Why do some people go bald-Male Pattern Baldness & Hair Loss Treatments | Live Science

Hair loss can affect just your scalp or your entire body. It can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications. Anyone can experience hair loss, but it's more common in men. Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness.

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald

Thanks for putting the Wonder word of the day in a sentence for us! Unusual conditions: what is Rapunzel syndrome and why do some people eat hair? Hair loss can also occur when hair isn't treated properly. Nice work! We don't know for sure if he was wearing a wig or not, but we think today's Wonder video was pretty cool!

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But to get where I am today confident in my hairlinetook an immense amount of courage that I never knew I had in me. The factors that control these two patterns of hair loss progression appear to be hereditary in that identical twins generally lose their hair at the same age, the same rate and in the same pattern. Genetics Genetics play a huge role in determining whether someone will have androgenic alopecia or not. What did you learn from this Wonder? Your Name. Having oily skin doesn't contribute to baldness. What are you wondering? Mae-Mae Apr 22, We're glad you're here today to share your comments. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to Why do some people go bald a true meeting of independent Premium. To read about new bioengineering approaches involving the use of adult stem cells to rebuild functional hair, click here. Thought: I thought you can't go bald.

Male pattern baldness follows from a one-two punch of genetic influence probably related to more than one gene, and not necessarily from the maternal side and hormonal changes in adulthood.

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  • All men lose hair progressively as they grow older.
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This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. If you were wondering why your hair was looking somewhat less lustrous than in previous years, we finally have an answer for you: it's because your thinning hair is turning into skin.

For the first time, researchers have pinpointed a mechanism that turns age damaged stem cells in hair follicles into skin. As it happens to more and more stem cells, the hair follicles shrink and eventually disappear -- leaving you hairless. It's the first time such a mechanism has been identified with ageing. Unlike stem cells elsewhere in the body, hair follicle cells regenerate on a cyclical basis -- a growth phase is followed by a dormant phase in which they stop producing hair. To find out why hair thins, Emi Nishimura and her team at Tokyo Medical and Dental University began looking at follicle stem cell growth cycles in mice.

They found that age-related DNA damage triggers the destruction of the protein Collagen 17A1, which in turn triggers the transformation into 'epidermal keratinocytes' -- or skin. When the research was replicated in humans, they found that follicles in people aged over 55 were also smaller, and lower in Collagen 17A1.

Hair follicle stem cells are now likely to be used as a model for studying more general stem cell behaviour. Researchers are keen to point out that stem cell depletion is unlikely to be the only cause of hair loss, but suggest that Collagen 17A1 could be used as a target for hair loss treatments. By Will Bedingfield. By James Temperton. By Matt Kamen. Here's why people can't stop calling Jeremy Hunt the C-word. By Will Bedingfield Psychology 13 Jun Why is London's Central line so hot?

Science has the answer. By James Temperton Trains 28 Jun Where next for Star Trek: Discovery in season three? The clues are in the mystery shorts. Who will die in Game of Thrones season 8?

Looking for more science? This is very intresting. Prediction: it might be about a brush or a comb. Just Eat. Laurie Davies says:. Thanks for leaving a comment! Loading comments

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald

Why do some people go bald. Have You Ever Wondered...

The transplant looks natural and it started growing after few weeks. For such conditions, one can try out a hair transplant technique which acts as an excellent solution for baldness where healthy donor hairs are fixed to bald areas of scalp.

We can also try to prevent hair loss by preventing dandruff and applying some kinds of medicated oils. It's embarrassing. I had long, perfect hair until I was 18 or so, then it went nuts. I wish someone would figure out a permanent solution at a cost that wouldn't make me have to take out a loan, for pete's sake. I have a receding hairline and as of this year, it's starting to thin out in the back.

Honestly it doesn't bother me. I actually enjoy not having to worry about bed head or hat hair and I think I look pretty good. Apparently they have discovered that our stress hormone itself is the root cause of male pattern baldness. A gene therapy while still a long time away, will eventually counter this by relaxing the hormone. Thus naturally causing the follicles in our hair to grow back like baldness never happened.

Is it because the "quack" remedies companies will lose big bucks passing on expensive, often useless hope, to balding men? I wish I had a cure. I'd sell it at cost to end the undying embarrassment men face. Because we are men, we are supposed to not be bothered, but the truth is, we are scared as hell of losing our hair, at an age where we are losing our looks,and teeth!

