Vaccums with bare floor attachements-6 Best Hardwood Vacuums | Cleaner Reviews (Shark, Bissell, Dyson)

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Vacuum manufacturers are answering that question with vacuums and features designed specifically for wood floors. Whichever type of vacuum you choose , follow these tips to keep your wood floors looking their best. Place a doormat outside entrances to keep people from tracking dirt and grit indoors.

Quickly clean your hard floors with this 14'' wide central vacuum bare floor brush. These are designed to easily eliminate dust and debris while never, ever scratching the surface. These types are made up of two pieces, the head and the body, making them much easier to move attahements the house. If you have a smaller space to clean, a cordless vacuum can be a great option. Those range from pet hair to sand and varying levels of grit and grime. However, if you have a lot of stairs, then sometimes it can be cumbersome to drag the two pieces around. The small, compact body style makes it comfortable for almost any user to operate.

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It also has a cleaning head that is sort of tough to maneuver, especially with the bristles down. Want to take a look at some other options? On hardwoods they scatter debris and even scratch flooring, in some cases. Look for a Big boob events that you can contact in lots of different ways, too, in case you have Vaccums with bare floor attachements with your vacuum. Three different kinds of brushes attachemnets sure that every mess gets taken care of, so whether you're looking for a vacuum atrachements handle pet hair or dust bunnies, you'll find it here. Basic Tloor Vacuum Accessory Kit. If you want the convenience of a cordless vacuum without sacrificing power, the Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum could be for you. Quick Tips. Login Checkout. The cleaning design of these The fewer the number of passes, the better the score.

What makes a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors special?

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  • Make cleaning your hardwood floors and tiles a breeze with this premium 12" floor brush with wheels.
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  • We've spent more than hours researching and testing hardwood floor vacuum cleaners since we started reviewing them in , and the Shark Duo outshone the competition over and over again in our testing.

What makes a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors special? It picks up dust and debris without scratching the wood finish. Its design might include rubber wheels instead of plastic, and attachments with soft bristles or microfiber pads. Just as important, it may have a beater bar that turns off to protect the floor.

There are many vacuums for wood floors available, from uprights and canisters to stick and cordless models. When you start shopping for the best vacuums for hardwood, take into account whether this will be for bare floors only, or if you prefer a versatile vacuum for carpet and upholstery, too. The Shark Navigator NV is one of the best upright vacuums for hardwood and all-around housecleaning.

There are several reasons for this assessment. Next, one button press allows the user to separate the canister from the body of the vacuum. And the attachments include a wide brush for removing pet hair from upholstery, a narrow crevice tool, and a wide crevice tool. In its upright configuration, the Plus, its low-profile front fits underneath cabinets and sofas. And if you have area rugs to sweep, you can reduce the suction, too. While both vacuums have the same breakaway design that lets them convert into handheld canister vacuums, there are some important differences between them.

For one, although the NVE lets you turn off the brush roller, it also comes with a Hard Floor Hero microfiber pad dusting attachment. This tool is very effective for deep cleaning laminate and hardwood flooring because it removes debris that would otherwise stay stuck to the floor.

Plus, the two included pads are machine-washable. It also has a foot-long power cord plus a larger debris bin than the NV has.

The Kenmore Elite is a smart choice if you have persons with allergies or asthma in your home. The filter system includes a bag. This vacuum comes with a telescoping wand and three attachments like the Pet Handi-Mate to pick up hair. It also has an LED headlight and a brush roller that turns off for bare floors.

It also has fingertip controls on the handle that manage the suction power. Users say that they appreciate the hard floor tool that has soft nylon bristles for picking up fine dust and unsticking debris from the floor. It has no brush roller for cleaning carpets. Instead, it comes with a floor attachment that has soft bristles for removing pet hair and dust from hardwood and low-pile rugs.

Other highlights of the Compact C1 include quiet degree swivel wheels and six levels of suction power. It requires a bag for debris collection, but on average, each bag lasts for months. But unlike the C1, the C3 is capable of cleaning medium to plush carpets, not just bare floors. It comes with a wide powered brush roller with an LED headlight. Next, the Parquet Twister attachment is perfect for hardwood or linoleum. Of course, the cord has a one-touch rewind button. Instead of a luxury vacuum, you might prefer a less expensive but still powerful Mighty Mite canister vacuum.

It only weighs 9 pounds and has a foot power cord. It converts to a blower, too. Users love its potent suction that removes tiny particles from bare floors. Plus, it includes two extension wands and attachments for cleaning upholstery. And there are two speed settings to select for either bare floors or high-pile carpets.

The foot power cord and the LED headlights make cleaning hardwood easier. And the selection of attachments makes sure you can reach into every corner and crevice. Its design is especially convenient for cleaning vehicles, too. That keeps your hands away from the dirt inside.

It comes with a foot long power cord and a 2-year warranty. The Bissell stick vacuum cleaner 81L2A has a V-shape floor head that does a great job of edging around baseboards and fitting into corners. And the head swivels for quick turns while it rounds up debris in front for quick pickup, too. Customers comment that they like the easy-to-empty bagless vacuum design and the fact that it only weighs 7 pounds.

