore denying them repentance of those sins. Now maybe Dr. Campolo would preach that, despite his exhortations to them that they are, in fact, "good enough" for God in the midst of their sexual bondage to perversion, they remain "not good enough" for God in the midst of their emotional bondage to bitterness or their physical bondage to alcohol?

Sadly, we don't know if there's any sin Dr. Campolo would call gays and lesbians to repent of because the one sin by which they define their lives and identity he refuses to acknowledge as a sin, and that's the end of it. Rest assured that I have already heard — and in some cases made — every kind of biblical argument against gay marriage, including those of Dr.

Ronald Sider, my esteemed friend and colleague at Eastern University. Obviously, people of good will can and do read the scriptures very differently when it comes to controversial issues, and I am painfully aware that there are ways I could be wrong about this one.

Actually no, Dr. Campolo: there are no "people of good will" who read the Scriptures as approving of gay and lesbian identity and relations. There are only wicked men who do so because they are deceivers and hate God. There are only false shepherds who do so because they are slaves of Satan. For thousands of years the people of God have honored His Name and Law by fleeing and repenting of every form of sexual sin, from fornication to bestiality to incest to sodomy to adultery to looking on a woman with lust.

Now you come along and try to pull out one sin from that list, making emotional appeals that this particular sin is not like the others. But of course, that's only because you don't love those you refer to as "them. You are only desirous of their freedom to join you and your fellow homosexualists in your bondage and suffering of faithlessness and unbelief. But do repent of this, Dr. Do please repent. There is still time—both for them and for you.

Now is the day of salvation, so don't put it off. Don't harden your heart. Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God. However, I am old enough to remember when we in the Church made strong biblical cases for keeping women out of teaching roles in the Church, and when divorced and remarried people often were excluded from fellowship altogether on the basis of scripture.

Not long before that, some Christians even made biblical cases supporting slavery. Many of those people were sincere believers, but most of us now agree that they were wrong. I am afraid we are making the same kind of mistake again, which is why I am speaking out. Campolo rightly assumes the agreement of Christians today with the feminist rebellion of women teaching and exercising authority over men within the church—that is certainly what he refers to, here, when he speaks of women being given access to "teaching roles in the Church.

Campolo thinks he has proven something, but he has not. Rather, he's demonstrated that he's as rebellious against God's Order of Creation of Adam and Eve as he's rebellious against God's limitation of sexual relations to monogamous, lifelong, heterosexual marriage. But for half a millennium, now, Protestant Christians have allowed for the two Biblical exceptions to Scripture's condemnation of divorce—sexual immorality and desertion.

We agree Scripture indicates these are grounds for divorce and some within that group also remarriage. But likely this is not the focus of Dr. Campolo's mention of divorce and remarriage.

Rather, Dr. Campolo believes those guilty of the adultery of unbiblical divorce and remarriage have no reason to repent, either; and thus their discipline and sometime excommunication by the officers of Christ's Church in past years and centuries was simply the persecution of innocent souls whose adultery should not disqualify them from Church membership or the Lord's Supper. Now, as he sees it, we have arrived at the time for sodomy no longer to disqualify a man or woman from Church membership or the Lord's Supper.

Then, of course, Dr. Campolo adds slavery to the list. So here's the shorthand for what he's saying: "the church has been wrong about women and divorce and slavery, and now the Church is wrong about homosexuality.

Don't be a neanderthal. Get with the times. Join us progressives, climbing aboard our wonderful Train to Flourishing. That, or risk being left behind. I hope what I have written here will help my fellow Christians to lovingly welcome all of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters into the Church.

No, Dr. Campolo, what you have written will not help even one single person "to lovingly welcome all of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters into the Church.

As our Lord warned us, "Unless ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish" Luke , 5. So, for ourselves, since we fear and love God and our neighbors, we will continue to call all men to flee the wrath to come against all ungodliness.