So, to conclude, could all the witch doctors stop it with their quack cures, false promises and come up with the real thing for once? I think it has to do with the testosterone level. If stress and nutrition were the sole causes of baldness, everybody would be walking about bald.

Who does not get stressed out sometimes and miss nutritional meals? Not every genetic mutation would be an improvement. Many probably actually harmful, some beneficial, some neither harmful nor beneficial. That's probably the case of baldness.

Not really beneficial, but for modern humans not a hindrance to survival either; thus it's just one of those traits that got passed down generation after generation. Doesn't hair play an important role in protection against the harmful radiation of our sun.

The top of your head always sees the sun's rays and yes there are hats and sunscreen but not everyone uses them. Washing frequently note: As reading the article above it did make sense to me because I was told that the act of washing hair can stimulate the scale and hair follicles. With DHT in high concentrations in sebum, that is secreted by hair follicle to prevent hair and skin from drying out can cause a build up and lead to baldness.

If this is your case of baldness because their is obviously other cases then reducing the sebum buildup in your hair by washing with detergents i. With the combination of stimulation from the actual action of washing your hair remember to use finger tips and not your nails, don't want to cause damage could result in the prevention of hair loss. I know the process of baldness is debated but what's the purpose. I always thought it was for a man not to be grabbed by the hair during a fight or flight.

Also to become less susceptible to live and other parasites. Would love to hear others view on this. Just wondering why you and the shampoo companies are the only ones who believe this. Rogaine is found in most pharmacies and is applied twice daily in order to regrow the hair follicles. It is available without a prescription. My husband for example, is following the same pattern of hair loss as his father. He also had a stressful job and does not always eat right because he is always in a rush.

All of these factors can be contributing to his loss of hair. Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code:. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted. Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

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What Is a Net Weave? How can I Regrow Hair Naturally? Is There a Cure for Baldness? How can I Hide a Bald Spot? What are the Most Common Causes of Baldness? Discuss this Article anon Post 27 I am 46 and have been bald since I was Oh, please. Male pattern baldness is triggered due to several reasons, hereditary reasons being the primary one. Baldness caused due to hereditary and genetic reasons can be easily cured by undergoing hair transplant surgery.

There are so many reasons for male baldness, such as polluted work atmosphere, stressed mind, heat, radiation, etc. I'm glad i don't have the baldness gene. DHT attaches to the hair follicles on your head and makes them shrink down. There are some medications for balding caused by DHT. When you brush through your hair with a comb, it causes stress on the hair follicle.

You can end up damaging your hair follicle and the hair will fall out before it is ready to. It strips away your hair cuticles and causes your hair to be unprotected. If you find yourself often brushing your hair or brushing through it rough, stop it.

Get a brush with soft bristles that are easy on your scalp. If you are constantly running your hands through your hair, this can result in hair loss as well. By pulling on your hair, your hair believes it should grow closer to the scalps surface. This causes your hair to shorten the follicle length making it easier to pull out.

Also, our hands are not always clean. If you grab the cheapest shampoo available, you are putting unnecessary chemicals in your hair. These shampoos are harsh on your hair cuticle and strip the hair of its natural protective oils. This will cause breakage in your hair and will weaken the follicle. You are creating a recipe for disaster for your follicle health. Rough rubbing with a towel when your hair is wet can rip out tangled strands and cause breakage.

If you find patchiness all over your head or in your favorite spots to scrub, learn to be gentle with your scalp! Are you using any heat on your hair like a blow dryer? What sorts of products are you using to style your hair? Maybe you do a weekly hair treatment or you obsessively cut it. If you think your baldness is caused by a behavior, be gentle.

Check all of your hair care products and then be soft with your scalp so you are not creating more breakage. Minoxidil can be prescribed or purchased over the counter. It works best for balding that starts at the crown of the head.

It is a successful treatment option for some men but needs to be used consistently for progress to happen. Another medication treatment is finasteride. This medication only works as long as you continue to take it. Hair transplants are a surgical process that takes hair from a part of your scalp that has successful hair growth.

This donor site will only leave a small scar that will remain covered by your hair growth. These hair follicles are then inserted into the balding areas of your scalp.