Pet owners love how it sucks up hair and fur in the blink of an eye. The Shark Duoclean NV is another lift-away vacuum that pulls apart for cleaning upholstery in cars or dusting drapes. Plus, the Pet Multi-tool simplifies fur removal from carpets and fabrics. The VonHaus bagless stick cleaner is surprisingly popular among customers with wood floors.

The washable HEPA filter traps allergens without increasing expenses for replacement filters. Then the The Dyson V6 and later iterations like the V8 provide powerful suction even though they run on rechargeable batteries.

They also pull apart into convenient hand vacuums. The only downside is the short runtime. The V6 offers 20 minutes of cleaning while the V8 doubles that to 40 minutes. The venerable Hoover Company also makes the Linx cordless stick vacuum that merits mentioning. It runs off an volt lithium-ion battery that keeps powerful suction steady for about 20 minutes of cleaning.

And you can turn off the motorized brush for bare floors and extend the runtime. Instead of twenty minutes to clean up the house yourself, why not set the Roomba to work for you?

Its battery lasts up to an hour, and it can dock itself, recharge, and return to where it left off before. This model of the Roomba series has a three-stage system that performs much better than earlier generations of robot vacuums. And it innovates on the Roomba with more cleaning modes like edge cleaning and slightly longer battery life. It has BoostIQ that automatically increases its power to clean tough spots. And a steamer is possibly the best method to achieve a disinfecting deep clean without using chemicals.

The Bissell Symphony Steam Mop is safe to use on sealed hardwood, tile, stone, and vinyl floors. You can adjust it between vacuum, low steam, and high steam modes. And it comes with washable mop heads or disposable Swiffer mop pads, too.

You can also choose from corded or cordless, as well as bagged or bagless. There are many powerful and efficient vacuums to help you maintain your home in top shape.

I love this stick vacuum! I have fibromyalgia and needed a lightweight vacuum to use. I read the reviews and ordered it. I am surprised at how light and easy to use this vacuum is. It has everything in a small package, a handheld and a crevice tool. We have a dog and cats and it works well to pick up the hair on our uncarpeted floors. Even my dog liked me vacuum her!

If you want small, lightweight and powerful all in one this is the stick vacuum to get especially for then price. Does a nice job overall and is easy to refill and clean. I have had other popular home carpet cleaners and this is my favorite so far. The others did a pretty good job, but not as good as this. They also were a bit of a pain to refill and keep clean.

This was expensive but it works well so I am OK with paying for quality. I bought this in January. I use it on a rubber floor every 2 weeks at a dog grooming salon. Big stains, mad floor goo. Worked like a champ until today when it started shorting every plug in the place. Most of the images displayed are of unknown origin. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.

Electric attachment kits are designed with cleaning attachments for alltypes of surfaces. There is a convenient automatic cord rewind, fingertip suction control, and an 8-foot hose. This washable microfiber pad is secured by a sturdy Velcro grip and only comes off when you want it to. This machine can also double as a blower for some shop vac applications. With these electric attachment kits you get attachments for all styles of flooring as well as other cleaning accessories.

Vaccums with bare floor attachements. Shark DuoClean


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These are designed to easily eliminate dust and debris while never, ever scratching the surface. Soft rollers, suction settings, and a combination of corded and battery-powered cordless vacs , some of which are enjoying an independent robotic existence, line up to assist in eliminating the evidence of pets, mobile snacking sessions, and the aftermath of left-on shoes.

When the piles of carpet meet the miles of wood, not all suction is the same. The task of clearing the clutter that accumulates on the once pristine hard surfaces comes down to details.

Those details include soft bristles and less resistance. The rigid and often vast open expanse of a hard floor demands a more free-flowing form of suction. Versatility is key when it comes to finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors. It sports a sleek body style. That allows it to bob and weave in and out of tight spots and under low-lying furniture. You can convert it to a hand vac and just about anything in between.

The adjustable roller speed control allows users to slow the brush rotation when operating on hard floors.

You can also increase the speed to better handle carpeted or upholstered surfaces. This means transitioning to an area rug or two can be done with the flick of a switch. Bright LED headlights illuminate the path of both the floor head of the vacuum and, when in operation, the handheld variation. The option to convert the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light to a super versatile hand vacuum adds to the value packed into this little floor-cleaning powerhouse. The extendable wand can reach ceilings and stay tight to baseboards.

It attacks the debris that has convened under the oven. Car upholstery and furniture are also no match for this portable hand vac. Some owners recommend purchasing additional filters. That way, you can still use the vacuum while the other filters are being washed and air dried. Some frustration can be found in dealing with the rollers when excess hair gets wrapped around them.

There are reports of users spending quite some time cutting tangled hair from the tight confines of the roller and its bristles. This Shark vacuum gets mostly rave reviews when it comes to handling pet hair and messes. The suction seems to be so powerful at times that it compacts the dirt and debris in the dustbin.