All ungodliness, including adultery, fornication, lying, gossip, drunkeness, incest, effeminacy, and homosexuality. Praise God, of such were some of us, but we were washed, we were sanctified, we were justified in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?

Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. Want to get in touch? Send Tim an email! View the discussion thread. Jump to Navigation.

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Campolo with some of his flock. By Mark Oppenheimer. O ne morning in the summer of Bart Campolo left his house in Cincinnati for a long bicycle ride. Goateed and bald, but still trim and fit at 48, Campolo was the envy of his generation of evangelical pastors.

That morning, Campolo was, as usual, a little self-conscious about his attire. Years of pickup basketball had wrecked his ankles, leaving regular bicycle treks as his only form of exercise. But he was excited to do 30 or 40 miles through the rolling southern Ohio hills. Normally his bike rides were his time to think — about his family, his ministry and his increasingly complex relationship with his Christian faith. But he has no memory of his thoughts that day.

He left the house, and the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital. He was later able to piece together bits of what happened. There were skid marks on the hill where he was found, and these suggested he had crossed a lane of traffic. The speedometer he was wearing recorded his velocity at that moment: 40 miles per hour.

His helmet was cracked in four spots, and his bicycle had been left, undamaged, on the side of the road. It seems he hit a patch of soft dirt and flew headfirst into a tree. A fellow cyclist found him wandering in the middle of the road.

When he got to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, a doctor asked him who was president. He said George Bush — meaning the father, not the son. For most of his life, Campolo had gone from success to success. His father, Tony, was one of the most important evangelical Christian preachers of the last 50 years, a prolific author and an erstwhile spiritual adviser to Bill Clinton.

The younger Campolo had developed a reputation of his own, running successful inner-city missions in Philadelphia and Ohio and traveling widely as a guest preacher. An extreme extrovert, he was brilliant before a crowd and also at ease in private conversations, connecting with everyone from country-club suburbanites to the destitute souls he often fed in his own house.

For weeks, he cried constantly. He had lost whole patches of memory. When he finally healed, after about a month, he had a thought about life — or, rather, the afterlife.

The thought was: There is no afterlife. Talk instead was always about love and friendship. In , he performed a wedding for two close lesbian friends, and in , he began teaching that everybody could be saved, that nobody would go to hell.

To evangelicals, he already sounded more like a Unitarian Universalist than like any of them. Now, after his near-death experience, his wife told him — more bluntly than she ever had — what she thought was going on. For Campolo, admitting that he had totally lost his faith was oddly comforting — he could stop living a lie — but also confusing.

He loved talking to people, caring for them, helping them. He loved everything about Christian ministry except the Christianity. Now that he had crossed the bridge to apostasy, he needed a new vocation. And he would spread this message using the best evangelical techniques — the same ones he had mastered as a Christian.

Atheists and agnostics have long tried to rebottle religion: to get the community and the good works without the supernatural stuff. It has worked about as well as nonalcoholic beer. Comte had admirers, including George Eliot, but almost no practitioners.

The clubs developed a culture of conferences: hotel-ballroom events with lots of men attending mostly-male panels, followed by book signings. Over the last 30 years or so, these conferences have grown in tandem with the rise of the Christian right and megachurch evangelicalism, as atheists sought comfort in a parallel world.

Stranger rape at knife point is worse. The energy now is not with the controversial author-celebrities but with start-up groups, many on college campuses, that have more gender balance and less strident rhetoric and are eager to do better than thumb their noses at believers.

Crucially, these nonbelievers identify as humanist rather than atheist. Their project is to talk about leading a good life without God. They visited meetings, in Chicago and Los Angeles, of a group called Sunday Assembly, which was founded in London by two comedians and now has roughly 70 branches.

Despite the name, Sunday Assembly gathers monthly in informal meetings centered on lectures and singalongs of popular songs. Campolo was impressed by the message, but the meetings themselves left him cold. Epstein, the head of one of the most influential humanist groups in the country, Humanist Hub. The group began at Harvard and now has anywhere from to people at its weekly meetings, only a third of them students.