Shawn is the founder and senior editor at Tools of Men, the leading style and grooming source trusted by men in countries. He started this site with the goal of teaching men proper grooming habits and sensible style. He is an expert in all things men's grooming related. But male pattern baldness gets such bad press, I was afraid no girl would marry me if I was bald. So I dreamed of going bald immediately after my wife and I were married. I finally went bald in my mid 50s, 25 years later. But it happened fast: in less than two years I went from Norwood to Norwood 6.

To my delight, my wife loves MPB as much as I do and she begged me to just let myself go bald. So I did and going bald was a delightful experience for me. I just wished it had happened back in my 20s. No one has ever died from it. It is a normal, natural inherited trait, not a disease in search of a cure. And I love it when my wife kisses me on top of my shiny bald head.

She does that quite often. What a turn on! Are there any organic vitamin, hair supplement that promote hair growth for women? I learned a lot about using a comb, pulling hair too much, running your hands through your hair, causes hair loss, what about the shampooing notion: to shampoo once a day or not? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Buyers Guide Grooming Style.

Why do some people go bald? | Cosmos

All men lose hair progressively as they grow older. For some the loss is barely noticeable. For others it is obvious, and when hair loss is severe or occurs at a young age can be very distressing. The hallmark of male pattern balding is that hair loss progresses in a distinctive and highly reproducible pattern. While this sounds straightforward, in fact there are three main areas of scalp that lose hair preferentially, and the relative loss in each of these areas produces variations in the pattern of progression of the hair loss.

These are:. Hair loss in the temple starts at the anterior hairline and moves backwards. It occurs to some degree in all boys as they transition from adolescence to manhood. Generally the loss in this area is mild. Some men develop noticeable bitemporal recession and this may precede hair loss elsewhere on the scalp by many years.

Hair loss on the crown starts around the whorl at the back of the head , and spreads outwards in all directions to produce a circular baldness. General diffuse thinning over the mid-frontal scalp at the top of the head is often first noticed as widening of the central part-line. This pattern is most prominent in Asian men. One fascinating aspect of this is the way the hair loss spreads from hair follicle to hair follicle without skipping over areas. The effect is that the bitemporal recession produces a slowly expanding triangle of hair loss over each temple, without sparing any of the follicles within the affected zone.

The same occurs over the vertex. No individual hairs are spared. While this observation might lead one to speculate on a hair loss chemical moving from one damaged follicle onto the next, no such chemical has ever been identified.

Even more baffling is the observation that when hairs adjacent to an enlarging bald patch are transplanted to a different part of the body they still miniaturize on schedule as if they were still growing the scalp.

This pretty much rules out a diffusible chemical and suggests the process of hair miniaturization that shrinks the hairs to fluff is already programmed into the hair follicle DNA.

In addition to the obvious pattern of hair loss that we are all accustomed to seeing, we discovered a second, invisible pattern of hair loss that produces the hair thinning that precedes the balding. Hair on the scalp is different to hair elsewhere on the body. It grows in follicular units that produce tufts of between 2 and 5 hairs that emerge from a single pore. Each follicular unit has a primary hair that is present at or shortly after birth.

Secondary hairs develop around the age of This is why hair in babies is fine and light and downy, but becomes thick and bushy by school time. When androgenetic alopecia first starts it preferentially shrinks the secondary hairs, so that the follicular units on the affected scalp only produce one terminal hair rather than a tuft of hairs.

It is only when the primary hair - the last remaining fibre form the tuft disappears that bald scalp emerges. Women tend to notice that their ponytail thickness is reduced or that their hair shedding had increased long before baldness becomes apparent. As men tend to have shorter hair and might be less observant, they may not notice the hair loss until an actual bald spot has developed.

A sunburnt scalp is the first clue they are going bald for some men. The factors that control these two patterns of hair loss progression appear to be hereditary in that identical twins generally lose their hair at the same age, the same rate and in the same pattern. Genetic and epigenetic factors seem to be involved in this.

The actual mechanics of these factors produce hair loss are still yet to be worked out, but this has not stopped doctors working the pattern of patterned hair loss to their patients advantage. The flip side of having scalp regions that lose hair preferentially is that there are also scalp regions that do not lose hair — namely the back of the head or occipital scalp.

Knowing that hairs can be shifted around the scalp while retaining their pre-programmed preference to bald or not to bald is the basis of hair transplantation surgery.

Many thousands of men and women around the world have been able to conceal their baldness by borrowing hairs from the back of their head to fill in gaps on the front. Combining new medical therapies for hair loss together with surgery means that for some men, going bald is now optional.

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Why do some people go bald