That allows users to extend dumping sessions. Multiple reports cite the swivel function of the vac to be almost intuitive. It anticipates the next move of the user. Then, it slides right into the best position to keep the cleaning session flowing. Things can get a bit tippy when it comes to standing the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum up, if even for a second. The placement of the controls and most other operational parts and pieces at the top of the vac can create an unbalanced center of gravity.

Some are included with the vac and others are available as add-ons. The pad attached to the floor head is washable. It grabs fine dust and dander during the vacuuming process. This can be extremely convenient when bopping around the house while doing some serious dirt sucking. However, it can also be a bit difficult to manage when it comes time to reign everything back in when the job is complete.

When not fully extended, the cord can also add some added bulk to the vacuum. However, it can also get itself into quite a bind when encountering long hairs or large clumps of fur. To help expedite a remedy to the situation, the brush roll indicator light turns red if a jam is detected. It can be transported relatively easily. The brush roll adjustment switch makes it simple to transition from hard floors to carpeted surfaces.

The specially designed turbine hard floor tool is gentle on hardwood floors. The low-profile floor head and swivel handle can allow operators to have easy access to areas under beds and other furniture. In addition, the rubber wheels on the canister are designed to slowly roll along during a cleaning session. It is compact in size. However, the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum still sports many of the heavy-duty features of vacs twice its size.

The dustbin is quite large. It is capable of containing the debris collected over the course of at least one average cleaning session. Reviewers mention the lightweight nature of the vac in quite a few reviews for the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum.

However, this feathery nature can also cause some tipping issues. That can happen if you pull the vacuum too hard during operation. Some users also report having trouble with wheels moving freely during a cleaning job. Those range from pet hair to sand and varying levels of grit and grime.

The compact and portable style of the canister and its durable handle makes it simple to move the vacuum up and down stairs, according to a few reports. And while you can transport it with ease because of them, users say that vacuuming stairs can be quite tedious with the Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum. The power cord length comes up a little short. It has a somewhat short length of just 18 feet. That can strain the range of the vac.

The cord rewind feature makes for easy cleanup when the work is done. The dustbin is emptied from the bottom of the container. You can dump it with relative ease. Minimal contact with collected dirt is needed to get the bin back to an empty status.

Users can also enjoy hands-free operation when it comes to using some of the controls. The power button and automatic cord rewind switch are on the canister. They allow users to make adjustments with the tap of a foot. The bagless design will require some maintenance. Filters should be rinsed and air-dried monthly.

The non-conventional shape of the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum is designed to allow the vacuum head to fit into tight corners and around chair legs. The V-shaped head helps to funnel debris to the vacuum. Rubber squeegees on the floor head attract fine dirt, debris, and dander. Therefore, no additional suction settings have been incorporated.

The vac will have little to no success on most types of carpeted floor coverings. It has an extremely competitive price point. However, while the price may be right, the product may not be as durable or have the lasting power of other hardwood floor vacuums on the market.

They find most pet-related messes to be easy and efficient to remove. They note that there is minimal need to revisit a spot more than once to entirely eliminate debris.

They claim that it seems to help cut cleaning times down and ease the entire vacuuming process. The V-shaped vacuum head has required some users to adapt their angles and plans of attack in certain applications. Some report struggling along baseboards.

They find it necessary to sweep dust and debris from along walls before vacuuming. That saves time and frustration when maneuvering. Some reviewers recommend purchasing additional foam filters. The vacuum requires regular filter maintenance and the foam material can take a few days to air-dry thoroughly.

The power cord is pretty short at 20 feet and can be a bit confining. The shorter than average cord is easier to manage, though. It may be necessary to remove and clean all filters after every few cleaning sessions.

That can help it to maintain maintain full suction function. However, some interaction with the debris may be involved during the process. This uniquely styled stick vacuum is easy to assemble. It can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

The small, compact body style makes it comfortable for almost any user to operate. Its simple but adequate functionality makes it the ideal replacement for a traditional broom and dustpan. The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum is exceptionally lightweight and easy to operate in just about any application. The vac converts to a hand vacuum. You can use it in tandem with one of the attachments to easily clean tough to clean spots like stairs, ceilings, and under beds. On a full charge, the Dyson V8 Absolute can typically run for about 30 minutes on a battery with a full charge, though that time drops down to about eight minutes when operating in the MAX mode.

This turbo suction mode is specifically for use on carpeted surfaces , so if a user is primarily utilizing the V8 Absolute on a hard floor, you will probably rarely need to use this mode. The dustbin is a reasonable size and it includes a dumping system with a great design, keeping most of the particles intact and greatly eliminating the chance of users coming in contact with the dirt they are dumping.

Storing it is easy, and most owners utilize the wall-mounted docking station to keep the vac up and out of the way during idle times.

A few users mentioned that the only downside to the docking station is its inability to contain all of the additional tools and attachments that come with with the vac.