Epstein, 39, its leader since , has become a godfather to the movement, the anti-Dawkins. There are about a dozen humanist chaplaincies in the country, and of those, the chaplains at Yale, Stanford and Tufts all trained with Epstein. In July Campolo flew to Boston to talk with Epstein for three days about the future of humanism. Campolo liked the idea of being on a campus. He was, in a sense, not unlike a college student himself: away from the only home he ever knew, ripped from his comforting traditions, trying to figure out who he was, now that he could be anything.

He could relate to students. And while church attendance is collapsing among young people — only 27 percent of millennials attend religious services weekly — campuses have relatively vibrant religious scenes. Many religious-outreach groups, from evangelical Christians to the Chabad sect of Judaism, plant houses near campuses to minister to students, a potentially receptive audience. They may want to try on Christianity, or Buddhism, or whatever — even Wiccans at the United States Air Force Academy have an area set aside for worship.

Epstein told Campolo about Varun Soni, the dean of religious life at U. After a few conversations, Campolo had been offered an office, an email account and a title: humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California.

No salary, but it was a start. Campolo has fallen out of touch with many of his old evangelical comrades. That reticence was fitting for the gentler sort of evangelical he was. The younger Campolo found his way to religion in high school, when he fell in with some guys who were active in a Christian youth group. So what about it? His faith had already begun to falter by the next summer, while he was working at a camp for poor children in Camden, N.

Some of his campers had been sexually abused, yet his religion told him that a benevolent God controlled every last thing that happens on earth. He had a hard time squaring these two thoughts. Later, as a freshman at Haverford College, he had two gay roommates. He instead adjusted his theology to make room for them. Campolo finished college at Brown and eventually moved to West Philadelphia, where he started a ministry. But when he had to raise money for his mission program, the best way he knew was to hit the Christian conference circuit.

He knew how it was done. And he did it nearly as well, with his own distinct style. Where Tony had a grounded, authoritative stillness in the pulpit, Bart was a more hyperactive speaker, caffeinated by Christ. He was funny, alive, hard to ignore. He connected, and soon he was touring the country preaching the Gospel. Campolo ran his mission, raised money on the road and, after his father had a stroke in , spent one day a week helping him run his ministry.

The abstract, bureaucratic nature of the work wore him down, and in the family decided together to move to Cincinnati, where some friends had already settled. Campolo, his wife and his two children moved into a ramshackle house with no real appliances, just a space heater and a hot plate.

By day, Campolo was still traveling and working for his father remotely. In the evenings, he and Marty began hosting dinners for people they met in the neighborhood. Their informal fellowship soon included junkies, ex-cons, welfare moms and other neighborhood folk. These new friends helped him realize that the work of a minister is often not to save people, as so many evangelicals try to do, or even to change them, but just to love them unconditionally.

He remembers one guy in particular, a toothless addict who had been in and out of jail his whole life. But by giving the man a community, Campolo told me, you can give his life some meaning. Roughly 25 students were there, most of them pleasantly nerdy and inquisitive. Several told me they were lapsed Christians who were afraid to come out to their parents. After they had all filled their plates with the chili that Campolo and his wife cooked, Campolo began to talk.

He did his best to stay seated on his stackable metal chair, but when he made a particularly emphatic point, he bounced to his feet, like the preacher he used to be. There was a reason he turned to it. When Campolo arrived on the U. The guy who interviewed you — would you want to end up like him, with the kind of marriage he has and the kind of friendships he has? Or your pastor? What is your Uncle Joe doing? Why is nobody asking value-oriented questions about your life?

Besides, while Campolo believes that life can be meaningful with or without a god, his work these days is less about grandiose metaphysical claims than about simple acts of hand-holding. His role became particularly clear to him after the presidential election.

Some of them probably marched; others prayed.

Tony campolo homosexuals

Tony campolo homosexuals